Memorial Tribute To Michelle Rainey

CANNABIS CULTURE – Friends of Canadian cannabis activist Michelle Rainey held a memorial tribute in her honor at BC Marijuana Party Headquarters on Thursday, October 28. Hundreds tuned in to our LIVE webcast to remember Michelle and celebrate her life.

A devoted activist and friend to many in Vancouver’s cannabis community and around the world, Michelle passed away on October 20 after fighting a brave battle with cancer.

Michelle worked with Prince of Pot Marc Emery during the booming seed business years and became a dedicated activist and avid contributor to Pot-TV, Treating Yourself Magazine, and other pot publications while serving as the co-founder and vice president of the BCMP. Michelle was arrested and became one of Marc’s co-accused when his store was raided by the DEA in 2005. Like Marc, she was threatened with extradition to the USA, but was fortunately given a conditional sentence in Canada without jail time after arranging a plea agreement with American authorities.

A sufferer of Crohn’s disease, Michelle fought tirelessly for the rights of medical marijuana patients and became known for her popular “MEDICINAL” t-shirts, medpot informational packages, and her Medicinal Michelle YouTube series. She was a passionate, hard-working and loving person who always had a big smile and contagious enthusiasm. She will be dearly missed by all who knew her.

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  1. Dondi on

    I am in complete shock and have been crying all day since learning of this horrible news. I wish I had not taken a break from the net for the last year and had known about this when it happened so that I could have at least sent some flowers, however Michelle was so influential in my life that I would have flown all the way to Vancouver from Australia to attend her Memorial, I am so sorry I missed it.

    Michelle was a good friend of mine when I lived in Vancouver, we worked together and socialised at the British Columbia Marijuana Party, she was one of the most amazing and wonderful people I had ever met. You would never know she had cancer as she was always so full of energy, passion, enthusiasm and fighting the good fight. Without her the BCMP and the cannabis legalization scene in Vancouver in general would not have existed as well as it did or made as many hurdles. One thing I always noticed about her was that no matter how tired, over-worked or sick from her cancer she was always dressed up to the nines with her hair done up and makeup on like she was going to a fancy event, always ready to present her self on camera and look like a sexy, confidant and powerful woman. She always maintained a glow about her that shown through her exuberant eyes and shining smile from her trade mark red lips. When you were around Michelle you just felt good and when you knew she was organizing and handling an event, party, press conference, rally or anything that it would go off without a hitch and be professional.

    I am definitely going to be spending a lot of time thinking about how much I miss her. I feel really bad that the last time I was in Vancouver that I had not been able to meet up with her, I tried, but we were never at the same place at the same time and now we never will be. I still can’t get over the fact that our last time togeather was our last.

    I only have one photo of us togeather from a halloween party at the BCMP, but I know there are more photos out there, I hope I can find them, so that I can always have a little memorial to her here.

    She did give me as a gift, a beautiful storage box with hundred of hand cut, polished and inlaid decorative stones completely covering it, it is just beautiful and I have always treasured it as a gift from her, my good friend, and I will treasure it even more forever now.

    Goodbye Michelle *hug*

    I am cross posting this to the various articles about Michelle’s passing, hope that does not bother anyone, I just feel so bad upon hearing this that I want to post everywhere.

  2. David Wood on

    My eyes opened wide when I read that on David Lavinge’s (sp) blog. I can’t believe she’s gone. I hope she died in her sleep, and I’m glad she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Rest In Peace Michelle. You will be missed.

  3. renney b. on

    i never met her personally but from what i experience online, she is a nice person who will be greatly missed…her legacy will also live forever in cannabis culture and around the world and in cyberspace… williams wonder and afgani bullrider are two strains i will say she make me want to taste… she sang the praises of cannabis to the very end; like a true disciple of jah holy tree her name will be remembered with the greats, rest in peace mother nature; we love you…

  4. RevDamuzi on

    Blessings to everyone at the Cannabis Culture headquarters. Like others, I wish I could be there, but I’m watching live and glad to see everyone sharing stories about Michelle. She was an amazing person.

  5. Dirty Harry on

    I am on board. I wish I had the ability to be there in person, but thank you for this feed.

  6. browniekate on

    Michelle Rainey was a rare gem…..a really, truly sincerely nice and caring
    human who would do what she could to help others in pain or suffering. I will
    always love her and appreciate her efforts to free the weed and end the prohibition and stupidity once and for all…she was brave and courageous to
    the end……what a woman…she passed this way and now is gone….
    THANK YOU to Jodie,Dana,DML,all who are making the live stream possible
    so those of us who knew and loved michelle in life can see it and feel a part
    of it even tho we are not there physically…
    LOVE throat is one big lump…

  7. R.W Polk on

    In memory of an extraordinary activist with so much love and compassion in her heart. May the movement grow even stronger for another is born to avenge the dedication of these true souls that live amongst the earth forever. R.I.P Michelle Rainy, R.I.P Jack Herer

  8. Nugzy on

    Thanks for allowing us to attend via web stream.
    My wife an I will watch and smoke with you all in honor of her.

    What a tremendous activist and person.
    She will forever be missed.

  9. Craig on

    What a cool idea, to have it streaming live…I’ll be tuning in. Rest in Peace, Michelle…