No Need to Ban Salvia

St. Boniface MP Shelly Glover may well be – along with all the other parents she insists share her fears – “very worried about the long-term effects” of salvia divinorum, but until that or some other evil of smoking this herb is established by scientific evidence, the hallucinogen ought not be banned. There is little science that says it is dangerous to human health and safety.

Salvia, regulated in Canada as a natural health product, has been compared to marijuana, except that it produces more often a wild psychedelic trip rather than a cosy high. Those who smoke, inhale or chew it can experience an out-of-body sensation or the sense that they become inanimate objects, such as a table leg. Others collapse into laughing fits. Infamously, Miley Cyrus was sure that a guy at her party looked exactly like her boyfriend. Ms. Cyrus’ mini-trip wrote salvia onto the parental watch lists — who would want their newly minted 18-year-old to indelibly imprint their own “this is your brain on salvia” on YouTube?

Ms. Glover and fellow MPs in the Harper government seem to be taking their drug-watch cues from YouTube and the alarmist anecdotes of legislators in other countries who have acted rashly to ban salvia, a member of the mint family used traditionally by Mexico’s Mazatec natives to produce spiritual visions. The hallucinations can be intense, but are short-lived.

There is no evidence salvia is addictive or toxic. Ms. Glover is probably right on the money when she says most parents would not want their children smoking salvia. It should probably be regulated, like alcohol. Making an herb’s sale, cultivation or possession punishable as a criminal offence, simply because it makes people see weird things or act funny, is hammering up a solution to a non-problem.

– Article from The Winnipeg Free Press.



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  2. Anonymous on

    Not much to add to the above comment which is pretty well on the money. I took a hit after my friend did. I remember looking at him and watching him rapidly fade into the distance…the last thing I remember saying was “see ya”. After that it was like being hit over the head by a 2X4. Completely lost conciousness, then very disoriented and off balance as my whole existence did this huge off kilter spiral. I could hear my voice going fffuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk! After coming around there was this vacant undertone of slightly uneasy void. As though reality had not quite returned and one could slip away again….NOT pleasent by any stretch. The first thing I recall saying when I came back to ordinary reality was: “What the fuck was that!!!” Not to be toyed with or treated lightly. This is some serious psychonaut shit!!!

  3. Brian Kerr on

    It is weird but after a while it gets easer. Hint. Do it on Opium. The opium eases your way into the trip and out again.

    With salvia it is better to start low like with leaf then move up slowly and weigh your doses. Don’t start with 20X try a hit of leaf or 5X first and work your way up. People have different sensitivity to salvia. Start low and have a sitter for high doses.

    I bet it will cost more to ban it that to regulate the sales to adults.
    Salvia is a very important entheogen and it is a human right to ingest it.

  4. Troy Campbell on

    Amen David anyone who is willing to allow the govt to make all there decisions for them concerning what they put in there body and when or how is going to end up in as bad of shape as our country is in ,

  5. Thomas Davie on

    Bought about 30g of 20x Salvia in August 2006. Still have about 29.8g left. Used it once or twice and went ‘so far out there’ that I thought there was no coming back. Have no intentions of trying it again.


  6. David Malmo-Levine on

    “Banning Salvia will not deprive anyone of anything good …”

    Unless, of course, you think it’s good to have the right to choose what you put in your body.

  7. Anonymous on

    My letter to Health Canada:

    I do not agree with the proposed ban on Salvia divinorum. When used for the purpose that Salvia divinorum is meant to be used for, theraputic use, it is very effective.

    In my experience with buying it you had to be 19+ (Ontario) and was asked to show I.D. from the shop I bought it from. More regulation is clearly needed like Alcohol & Cigarettes.

    Salvia divinorum is not addictive nor can it kill you. If Health Canada was truly concerned for the citizens well being they would go after cigarettes which kill hundreds of thousands Canadians every year.

    Imposing a ban on something is not the answer. We have learned this from the prohibition of Alcohol and current prohibition of Marijuana.

  8. Dave on

    Did it once a while back and spoke with lots of people who have also tried it. Most say they were not ready or willing to do it again the next day. Most, like myself, needed to think about what happened. But to say don’t try it would not be fair to what it is meant for. These are the herbs of Shawman and I’m sure we can understand why Christians would want to prohibit them.

    Instead we need to be educating ourselves and people about these natural Holy-Herbs. Our Mother provides these so we can commune with and learn about Her. This particular Herb can be used, with guidance, for journeys of self discovery. For instance, where you might witness the beginnings of the Earth on mushrooms you just might witness the end on Salvia. Not as pleasant as some but definitely worth the experience! If they’re going to prohibit it, I suppose I’ll have to get in gear and really do a big-hot bowl.

    LETS EDUCATED NOT PROHIBIT. Harper and Co. promote alcohol as a spiritual catalyst but prohibit Mother-Natures-Holy-Herbs! Wow what a tangled web we weave!

  9. Anonymous on

    You won’t feel a thing if you smoke it in a joint like weed. It has to get quite hot for the active ingredient to vaporize. If you smoke it in a pipe with a cover with a little hole in it and suck the flame through that hole you will get hit hard. You also have to hold the smoke in for quite a while. Frankly, though, you didn’t miss much. It is not at all a pleasant experience. You will lose all grasp on reality and probably go into a panic. If you lay down you will feel like you are going down through the floor or actually becoming the floor, which ain’t much fun. If you stand up you will lose equilibrium and probably run into a wall. It has none of the pleasurable CNS stimulant effects of acid or X. It’s more like mushrooms but without the nausea. Problem is that having reality warped without any pleasurable effects isn’t really very desirable, unless you enjoy being completely insane for about 15 minutes. Banning Salvia will not deprive anyone of anything good and might save a few people from being in an insane panic for no good reason. Salvia is not to be taken lightly. It can seriously mess you up, if only temporarily. It scared the hell out of me. No desire whatsoever to repeat it and I’ve taken plenty of acid in my day. It was like the worst bad acid trip ever. Thank god it only lasted 15 minutes. My suggestion to those who haven’t tried it yet is don’t. It’s like DMT or something, way too powerful. There’s no middle ground. You’re either not high at all or reality completely disintegrates.

  10. castklearr on

    I bought several plants never felt anything after smoking and eating and I’ve experienced mushrooms, peyote, LSD, cannabis and its bogus waste of time.

  11. Anonymous on

    Instead of making all these things illegal, wouldn’t it be easier for the Conservative Reform Alliance Party to just give us a list of the things we are allowed to put in our bodies? A list that would include what we could eat think, say, and wear? Much shorter list.

  12. The BallyHoo on

    The conservative paranoia monster is always ready to raise it;s ugly head! Another prime example. Why these people think that making something illegal stops people from using it is BEYOND ME!!!!! Bunch of fucking alarmists, who just want to control what other people choose to do with their lives. This includes telling me, and you and everyone else, what, and when you can put CERTAIN substances into your body. FUCK THAT, & FUCK THEM.