Medical Marijuana Users To Lobby Canadian Parliament

CANNABIS CULTURE – A group of medical marijuana patients, producers, and advocates is planning to meet with Members of Parliament, media and other government officials on January 31 in an effort to draw attention to “the serious and unnecessary obstacles that the Harper Government has placed” in the path of medical marijuana users in Canada.

The Canadian Medicinal Cannabis Conference will take place on and around Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Since 2001, Health Canada has had a program in place where Canadians could – ostensibly – apply for permits to possess and cultivate marijuana for medical purposes. As this program was forced upon the government after numerous court rulings, they have been less-than compassionate in their dealings with chronically and critically ill Canadians. The program is, by all informed accounts, a complete and utter fiasco.

“People are still waiting 12-15 weeks, many longer, for their paperwork to be processed,” said event organizer, Laurie MacEachern, who had her first application held up in the system for three years. “It is completely unacceptable. This is medicine people need immediately, not 2-3 months from now. People risk arrest, increased health problems, and in some cases, death.”

A press conference is scheduled in the Charles Lynch Room for 10:00 am where co-organizers will introduce the event. Long-time medical marijuana license holder and activist Allison Myrden is expected to attend the press conference and the days’ events, as is Medical Marijuana producer Adam Greenblatt, and Medical Marijuana License Holder and writer Russell Barth.

Myrden is best known for her work with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Greenblatt is a Designated Grower and Activist in the Montreal area, and Barth is best known for his letter-writing and Human Rights complaint against the Ontario Government for failing to regulate the medical use of cannabis.

“I walked around with no permit for seven weeks back in May/June.” said Barth. “I was at risk of arrest, and since I have a sick wife with epilepsy that I am also taking care of 24/7, both our lives were threatened by this delay. My dose increase took 57 days to process this past autumn, and my wife has already waited over a month so far for her dose increase to be processed.”

Delegates will be found throughout the Parliament complex over the course of the day as they attend appointments and interviews, and can be made available to meet with interested members of the media. A public event is scheduled at the Monterey Inn Resort & Conference Centre, 2259 Prince of Wales Drive from 7-9:00 pm where Exempted patients, Advocates, and other supporters will be available to meet with anyone who would like to learn more about medicinal cannabis.

The event is being attended by the “who’s who” of medical marijuana, including:

Hayley Rose – Youngest patient granted Authorization to Possess, the “Hayley’s Comet” cannabis strain was developed for her to provide strain specific symptom relief

Russell Barth – Co-Author of the world’s first children’s book about medical marijuana (Mommy’s Funny Medicine), co-producer of the most-watched epilepsy video on Youtube (Over 1.7 million hits in four years).

Christine Lowe – Star of the most-watched epilepsy video on Youtube, co-author and illustrator of Mommy’s Funny Medicine, and former founding member of the National Capital Compassion Society

Debbie Stultz-Giffin – Chair, MUMM (Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana)

Tamara Cartwright – President of Southern Alberta Cannabis Club, Organizer of the last 3 Global Marijuana Marches in Lethbridge, Activist.

Todd Kaighin – Convention Co-Organizer, 20 year HIV Survivor, MMAR Exempted, Red Ribbon Campaign Co-Manager

Derek Pedro – Owner of Medical Marijuana Alliance and Resources, Grower, Advocate

Amy Brown – C.A.L.M. Admissions, Compassionate Care Worker, Baker, Advocate

Derek Francisco – Defence Team Leader at Canadian Cannabis Legal Defence Resource and Director of Canadian Cannabis Consulting, Patient Advocate, Grower

Sam Mellace – New Age Medical Solutions, Patient Advocate & Activist, first Canadian to smoke marijuana in the House of Commons, gained International coverage of Health Canada’s license delays and his demand for access to safer alternative forms of marijuana consumption

Watch Cannabis Culture for more information on the Canadian Medicinal Cannabis Conference.



  1. Anonymous on

    Yes you are is harpers faulth.He is such a cocky mother’ve been tellig everybody that i know to vote anything but HARPER in next election.I told them all about how harper wants to put us all in jail for smoking marijuana.. And now they will tell all the ones they know ,and so on and on… Word spreads pretty fast.All of us smokers should go vote next election and vote him OUT……..

  2. Medicinal Mike on

    After my paperwork was in, my card expired on sept.24th. I finally (after a mistake was found and corrected)was legal again as of Dec.17th, but I have to carry a legal size bit of paper(which EVERYONE said is rediculous)around till my plastic card comes. It is now 6 weeks after getting that paper, but the card has still not shown up. I recently applied for a passport(a much more difficult document to deal with)and I have my passport less than a month later. Why are the people at the MMAR not doing their jobs? I yelled and screamed at them on the phone when my pain got to be too much. I said I hoped the call was being taped because I wanted them to know that I am in extreme pain and they are PURPOSELY making it worse and adding more stress to my life. I am pissed off and I am not going to take it anymore. Because of the delays my grower had to pull my plants which means I will not get anything till April now. I asked Health Canada what my options are and he said i could buy it from the government supply. I said I would have to pay 1.5 times as much money as I am getting from ODSP for EVERYTHING, to get the amount I am entittled to. I then went on to say that the plant matter they are selling is not medicine and it is actually harmful to smoke since the lazy jerks who grow for the government put the ENTIRE plant through a chipper , bag it and sell it to unsuspecting clients. 60% inert matter in this stuff makes it un- smokable. I asked is the government going to give me the plant matter? He said of course not!, so I then said so what you are telling me is I have no options and I am forced to be in pain untill April? He just repeated my so called options like a trained robot. I think it was around that point that I really started yelling. There are no humans at the MMAR and Health Canada!

  3. Brandt on

    Marijuana is the safest drug with actual benefits for the user as opposed to alcohol which is dangerous, causes addiction, birth defects, and affects literally every organ in the body. Groups are organizing all over the country to speak their minds on reforming pot laws. I drew up a very cool poster for the cause which you can check out on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!

  4. Anonymous on

    Steven Harper is the culprit! I believe that if any one else in Canada was to withhold a doctor’s prescription it is a crime! But, Harper and the Conservatives have displayed many times that being a Conservative is above the law. Our courts have ordered that Harper do something about the illegal treatment of Omar Khadr. Harper done nothing. Every single time a judge has made ruling that Harper did not like, it has been appealed. This record number of appeals by a Canadian political party is billed to the Canadian taxpayers?
    The Safe Injection Site ruling in B.C. after many appeals is now going before the Supreme Court of Canada? Apparently the office of Prime Minister according to the B.C. Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to close this site. Stephen Harper in his role as a Minority leader believes he controls with ultimate power and his narrow minded right wing trash political ideology is law making, not law adhering. There is only one way to rid Canada of this trash, and that is by voting him out. But beware for if you are not on the voters list now, it may be much harder for you to be able to exercise the strongest of your basic rights as a Canadian? Unless it is felt that you will vote Conservative you more then likely will find to be not eligible to vote in the up coming election? If anyone thinks that this Conservative Party would not stop anyone suspected of voting against them. Think again!

  5. Spanner McNeil on

    1. One thing that comes to mind regarding Medical Marijuana is the transportation of it. Apparently, one is not allowed to transport it on the city bus. It’s legal to have but the patient can’t actually carry any of it on a bus from point A to B. I tell people that perhaps the law should change so that it would be ok for a Medical Marijuana user to sit at the back of the bus unless a white man wants the seat. I get a lot of laughs with that – makes the point though…
    2. That someone can’t transform the leaf into a butter or cookie or cake or something for easier digestion is cruel.
    3. A Medical Marijuana user can use marijuana and have children. A non medical marijuana user who uses marijuana will have their children taken away. What magic happened there? It’s either harmful for children to be around or it isn’t. It’s not harmful for children to have any other medicine, bottle of liquor, ber or a dog in the house if it’s properly cared for.
    4. No doctor in town is going to fill out an 80 page form because someone has some ordinary physical pain and just wants some relief and to unwind after a hard day’s work. No doctor has to fill out forms and questionnaires like that for any other drug.
    5. I don’t like the message that says you have to be sick to use marijuana.
    6. A lot of baby boomers aren’t going to be too comfortable buying pot from their wheel chairs behind a tavern.
    7. Old people arrested for marijuana aren’t allowed to bring walkers,crutches and canes into jail. And med pot users can’t use marijuana in jail.
    8. No need to bully and incarcerate innocent people for innocent behaviour.
    9. Science, Logic and Reason can be good pals.
    10. Marijuana helps a lot for the common cold and flu. You can say it doesn’t you know but the four million adult Canadians who use it during that period feel it does help.
    11. Forty years of anecdotal evidence is beginning to reveal that people who use marijuana over the long term tend to get cancer at a significantly less rate than the population that doesn’t use marijuana. It’s really becoming quite obvious. That Health Canada will deny that – see point 14.
    12. Queen Victoria used it for the same reasons most people do – it relieves menstruation cramps.
    13. It’s not hard on the liver or heart like so many other invasive drugs.
    14. What do you think the marijuana issue does towards the credibility of Health Canada in the eyes of mature adult users? Must they always suspect political interference in scientific conclusions? Apologies to Thomas Kuhn on that one.

  6. Anonymous on

    Needless to say, Leona Aglukkaq will be nowhere to be found. That’s right, the Minster of Health who nobody ever sees or hears about. I didn’t even know she existed until I googled “Canada Health Minister”. Ms. Aglukkaq has much to answer for. Watch her completely duck the entire event. The Conservatives don’t have the guts to actually face the people whose lives they are making miserable for no particular reason, other than for some kind of perverted kicks. Is she too busy? Then how about the Deputy Health Minister, Glenda Yeates? If she’s “busy”, then what about the Associate Deputy Health Minister, Anne-Marie Robinson. Let me guess, she’s busy too. Gee, that might not look too great in a run-up to a federal election, but maybe the Conservatives think they’re above having to answer to the Canadian people, having become an omnipotent power unto themselves. I also wonder if any Liberals will be around to tell us how they plan to fix the problem if elected. Oh, they’re all busy too, what a surprise. What about Layton? Oh, he’s having his head waxed all that week.

  7. good,wild&free on

    why dont they throw people in jail for drinking and driving for their first offense… doesn’t THAT deserves a mandatory minimum jail sentence!!!!??? ugh i just dont understand what exact risk weed smokers pose to the public???????