The Jodie Emery Show: No Holding Hands With Your Husband!

CANNABIS CULTURE – For the latest news on Marc Emery, CCHQ, and Canada’s cannabis community, watch new episodes of The Jodie Emery Show each week on Cannabis Culture. This episode: Jodie discusses the details of a frustrating visit with Marc in jail where hand-holding has now been banned!

Jodie shares info about her prison visits on Marc’s birthday weekend, and encourages you to call the D. Ray James Correctional Facility at 912-496-6242 to POLITELY voice your concerns about the new policy of no hand-holding during inmate visits.

She also talks about the 12th Annual Cannabis Convention at the University of Victoria on Sunday, February 20.

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Watch more episodes of the Jodie Emery show on Pot-TV’s YouTube channel.

Jodie Emery is Executive Director of Cannabis Culture and CCHQ. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube – or read her CC Blog.



  1. Anonymous on

    yeah that explains all the whining and crying….

  2. Anonymous on

    Marc’s one tough pecker, that’s why he’s getting messed with in America.