How To Make Subcool’s Handmade Full Melt Bubble Hash

CANNABIS CULTURE – Expert grower and breeder Subcool presents his first feature video: a how-to guide for producing handmade full melt clear-dome bubble hash.

Sub shows viewers how to clean and use Bubble Bags using a hand-stirring method. Apollo 13 red bubble is the result, using a one-gallon, seven-bag Bubble Bag kit. (Bubble Bags available for purchase from the Cannabis Culture Online Store.)

Click here to read Subcool’s step-by-step bubble making instructions, “Full Melt Clear Dome Bubble Hash” on Cannabis Culture.

Subcool is an expert grower, breeder, seed producer, and author of Dank: The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana, published by Ed Rosenthal’s Quick Trading Company. He and is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture and other marijuana magazines. Read more articles by Subcool on Cannabis Culture.



  1. julie rawat on

    Full Melt chocolates are organic fair trade premier brand of medicated chocolate bars.
    full melt chocolates are too delicious.

  2. Anonymous on


  3. Anonymous on

    LOL the fact that you don’t know who SubCool is shows that you are just a small-time gardener. And rude to boot!

  4. Nasty nugz on

    As for the small time. I would refer to the cannabis cup and the many times subcool and TGA (google TGS Seeds as well if you don’t know!) have appeared. I personal met him this last year at the first ever US cannabis cup in Denver. He was speaking on a panel about breeding and growing with other PROS like Dj short (again see google if u think he is small too), Kyle Kushman (creator of strawberry cough… I sure this rings a bell), Both members of DNA seeds, and I think a few people from green house and sensi…. Soooo I wouldn’t think that they would toss some B list grower up there with guys and gals like that on the same line… His name is in ever high times for the last 3 years I can think of. What was the name of ur seed company… Oh that’s right ur too busy bad mouthing experts to start one. get fact as the first person said. And if u want to help the culture then u make ur on video and post it!

  5. pua on

    “this dudes amount clearly shows hes just a small time grower.”

    Are you freakin’ serious? What rock do live under to think that Subcool is a “small-time” ANYTHING, ffs. Please do yourself a favor, GOOGLE Subcool.

    “Hope some of my tips also helped this guy put out some good intel just kinda on some small scheme”

    Really? Wait until you see the 20 MILLION articles pop up on google regarding Subcool.

  6. Anonymous on

    most of these tips are actually bad in the process of making concentrates. You don’t force the bag out of the water you wiggle it out. you pull up on the top of the bag one side at a time like udders until the water drops out and you pull the bag tight over the bucket… this dudes amount clearly shows hes just a small time grower. His drying technique is decent but I don’t like having a pressed end product. I use paper towels as well once extracted from the bags, but I place on a metal table and chop the product into small pieces and put a fan on it overnight… occasionally turning it before i leave. the next day you have golden brown pebbles that can be just as easily pressed. The key to any concentrate is material. Separate fan leaves and stems before you pass through the bag and you will create golden goodness. freshness of material also matters as some freeze their trim. Hope some of my tips also helped this guy put out some good intel just kinda on some small scheme opp style projects. stuff as much ice and trim as you can into the bag. and use multiple 220 microns when you start so you can go through product 4 times as fast. I’ve worked through many gardens 🙂 Giant ones

  7. Anonymous on

    This tutorial are helpful. But how can I found that kind of bags ?

  8. hashman on

    hello subcool, thanks for your fearlessness with this video, as an avid connoisseur of hash and extracts i like to still get out there and see the worlds take is on production, you know, make sure im all up to snuff… not getting old, anyways subcool, all i can convey to you is a silent and sturdy hat tip. you taught me the value of the freezer, and in return ill tell you of the value of the fridge, some of my best full melts (identical to yours) where made from accidentally leaving a batch in the fridge for a month/or two.

    though i wont be making any video. i will be vaporizing to yours 🙂

  9. Jerome on

    Thanks for a great tutorial! your the man… I finally made the bubble bag investment worth it after watching your video. I have failed miserably 2 times before.

  10. toker on

    I have been making honey oil, cherry oil, hash oil, hash, and bubble for years now, and I thought I had my methods down fairly solid, but last night I replaced a few of my techniques with a few of yours and the quality of my bubble is way up without any quantity compromise, using a drill with a paint mixer is damn near as tiring on my arms as using a spoon, and the spoon makes a way better quality. I will be tokin’ in your honor, hopefully all week.