Letter #5 from Eddy Lepp via Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution

Eddy Lepp is a Vietnam War Veteran and medical marijuana activist who grew medical marijuana for patients in Northern California. He gave away free marijuana to those who needed it most. In 2008 he was sentenced by Federal Judge Marilyn Patel to ten years in federal prison. Although he has been moved to other California prisons, he is currently in FCI Lompoc. He is expected to be released in 2018.

Please take a minute to write Eddy a letter and let him know you are following his story:

Charles Edward Lepp
Federal Prison Camp Lompoc
3705 West Farm Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Charles Lynch with Eddy Lepp en route to Lompoc FCI, where Eddy turned himself in last year

Ed and Angela [Ed’s Assistant],

Well, this week was exciting. Thy pulled the plug on John, the guy who had a heart attack at an insanity workout class. One of my friends [another inmate]offered CPR but was told to stay away as they left to lay there for over ten minutes before help arrived. He turned blue then purple, but again, these people do not care what happens to us at all. I am told that the lower security level you are in the federal prison system, the worse you get treated. My limited knowledge agrees. That was Monday.

Tuesday, there were rumors of some stealing. True or false, who knows, but it resulted in a couple of days getting shoved and smacked around and then one [inmate]put a [sic]psdalock on his belt and the real fun began. I am told there was blood from one end of the dorm to the other. A friend who saw him after he was sewn up said he had a cracked skull and if he did know who it was he couldn’t have told you because for he just don’t look the same no mo.

Then, Wednesday was “Beat a Chomo Day” [child molester]. There are many kiddy porn, child molester, sexual predators in low security– they would be stabbed in medium or high. Here they are left alone for the most part, but this one lied so that he could sit at the “white only” chow table, go to the “white only” TVs, etc. Had he been honest from the beginning and sat with the other “chomos”, this probably would not have happened. I was told he was beaten very badly.

So this week: 1 dead, 2 beaten and 3-4 transferred to higher security prisons. So goes life for a [Rastafarian] preacher who wanted to help the sick and dying under California’s Proposition 215. They say crime doesn’t pay! That I don’t know, but I do know there are times when trying to do the right thin, trying to help those who need it and just trying to be a nice person DON’T PAY AT ALL!!!

More to follow, I am sure.

Respect All
Hurt None
Love One Another