NeverGetBusted Tips – Videotaping The Police

With the imminent release of my new BarryCam, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding videotaping the police and others.

Here are a few Questions and Answers that will clear up a lot of misinformation:

Q: Is it legal to record a police officer?

A: It is always legal to secretly videotape any person, including a kop, as long as you are in a legal place when capturing the footage. It is illegal to sneak on private property and videotape because you are in an illegal place while filming. You may videotape from a public sidewalk, roadway, highway, restaurant, store, courtroom or any other place that is legal for you to inhabit. Audio recordings are a bit different. Federal law and most state laws allow audio recording as long as one party knows the conversation is being recorded. You may hide an audio recording device and record others as long as you are in the recording space with them because you are the “one party” who is aware of the recording. You may not leave a recording device in a room and record the conversations of others while you are absent because at lease one party didn’t know the conversation was being recorded. If you live in certain states, you must announce to an approaching officer you are audio recording him / her.

Q: Should I tell an approaching officer I am recording?

A: Some citizens choose to secretly record the police in hopes of catching them breaking criminal and / or constitutional laws and some citizens will announce they are armed with hidden cameras to discourage the police from abusing them. Either tactic is a good choice and depends on each citizen’s personal situation. If you are stopped in certain states, their local laws permit you to tell any second party you are recording them. If this is the case, announce to the approaching officer you have hidden cameras recording the stop but never tell the police where they are hidden. You are under no obligation to tell the kops the location of your recording devices.

Q: What happens if a kop seizes my BarryCam?

A: Your BarryCam is insured for life against police seizures. It’s unlikely the kops will seize the BarryCam because its cleverly disguised as a BMW key. If a kop takes your BarryCam, immediately email us and we will send you a replacement at no charge. We will then begin filing Open Records Requests and then attempt to recover your BarryCam. If Barry cannot recover your camera, the replacement is yours to keep.

Q: What happens if my BarryCam breaks?

A: Your BarryCam comes with a full one-year warranty and an optional two-year warranty can be purchased for $25.00 (total 3 years). If your camera is under warranty and it breaks, mail it to us and we will immediately ship you another unit at no charge. We personally warranty the BarryCam so you will deal directly with us and not a third party.

The BarryCam system is the next evolution in police accountability technology and offers protection from an ever-growing number of korrupt kops…. coming soon.

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