Letter #4 from Eddy Lepp via Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution

Eddy Lepp is a Vietnam War Veteran and medical marijuana activist who grew medical marijuana for patients in Northern California. He gave away free marijuana to those who needed it most. In 2008 he was sentenced by Federal Judge Marilyn Patel to ten years in federal prison. Although he has been moved to other California prisons, he is currently in FCI Lompoc. He is expected to be released in 2018.

Ed’s assistant, Angela, visited him last weekend (October 3).

Please take a minute to write Eddy a letter and let him know you are following his story:

Charles Edward Lepp
FCI Lompoc
3600 Guard Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Prison Visits

by Eddy Lepp

Visits are a wonderful thing. Sadly for most of us [inmates]they happen way too seldom.

In my case, it costs Linda [Eddy’s wife] around $400 to come for a weekend, she has to save money for 3-4 months to be able to do it.

My friend’s wife [another inmate]lives in Washington, she flies to Los Angeles, stays with her mom and borrows her car to [drive to Lompoc]to see him, twice a year.

Another friend [another inmate]is from New York, he hasn’t had a visitor in over four years.

I have another friend [another inmate]who has been in for 14 years with 6 left to go and has has had 3 visits total– all from visitor groups!! (Groups who visit prisoners, mostly churches)

For a country that encourages family values, we do little to encourage they last with outrageous sentences from the start.

Visitors are only allowed 3 days a week [Sat-Mon]. Prisoners get 1 ten-minute phone call a day (300 total minutes a month). [Visiting hours and phone calls coupled with] other restrictions make it very hard to maintain a family. Children grow up and leave home many times while mommy and daddy go to prison.

If you figure the average sentence at 10-15 years, right now in the federal system alone we will have to serve 3-4 million years for us to serve the time we have been sentenced to. HOW MUCH OF A THREAT ARE WE when 250 of us are guarded by a 5’4″, 150lb woman armed with nothing but her mouth and a bad attitude.

And while it is wonderful to get a visit, after the visit we must strip down and open all orifices– lift our sack and then squat and cough– fun!! You bet.

I knew Angela was coming but not when all day they call out over the PA names to the visiting room, your heart goes to your throat each and every time and then finally it is you. What a rush just to know someone, anyone, cares enough to drive out to this hole to see you! I cant explain how nice it was to speak to a beautiful young woman for a couple of hours and not be scared to death of saying the wrong thing. If you slip in anyway with a female CO [correctional officer]is a one-way ticket to the hole [solitary confinement].

It was so nice to hear about the outside and what all of you are doing and not doing. I got a payday bar, which I can’t get inside, and three(3) Dr. Pepper’s.

Thanks so much to Angela for coming and Ed for paying for it. As degrading as the process is, I can’t wait to do it again. Please write. Hope to see everyone soon.

Respect All
Hurt None
Love One Another

Eddy Lepp

Live in the Santa Barbara/Central Coast region of California? Please visit Eddy!! FCI Lompoc is accessible from Highway 1 south of Santa Maria (right at Santa Lucia Canyon Road, you can’t miss it)

Simply fill out the paperwork: BOP Visitation Information
Call the prison a week later to verify Eddy approved you (and he will, just write first)
Show up during visiting hours 8:30am-3:00pm, no form fitting clothes or khakis, one key and a clear plastic bag/purse with 1 dollar bills and quarters only permitted in the visiting area