Ask Ed: Questions and Answers – Weight Loss Weed

Question: Is there a strain that diminishes your appetite rather than enhances it?

-Jack J, Oakland CA

Ed’s Rosenthal:Dear Jack,

To my knowledge, there is no “weight-loss weed.” Early in the 21st century, a French company produced a drug called resveratrol that was designed as an anti-sense molecule of THC. In other words, it would have exactly the opposite effect of THC. It hooked on to CB1 receptors, the same receptors that THC and the body’s endogenous anandamide link to. Many researchers speculated that although the drug helped to reduce body weight by a few percent, that it could have profound effects on human behavior since it was blocking the effect of the anandamide. Unfortunately those fears were true and resveratrol was removed from the market.

This implies that if there were a reverse THC that it would not be healthy to use, because it would block the effect of anandamide, which is one of the regulators of appetite, but also of certain other mental functioning that is essential to human health — including personality stability. However, perhaps a terpene found in cannabis might aid weight reduction, although there have been no studies that I know of that indicate this.

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