Three Soldiers in Colorado Busted During Attempt to Rob Medical Marijuana Shop

Three U.S. military soldiers were busted early Saturday during an attempt to rob a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado, local police said.

The bumbling trio, who are active duty soldiers from Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, managed to break into the Rocky Road Remedies facility, but became trapped after the pot shop’s doors locked from the inside, police said.

Security footage of the break-in showed three people dressed in black suits and masks scampering around the shop in a panic, running between rooms, climbing through windows and trying to smash their way out.

Unfortunately for the soldiers, police officers next door on another call were tipped off by the store’s alarm and found the men trapped inside.

Darius Thomas, 23, Cory Young, 22, and Ramone Holling, 22, were arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary, ABC reported. They are being held on $10,000 bail.

Renze Waddington, the shop’s owner, said the three didn’t snatch anything because he locked all the cash and pot in a safe overnight, Colorado’s KDVR-TV reported.

Fort Carson has a population of more than 10,500 people and is home to several Army units, including combat teams of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, as well as a Special Forces group, an engineer battalion and units of the Army and Navy reserves and National Guard.

Waddington said despite the break-in, he won’t hold a grudge against the military.

“I respect people in the military, and I don’t really want to shine a bad light on the military,” Waddington told KDVR. “I think it’s isolated characters.”


– Article from The New York Daily News.