Legalize in 2011: Sensible Washington Puts Up Marijuana Billboard

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marijuana legalization group Sensible Washington has put up a large billboard on the side of the I-5 freeway near Seattle that displays a pot leaf and reads “Because drug dealers don’t ID – Legalize in 2011”.

Sensible Washington is the group responsible for the 2010 legalization initiative in Washington State that almost made it on the ballot but fell short due to lack of signatures.

From their website:

Sensible Washington billboard on I-5 installed at mile post 138 in Fife!

Thanks to generous donations from two Sensible Washington volunteers and support and cooperation of the billboard company, Gotcha Covered Media (thank you!), we now have North- and South-facing billboards at this location through the November 2011 election.

We want to do more, and have the interest and attention to raise awareness and funding, so please donate at the link to support our volunteers.

A heck of a lot of commuters will see this sign before the Novemeber 2011 elections – more than a quarter-million cars a day according to some estimates.

Legalize in 2011!

Click here to volunteer with or donate to Sensible Washington.