Chemo or Cannabis: How Would You Like to Treat Your Cancer?

It is one thing to kill a cancer cell, but the real question wracking science’s collective brain is: can you survive the treatment?

This is the central concern regarding how we approach cancer, the plague of modern times. Len Richmond’s documentary What if Cannabis Cured Cancer, narrated by Emmy award-winning actor Peter Coyote, is a well-researched account of the chemical benefits of the cannabis plant. Featuring interviews with a multitude of doctors and researchers across the world, the film explains how certain compounds in cannabis, including THC, attack only cancer cells while actually protecting healthier ones. And here is the real kicker: with incredible results! However, its healing effects are not limited to just cancer. Cannabis contains compounds that work holistically with the entire human body on such conditions as epilepsy, bipolar disorder, glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain, depression, leukemia, and more.

The documentary also outlines the misinformation campaign by both government and media as to the ill effects of cannabis on users. For instance, it is an eyebrow-raising revelation that not a single recorded death has ever been attributed to cannabis, while it remains a Schedule I drug – along with heroin and meth – under the Controlled Substances Act.

But it’s not just the plant that’s having a tough time in the world. Len Richmond has tried earnestly to get the medical community to be involved in the amazing amount of research he’s uncovered in his film:

“I contacted the John Wayne Cancer Institute,” he says. “To offer researchers a chance to look at my film. The PR guys said I had to write to the individual researchers. So, I got all their information, emailed them, and offered them a free copy of the documentary. There was not a single response. Weeks later, I sent a follow-up email, again offering a free copy of the film and asking, ‘Are you really so sure that you’re right that you’re not even open to entertaining an alternative point of view?’ Well, then I got a response: ‘Don’t you email us again! We’re not interested!’ It’s crazy! Chemo therapy is hurting people. It makes me angry. It’s a scandal, the way cancer is being treated in this country as a profit-driven industry.”

Despite having sporadic acceptance in the mainstream medical arena, Richmond’s film is gaining an enormous amount of success in the medical marijuana community. People are excited about the evidence contained in his documentary, and with good cause. What if Cannabis Cured Cancer creates a convincing argument on how and why marijuana should be seriously considered as a cancer-curing agent. To get a little more to the heart of the issue, I talked to Len from his home in L.A. for an in-depth look at how the film came to be:

Len, why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Well, I’m a sixties hippie who, among other things, marched against the Vietnam War. I started smoking dope in the sixties, of course. I remember how I first started, I was dating this woman because I was trying to be straight and fit in. On our first date, she held out a joint. I told her I didn’t wanted to do anything that might make me lose control, but she said, ‘This stuff will change your life, it will open your mind! You’ll discover things about yourself.’ I thought, ‘What?’ I couldn’t understand the concept at first. But, of course, she was right! A few months later I came out.

I later moved to London to be with a boyfriend and started writing sitcoms for BBC and British television. There was one particular sitcom that I decided to put all of my sixties radicalism in it: marijuana, making fun of religion, and gay liberation. It was called Agony because it was about a “Dear Abby”-type of advice columnist who could fix everyone else’s problems but could never fix her own. It was very popular, very funny, and was one of the first shows to depict the main characters smoking marijuana casually and celebrating healthy gay relationships. Later, CBS bought the rights to it and broadcast an American version called The Lucie Arnaz Show but it was terrible. The CBS writers took out everything that made Agony so good: the gays, smoking pot, the radicalism, the left wing politics. It was soon after that I got heavily into the Gay Liberation movement. I started promoting gay rights – and getting laid a lot.

What inspired you to make What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and wouldn’t let the doctors do anything to her. Of course, this freaked me out, along with the rest of family. But, she did a lot of research and found various herbs that she felt would help her. So, after four years of treating herself by focusing on a vegan raw food diet and using anti-cancer herbs like Mistletoe, she had actually shrunk her tumor! I was amazed! So, I got inspired to make the documentary film Everything Bad is Good: Healing Yourself in a World of Medicine Gone Mad, where I interviewed people who had cured themselves of cancer with natural remedies. This is when I started to really get into the idea of natural healing outside of the medical world. Through my research on this film, I stumbled onto a few cases where marijuana was used as a curing agent and just dug deeper. As I soon discovered, there was quite a bit of evidence beginning to surface.

Some of the things going through my mind were, ‘Am I going to get attacked? Are people going to want to destroy me because I’m raining on their parade? There is a whole industry and makes a good living off the drug war.’ Well, it’s been exactly the opposite! People are complimenting the research … the evidence is there! I’ve become a bit of a working class hero taking on the establishment. My early hippie dreams of making a better world are coming true!

For instance, just the other day I was emailed an old article titled “Smoking Marijuana Causes Testicular Cancer.” I started investigating the research done on the study and even the doctor was who hired to conduct the study said don’t read too much into it, the results aren’t conclusive, the amount of people in the study were so small it is difficult to even pinpoint a correlation, and of course we don’t know if the control group was telling the truth about their past drug use. But that’s not the way the press reported it. And, of course, the study was funded by the folks who wanted to prove that pot is bad for you.

In your film, it is discussed that the primary compounds in cannabis that work as the curing agent are the endocannabinoids. Can you tell me a little bit about endocannabinoids and how they may be able to treat cancer?

The first guy I interviewed for the film, Dr. Jeffrey Hergenrather, started treating patients with cannabis and they started to get better. And what he told me was, whether you smoke marijuana or not you have marijuana-like substances in your body. It is naturally in your body, you are born with it, and it is called the endocannabinoid system. I thought, ‘What? I need to find out more about this!’ Endocannabinoids are found in our nervous and immune systems and have an almost identical structure to cannabinoids found in cannabis. These two compounds act as a sort of lock and key for each other in your body – a chemical reaction – that becomes beneficial, forming into modulators of good health. Endocannabinoids act as tumor regulators, mood regulators, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, and the list goes on.

What is being discovered is that some people do not have enough endocannabinoids in their system. You see, you get a massive dose of endocannabinoids in your mother’s milk, if you’re breast fed. It’s one of your immunity boosters as a baby. What Professor Robert Melamede (in the film) believes is that there are endocannabinoid-deprived people and there are endocannabinoid-endowed people. Those that are endocannabinoid-endowed have healthy systems, are more adaptable to change, and therefore are more open-minded. In the same way, those that are endocannabinoid-deprived have weaker systems, therefore more fearful of change to their environment. So, endocannabinoids are not just interesting in how they can heal the body, but are also indicators into how one lives their life! This is a whole new field of information I didn’t even get to touch on in the film. But I will in my next.

Here is the main reason we need cannabis. We are overwhelmed with toxins in our environment: chemicals, pollution, even our own thoughts. The endocannabinoids that we are born with need help. The cannabinoids and endocannabinoids find each other and are like, “Oh … Hi bro!” and they hook up and are stronger in fighting diseases. It is a more protective way to survive from all the things that are in an onslaught against us. Cannabis stimulates your survival mechanism. Really, cannabis smokers can be the luckiest, happiest people on Earth!

What I remember from the film, and what you have eluded to here, is that endocannabinoids are holistic as well. They are not just for fighting tumors, correct?

For one thing, they are mood lifters; they lift you out of depression. When you’re not busy being depressed, it helps you to survive. So, endocannabinoids are all about survival. The threat, I guess, is all the pharmaceuticals we would put out of business. If you can do so many healing things with this one plant, it’s an enormous threat to our pharmacy system. Almost every drug I’ve researched comes with an enormous amount of side-effects, some of them even fatal. You put yourself in the situation of a catch-22. Get rid of such-and-such symptom but accept the risk of a host of others. The only side-effects with marijuana are you may lose a little short-term memory for a while and you may bump into some things while walking around at home.

Amidst the compelling evidence, why is the mainstream media not jumping on this? And why in the media, is the reporting on the research is mild at best?

We have to acknowledge there’s a lot of fear out there about cannabis. People are afraid of losing control; particularly religious people. They have to control everything in their life, or the house of cards falls apart. Marijuana is a threat, it’s unpredictable. And, cannabis makes you question why you wouldn’t want to do anything that doesn’t make you happy. It does get you to leave jobs, leave marriages, to make moves and changes in your life that you aren’t usually willing to make.

Other countries seem to be where the cutting edge of research is being done on cannabis treatment of cancer. Is cannabis a big legal issue in other countries or is cannabis seen as a viable alternative?

It’s much more accepted in Spain than many other countries. It’s not really treated like a criminal offense; they are very liberal about it. Italy, on the other hand, is a whole different story. I have a friend in Italy who has cancer, but can hardly get marijuana at all because he is scared of being arrested. Most of the countries are still treating it like a serious criminal offense. I can say most of the foreign orders I get for my film are from Canada. They are a huge pot-smoking country. I also get a lot of overseas orders from the Netherlands, obviously.

One direction for the pro-cannabis movement is to get cannabis removed from the Controlled Substances Act. What is your perspective to getting this done?

One thing I am going to do is to get copies of my film to members of Congress. I got Americans for Safe Access (ASA) to agree to hand-deliver them to one hundred Congressmen and Congresswomen; they are just waiting for the right time, what with the latest election and change in seats. My hope is that there is a Congress person out there who knows someone with cancer – a relative they love – and it becomes a life or death issue, instead of just an issue about an illegal drug. Basically, I think that if we can get one well-known person who has cancer to treat themselves with cannabis instead of chemo and they survive and prosper, then maybe that will begin to wake the country up. But, you know, it probably has to be a celebrity or nobody will give a damn.

Do you see the recent failure of Proposition 19 in California as a set back?

No, because a fair number of pro-marijuana people didn’t want Prop 19 to go into effect. It criminalized some things that weren’t criminal before. Such as, there was a bit in there about having to get written permission from your landlord to smoke cannabis in your rented home. I don’t want to have to ask permission from a landlord to smoke in my own backyard!

One sentiment expressed in your film is that if cannabis is legal there is less money in it. So if it is more lucrative when illegal, should it ever become legal? Given what the pharmaceutical industry could do to such a product, would you even want it to become legal?

Look, I’ve been busted for smoking pot in England. I’ve been arrested, fingerprinted, and photographed. And at that time even the police woman who arrested me said if I wouldn’t have smoked on the street, I wouldn’t have been arrested. ‘Do it in your own home,’ she said. I don’t want a police woman, who has no idea of the benefits of cannabis to tell me how to conduct my medical treatment. The people who are rabidly enforcing cannabis laws are scared little people. Marijuana gives them the perfect excuse because they are fearful of freedom and change and use us as a scapegoat. So, yes, I say please legalize it. It would be nice to have that paranoia gone. I think it will definitely be legalized before too long because a lie can’t live forever.


Yes, because the older generation will soon be gone. And I say this as a member of the older generation. Seven out of every 10 people I know smoke pot. And not just the kind of person who you would think smokes pot, but neighbors, coworkers, normal people. It’s like the gay lib thing … come out, come out, wherever you are!

What other kinds of activities are you involved in regarding the issue of cannabis legalization?

Just using my film. Getting the documentary out there; getting it to lawmakers and the establishment medical community. Now I have a weapon I can use. I’m not really the kind to go out and picket with signs. My film is my weapon I use to affect change.

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer can be purchased on and followed on Facebook.

Daniel Moler is a writer from suburbia Kansas that can usually be found on



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  3. Anonymous on

    Oil does not need to be smoked. You can also make tea if you like. You don’t need to smoke anything.

  4. Anonymous on

    lol first of all, no one can take your question serious when you refer to this plant as “weed”. Cannabis and marijuana are different medically. And if you are refering to marijuana as “weed” obviously you have been conditioned to the wrong beliefs about this wonderful plant and/or only know the potential abusive end of its use. Please do some research and educate yourself.

  5. Anonymous on

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  9. Anonymous on

    There is no Dr. Nathan Kisper, Dr. Mike Henderson, Dr. Smith Williams, Dr. Sedney Carey, Dr. Mac Donnald, Dr. Bryan Vance etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don’t trust them and in any of their “stories”!!!

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  12. Ed on

    You people that talk about smoking the pot aren’t very aware. One does not smoke the THC containing hemp but instead uses it to make hemp oil that then contains the Cannabinoids that do the curing of many conditions, including cancer.

  13. Justin Kander on

    This is a fine documentary, but it’s a shame that they don’t actually delve into how cannabis actually has cured cancer. It doesn’t talk about Rick Simpson or cannabis extract medicine. It’s a real shame that even the mainstream documentaries which deal with this issue won’t go into the truly important aspects of it, but at least it’s a start.

  14. Anonymous on

    Loud opinion based on other opinions. Thats adds up to out of your mind
    Only stoners believe more dope will cure cancer..Normal people have had access to
    medical marijuana legally for a decade, and illegally forever- most people put no such faith in
    dope as stoners do. And millions of people are aware of pots effects, but they are not interested
    based on the fact that pot just stones you out, it doesn’t cure or control any ailment.
    Why is it only stoners think pot is a wonderful medicine? Its OK but it noting special

  15. Jon on

    Great film. I have been doing research on the net for the last month and a half because a close friend developed cancer. A monster tumour that practically doubled in size since it was first detected. It has spread to her liver and it is inoperable at this time. Her chemotherapy is scheduled to begin within a week. She has started ingesting cannabis oil made with hemp seed oil and has been for the last 7 days. 1 ml in the morning and 1ml before bed. Everyone around have their fingers crossed but we all believe. I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks again for the film. I will get my copy at Amazon.

  16. Len Richmond on

    Great discussion. Director of the film here. Just a couple points: Smoking cannabis or hash, without tobacco, in a pipe (so you also don’t inhale the paper), may indeed have some small benefits according to Dr. Taskin’s study. He found that people who smoked cannabis had less cancer than people who smoked nothing at all. The researchers are coming to believe that for cancer treatment, cannabis/hash oil is the way to go. It’s not just the high level of THC in the oil but the many other cannabinoids too. I try to outline this in my film. I don’t have cancer, but as a preventative, I am ingesting cannabis oil a couple times a week.

    Solid proof is hard to come by when precious few are willing to fund the research and Governments actively discourage scientists from the getting the cannabis they need to work with. With the grave harm that pharmiceudical
    drugs do and the gentleness of this fragrant herb – what’s the harm in believing? Almost every relative I have got cancer. They all went for chemo and radiation and they’re all dead. I am 67, a pot lover all my life, and in perfect health. I’ll place my bets on nature not a commercial medical system that puts profits first. I have received emails from all over the world from patients who believe cannabis saved their lives and say they are now cancer free. I believe them!

    I am proud that “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” is filled with hard science – (and some soft.) The anti-pot crusaders FEAR marijuana. Good luck with changing that – unless they have a family member with cancer and then THAT fear may outweigh the other fear. Stay healthy – get high!

    The DVD of “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” has been out for a few months and can be ordered on Amazon U.S.A. at:

  17. Anonymous on

    Methamphetamine is Schedule II under the CSA. You stated that it was Schedule I. Just a heads up!

  18. james on

    did you not watch the video? did you not do any research? and btw “vapin” is no more harmful than breathing air, these are not fairy tales these are cold hard facts that most do not wish to acknowledge but i guarantee if any of these naysayers were to come up with cancer or other serious illnesses they would have a change of heart because desperation is a powerful thing.

  19. james on

    did you not watch the video? did you not do any research? and btw “vapin” is no more harmful than breathing air, these are not fairy tales these are cold hard facts that most do not wish to acknowledge but i guarantee if any of these naysayers were to come up with cancer or other serious illnesses they would have a change of heart because desperation is a powerful thing.

  20. David on

    Cannabis would be my treatment. The reason being Chemo makes you very sick all the time, and when using the pills they prescribe to you for the nausea none of them work. Cannabis always gets rid of my nausea when I feel sick so I would choose cannabis. Also it’s a safer treatment than pills. The only thing I’d allow them to do is the radiation. However I do not agree that cannabis cures cancer. There’s no evidence to prove it.

  21. Jon on

    Great idea sending your film to all members of Congress. Chances are you’il more than one. Cancer has been multiplying faster than cockroaches. You may find one afflicted him or herself. Talking about money, if cannabis were legalized, our income tax would probably drop 40% just by savings in the health system. How can I see this film?

  22. Anonymous on

    As most weed is smoked and all smoke is harmful to some degree
    including vapin’ – how do you get off making up fairytales that weed
    has these benefits and you don’t know if it does or not?
    You are just stoned irrational and making it all up ad you go along

  23. Anonymous on

    Good Luck getting Marijuana Legalized!
    Don’t keep making tokers look like gaylords!
    Tokers smoke spliffs inhale smoke and eat chocolate hash brownies!
    Gays suck cock swallow cum and eat shit!

  24. Anonymous on

    Everyone needs to know the truth about Cannabis as a cure. The government and major health companies BENEFIT from Cancer which is why we regulate cigarettes, NOT Cannabis. Another film which everyone should watch is “Run From the Cure” by Rick Simpson. The full version of the film can be found on YouTube. It’s only an hour, watch it and spread the word.I need to watch this film as well.

  25. Eric Levi on

    Great article on Len Richmond’s movie. It is truly amazing that people won’t accept scientific and logical proof of marijuana’s value based on definitive fact. People’s values are deep seated and difficult to alter. Their is an interesting historical parallel that may be of value–“Uncle Tom’s Cabin”.
    Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel challenged the “law” when it was written. Many serious and real evaluations of her day failed to instill the wrongs of slavery but it was her fictional account that changed public opinion. Her book became the most widely read book of the 19th Century next to the Bible and plays based on it were the most presented productions for the next 80 years. Her characters put a personal perspective on the subject of slavery that touched the hearts of the public and resulted in change that started the Civil War, according to Lincoln. The main theme of the book challenged an unjust law.
    I have taken a similar approach by writing a historical fiction novel that reveals the horrors of weed prohibition within a story line dealing with common characters having extra ordinary experiences. An outsourced ex TV repairman, his medical marijuana using wife and great grandfather are hounded by police as they travel in time observing other legal atrocities as they take fishing trips in the Ozarks.
    Stowe’s novel was first presented in serial form in magazines and I think my short book, “4 Horses Running” might work well in “Rolling Stone” or something similar.
    I need someone to read my work and agree or disagree.
    Few people of our day have actually read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, I only did so recently. Anyone who thinks that being called an “Uncle Tom” is a bad thing, has obviously never read the novel.
    Thanks for your truthful weed reporting,
    Dan Maloney

  26. Anonymous on

    What if cannabis culture actually had a say on marijuana legalization.

  27. Anonymous on

    With the way the new generation prostrates themself, I don’t really want to have kids!

    There is enough of them in the world as is.

    Well with the kind of weak, garbage marijuana the government has to offer.
    The leaves alone or light buds will give you cancer.

    Come on, people probally need to smoke a gram – two grams a day.

    To avoid every diesease.

    Even adding pollution we naturally breath in, from car exhaust and cigarettes.
    Car pollution, which has created a whole over the whole entire North america’s Ozone.
    Causing sun radiation, rays from the sun, and heat which can fry the planet when combined with sun radiation.
    Which is probally why global warming is setting in.

    America are claiming 2012, because they’ll believe anything they see on t.v.
    America is probally at war with the Middle East.
    Because the possibility that Yellowstone Volcano might erupt.
    I guess americans just so happened to blame GOD.
    For the possibility the world might end, because we don’t take proper care of it!

  28. Anonymous on

    Nine out of ten youth smoke marijuana, who are suicidal or were made fun of.

    If the cops are constantly telling kids in highschools, that they are criminals for smoking.

    And the teenagers are growing up with 9 out of 10 youth smoking marijuana.

    Then that tells us that, teens are forced into a battle they cannot win.

    Which like war the government has created!

    Anyone with a mind can realise, if cops live by the gun.
    Enforce law with guns, walk with the thoughts that guns can control the world.

    Thats there will be youth, who are corrupted without even knowing how serious, matters really are!

    And the iggnorant group of youth, who listen to what people have to say. Instead of what is actually true and that people should live knowing.

  29. Anonymous on

    Did you know?
    Nine out of ten youth who are suicidal or who were made fun of for being different.

    Because society creates settings on life that something is either really good or really bad.
    Society today offers no balance.

    Marijuana has alot more balance, with all the different kinds of marijuana around the world. Than cigarettes, which give breathing problems, and disease.

    Cigarettes which put diesease in the body, and when you cure yourself from the diesease from cigarettes. By smoking again, it just puts more chemical disease in the body.

    The government shouldn’t show the public dieing cancer patients.
    Explaining why they put chemicals in cigarettes.

  30. Anonymous on

    All your change of law and politics. Actually made marijuana reduced to a minimal an d harder to get in some places. And created a band on a part of the population of canada, that actually smokes marijuana.

    The part that smokes, not just to make videos, to show off they can smoke. Like pot tv has done numerous times.

    The negitives of marijuana in canada.
    Unlike amsterdam where Marijuana creates employment.
    People are paid to clean , pick and takes out stems and leaves out of marijuana in amsterdam.
    Thats a suficent sorce of employment, because people always want to smoke, whether cigarette or strong marijuana.

    Marijuana in canada has made injustice for those live a lifestyle which consist marijuana. Or a way out of ALL the problems society has to offer.

    Or even half the population, who feel they have to disclose they smoke marijuana. Because all the double standards set on marijuana.
    As something bad and harmful.
    Which isn’t bad or harmful, but is a lifestyle some can learn to live with.
    If controlled properlly under good influences.

    A drug what could clean up the crime on the streets, if taken the right approach.
    Instead of the government always saying it’s one way “Their way” and no other way can be possible.

  31. Anonymous on

    The reason the government puts cigarettes on the market.
    And pictures of people sick from cancer.

    Is because the government gives you a way to live and die by their hands.

    It’s murder by the government, a optional way to tie along in the circle of problems, the government has created.

    Cigarettes are like pollution. The government makes a poison in the world, with no way of fixing it.

    It goes with everything the government do.
    The government never have a secure position on where they stand, in government , politics, law, order. Or even helping society live as one.

  32. Anonymous on

    I don’t think if the first cigarette, don’t smoke adds on the pack worked.
    The new one the government are making to put on cigarette pack.
    Aren’t helping no one, except cigarette manufactures. in sales and smokers with addiction.
    The stop smoking adds , actually made smokers with addiction avoid reading the adds. With disgusting pictures.

    Honestly the government doesn’t care about society.
    Thats why cigarettes are on the market.

    And they band people smomking marijuana. With law and drug enforcement.
    Meaning the cops only go after small marijuana users.

    Because the cops don’t mind hard drugs on the street.
    The cops don’t care about marijuana in schools. Because they say young teenagers are the enemy, looking for trouble.

    If cops actually care they would use half of the money they spend, on wasting time.
    On eating donuts, or scratching their arses in public by pulling people over.

    We need cops in society to protect people.
    But to be honest these days, cops make more problems than cases they solve.

    Canada has been using marijuana legalisation as a distraction to reality.
    Using marjiuana legalization, to put people in jail.
    Using marijuana to create political change. Which the government are very misleading.

    All the marijuana POT TV has smoked in videos on net, has helped no marijuana user.
    It has probally made cops pick on people who are liek the ones in the videos.
    All distractions from whats really going on in the world.

    This idiot cannabis culture, go along with the media’s twist to marijuana being a gateway drug. Combating with the law, has created a band on smoking marijuana.
    Blame Marc and Jodie emery.
    If they actually was trying to help anyone in canada or worldwide.

    Then Marc wouldn’t be in jailed , or getting Jody to beg for his plea out of jail.
    Which marc emery hasn’t helped anyone except his own imagination.

  33. David762 on

    “Chemo or Cannabis: How Would You Like to Treat Your Cancer?” Was this a rhetorical question?

    Why would any knowledgeable person found to be afflicted with cancer even consider using the Big Pharma witch’s brew of whole body poisons to treat that disease if there is an effective natural alternative that preserves healthy cells, such as cannabis? And why would anyone consider turning over their entire life savings to Big Pharma for that witch’s brew of poisons instead of an effective natural alternative that could, if it were legal, be grown in your garden next to the spearmint, rosemary, and thyme?

    While modern Western medicine has made a number of amazing scientific discoveries regarding health, medical equipment, and medicines, the Big Pharma’s chemotherapy cancer treatments represent a devolution back to the days of barber|surgeons and bloodletting|leaches, except for the king’s ransoms they demand for these treatments — avaricious predatory vampires, imho. In this regard, Big Pharma are continuing criminal enterprises, who unfortunately are part and parcel of the Powers That Be tyrannical oligarchic kleptocracy, all of whom belong in prison themselves.

    For Big Pharma’s sake, it’s a damn good thing that I have never been made Emperor for a Day …