Mothers for Marijuana Eradicators

Letter from Erica Warren of CoMo Citizens, Columbia MO

Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for your effort and dedication to organize anonymous volunteers to locate marijuana and dispose of it with portable hazardous waste incinerators or thermal papers. As a mother I cannot thank you enough for recruiting RESPONSIBLE ADULT volunteers to destroy this marijuana plant before my children can get a hold of this drug. As it is illegal, and sold on the illegal market, THERE ARE NO REGULATIONS OR AGE LIMITS on this substance and this is why the drug can be sold in the hallways of my child’s school. But, you won’t see the drug alcohol being sold in those hallways, because there are regulations on alcohol. Hmmm.

Thank you so much for your efforts to keep marijuana out of the hands of my children. I appreciate it, as my son has come home from school and informed me that he was being taught misinformation and lies about marijuana. This may cause him to not trust the adults in his life, and that is very harmful. Since he is being taught misinformation and lies at school about marijuana, but marijuana is sold at his school by teenage drug dealers (since marijuana is in the illegal market), this causes a very dangerous situation for my child.

See, I remember the DARE program well from when I was a child. I was an exemplary student, and as a matter of fact was the top DARE student in 6th grade. The DARE program taught me that marijuana was just as dangerous as cocaine or even heroin. The DARE program taught me that marijuana was a gateway drug that would only lead to prison, or DEATH, OR BOTH! The next year, I went to 7th grade and found out that they lied! I found out through experience that marijuana was not as dangerous as some other drugs, and that it was not a gateway drug. Well, I didn’t believe it when everyone said that having a baby as a teenager would be hard either, and I had my first son at 15 years of age. I also didn’t know about all of the birth control options out there for me by the way either because the schools and my family taught abstinence, for what that is worth. Now, if I hadn’t learned not to listen to people however, and search for answers for myself, then maybe I would have believed everyone when they said that having this baby at such a young age was GOING to ruin my life. I may not have went to college, or strived for a better life, but I DID!

I am honest with my children, and tell my son that using marijuana is a bad idea. It is a bad idea to buy any drug from a drug dealer, or use any drug as a mind altering substance at that age. I also gave him the Medical Marijuana Handbook to read, because it is filled with FACTS and TRUTHS about marijuana. I don’t want him to think that I would want to lie to him or mislead him into doing what I want him to do, as this is what was done to me at his age.

Anyway, thank you so much Ed for your assistance in keeping marijuana out of the hands of my children until they are RESPONSIBLE ADULTS, and can make informed decisions for themselves.

From one parent to another,

Erica Warren