‘Stoners Against 19’ Hand Victory To The Cops: BOYCOTT THEM

It didn’t take long after the defeat of Proposition 19, which would have taxed and regulated marijuana in California, for the cannabis community to realize that legalization’s ignominious defeat was fueled by the duplicity – some would say outright treachery – of certain greedy, reactionary elements within the community itself.

Boycotts against anti-Prop 19 businesses are now being organized.

So-called “Stoners Against Prop 19” — traitors to the movement such as Dennis PeronDragonfly De La Luz and J. Craig Canada — whether through stunning ignorance or outright malice, spread disinformation about exactly what the measure would have done.

They busily sowed division, distrust, and fear among a community that should have been united in striving to loosen the death grip of 70+ years of cannabis prohibition.

Offered the opportunity to embrace the future, these reactionary elements formed a fifth column within the medical cannabis community.

For who knows what reasons — maybe the miserly interest of preserving big pot profits? — they shamelessly allied themselves with the law enforcement and prison lobbies, with the Religious Right, and with the same intolerant fundamentalists behind the No On 19 campaign — the very same people, in the case of one statewide organization, that headed up the Proposition 8 anti-gay marriage initiative two years ago.

“Legalization of pot rejected, and some people in the community are celebrating, activist Mickey Martin wrote on Facebook. “So disgusting.”

“If you voted No you cannot hit my joint — ever gain,” Martin said.

“I won’t forget or forgive,” commented Danny Danko of High Times.

“How can some of you people be celebrating,” said media personality and cannabis activist Tim Martin of John Doe Radio. “Traitors. Low of low.”

While California activists may get another chance at legalization in 2012, with 78,000 California pot smokers arrested or cited each year, two years is a long time.

“Two more years = 150,000 more victims of the pot war,” commented activist Lynette Mont-eton Shaw.

?”The only thing wrong with the bill was the so-called ‘patients rights’ frauds who smeared our campaign, while laughing all the way to the bank,” said activist Eric Brenner of The California Marijuana Report.

“These are truly awful people and trust me, a list is being compiled of all dispensaries who were not on board,” Brenner said. “I would stop calling for unity and take a look at those criminals who played right into the hands of the police, handing them victory.”

“Don’t worry,” Brenner said. “We will be back in 2012.”

Former marijuana smuggler Robert Platshorn, “The Black Tuna” who served 30 years in federal prison on pot charges, said he was onboard with the boycott.

“The Tuna completely supports total boycott of all businesses and their owners who advocated against Prop 19,” Platshorn said on Facebook. “It was a serious FU to those of us who have fought so hard and so long for legalization and the end to incarceration for cannabis.”

“Radical” Russ Belville mentioned on the live NORML election broadcast from Oaksterdam that a list was made when they called up dispensaries and related businesses, asking whether they supported Prop 19.

Martin has already published a preliminary boycott list of anti-Prop 19 businesses and organizations on his site, Cannabis Warrior.

– Article from Toke of the Town.



  1. Anonymous on

    Well Californians gotta have their prohibition. The pot smokers who voted NO have made up my mind for me: I will spend my money in Amsterdam and Prague where you don’t have to put up with American pot smokers against legalization. Buy Amsterdam, Not America (especially California).Amsterdam and Prague are much nicer places so who hell needs California and their pot smokers who hate legalization?

  2. zigzagfreeburning on

    10 Lessons Learned from Marijuana Election Defeats

    number 8
    I don’t really like to be tested either like everyone else but it has to be in place for the people who can’t drive after having one hoot. Don’t laugh there will be that one person.
    I Love to see marijuana legal but I don’t want to see it ripped away from us either because of the problems . If it was made legal and if someone got in an accident and killed some one they would use it against the movement and in the next 2 years they would vote it out again and it would never come back.
    It is really good that They are working out problems from the first run. I am very confident that it will be legal the next time around.Believe me this will show the voters allot and they will start to trust the legalization.It is not just to one person happy but every one

  3. zigzagfreeburning on

    ok here is a idea of a law that would stop token and driving.
    If you were pulled over and they found pot on your person or any where in the cab and it is not in the trunk of you car you will charged under the law that is in place now.
    There is away to know if you did smoke pot in a short time frame and it is through a blood test (looking for active thc),So are we going to give up our right to refuse a blood test and are we going to let them charge us if we do refuse. This is pretty much what stop it in Canada no one wanted to give up our rights on that subject.

  4. zigzagfreeburning on

    you know what I don’t really care if is legal or illegal
    I been smoking pot for 25 years and never paid for it in the last 20 so it doesn’t really bother me ,but the way the votes added up there are more of us then you’s
    Look at all these sites on the net they weren’t made because it was legal.

  5. zigzagfreeburning on

    This entire argument is from the perspective that the people who currently smoke weed when it’s illegal, don’t drive No what i am saying is when it is legal and there is no law in place to stop them. So more are going to do it they don’t need to hide it.
    You show me where they implemented a law that they can detect that you smoke weed before or while you drive your car and they can’t mistakingly detect a joint you smoked a month ago and I will read the rest of your b u l l s h i t

    If you going to do it you might of well do it right . RIGHT!!!!!! did you know that madd got 30% of the no vote on this subject. Don’t fight it solve it

  6. Anonymous on

    Maybe you just can’t read.
    It did NOTHING to change 215 or sb420. If anything, it made it so MMJ patients could hold more at home. So, if that was your reason for voting no. Well, you were duped.
    If you did as much research as you do posting your regurgitated nonsense you might have a leg to stand on.

  7. Anonymous on

    This entire argument is from the perspective that the people who currently smoke weed when it’s illegal, don’t drive. Or that there we be a huge influx of marijuana smokers that have never heard of a driving under the influence. Both of witch are pretty far reaching claims.
    Every single place where marijuana isn’t treated as a plague on mankind, have shown drops in the usage rate of marijuana. Theres is not one bit of proof that any thing different would happen in the states. So much for point two. If you are really have a major concern for public safety,and really want to stop or help prevent DUI related deaths, voting no on 19 wouldn’t help it one bit. Your still blaming the substance for the problem. Your coming from the logic that if we just keep them away from it, the danger will go away. Even though 30 years of stricter DUI law’s and enforcement proves other wise.
    Even Madd says education to the dangers of DUI’s and safe ride programs have made more of a impact on stopping impaired drivers then any law being passed.
    The money saved from not arresting people would have been enough by it’s self to fund more of these programs. Who know’s, California, if done properly, might of become the first state to almost entirely stop DUI related accidents in their state.
    But instead of passing a bill that would of got the ball rolling in that direction, then perfect the details and problems that will arise with further bills. You know, like we do with every other law that is passed in this country. People of your shallow mind set and lack of thought or understanding voted no. They bought into the hype and the sky falling propaganda like this one.
    If you want to chime in fine, but at least say something that doesn’t take 2 seconds to see threw it’s bullshit.

  8. zigzagfreeburning on

    Even though it was funded by the money makers of pot. There were some good points. The one that got me is there is no system in place for being under the influence while driving. If you were going to legalize something wouldn’t you make sure it would be with safety in mind. Even though most will say they can drive while high or buzzed, but we can’t allow that to happen.Driving is sometimes hard enough with out being under the influence of anything. There is not an accurate way to tell if someone smoke some pot in a short period of time. You can’t get a precise time frame of when you had your last toke. It will cause accidents and there will be some fatal and cost lives. I can hear the come backs now , well alcohol causes large numbers of deaths each year. Well yes it does and there is a way to test. Yet it can get out of hand and not thinking about pot here I am thinking about peoples lives.
    Thank God I don’t live in the us because even though I would like to see pot legal I probally would of voted no or not voted at all. I don’t think they have work out all the factors. Driving,Work place protection,Testing. These are the issues that changed peoples minds .
    If there are things in place it should of been defined to the public maybe they would of not gotten scared.Madd was one of the biggest pushers for the no campaign not pot smokers. All they stated is that you could smoke a joint and right after drive a car.There was no deterrent or anything in place to stop it and the public does not want that while seeing death tolls in the thousands each year from alcohol.
    But you work out some details and it would be easy to win people back.

  9. Anonymous on

    Is the boycott wrong, or are the lies of prop19. Let alone, DML hates decriminalization. Promoting a NO vote also was in favor of CALI,S DECRIMINALIZATION. So his principles are all over the place. Plus not profiteering, humm, It was in his best interest, for a NO vote. Surely wasn’t in support of DECRIMINALIZATION, over tax. Most ppl making profiteering and don’t support taxes, are the under table workers, the hydro thefts, of the movement.

  10. AnnieOakley64 on

    David Malmo Levine is on this boycott list. That is wrong. His name should be removed. He has no interest in financial gain, he is NOT a profiteer. He is a renowned activist FOR Legalization and has proven himself as such. Just because he researched it fully, moreso than any other, in a matter of fact way, clearly and concisely, as he always does, does not make him an enemy of the Legalization movement. He was excercising his right to free speech (we are all for that, aren’t we?) and he was very concerned about the monopoly that could have been created by Lee’s intitiative that would basically only make it legal to buy from him or others rich enough (like Monsanto), possibly creating a monopoly and give control of pot to a company that has already created “Terminator” seeds. Do we really want to do that? Are we so desperate for legalization even if it is under the gize of monopoly?

  11. Anonymous on

    Anyone how wants to write Dragonfly De La Luz (fake name , won’t her real one: Stephanie Taylor) , and ask her why she sided with the DEA , and tell her that “stoners against legalization” is bad mojo for the movement.

    If you want to call Dragonlie on her 19 bullshit please email her at this humbly-named address:

    [email protected]

    She’s the ganja-princess , has her fake illness , $150 dollar doctor’s approval , and she’s off to the races. Fake-medical-marijuana scams make a mockery of the whole movement and turn public opinion against legalization.

  12. Anonymous on

    Well said. Why some would vote no just because they didn’t think it was “perfect” is beyond me. It would have been a huge step forward for California, and the world…

  13. Lygeia on


    You write better than most Americans. I too was sorry that Proposition 19 didn’t pass. Everyone got scared when the Attorney General, Eric Holder, said he would uphold the federal law that makes marijuana illegal if California passed Proposition 19.

    I know that you really need legalized marijuana in your country (actually, every country needs it). It would be really great if your country would legalize marijuana and not wait for the U.S. to do so first. However, it was the U.S. making marijuana illegal in the first place and then getting the U.N. to make it illegal worldwide that has caused this worldwide prohibition, so I guess it is up to us Americans to make this wrong thing right.

  14. Anonymous on

    I’m all for a better Proposition but I do think it necessary to figure out what happened here in 2010 to avoid the same problems in 2012. If informed folks in our community feel some leaders acted immorally and essentially sabotaged Prop 19 and 2010 legalization in California with a campaign of deliberate misinformation then I think that perception is fair. Furthermore, I don’t see a problem with those folks avoiding trade with the perceived offenders. This seems a logical part of the long-term integrity of our community and a necessary part of any future electoral success in California and elsewhere.

  15. Anonymous on

    I’m all about 2012 but I do think it necessary to figure out what happened here in 2010 to avoid the same problems in 2012. If informed folks in our community feel some leaders acted immorally and essentially sabotaged Prop 19 and 2010 legalization in California with a campaign of deliberate misinformation then I think that perception is fair. Furthermore, I don’t see a problem with those folks avoiding trade with the perceived offenders. This seems a logical part of the long-term integrity of our community and a necessary part of any future electoral success in California and elsewhere.

  16. Ezra on

    You know, this whole “interpretation” B.S. is starting to really annoy me. You’ve used this argument so frequently in other posts but you’re really missing the point here. Any law can be interpreted a variety of different ways depending on who’s reading it and what their self serving motivations are. You’re a lawyer – you’ve mad a career based on law and how you can manipulate it to get what you/your client wants. When one really scrutinizes the proposition there are certainly many opportunities for tightening language. One such area you scrutinized involved the word “space” in reference to adults not smoking in the same “space” as minors. You said that “space” could mean room, or house, or even apartment complex. Heck, it could even mean outer space, which would, in effect, encompass our entire universe. Give me a freaking break lady…

    I stated this in my previous post and I’ll state it again: this bill was a step forward, especially for those that currently smoke despite the illegality. Sure, some A-Hole lawyer much like yourself could twist words around and get a conviction on Joe Shmoe despite whatever law is in place. But if I’m cruising down the highway with a couple ounces of marijuana in my backpack and I get arrested, I’d much rather have a public defender and prop. 19 to use in court rather than your over priced pseudo altruistic legal services.

  17. M. Sebastian Patrick on

    Oh yes they are. And according to them your “grow” is a federal offense. It only takes one zealot who doesn’t like you to ruin the lives of you and your spouse. Why would you be so ignorant as to report engaging in criminal activity on the internet? Now all they gotta do is track your i.p. address and start watching you.Illegal or not they wait until they can use legality to get you. NO ONE is safe from the long arm of those in power who believe all cannabis users must be imprisoned to make this a “drug free America” Keep thinking what you’re doing is legal-I’ll be sure to point and laugh at you during your trial.

  18. Anonymous on

    Maybe if you read forms, you would know. DML supported the no vote. With all above names. As Canna Tourism will still be strong in BC. So I can see why he would.

  19. Anonymous on

    The word boycott is derived from Captain Charles Cunningham Boycott, an English evicting land agent in Ireland who was subject to a boycott organized by the Irish Land League in 1880. Boycott, an agent of Lord Erne in County Mayo, was unable to hire anyone to harvest his crops (until royalist Protestants in Ulster volunteered) and at one point needed 7,000 men to protect him. He eventually was forced to temporarily withdraw from Ireland.

    Although the term itself was not coined until 1880, the practice dates back to at least 1830, when the National Negro Convention encouraged a boycott of slave-produced goods. A boycott is a refusal to buy, sell, or otherwise trade with an individual or business who is generally believed by the participants in the boycott to be doing something morally wrong.

    This wrong can be stated in any terms, and is not always one that is widespread. A boycott may be oriented towards shaming offenders rather than punishing them economically, depending on its duration and scope. When long-term and widespread, a boycott is just one of many tactics in moral purchasing.

  20. Anonymous on

    Could someone please tell me why Malmo-Levine is appearing on boycott lists? I’m curious.

  21. MagicBeans on

    sorry thats a 26″ x 2′ scrog screen.

  22. MagicBeans on

    You don’t see the ignorance in your statement ? Really ? There is a pretty big difference between “you don’t think they are interested” and them saying its legal, wouldn’t you say ? As long as its illegal you can be raided any time the DEA see’s fit to do so.
    And ask for your bull shit about you needing an area larger then 25 sq feet,learn to fucking grow. I yielded on average 2 1/2lb’s every 2 months for the last 3 years using a 30″ deep 6’6″ long 6′ high custom built flowering cabinet. I flower 3 plants each under their own 36″ x 2′ scrog screen.
    I keep my moms, clones and production plants in their veg stage in another cabinet of the same size. Total, thats damn close to just barley over 25 sq feet.
    Lets not even get into when i do a SOG grow in the cabinet.
    Your telling me you ” Need” more then 2 1/2lb’s every 2 months for yourself and your wife? Not counting all of the trim hash.
    But never mind that. To you and very other asshole that knows everything thats was wrong with 19 and didn’t vote for it. Fine you have that right.
    But because your such experts i fully expect for you to have your version of the next ballot initiative to be written and ready for review on this or any of the other web sight calling for the boycott in what you shouldn’t need more then 30 days to draft it i would think.
    I mean you have such a clear cut understanding of how 19 was such a horrible bill. It should take you no time at all to draft the next one.
    Fuck this “get together bullshit” they did their part and you fucked them over. Now lets see what you would think is so much better on your own.
    If you can’t write it and have it out in an extremely short amount of time, you will prove what everyone is saying about you.
    That it was never about patients rights and protecting what you had, it was about personal greed. Pure and simple.

  23. Dog on

    What We Have to do as “AMERICANS”
    First is to get the Fed’s to get Cannabis “OFF” the FDA List.
    Then once that is DONE Each State Can Legalize as they “SEE FIT”.
    No Big Brother………………….

  24. Biglungs on

    since i only cultivate the six each me and my wife are allowed (12 total) i dont think the DEA is that interested in me since my grow is in an area larger than 25 sq feet it would have been illegal under prop 19 thats why i voted no if u dont like it suck my dick

  25. Catrina Coleman on

    Americans have a right to vote.

    A law not passing is NOT justification to blacklist people or collectives, and I think this article is ridiculous and rude.

    To act as if you are somehow above it all, and judge others for how they voted, is not your right to do. To clump everyone that voted no on P19 into one group of ugliness is wrong, and self serving.

    The only separation I see is by attitudes and articles like this one that CONTINUE to point fingers and blame.

    Work on a solution, not juvenile and shameful finger pointing!

  26. Anonymous on

    The DEA says your grow is legal? They’re right, you are a moron.

  27. Biglungs on

    raided? for what? my grow is perfectly legal i dont sell my meds i just save money by not having to buy any. go fuck yourselves if my no vote bothers you becuz i dont want to give up my rights to cultivate u r retarded.

  28. Drew on

    Steve Elliot is a comedian and toke of the town is a rumor and humor news. more like a big joke. Why is Cannabis Culture running this stupid comedians rumors form Seattle. I do not take it as funny and has no merit. We in Southern Cali are United strong. We are having a ceremony for the 2 best activist. yes and no side. Respect all the participate in the process. Voting is easy, speaking out for what you believe takes heart.

  29. Anonymous on

    Your a fucking douche bag. Hope you get raided and sent up for twenty years. You and every other asshole that voted no for these BULLSHIT reasons,deserve to rot in a 3×5 cell. Maybe then you would see how fucking retarded your justification for your actions are. A boycott is no where fucking close to what you greedy worthless assholes deserve. Burn in hell you god damn traitors.
    Peace and pot.

  30. Anonymous on

    The election is over now and thousands more Californians will be imprisoned unnecessarily. I’m not saying these folks should go to hell, I just don’t have to support those folks and I don’t see any moral or ethical reason why anyone should. There are lots of good folks who don’t fight against my cannabis rights here in California. I’ll just be concentrating my efforts on them.

  31. Jennifer Soares on

    Actually, my business would have increased if Prop 19 had passed. Since Prop 19 allows for a different kind of business involving marijuana, that means more people hiring me to set up their marijuana related businesses. It was in my best interest to be pro Prop 19.

    If you thought my comments were smoke and mirrors, then you have never been involved in a court case. Which is understandable. Most people read a law and think it means what they think it means. It doesn’t always turn out that way in court. Any competent lawyer could tell you the many different ways Prop 19 could have been read. Anyone telling you that they were certain Prop 19 would be read one particular way were lying to you. But if you choose to believe them, that is your decision.

  32. Jennifer Soares on

    I agree. What’s done is done. And division of this community is going to hurt the path to legalization most. We need to work together to build a proposition that everyone can rally behind and get it on the ballot in 2012.

  33. M. Sebastian Patrick on

    I almost can’t believe they get this guy the day I post about this topic! Denis Peron nailed on drug charges and child porn! At least the world gives it’s justice. He needs to stay imprisoned for the child porn:grossly un – forgiveable but also now gets to suffer under the same unjust marijuana laws he helped maintain! It’s amazing how the world serves justice sometimes-hope it makes you all think. Keep united-and one day we will live in a just world.

  34. M. Sebastian Patrick on

    I almost can’t believe they get this guy the day I post about this topic! Denis Peron nailed on drug charges and child porn! At least the world gives it’s justice. He needs to stay imprisoned for the child porn:grossly un – forgiveable but also now gets to suffer under the same unjust marijuana laws he helped maintain! It’s amazing how the world serves justice sometimes-hope it makes you all think. Keep united-and one day we will live in a just world.

  35. Anonymous on

    It’s sad that some focus energies in all the wrong places… The Green Cross proves everyday in this community who we work for and that is ‘the patients’… To put us on such a list or to create it at all only proves to invalidate it’s intent rather than get it’s point across. In the meantime we will try and benefit from the sites free advertising. Take a look at us and our patient delivered tax included prices and say we are in it for the money. What a joke. People have different and very personal reasons for their beliefs and choices. None of you should look down on another but wish only for the best in all humanity.
    -Kevin Reed, President of http://www.TheGreenCross.org

  36. MOTFA on

    Ok if you want to name names and make a enemy list great.
    But one thing you forgot is your number one enemy.
    Obama and the federal government.

    They have done nothing but instill fear in the people and tell them all hope is lost even if prop 19 had passed and will continue to do so.

    The commercials for prop 19 were pointless. Kids getting weed from drug dealers. Who cares.

    Every single commercial that prop 19 put out should have been attacking the federal government and their bullshit.

    Too bad the organizers of prop 19 didn’t have any fucking balls.

    So there you go people. Not only is the federal government on the shitlist,
    but so are the prop 19 clueless stoners.

  37. biglungs on

    WTF r u talking about it lost in your state becuz of my ignorance im not ignorant it is ignorant to live in cali and not have a drs rec if u enjoy smoking and dont want to get hassle by the police better luck to getting MMJ passed in ur area next time around hope u work as hard as i will to make sure my MMJ rights stay the same. if they would have guaranteed that prop 19 would absolutely not have affected prop 215 or sb420 it probably would have passed no problem but patients right would have been trampled and to many people have fought and sacrificed for to long to establish those rights so on behalf of all the happy patients here in CA enjoying the beautiful fall harvest(no doubt u wish u had some) HAVE A GREAT DAY

    So on behalf of all those that disparately needed this law to pass in order to get their medicine

    nice spelling idiot. i am confused how a law that would have trampled MMJ rights would have helped u get MEDECINE legally sounds like u were hoping for legalization for recreational purposes.

  38. biglungs on

    fuck your state if u r sick move to cali not my fault u were born in some fucked up backwoods hick state. the drug war is a joke and everybody knows it. apparently a majority of californians are selfish or possibly they saw though the bullshit of this “legalization” effort. they would have decriminalized weed but made new crimes for it that were harsher than alcohol. like i said it was written by a profiteer. if u want to start a lealization movement in ur area do it but stop crying cuz prop 19 lost.

  39. Not Shocked on

    This statement is from one of our Vanouver BC Cannibus Activist :

    “Is sick of those folks out there who think American Politics is more important then their own, you dropped the ball on S10, your so possessed with getting noticed in the American movement that you ignored your own and still do. You are NOT the Cannabis leaders for change you think you are your a bunch of spoiled brats scrambling for attention and you sure as hell don’t speak for 99% of the movement either.” by Dave Douglas his FB page

    so for you to put down your own activists is kinda sick really

    hummm……… just saying

  40. Dreamer on

    ” weeds practically legal in CA already and if u are an adult and dont know how to acquire a Drs rec by now i think u belong locked up.”

    And that is the exact type of ignorance that stopped my state from getting Medical Marijuana passed this year. So on behalf of all those that disparately needed this law to pass in order to get their medicine legally, Fuck YOU!

  41. Dreamer on

    So pretty much,you got your’s, Fuck the rest of the country/world. When are you going to learn what happens in california effects the rest of the country. In order for us to make any head way to ending the drug war on a national level, it has to start with a state decriminalization bill. Fuck your selfishness and fuck you.

  42. Anonymous on

    Most dispensary owners are scumbags who are in it for the money. Here in NorCal in my area I know all the dispensary owners voted against it. MONEY GRUBBING SCUMBAGS FUCK YOU!!!! The day will come when these people will not be able to hide behind their “pseudo” compassion. The only compassion you assholes have is for yourselves and your pockets. Yes in 2012!!!!!!!

  43. Anonymous on

    Most dispensary owners are scumbags who are in it for the money. Here in NorCal in my area I know all the dispensary owners voted against it. MONEY GRUBBING SCUMBAGS FUCK YOU!!!! The day will come when these people will not be able to hide behind their “pseudo” compassion. The only compassion you assholes have is for yourselves and your pockets. Yes in 2012!!!!!!!

  44. biglungs on

    Bla Bla Bla so since they opposed prop 19 they are profiteers? kind of funny considering this proposition was sponsored by a profiteer to secure his profits. maybe some of us didnt want the cops getting tax money from this maybe some of us need more than a 5×5 to grow in maybe some of us like laws how they are now. weeds practically legal in CA already and if u are an adult and dont know how to acquire a Drs rec by now i think u belong locked up.

    Prop 215.
    (A) To ensure that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the person’s health would benefit from the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.

    ANY OTHER ILLNESS if u dont somehow benefit from the use of marijuana in some way shape or form u r a liar

  45. Adrian on

    I appreciate that you tried to do a point by point rebuttal, but you failed miserably. You brought no relevant counter points, and misrepresented most of what I said.

    Right now anyone who qualifies as a primary care giver can grow and sell hemp without a license, there’s one wrong.

    “The cash-strapped city stands to benefit later if voters pass a November initiative to legalize recreational use of marijuana. In addition, Oakland’s four marijuana factories would pay an annual fee of $211,000, which would support a city staff to ensure they are operated safely and securely.”

    That’s from ABC news. It was covered earlier on numerous local news sites and publications. No “wild speculation” there. Your ignorance of that fact makes me wonder where you’re from, obviously not California. Or maybe you just like to argue about things you have no idea about? Two wrong.

    No one who voted against 19 is bitter, you missed the point again. If it passed I told my friend we’d smoke a bowl together this weekend. Sound like a bitter sentiment to you? Three wrong.

    Do you go to jail for 7 years for sharing a beer with your friend? The point there is this law RAISED the prison terms for sharing hemp with a minor. Four wrong.

    And this might be a shocker to you, but if cops don’t respect current hemp laws, they certainly won’t respect new hemp laws. We all know this needs to be addressed, this prop failed to do. Five wrong.

    If you like taxes, I don’t know what to say. I guess big brother and having everything decided for you is your idea of an perfect society. I prefer one where I decide how my money is spent, not the government. Do some history research and you’ll discover most of the taxes we’re now burdened with didn’t exist when this country was founded. I guess you only want freedom of pot, not freedom. And you know what happens when competition is driven out, and only a few shops sell everything because no one else can afford the startup fees? You get monopolies, and prices are fixed. The only discounts will be for Philip-Morris weed with it’s mix of toxins. Prices won’t change because they’ll be no one left to compete. Six and Seven wrong.

    I didn’t address the ounce thing, because if you don’t get that, I can’t help you. All I know is prop was too weak to gain the support of the entire community, didn’t legalize much of anything, and added more jail time, and bureaucracy.

    The other thing I know is that if it passed, the opposition wouldn’t make any lists, they’d smoke out with everyone else, and hope this would lead to better things. Quit being divisive, and keep pushing for legalization.

  46. Paul Smalley on

    We deserve leaders who will tell the truth. Thanks Steve and Cannabis Culture.

  47. Opus on

    Prop 19 while not perfect would have been a good start, things that were not right with it could have been fixed in time but to shitcan the whole thing and vote NO was being a turncoat and these people should be scorned and shunned. Dragonfly de la Scuz, and the rest of em should be blacklisted.

  48. Atom on

    We need to stand together and support better legislation in 2012. ….Boycotting certain businesses is acceptable, but we can’t let this divide us further. The vote is over, it lost, and with some valid reasons (prop 19 wouldnt repeal any laws, it only added regulations, too much regulation, it was designed to make richard lee a lot of money, etc.) ….It would have made great headlines if it passes and it would have helped the movement worldwide, but it was still a shitty proposition, and its time to regroup. We need to REPEAL PROHIBITION, not add new taxes and more regulations, and we need to stand together to make it happen.

  49. M. Sebastian Patrick on

    We can only hope that individuals such as these who no doubt are at times in possession of way more than an ounce/and or cultivating- become the subject of prosecution and imprisonment by the very same people they stood with under the status quo they helped maintain. Persons such as these only care about an issue if it affects them directly. So it’s simple: if we want to get greedy idiots such as these to change their minds about pot prohibition we must do our part to make sure they become victims of its harmful effects. I normally don’t think people should go to prison for a plant-but this is obvious. If these persons allied with law enforcement and others who believe marijuana should remain an illegal controlled narcotic-they too obviously believe in the harms of marijuana on society and should be turned in to face the full penalties of their illegal actions under federal law. If they believe others should go to prison for pot they must not consider themselves immune from law and in fighting to defend illegality; must accept that currently-like all other pot smokers they too are criminals in the eyes of federal government: Both in the U.S. and Canada.

  50. Dreamer on

    This is a war. Thats what the government has said for over thirty years now. In this, we have suffered millions of casualties. People killed, lives ruined, freedoms stolen, entire generations lost.
    We, as the opposing army in this war must stand united. We owe it to all those we have lost.We must take our victories in this war where ever we may fined them.
    To be on the verge of such an important victory and have it sabotaged from with in, is nothing short of treason.
    This would of been a momentum swinger, a game changer, a tide turning moment when the winds of change would finally start to fill or sails. Opening the door for the real debate to end this damn war. But you voted no because it wasn’t perfect?
    The world isn’t perfect and it never will be. You must take what you can get when you can get it then fight to make it as close to perfect as you can from there. That’s like a homeless person passing on a house because the don’t like the carpet.
    Greed killed this bill, pure and simple. Peoples damn greed. The traitor should die a treasonous death for it.
    I do not mean actual violence. But you should become dead to this community. Banished for the selfishness you have shown and the complete lack of respect or understanding you have to all those that have gave there very lives so that your voice could even be heard in this fight.
    The sick are not the only people that suffer in this fight. with every day that passes we lose more lives , more freedom , more ground. You can take you small victories and stick them straight in you ass. Enough is enough. This war must end. With out a bill like prop 19 being passed this fight will go on forever.
    Cast out the traitors. Support the hero’s that gave everything they had to the betterment of all. Support the boycott.

  51. Anonymous on

    Such a “legalization” as Prop 19 envisioned would actually have been of little benefit anyway, in my opinion. Unless the federal Cannabis laws are struck down Prop 19 would be little more than a government cash grab from those dumb enough to actually report their grows and pay the exorbitant fees which would be sure to follow. I don’t favor “tax and regulate”, I favor no Cannabis laws whatsoever, like other medicinal herbs you can buy an any health food store. Proposing tax and regulate schemes to appeal to government greed doesn’t seem to me to be helping Cannabis users much, just government who already have their hands in our pockets. Legalization in one state would only cause a lot of trouble, constant federal interference for example. You have to advocate legalization from the top down, not one state at a time, in my opinion. Cannabis prohibition is simply unconstitutional and must therefore be struck down at the federal level or there will be nothing but trouble. A piecemeal approach is pretty much doomed to failure in the US as long as the DEA exists.

  52. Kristian on

    Sure, in California you would just get a ticket anyway, IN CALIFORNIA. Even if its a state-wide law we are talking about, people have to think a little bigger.
    To start of i just wan’t to say im not talking shit about your country, but the prohobition, ok here we go.

    USA started the prohobition and spread this WORLD WIDE, I find a lot of americans sort of selfish for talking so much about how much prohobition hurts your country. Think about what it does to the world..
    Here in Norway the politicians are watching USA and pretty much just copying whatever you guys do, so if a official legalization excisted it could actually speed up our progress with several years.
    And this goes for at least most of Northern-Europe, In America YOU guys are our hope!
    If there ever was a frontline to The War On Drugs (which is active world wide) you guys would be the heroes we need.
    I’m not telling you what to think about prop 19, because I would probably be pretty concerned myself what it would do locally. But still, this and other cannabis “evolvement” in the states affects us people in Europe too.
    If states in the country the prohobition started in started legalizing we would have a great “argument” (don’t know if thats written right) for legalization here.

    And to the people who KNOW the damage Prohobition does and still voted no because you would still “just” get a ticket, I hope you’re happy you selfish bastards.

    Sorry if the writing is confusing and words are misspelled, english is my 2. language.

  53. Ezra on

    I read your article and agree with it pretty much 100%. It’s really sad to see some of these individuals sow dissention among the ranks – individuals that we’ve thought to be huge proponents of the cause up until now. I read some commentary regarding the arguments that took place between Richard Lee and Dennis Peron at the international marijuana expo. Dennis was upset that Richard didn’t “consult” him when penning the proposition and said that he “could have done something great.” I think that if Richard Lee put up 1.5 million dollars of his own money to get the signatures for this ballot he really doesn’t have to consult anyone. I read the proposition thoroughly and don’t see any angles for improvement but some people do – specifically this lawyer Jennifer Soares who specializes in marijuana offenses. I’ve read a few of her posts warning us about holes in the measure. Most of it is just smoke and mirrors to try and distract the average person from realizing that if this proposition passed, Ms. Soares would be out of a job. It’s just as bad as the beer distributors union donating 10k to “No on 10” because they’re worried about people smoking and driving. How many people die every year due to alcohol related accidents? Maybe you morons should try boycotting your own product if you’re really that concerned.

    What I’m trying to say is this: STOP TRYING TO HIDE BEHIND SILLY LIES! Anyone with half a brain can see the ulterior motivies behind these arguments. People make money off the fact that marijuana is illegal. Scumbags like Soares, Beer Companies, Stoners against 19 (AKA Stoners that sell drugs and want to maintain profit margins) should all be dragged into the street and shot. Prop. 19 wasn’t perfect but it certainly was a step in the right direction, and you people traded justice for money. It’s the saddest thing I’ve every witnessed.

    I’d really like to thank people like Richards, the late Michelle Rainey, Marc and Jodie Emery, and all the other individuals who continue to fight despite the unjust but very real consequences of doing so. I hold you all in very high regards and hope my children have a moral compass that’s as strong as yours.

  54. Anonymous on

    A fucking men!

  55. Kelly L. White on

    The growers said outright that they didn’t want the initiative to pass because they were afraid of losing their cushy, tax free income. The medical marijuana dispensary owners didn’t say it outright, but they were moved by the same greedy motive. This was my first thought when I heard it had failed- let the pot in Humboldt county ROT!
    No respect to traitors. They made their bed, stoners, now we need to let them lie in it. Grow your own, failing that, buy only from sources you know- sources that don’t send a nickel to those who voted to keep sending fellow citizens to prison.

  56. Anonymous on

    yeah dude, look some people have every right to not trust the government to be their caregiver, look what happened to the soybean, ever heard of monsanto?? ever heard or genetic modification of living cells to mass produce a cash crop like corn or any vegetable now which has hidden cancer and stomach lesion causing effects thhat the monopolizing big businesses now control, i honestly feel like weed would have been the next thing to be a GMO !!!! and that is totally justified watch food inc man!!! Meat for most of america is produced very unhealthily at 4 huge meat factories, fecal matter urine ammonia and other dangerous substances are used in all of it, why would they do us any differently with the mass production of marijuana for the everyday idiot——– so people have their mistrust of big business for a reason, they have monopolized everything we consume and hid profits for unsustainable unhealthy agendas for years now why would it change now???

  57. Anonymous on

    This Boycott has on the site, Anything having to do with Canadian David Malmo-Levine (artwork, bad weed, publications, etc.)

    Is this including Cannabis Culture? As I thought DML was also part of CC.

  58. David Wood on

    People who only care about making money could careless about all the terrible things marijuana prohibition does. Although it’s terrible they think that way I can understand where their coming from.

  59. Anonymous on

    It was still pretty bad to see people selling out the movement for money and or influence/favours.

    We have to remeber that people all over the world are being jailed, killed, familys broken apart, and jobs held back/never given because of what people choose to do in the comfort of their own home.

    Everyone we need to start with drug testing, yes companies should have a right to test if you have been of sound mind and body while at work and after an accident (God willing it never occurs).

    But to test for natural plants (Marijunia, Mushrooms, Etc.) before someone even gets a job or randomly so you can discern what people do in the privacy of their own home so that you can make decisions on employment based on their own private freedoms and wishes/activities. That’s sickening.

    That will lead us to machinery lives, and being slaves.

    It will take away our freedoms and joy of life. It’s already happening and I think everyone can discern it.

    So let’s join teams with others and fight against it!

  60. Anonymous on

    Everyone let’s get on with making new bills and a new movement for 2012. This shouldn’t be looked at as a defeat but a learning curve so that next time we get it right ;).

    I know everyone is bummed and we have good reason to be – but let’s strive forward to a better society with freedom for all despite ideological views.

    We all unite in one thing,

    Peace & Love

    And for some of us…. Pot ;)!

  61. dakota on

    so you guys can hate each other but lets worry about that after its legal.
    oh,and.. fuck you if you didn’t vote for 19 and i forgive you
    peace and pot!!!

  62. KR on

    I hope CC Magazine chooses to pull an NPR and dissociated themselves from those who helped to make sure Prop 19 wouldn’t pass. David Malmo-Levine being one of them.

    For all you CC readers, I wrote a rant on the topic of Prop 19 losing. Read it and comment. Am I on target, or do I need to smoke up a J and relax? You decide!


    Happy smoking, fellow tokers.

  63. spicesandherbs on

    Infighting, making enemies lists, and other forms of retribution are pointless now.

    The focus should be 100% on 2012, and improving the Prop. language to avoid creating monopolies and a hodge-podge of local regulations which could create “dry counties”.

    Pot-smoking opponents had legitimate complains about Prop 19. However, the continued illegality will disproportionately affect young minorities. Opponents need to acknowledge that factor. Every should listen to everyone else and come up with a better Prop for next time.

  64. Kevin on

    You’ve said and I quote, “How would Prop 19 have made any difference when anything over an ounce would still be ILLEGAL!?”

    Possessing ANY amount of marijuana is illegal and will continue to be, now that Prop 19 didn’t pass. The Schwarzenegger law, which doesn’t go into effect until January 1, 2011 keeps possession a crime. A $100 fine for possession of less than an ounce is NOT my idea of legalization.

    “Passing 19 would’ve prohibited ALL sales without a license, which could cost a small fortune to obtain(as in the Bay Area where the price is $200K). Monopoly and big business is exactly what 19 was encouraging, and why many did not support it.”

    Once again, you can’t sell ANY weed right now, license or no license, Adrian. At least under Prop 19, you had the option to obtain a license to sell legally. Now, you’re just a criminal drug dealer. License fees, like your “$200K” amount, was just wild speculation. Because you and those like you voted NO on Prop 19, we didn’t have the opportunity to negotiate marijuana license fees.

    “The fact that so many of you are bitter against people in your own movement is sad, since this kind of division and grudge bearing will hurt the legalization cause, not help it.”

    Like you and your ilk voting NO on marijuana law reform with Prop 19?

    “You still couldn’t smoke or share with your friends(think 20 year old and 21 year old).”

    You can’t share a beer with underage kids either. Why was it so vitally important to your side to be able to intoxicate those under 21? By voting NO, you’ve taken away the freedoms from EVERYONE, those that are 21 or older currently, as well as those 18-20 year olds that would have been able to enjoy marijuana legally in a few short years.

    “Medical users would still get harassed and raided.”

    Not true. If marijuana possession and cultivation were passed through Prop 19, the cops couldn’t claim “probable cause” to investigate marijuana users, medical or not. Now, medical users are under MORE scrutiny, as marijuana legalization was not passed with Prop 19.

    “And you’d be paying tons of new taxes, and watching all the “Mom and Pop” growers get shutdown because they couldn’t afford the license.”

    Everything is taxed, why should marijuana be any different? The 10% – 20% tax rates that many cities were throwing around seemed quite reasonable to me. After all, I would be able to purchase legal weed through a large variety of locations and not have to constantly be looking over my shoulder for some cop looking to bust me. I also have a problem with the term, “Mom and Pop Growers”. These are the same people that end up charging me $300-$600 an ounce for their products while they enjoy huge profit margins thanks to the prohibition influenced market. If Prop 19 passed, they would be forced to become competitive to remain in business. I find nothing wrong with that. If “Mom and Pop’s” product was superior to the less expensive weed from Richard Lee’s proposed operations, I would happily buy their stuff, even if it was more expensive.

    “If you boycott and hate people in your own movement, you’re doing 10 times the damage you “think” occurred with the failure of 19. Way to bitch out bros.”

    The only bitches in this whole thing were the ones that set our movement back by voting NO on Prop 19, “bro”.

  65. Lygeia on

    Now is not the time for everyone to split apart into factions. People are allowed to have their own opinions about things. I think people were afraid of the federal government. Its a justifiable fear. Also, whether it is true or not, the outdoor growers felt that Proposition 19 unfairly favored indoor hydroponically grown cannabis.

    However, it was the indoor growers, led by Richard Lee in Oakland, who were instrumental in writing and funding Proposition 19. The outdoor growers weren’t able to do this because, being rural and by necessity keeping a low profile, it is probably harder for them to organize politically than people in cities. So no one is to blame, it is just the reality of the situation. Next time, maybe members of the community should try to find a way, difficult though it may be, to solicit the suggestions of the growers.

    We need to keep our eyes on the bigger prize. Let’s not start keeping enemies lists, like Madame Defarge in a Tale of Two Cities. Let the people who are against marijuana fragment into angry splinter groups.

  66. Adrian on

    This is one of the most contrived pieces of sh#! I’ve ever read. Because 19 didn’t pass 78,000 will get arrested? How would Prop 19 have made any difference when anything over an ounce would still be ILLEGAL!? And everything under an ounce is now only a ticket. Talk about slanting the truth to build sentiment to support your prejudice! And the whole monopoly argument is ass backwards. Passing 19 would’ve prohibited ALL sales without a license, which could cost a small fortune to obtain(as in the Bay Area where the price is $200K). Monopoly and big business is exactly what 19 was encouraging, and why many did not support it.

    The fact that so many of you are bitter against people in your own movement is sad, since this kind of division and grudge bearing will hurt the legalization cause, not help it. Prop 19 didn’t pass, get over it, and start thinking about a better prop for next time(I won’t say 2012 because I believe we can move faster).

    There has been so much change in the legalization movement since prop 19 was put on the ballot, that by the time election came, it offered a VERY weak step toward legalization. Let me repeat for those of you who are still hallucinating. Proposition 19 would NOT END PROHIBITION! You still couldn’t smoke or share with your friends(think 20 year old and 21 year old). You couldn’t sell to ANYONE, not even your neighbor without both of you risking prosecution. All the people in jail for marijuana only offenses would still be there. Medical users would still get harassed and raided. State officials would still not be punished for aiding Feds in illegal raids. And you’d be paying tons of new taxes, and watching all the “Mom and Pop” growers get shutdown because they couldn’t afford the license. Does that sound like “legalization” to you!?

    If you boycott and hate people in your own movement, you’re doing 10 times the damage you “think” occurred with the failure of 19. Way to bitch out bros.