Conservatives say they haven’t given up on S-10

It has recently been reported that the Liberals have broken ranks with Bill S-10, a terrible anti-pot bill that could see some people going to jail for life for passing a joint.

But just like in a horror movie, where some serial-murdering psycho takes one last swipe at someone just before dying, the Conservatives have not given up on the proposed law.

“I’m very disappointed that [the Liberals]have had this complete flip-flop,” Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson told the media. “I’m hoping [enough Liberals]will lean on Ignatieff to get this bill passed. So I’m not giving up.”

While Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff seems adamant about his new position, and is unlikely to change it, Nicholson has also expressed hope that a lynch mob of dissident Liberals will break ranks and vote for his nightmarish bill.

This is an important time to call the Liberals and tell them you support their decision to stand against Bill S-10!

Liberals announce they will oppose Bill S-10:

Bill S-10 could get you life for a single joint:

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