Lung Cancer Association with Smoking Marijuana Debunked

There is admittedly, an ongoing confusion about the effects of smoking marijuana.

As if it is not enough, another study led by Professor Donald Tashkin of the University of California in Los Angeles is suggesting that the incidence of lung cancer is not actually the same when one uses marijuana and when one smokes tobacco.

Earlier, it can be remembered that Tashkin (with his colleagues) were the same persons who were able to show that marijuana smoke injures cells in the upper airways and even identified the substance, Benzpyrene which is also implicated in tobacco smoke as a contributor in the development of lung cancers.

However, with Tashkin’s team analyzing data from 1,212 cancer patients from the Los Angeles County Cancer Surveillance program and 1,040 cancer-free controls, they were able to come up with startling findings; that an increase in the use of marijuana did not result in higher rates of lung cancer and pharyngeal cancer as compared to tobacco smokers who were at greater risk the more they smoked. Additionally, the tobacco smokers who also used marijuana were at slightly lower risk of acquiring cancer of the lung compared with tobacco-only smokers.

– Article from Seer Press News on January 31, 2011.