Ed Rosenthal Responds to Obama’s YouTube State of the Union

CANNABIS CULTURE – When you ask someone a serious question and they smile and chuckle, what does that mean? When I discussed marijuana legalization in the early 90s with California legislators, I used to get that same smile.

I think it has something to do with their acknowledgment of the hypocrisy that keeps out legalization, an issue so important it filled the top 200 slots of most popular question asked during President Obama’s YouTube State of the Union 2011.

I wonder what would have happened had Obama met that former cop and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition member whose video took the #1 voted upon slot for the event. That cop was on active duty about the same time Obama was a college student or a community activist. Would he still be smiling that smile as the handcuffs were being placed on him? What irony that the cop sees the futility of the policy while Obama denies it.

Obama states that his new drug policy is to go more towards rehabilitation than arrest and incarceration.

What a wonderful “make work” policy. Trying to convince marijuana users that they are harming themselves:

You know, when I first started watching the interview, I was opposed to that policy – but, even though I am not dying, my life just flashed before me and I realized where I went wrong, and it was all because of marijuana!

If it hadn’t been for marijuana, I might still be working on Wall Street and could have had been involved in one the banking scams!

Or, since my penchant was for writing, I could have been writing about gold and diamonds, especially collectible nuggets, and be gifted hand-me-downs.
But no, marijuana led me astray.

So, I must agree with Obama and we should set up clinics all over the place to help reform marijuana users.

The particular clinic that I will create – as a reformed marijuana user having gone from thermal papers to personal hazardous waste incinerators – will bring marijuana users together to discuss their problems while using recommended therapeutic varieties. In this way, they will be able to look inwardly and of their own volition take action on their insights.

Pres, please let us know what you think, we are ready to start up right now!

While I have your eyes for a few seconds, you mentioned a solution to America’s drug problem would be to focus on reducing supply. I don’t know if Drug Czar, Chief Kerlikowske has informed you about our group of Anonymous Volunteers who, at risk to their own bodies are out trying to relieve the DEA of some of its burdens.

It all started when we heard about the two tunnels under the United States-Mexican border that contained 45 tons, or the equivalent of 33 million joints. We realized that this being poor quality Mexican, it would be used in about 12 hours. You would have to have a minimum of four seizures like this a day just to stem the flow of marijuana into the country. That doesn’t even account for all of the domestically produced marijuana, concentrates and bi-products, which seem to be more popular than ever.

I asked for volunteers to search for, locate, seize, and destroy marijuana using thermal papers and personal hazardous waste incinerators. So far, over 50,000 people have volunteered to work in this effort. That is 25 times the number of DEA agents that you have. My volunteers will surely be a great supplement to local police departments such as the one in Columbia, MO that was spending $20,000 to send a SWAT team to deliver all their narcotic search warrants.

If any one of my anonymous volunteer task force eradicators had known about that marijuana, they would have destroyed the half-ounce in less than an hour, more efficiently reducing supply as you suggest than any of the local police departments or DEA.

This leads us to the budget, which is the issue most on everyone’s mind. Since the anonymous volunteers are functioning so well, rather than having this as a government effort, we should leave this to patriotic citizens and their organizations who will work for free to destroy this influx of marijuana.

In fact, we were thinking that since you seem to suffer from MDS (#marijuanadeficiencysyndrome) that you yourself might want to become one of these volunteers. We know you were functioning at quite a different level when you were using this material surreptitiously. But, as an anonymous volunteer you will be able to locate, obtain and destroy some of this material from the medical marijuana health centers that are soon to open in Washington D.C., the city where you live.

My fellow activist and friend Keith Stroup of NORML and I are endeavoring to open such a center right at his house – you know, the one across the way from the Supreme Court? This way you, as well as the Congress and Senate, will have easy access to the center once they get a medical recommendation from their government doctor.

Please let me know what you think.

Ganja Guru Ed Rosenthal is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture and author of Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook and many other pot publications. Read his CC Blog.