K-9 False Alerts

Four years ago, my first film, NeverGetBusted Volume 1: Traffic Stops, blew the whistle on police dogs false alerting.

This film was the first to expose and demonstrate to the public the illegal practice of kops manipulating their K-9s to alert. A short video clip of the chapter can be seen here.

RawStory.com just interviewed me and published a report, “False Positives’ Suggest Police Exploit Canines to Justify Searches”. It’s a really good article that echoes what I teach in the film.

Until this insane drug war is repealed, K-9s should only be used to assist officers in locating controlled substances and should never be used to decide a 4th Amendment issue. As a former K-9 handler/instructor and current expert witness regarding police misconduct, I’ve learned there are too many ways a K-9 and handler can make an error or manipulate an alert that allows them to search your private property without consent. It’s insane when a tax-paying American citizen invokes his or her constitutional right by refusing a search only to have an animal “overrule” their decision.

Upon releasing the NeverGetBusted video, I was mercilessly attacked for saying “If you have your stash hidden really well, it’s better to give permission to search because if you refuse, the kops go wild by calling more officers and drug dogs to conduct a more thorough search and they will make their dogs false alert.” In comparison to giving a refusal, if a motorist agrees to the search, he usually checks the trunk, glove box, under the seats and then allows you to go free.

Prior to giving this unconventional advice, well meaning activists and lawyers repeated, “Never give consent” so many times, citizens automatically believed this was their only option. Currently thousands of people who refused consent are in jail so we know that refusing consent doesn’t always work. While refusing consent may help by preparing you for the courtroom, my advice of giving consent can be used to keep you out of the courtroom.

I’ve been hired on eight separate occasions as an expert witness regarding false alerts and have consulted in dozens more. It is not uncommon for me to receive and review ten or more police videos per month and the K-9 teams in America are becoming ridiculous. Most police K-9’s look like common yard dogs instead of well-trained animals. Now kops are not only manipulating alerts, but also they are announcing an alert when the K-9 did nothing but walk around the auto!

I have a tip regarding police K-9’s and it works. I have had dozens of citizens report this method and it worked for me as well. Anytime a K-9 is deployed to search your auto, announce loudly and boldly that you are aware police can make their K-9 false alert and you know what a true alert looks like. This scares the officer and after hearing your stance, he will usually walk his dog around the auto and then leave.

One of the best examples of a K-9 being manipulated to alert can be found here near the bottom of this page.



  1. Anonymous on

    Sophisticated co-intel pro designed to make the community sound ignorant.

  2. Anonymous on

    You know American’s believe a truck load of pot or coke sniffed out is more dangerous than a nuke, which offers less oder than the above drugs.

  3. Mister Grean on

    Policing agencies, whether it be in America or Canada or abroad, are tasked and entrusted in protecting public safety. They uphold and enforce the laws that you and I as citizens have brought about by electing government officials. I honestly believe that most cops start out as good people until they are indoctrinated into this military style law enforcement that portrays everyday people as terrorist combatants.

    I for one commend and applaud Barry Cooper for his efforts in exposing the illicit actions of law enforcement in the failed war on drugs. For these rouge Kops who train their police dogs to false hit on a suspects vehicle, they are presuming guilt before innocence.

    What if some department store security guard claimed that they had proof captured on CCTV of a customer shoplifting?

    What if that security guard insisted that this gave them permission to search both the person and their belongings for any stolen merchandise?

    Would the simple claim of video evidence be enough to warrant that search of the customer?

    The burden of proof would lie with the department store just as it lies with law enforcement in conducting a search on a suspects person, property or vehicle. By having a K-9 unit false hit essentially removes the requirement for probable cause and allows the officers involved to conduct an illegal search and seizure.

    Barry, I wish you had the time and resources to review every legal case involving crooked Kops. I for one can speak from experience when saying that the overwhelming majority of cannabis consumers aren’t hardened criminals. They’re perfectly normal and law abiding citizens who consume a substance made illegal by antiquated laws and regulations. And just because law enforcement is still waging this loosing war on drugs it doesn’t give them the right to break the laws they are tasked with upholding.

  4. Anonymous on

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