Letter #9 from Eddy Lepp via Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution

Eddy Lepp is a Vietnam War Veteran and medical marijuana activist who grew medicine for patients in Northern California. He gave it away free to those who needed it most. In 2008 he was sentenced by Federal Judge Marilyn Patel to ten years in federal prison. Although he has been moved to other California prisons, he is currently in Lompoc Federal prison camp. He is expected to be released in 2018.

Ed was and remains denied from visiting Eddy due to his felony conviction in 2003. Angela (Ed’s assistant) visited Eddy in October but since he has moved to the camp, she has been barred from visitation and the prison has “no record of her visit”. Eddy is in the appeals process with the Bureau of Prisons to get her re-approved for visitation.

PLEASE WRITE EDDY, your congressperson or donate to his defense fund at www.green-aid.com.

If you do not have money to donate to Eddy’s defense, please help by passing the donation information along to someone who does!

Please take a minute to write Eddy a letter and let him know you are following his story:

Charles Edward Lepp
Federal Prison Camp Lompoc
3705 West Farm Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Dear Ed and Angela,

Sadly there are only so many things one can do here and after you’ve done them, then it’s just repeat repeat, repeat. Boredom is the great enemy of us all, it is a constant battle to stay busy, positive and alive– and I don’t just mean breathing. I mean truly alive, remembering those out there who need and care about you. Remembering there is a world and even if it doesn’t seem like it, you are and must be a part of it.

I wrote about sports, education and church in prison and after 2-3 pages I said its too bad that these ment didn’t put even 10% of the effort into school, God, or sports on the outside that they do in here, for if they would have lived even 10% they wouldn’t be here.

But we are here to be punished for deeds against society and mankind. I can’t help but believe if those who sent us here were made to spent 60-90 days here– not as punishment, but for knowledge– they would rethink and redo this whole mess we call the prison system.

There are for the most part, two types: those who are criminals who rape, murder and rob, they create victims, and by being here only learn ways to improve. They do to us as a whole for we all pay the price for their crimes.

The other type is those who shouldn’t be here. The ones that should have been dealt with in some manner other than prison. Non-violent drug offenders– most for possession –who cannot help but be affected by where they are, and can not help but hate a system that is so broken and out of control.

It is also easy to see how they come to hate those responsible for letting it remain when it destroys so many lives for no reason. I fear that attacks against elected officials, judges, etc are just beginning.

Those who not only feel but know they have no voice at all. They will continue to act out if our government officials do not fix this leaking ship. If they could even put aside their greed and their quest for power and just once think about you and I -us- (the true Government of America) they could and would change it.

But as long as big business controls them we are doomed, and I fear it is just a matter of time before some disillusioned soul acts out and the death toll will just keep rising. I pray this wont happen but I know it will if those we have elected to serve and protect us continue to screw and prosecute us instead.

We must, without violence, make them see that the right thing to do is to honor the OATHS OF OFFICE and put the people first in front of their greed and prayer.

Anyway, just thought you would like to read about how I fight boredom. Trying not to let mine be another wasted life like so many before me.

Respect All
Hurt None
Love One Another

Eddy Lepp