Woman Takes Medical Pot Plea to Ottawa

A southern Alberta woman is taking her fight over what she calls her “right” to use marijuana for medicinal purposes all the way to Ottawa.

Tamara Cartwright suffers from lymphatic ulcerative colitis and claims marijuana helps with her digestion, appetite and pain caused by the disease.

Cartwright says a program launched in 2001, aimed at allowing access to the drug for medical purposes was flawed from the start and she says she was told that she cannot grow plants on her own.

The current leader of the Southern Alberta Cannabis Club, Cartwright says she never expected she would have to take the fight all the way to parliament, but she’s more than willing to do that.

“Really frustrated. I’ve been to my family doctor, I mean, it’s not like I’ve pounded at him. I’ve spoken to him, you know, tried to educate him, it’s not like he’s said “no” it’s just that the Alberta College of Physicians in this province are actively blocking the Health Canada program,” said Cartwright.

For more than 70 years, possession of marijuana has been a crime in Canada and for most of that time, there were no exceptions.

For more information on Health Canada’s regulations regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes click on the link.

– Article from CTV News.