The Herb Museum’s X-mas Art Auction

This Bob High painting and more will be available in the Herb Museum's X-mas Art Auction.This Bob High painting and more will be available in the Herb Museum’s X-mas Art Auction.CANNABIS CULTURE – Don’t know what to get your favorite herb-lover for the holiday season? Why not some herbal-centric art?

Art dealer David Malmo-Levine has got some new Bob High, Ken Foster, Dave Douglas, Frank and Hook art pieces for sale, along with some less recent works in brand-new frames.

Recently a Ken Foster sold for $3000 – but much of his work is still available from the Herb Museum in the 40 to 100 dollar range. Art is the kind of investment that can appreciate quickly and that gives joy every day.

The Herb Museum is holding an online art auction from now until midnight on Sunday, Dec. 19th. You can view the art – and all the newly uploaded photos of museum artifacts – at and send your bid to [email protected]

Here is the link to all the artwork:

Check out the FAQ link to take all the proper steps:

The very next day there will be a live, in person face-to-face auction on the 4th floor of the Vancouver Seed Bank @ 872 East Hastings, from 6pm to 9pm. All proceeds will go towards the Herb Museum and other subversive revolutionary floral projects.

On Facebook (examples of the new art can also be found here):

More on the famous Ken Foster: