Does Marc Emery Deserve to be Freed?

According to Marc Emery’s latest blog post, life in U.S prison is worse when you’re a Canadian. That is why he continues to urge his supporters to send letters on his behalf to the Department of Justice, hoping that it will persuade them to return him to Canada to serve out the remainder of his sentence on home soil.

Marc Emery’s social standing here in Vancouver is split right down the middle; half the people think he’s a hero and the other half think he deserves what he got. Either way, there is one thing about this case that unites almost everyone and that is a distaste for American power.

Ever since this case catapulted into the media spotlight, it seems that American authorities have been hell-bent on proving a point. The point: they aren’t gonna let a bunch of dope-smoking Canadians make a fool of them by selling seeds in their home of the brave. Unfortunately Marc had to be the one they stuffed in the locker.

If television and movies have taught me anything, it’s that American prisons are violent, terrifying, lonely places. If Marc’s blog has taught me anything, it’s that American prison are unfair, childish, and filled with bullies. While the picture Marc paints may not be quite as terrible as Oz, it’s still a shame that he continues to be punished more for being Canadian than for being a dealer.

Letters to the DOJ need to be in by Feb.1. For information on how to help Marc escape the US federal prison system, visit

– Article from Beyond Robson.