Marc Emery’s US Prison Blog #19 – Heading for Georgia

Prisoners in transport: (Photo: in transport: (Photo: Jodie: Last Thursday at 10am in Nevada Southern Detention Centre, a guard said, “Emery, roll up!”, which meant I was outbound. I was taken with about 100 others to a series of tiny cells, where I waited until 3am (17 hours) to be chained with leg irons and handcuffs secured to a chain around my stomach, then put on a bus to Las Vegas airport.

We were at the airport at 7am but the ConAir plane didn’t arrive till around 10:30am. Still in chains, we were boarded onto the plane at around noon. I was the only Canadian. The plane first flew to Arizona and landed to let off prisoners going to Arizona federal prisons, and picked up more prisoners. The plane has room for over 200 prisoners. Then, still chained, we flew to Oklahoma City, the processing hub of the Bureau of Prisons, where we arrived around 5:30pm (central time) and were unchained during intake.

That was over 12 hours being chained up, often to another prisoner. Intake took about six hours of mostly monotonous waiting, and by Friday at midnight I was one person in a two-man cell in unit E5 at El Reno, OK processing. It took 36 hours from “Roll up” to arrival in my cell here, a grueling experience.

I have been here six days now and may be shipped off any day toward my new designated privately-run prison, D. Ray James Correctional Facility in Folkston, Georgia. It’s an INS (Immigration & Naturalization Services) low security federal prison for “deportable aliens”, which are non-US citizens. It used to be a state prison, but was closed and taken over by the prison industry giant, GEO Group, and turned into an INS low security facility. I was supposed to be sent to Taft FCI in California, but the BOP has changed it to send me as far away from you as possible.

Still, I really would like to get there so I can receive mail, my magazine subscriptions, do my transfer application back into the Canadian correctional system, and most of all, get visits from you every other weekend. I miss you more than anything in this hard and tough existence. I have been in prison eight months now, and it’s only because of you that I have made it, I’m sure.

Your visits to me will stretch across as long a path across America as is possible: Vancouver to Seattle, to Jacksonville in Florida, then a drive north into Georgia from there. The cost isn’t that much greater, just the time in the air. I’m glad my friend Loretta Nall will sometimes be meeting up with you and accompanying you to the prison I’ll be at, or your friend and employee, CC ad manager Britney, will be with you. The visits are going to be like at Sea-Tac FDC, so we can hold hands and I can kiss you at the beginning and end of the visit, and they may even be all-day visits (9am to 3pm) from what I can deduce, so I am so excited to be able to do that.

It’s unlikely there will be Corrlinks messaging there, but I’m happy to have it here at this Oklahoma City transfer facility. Corrlinks is so vital to keeping in touch with family and friends; it really does go a long way to making prison bearable. But I will finally be settled in and able to receive and write letters in Georgia. I was able to write to six of eight people I received letters from at Nevada Southern Detention Center, and feel bad I got shipped out before I was able to write to Trevor in Pennsylvania, who helped out on the Washington DC “Free Marc Emery” water bottle campaign event on October 30 at the Stewart/Colbert “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear”, or my good friend Howard Ulep, also in Pennsylvania, who writes me wonderful letters regularly.

I’m pleased to see the Canucks are at the top of their hockey division (Britney wrote me with updates), but I tell you, news was scarce until I got on Corrlinks today. I haven’t seen a newspaper or magazine in a month. I miss my subscription to Macleans; it is a great Canadian magazine and kept me up to date on my own country. I hope you can have all my magazines rerouted to D. Ray James soon after my arrival. I hope they deliver USA Today, the Atlanta Constitution, and hopefully the New York Times at the prison there. Hopefully it’s not too remote to get newspaper subscriptions!

The food here is very poor, and I look forward to ordering commissary at D. Ray James to supplement my diet. Sea-Tac FDC was a pretty good place in comparison with my experiences since, as I always had enough fruit there to maintain good regular health. Since then, I’ve had very little fruit, although Nevada Southern had some fresh vegetables with most meals.

Marc and Jodie, July 4th 2010Marc and Jodie, July 4th 2010I am impressed by your terrific blog of your experience campaigning for Proposition 19 in Oakland, which you read over the phone to me, as well as Catherine Leach’s great blog on the “Free Marc Emery” water handout and info event in Washington, DC that she and her husband Keith pulled off for you.

Your letters to me of November 11, 12 and 13 are so wonderful in the detail you put in. They are like listening to you talk to me in loving words and details across the universe in perfect clarity. Many times, like now, when I think of you and our great love, I want to break down and cry (and I often do), but you reassure me when you can and I pull myself together and pray for the better times ahead when we are reunited once again.

I have read two light fiction books: “Next week will be better” by Jean Ruryk, and Alexander McCall Smith’s particularly good “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.” The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency is about this African woman in Botswana who sets up a detective agency, and is delightfully written. The romance of Botswana is quite affecting. There are five more in the series I’m hoping you’ll send me at some point. The Jean Ruryk novel is a sort of mystery that takes place around flea markets, and since I went to estate auctions and flea markets for years from 1975 to 1985 in London, Ontario when I was a bookseller and curio dealer, I found her situational detective story taking place largely at these kind of venues familiar and entertaining in her observations.

Since I was connected on Corrlinks yesterday, I have read many of the articles from the CC website Jeremiah emailed me, and Russ Bellville’s “10 Lessons from Prop 19’s Defeat” is terrific. Russ Bellville is a great writer and a genuine treasure for our movement. All his writings are exceptional insights and I do hope CC continues to carry the work he writes for NORML.

Eight months in prison is a long and very challenging experience, but so far I have gotten through it. I hope that in 12 months from now I am in Canada, getting released on parole as the law today would apply, and able to be home with you for Christmas. For that to happen I need political support in Canada and the US for approval from both the US Department of Justice and the Canadian Ministry of Public Safety.

Click here to contact the US and Canadian governments for Marc!

I’m hoping my American supporters will arrange meetings with any elected officials they know well and urge them to join the letters prepared for the governments in Canada and the US, and also have Canadians meet with their representatives for the same purpose. I dearly need their help in this regard if I am going to be able to be repatriated back to Canada. I’m hoping former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and Texas Congressman Ron Paul will endorse our request for my return to Canada, along with other Congressmen and legislators in America, in addition to the many Canadian public officials who are already signatories to these two letters. I know you will do all you can for me to get home!

I hope you will be visiting me soon. My dearest wish is to see you.
My sweetest love, to my great soul mate,
Your husband

Latest video update from Jodie Emery about Marc:

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



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  3. david bourgeois on

    Hi To both Marc and Jodie,
    I sent Marc a letter a few weeks ago. Did he get it?
    Marc, what can I do to help you?
    First, I need to know if my letter got through.
    David Bourgeois BCMP candidate for White Rock/Surrey.

  4. joe c on

    where is marc currently do u no? i am in cleveland ohio and i would deffenitly like to write marc a letter and support in any way i can and let him no there are still people all over the world supporting him and nobody gave up or forgot!!if u could send me an email letting me no any information it would be greatly appreciated thank you very much its [email protected]

  5. Anonymous on

    I want to thank you for taking it on the chin for the cause! We LUV you in the US! We apologize for our Govz intolerance, and our seriously “controlling” country! I pray for your safety and speedy release. I lost family and friends to cancer: from cigarettes, and my childhood to alcohol. I lost my dad to liver disease. Americans can purchase this poison. Killing themselves and others, but we can’t enjoy safe recreation in our OWN homes. NOTHING is sacred…we need reform, NOT YOU! May God bless you :)…

  6. Anonymous on

    The Vatican are scared to death of guns, even in the late 1400’s the Argentine government through the Jewish Jews out of Argentina in fear of gun attacks and in Rome in 1533 the Vatican locked up the Jewish Jews after 6p.m in fear of gun attacks, ever since the projectile was invented in Scotland with the history of innocent civilian deaths cause by substances and terminal illnesses the Vatican worries everyday about being hit by guns, roman catholics will be on the other end of my gun, can’t wait…

  7. Wilton Avenue Radio School on

    Just got back three more letters yesterday from various prisons and Amazon reported a book returned. Everything resent today. Amazon resending gratis.

  8. relegalize on

    Then following through by supporting him.

  9. relegalize on

    Tokin a minute to think about Marc Emery.

  10. cutter on

    Many Americans think that the more people they lock up the safer they will be. Most do not care or worry until the long arm of our penal system gets them drawn into it. Then it’s too late and we find another sad family or soul that didn’t know this has been going on for years. It may be too late as the corruption has filtered into all corners of our government. Just a year ago a judge was jailed for sending juvies to jail for kickbacks. I wish Wikileaks could get inside the real criminal aspects of what our elected leaders do with all that pay off money. Someday the hammer will fall but until then our prison industry is calling the shots.

  11. Anonymous on

    When is he set to be released?

    Where is he being held now?

    and what the fuck is the world coming to that gives them the right to put someone in jail for this..

  12. observer on

    diesel therapy

    “Diesel therapy is a form of punishment in which prisoners are shackled and then transported for days or weeks…”

    It is amazing how ignorant too many Americans are of their own torture-police-state. If it ain’t on TV, it must not have happened and so they don’t know about it. Basically, the American government constantly holds government-sponsored torture/rape/dungeons/enslavement/murder over everyone’s head all the time. But they just won’t – for whatever reasons – talk about it. It just ain’t polite.

  13. Anonymous on

    go to

    America will go third world with no guns with there marjiuana policies

    Marijuana is linked to wealth and in america it shows!!!

    Americans have gone a new direction and thats terrorism because they are all scared to die,

  14. Jodie on

    I get regular donations in various amounts from all over the world, but mostly from Canadians and Americans. Some send small amounts, like $5 or $20, and others send larger amounts, like $100 or $300. I use it all for the visits to see Marc because he’s one of only 6 Canadians among 700 Mexicans and the language barrier and social isolation is mentally and emotionally torturous. Seeing me is the only thing that really keeps his spirits up — mail is second to that, but even more important because he needs to get mail regularly to stay positive. It’s a horrible crushing experience to be in prison with a bunch of people who don’t speak your language, with over-worked and overwhelmed private prison staff who don’t give a damn about anything, and all sorts of unexpected “surprises” (bad news) every now and then. It’s essential I get to see him, and because Marc has helped millions of people and has literally saved lives, they often reach out to give back now that Marc is in need. That’s so wonderful and Marc definitely deserves it.

  15. Jim West on

    Since Marc and Jodie have no money in their bank accounts,where is the money coming from for her to go visit Marc,especially in Georgia?Would it be that people are willing to give their hard earned money so that Jodie can go to see her man.That doesn’t make any sense to me but cheese does go with whine so enjoy the snack.Cheers.

  16. chilliwack bc bonghead on

    keep going guys ,keep the good fight going ,one day we will win


    Thats what there doing. Giving Marc the tour of all the new prisons in America. I have never heard of moving prisoners across the country, across the state maybe but never across the country. There trying to break both you and Marcs will, Jodie. Dont give them the satisfaction. He is getting closer to me now, I can go visit him, possably. Only a few hours away, it would be worth it. Stay strong!!

  18. Anonymous on

    You are great speaking to the camera. I think it would be quite difficult to speak without a script for that long, but this is a wonderful video. You obviously have valuable information to give. FREE MARC EMERY!

    of New Brunswick

  19. Josh on

    keep strong
    keep writing the truth
    we love you marc
    you will be home soon

  20. sunshine on

    HI MARC,







    + FROM CC

    The prohibitionists have all the guns and military might, but we have momentum and enlightened public opinion on our side. Ours must be a victory of conscience.
    — Dana Larsen, Editor of Cannabis Culture

    Thursday, 18 November 2010
    3:59pm in Vancouver – 29 min till 4:20 in Portland

    YEAH, IN “B.C.”…





  21. Ted Smith on

    To the Honourable Minister Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety
    Parliament Hill
    Suite 306, Justice Building
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A6*

    Dear Mr. Toews

    Re: Marc Scott Emery Repatriation
    Please approve Marc Emery’s request to be repatriated and let him serve the rest of his time in the Canadian Correctional System, in his own country where he belongs.

    Marc Scott Emery is a Canadian activist, politician and business man who is serving time in an American Prison, sentenced to five years for selling cannabis seed. This is a crime that in Canada would have resulted in a fine of under a thousand dollars but, because he sold his seeds to Americans over the internet he was investigated in Canada, charged and consequently extradited by American authorities.

    Facing the possibility of living out his natural life in American prison system, Marc reached a plea agreement of five years with American prosecutors. He was sentenced September 12 to five years. The judge who sentenced him, recommended that he be returned to Canada to serve the remainder of his time in the Canadian Correctional system.

    I am writing this letter to request that you transfer Marc back to the Canadian Correctional system as soon as possible so that he will be closer to family and friends, most notably his wife Jodie, who currently is accruing great expense travelling back and forth to the USA to visit him.

    I understand that Marc has applied to be repatriated back to the Canadian Correctional system.
    Marc Emery is not a threat to Canadian security. He has followed all the conditions of his bail during the last five years as he was waiting to be extradited to the United States. He has promised to not re-offend or violate conditions of his parole once released.
    I can’t think of a single reason for you to deny his request to return home.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Ted Smith

    President of the International Hempology 101 Society

  22. Julie Morrison on

    Hey Jodie

    Everyone is really friendly in Georgia and will help you locate Marc. I am so sorry that Marc has to go thru all of this BS. Seriously, they didn’t want his pot, they wanted his guns. They want him to stay in prison while the Government Deception team take peoples mind off of what is really taking place as it will become a “New World Order” Please research the “Obama Deception” and know Marc is part of that because he has a voice. Please be careful. They are showing us what will happen to us if we start demonstrating over things that are happening before our very eyes, like TSA. If we all bark loud enough before that group completes its training, we may can make a difference. Don’t trust the Government. Obama and Bush are just puppets of a larger organiaation.

  23. Catharine Leach on

    the POT-Casts (lol) are so needed for us folks feeling very far away from BC Canada;

    Jodie & Jeremiah: Keep these video-blogs & ‘POT’-Casts coming with all the current happenings/events!

    Everyone Else: Keep sending Marc letters, news clippings, etc.

    Eve put it in perfect terms – handwritten letters are something being lost in our cyber-generation;
    but its like a handwritten thank you note: They just feel more from someone’s Heart & Soul…

    Catharine Leach

  24. Jeff Rose on

    I agree with everything Eve Said. I pray we don’t falter in this epic endeavor!

    I am anxious to hear from Jodie regarding the letter to the US Justice Department so that I can compose my own letter and mail them together to Ron Paul for his possible signature! I also want to contact Barry in Austin to further involve Texas residents in both Marc’s transfer to Canada and the movement as a whole.
    You said you were going to use me for your purposes, Marc. I hope I don’t let you down!

    ~ Jeffrey Rose

  25. Eve Lentz on

    Very well done, Jodie! You are such a eloquent speaker! You seem so at ease and you stay on point! I really love the “roach paper” art of you and Marc, and I can’t wait to read Tommy Chong’s article in High Times. It’s so cool that he is always wearing a “Free Marc Emery” shirt.
    I sent Marc a letter the other day, and as I started writing it, I realized how important it is to Marc to receive handwritten letters. I told him that every word must be precious and lovely to him, as tangible proof that someone cares enough to take the time to do this. It hit me like a ton of bricks, that even though we email him, read his (and your) blogs, facebook him, contact Canadian and U.S. officials on his behalf, and demonstrate for his release, a simple handwritten letter is his to hold and to look forward to. Marc, also, writes letters back and I’m sure that is a good distraction as well as gathering new friends. I will continue to write letters to Marc and encourage others to do so, until you get your man back home! With lots of loving prayers for both of you!
    Yours in Peace,
    Eve Lentz

  26. Anonymous on

    Heres support from the marajuana soldiers out of Chilliwack B.C. good job running the shop and fighting the good fight Jody