Marijuana Activist Jodie Emery Ready for By-election if Kash Heed Loses Seat

Pot-legalization activist Jodie Emery says she’s ready for a by-election that could be called in Vancouver-Fraserview.

Emery indicated her willingness to run again in the electoral district as a B.C. Green candidate after the NDP released today (January 25) documents showing that B.C. Liberal MLA Kash Heed could lose his seat following an audit of his campaign expenses in the 2009 provincial election.

“It would be a good opportunity to promote the B.C. Green party, and the policies that we have to benefit the province,” Emery told the Straight by phone.

According to the NDP, Elections B.C. received on June 3, 2010, an auditor’s report indicating that Heed’s campaign expenses went $4,135.70 above the $70,000 limit.

The electoral watchdog ordered Heed and his financial agent Satpal Johl to file a supplementary financial report within 30 days. The electoral watchdog subsequently extended the deadline twice.

On December 2, acting chief electoral officer Craig James gave a third and final extension to Heed, warning in a letter that failure to comply may result in the former solicitor general losing his seat in the legislature.

Heed filed a petition for relief in B.C. Supreme Court on December 24, which Elections B.C. formally opposed in a filing on January 10, 2011.

The audit of Heed’s campaign expenses stemmed from allegations that his team was responsible for the publication and distribution of illegal pamphlets in the run-up to the May 2009 election.

According to an affidavit sworn by assistant chief electoral officer Nola Western, Elections B.C. was advised by the RCMP that “they verily believed that the pamphlets have been prepared by Kash Heed’s campaign”.

Western stated in the affidavit that the RCMP held that Heed had exceeded his campaign-expense limit because the value of the pamphlets was not included in his financial disclosure.

Western noted that on February 10, 2010, then chief electoral officer Harry Neufeld, after speaking with the RCMP, had ordered an audit of Heed’s expenses.

Emery placed third behind Heed and NDP candidate Gabriel Yiu in Vancouver-Fraserview during the last election.

– Article from The Georgia Straight.