VOTE DANA: Join the BC NDP Today and Help Legalize Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Now is our best chance in a generation to legalize marijuana in British Columbia. Join the BC NDP before January 17 and support Dana Larsen’s campaign for leadership.

Dana Larsen, longtime marijuana activist and founding editor of Cannabis Culture, is running for leadership of the BC NDP!

Dana has a great chance to win, and the marijuana community has a real chance to play a huge role in the BC NDP!

All you need to do is SIGN UP, and tell your friends to SIGN UP, to the BC NDP before January 17!

SIGN UP NOW AT VOTEDANA.CA or send in THIS MEMBERSHIP FORM. Membership fees are a minimum $10 for the year (or $1 for the ‘underemployed’).

Here’s how it works:

The BC NDP has about 10,000 members, and each member gets a vote for the leader of the Party.

We have until January 17 to sign up as many Members as we can!

Unlike other candidates, Dana Larsen has the marijuana community behind him, so there is a very real chance of signing up enough members to vote him in as leader. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

The cannabis community is the best-poised in British Columbia to influence the BC NDP, and the BC NDP is well poised to take over government of BC. This is it people! This is our shot!

So, how can you help?

First, sign up to the BC NDP!

Second, sign up your friends!

Third, post this article around Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else! Print it out and staple it to electrical poles in your area, post it at your College or University, your place of work, your gym, your friend’s apartment. Everywhere!

Fourth, go out and sign up even more people.

This is really a numbers game, and we have the capacity to win! It’s simple: the more people who join the BC NDP the better chance Dana has of winning and legalizing marijuana. Get out there, get active and get signed up to the BC NDP!

If you’re not from BC, you can still help. Post this to your social networks, email your friends who live here, and volunteer for the campaign. Help British Columbia legalize marijuana!

Larsen is a former federal NDP candidate and a popular figure in BC’s pot community, with an array of cannabis credentials as the former leader of the BC Marijuana Party, founder of the Vancouver Seed Bank, and founding director of the Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.

In order to support his possible campaign for leadership and be eligible to vote at the NDP’s leadership convention on April 17, potential members must join the party three months before the vote in mid-January.

“If you are not signed up by mid-January, you are not eligible to vote for me or whoever you choose to vote for,” Larsen told Cannabis Culture. “You must be a member for 90 days.”




  1. joe on

    im with you dana i want to grow a few plants in my garden for my own use but scared of the retarded law system. (if it dosent hurt anyone its not wrong)i have a family and i smoke everyday it would be nice to not have to buy from a dealer on the street i could cultivate it and have more money for other things PS there should be a easier way to vote

  2. Anonymous on

    Canada’s Cannabis laws should be no harsher than those of California. If the US feds complain then we can just say that we are simply following the lead of the most populous country in the US. Since there are more people in California than there are in the Federal Government, we have to use them as the model and not the feds. To mimic the policies of the minority, the feds, would be undemocratic and we don’t even believe that the feds have the power under the Constitution to prohibit Cannabis in the first place. Therefore, we are obligated under the fundamental principles of democracy to uphold the California model of Cannabis law. Anybody suffering from anxiety MUST be granted a medical exemption and possession of less than an oz MUST be like a parking ticket. But, of course, only Dana as PM would have the courage to do that instead of bending over for the DEA.

  3. Anonymous on

    I think Dana should make political hay with Nicholson’s response to emails about S-10. It’s posted in the blog with the A-bomb graphic. He justifies S-10 by saying that many Canadians believe that relaxed Cannabis laws will lead to increased usage. Now you must ask him publicly why he is basing a Bill on this misconception instead of correcting it by showing the stats from the Netherlands. How do you ask him publicly? I guess you find Conservative blogs or mention it when giving interviews about running for Leader. Point being, he should be made to explain S-10 by citing actual facts, not telling us what “many” anonymous people MAY have said. Does he base his policies on whatever many Canadians say? Well, I’m guessing that there are “many” Canadians who think Cannabis is a good thing, like the thousands of medical exemptees. Why is he ignoring them while paying close attention to the deluded and ill informed ones who think usage would increase?

  4. MOTAF on

    Well, i guess i shall support your effort Dana.
    But just know this. If you win and become leader of the party, and STILL do nothing like all the rest that have come before you, you will still be famous.

    Why you may ask?

    1. You will be a hero to all Canadians, and your name will live on forever.


    2. You will be the biggest traitor to Canadians, and your name will be mud forever.

    Which one are you going to choose?

  5. Daniel van Heest on

    Some time ago i asked Dana to support my Medical Marijuana efforts but he shot me down in flames so why should i support him now? This leads me to believe that Dana will not make a good NDP leader.

  6. Anonymous on

    We can do it!!

  7. Shawn on

    Taking into consideration that all the provinces contribute to the federal prohibition laws WE are the ones FUNDING the laws. This is not the US yet, We have the right to challenge federal law because we fund these outrageous laws.

  8. Anonymous on

    “I would love to know how a provance can legalize weed when the prohibtion of cannabis and other substances are in the federal jurisdiction ?”

    The Province of B.C. does not have the jurisdiction to legalize drinking and driving, either. The way around this was to create a provincial statute that de-criminalized drinking and driving (the Motor Vehicle Act). Now, instead of getting a criminal record for driving drunk, the drunk driver faces mere administrative sanctions.

    Well, if drinking and driving is such a minor societal problem that the Province of B.C. has seen fit to de-criminalize drinking and driving, then surely the same Province wouldn’t face much opposition if it de-criminalized marijuana by creating a Marijuana Act that makes possession a provincial offence punishable by fine.

  9. MisterGrean on

    It would not be the Province of British Columbia legalizing marijuana, but the provincial legislature determining the legal penalties for possession of cannabis.

    Follow the link to read the Canadian Constitution Act and the division of Federal/Provincial jurisdictions.

    Though the Canadian Federal Government can etch certain laws into stone (ie. human rights law) there are other legal jurisdictions where the province is granted autonomy of legal choice.

    It’s much like the recent bill passed in California that reduces marijuana possession to a simple $100 fine. Though the Federal U.S. Government can still say that cannabis is illegal, it is the responsibility of each state in the union to decide the punishment for the crime of cannabis possession. California is a very lenient state when compared say to Utah which is very strict when it comes to marijuana related offenses.

    It’s that issue of provincial legal autonomy/individuality that is important. If however Bill S-10 (formerly Bill C-15) does come into effect under our current federal conservative leadership, those mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines will remove that legal autonomy from B.C.’s (and other provinces) judicial systems.

    I believe that Dana Larsen is attempting in his run for BC NDP leadership to provide greater discretion in the field of cannabis laws for the benefit of the BC courts and provincial law enforcement. If the BC NDP were to table a bill at the provincial legislature to reduce the criminal penalties for possession of less than one ounce of cannabis to a simple $100 fine, that would greatly alleviate the burden on both law enforcement and judges. Furthermore, it would allow provincial law enforcement to target illicit/illegal/criminal marijuana growers/sellers whilst reducing their efforts in having to deal with recreational/medicinal consumers. By doing so it would reduce the negative exposure of marijuana in the media and expose marijuana for what it really is; a mostly harmless plant that the overwhelming majority of individuals consume responsibly. That would help to open the door towards Canada wide decriminalization/regulation/taxation of cannabis.

    I quite agree with Dana. As a medical marijuana consumer I for one would want to pay taxes on the cannabis I purchase so that revenue could help further build both our province and country. I also believe that Bill S-10 (formerly Bill C-15) is wrong, mandatory minimum sentencing has been proven NOT to work, it will do more harm than good by stigmatizing and labeling good people as criminals, and that this bill (in all its iterations) has its basis in the religion of puritanism.

    So, the best thing I and other cannabis consuming Canadians can do is write our MP’s to get Bill S-10 stopped and to remove the current Conservative Party from Federal/Provincial power.

    There is however the small issue of the NDP Gender Provision which states that at least one of the three senior NDP Party leaders must be female. As you’ve likely seen in the news, Moe Sihota is the president and Bob Smits is treasurer, meaning that either Sihota or Smits will have to step aside to allow for a female NDP member to take a leadership role if Dana Larsen were to win a leadership position. The BC NDP is working to resolve this gender bias issue in the next couple of weeks, but it does provide greater opportunity for Dana Larsen to become an NDP leader.

    Yes, it’s quite the extensive subject, but the best any of us regular private citizen type folks can do is keep well informed and to express ourselves to our political officials.

    Though I tend to lean a little further towards the Liberal camp, I for one am going to support Dana Larsen. Anything to end our current conservative federal leadership.

  10. Brian Kerr on

    “Now is our best chance in a generation to legalize marijuana in British Columbia. ”

    I would love to know how a provance can legalize weed when the prohibtion of cannabis and other substances are in the federal jurisdiction ?

    Just wondering.