Prison, punishment, and getting Marc home

I visited Marc again yesterday, and I get to see him tomorrow morning too. As always, it’s wonderful to be together! It’s just sad that we’re locked into a concrete and steel room, unable to walk around together or kiss beyond the “hello” and “goodbye”. But I’m always grateful for what we do have, which is more than many others.

I was saddened to learn that the prison, which does not allow any inmates access to fresh air or sunlight outdoors, has started to block out the windows of the facility. The cells have windows, but they are very, very narrow, so only a sliver of sunlight makes its way in — and only to some cells. For example, Marc’s cell window faces a brick wall, so he never sees sunlight. Now, for whatever reason (the desire to just punish inmates even more?), the warden has determined that all windows must be coated with a fog, or speckled, layer so the inmates cannot see the trees or skyline or anything outside.

And the crackdowns have gotten worse, perhaps with the change in staff. Prison employees are made to change their location/job in the prison system every few months, partly so they don’t go crazy being in such a hellish place, but also to prevent any kind of relationships or connections developing between staff and prisoners. I suppose they do that to stop prisoners from getting preferential treatment from the guards who are friendlier or not as rude and aggressive. But it’s sad that the new staff in the mail room are now confiscating mail that was previously getting through, such as newspaper clippings (which are supposed to be allowed, one clipping per envelope) and printouts from the Internet, like Facebook and news websites.

One of the inmates in Marc’s unit recently lost three of his children in a house fire that his wife and one other child managed to escape. It was a seriously tragic loss and he has had a hard time coming to terms with it. He’s in prison for a drug offense. Just the other day, he lost his commissary access because he had two pieces of bread and one cookie in his cell! So, because of that “offense”, he cannot purchase food items or hygiene items from the commissary. For bread and a cookie! How cruel can prison be? Oh, much worse, I know. But it’s depressing to think how gleefully the prison staff inflict suffering upon prisoners. Marc himself cannot use commissary for two months simply because I sent money to his cellmate’s commissary account, which is not against the rules. His cellmate is not allowed to use commissary for one month either! Why is the prison so cruel?

In fact, prisons are not supposed to inflict extra punishment on prisoners unless 1) they are causing harm to themselves or others, or 2) they are trying to escape or cause destruction to the facility. When someone commits a crime and is caught, they are sent to prison AS the punishment, not FOR extra punishment. Being locked away from society, friends, loved ones, freedom, and choices IS the punishment — the prison is not supposed to arbitrarily issue extra punishment for made-up violations. But they do, all the time…

I’ve been doing a lot of reading of Bureau of Prisons documents and court cases and other materials, trying to make sure that Marc and others are not being illegally deprived or abused in any way. It’s a complicated thing, learning the rules of a foreign system in a foreign country. Marc should not be in the US federal prison system! That’s why our main goal is to have him transfered home to Canada. If you haven’t yet written a letter to the Public Safety Minister of Canada, or the United States Department of Justice, please do:


The Canadian Minister of Public Safety is Vic Toews (pronounced “Taves”). Please contact Mr. Toews and tell him that you want him to support Marc’s prison transfer back to serve his sentence in Canada. Be polite and respectful – but very firm – when contacting Vic Toews office. The best way is to write and send a letter to Vic Toews, postage free for Canadians. Write your own, or use the Repatriate Marc Emery letter we’ve prepared – however, personal messages are best.

The Hon. Vic Toews
Parliament Hill
Suite 306, House of Commons Justice Building
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

You can also call Vic Toews office at: 204-326-9889 and 613-992-3128
Vic Toews can be reached by email at: [email protected] and [email protected]


Ask that Marc Emery’s transfer request be approved so he can serve his time in his home country of Canada, and save the United States the cost of incarcerating him. Mail may be sent to:

U.S. Department of Justice
Criminal Division, Office of Enforcement Operations
International Prisoner Transfer Program
JCK Building, 12th Floor
Washington, DC

These two ways to help are among many listed at – please spread the website address far and wide so supporters take part in helping to bring Marc home!

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Anonymous on

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  2. Dale allo on

    that kiss hello would be a great way to sneak some controband into there 🙂 even a pill or something like marinol or lots of other stuff! hell small piece of hash under the tongue.. seriously though im really sorry to hear about all the crap they’re putting you both through it is evil no 2 ways about it. but in the end good always triumphs.

  3. Anonymous on

    Let he who be deceived be deceived. Get in touch with Robert Menard( or Gordon Hall) and get rid of the BAR member.

  4. Anonymous on

    You may not want them pissed off, but everyone else who’s also fighting for Marc’s freedom, but not just his freedom the realization of the entire population of how corrupt and powerful these people try to be, I know Marc knows what he’s doing, you want the BOP pissed off. You want Marc’s transfer to Canada denied, why? Because the more things they do to him, the more we as the people get angered. The more we’re angered, the harder we will fight and the less likely of a chance we’ll ever give up, which is what they want. We aren’t playing their game anymore, we did and look what happened. Marc is in Seattle, in the US prison system for a stupid crime.

  5. Jodie on

    The prison claims it’s done to avoid having inmates “control” others through money, or to “pay off” other inmates for things. It’s silly, of course. It’s mostly to be — as you put it — capricious, harsh, and vindictive. They really didn’t like that Marc wrote a chapter for a book about prison. But they can’t punish him for that, so they chose the next closest “reason”.

  6. fatigues on

    Jodie, I’m having some difficulty in figuring out what exactly happened — or more to the point, why it happened.

    We know that you have been sending money to Marc’s commissary account for many months. As I understand from your blog entry, you lately also sent some money to Mark’s cellmate as well? And as a consequence of this act, Marc lost commissary privileges for two months and his cellmate lost them for one month?

    So…what’s going on here? Is the reasoning behind this that there is some concern by the BOP that by permitting this activity to take place, the system would allow a cellmate to extort another through commissary account contributions? I understand that the effect upon Marc is significant in the circumstances, I am just trying to ascertain whether there is some defensible reason for the restriction, beyond being merely capricious, harsh and vindictive.

  7. Jodie on

    I sincerely appreciate your offer to help. We’re planning a “moneybomb” fundraiser day for Saturday, October 19th so perhaps by then you can contribute, along with many other people! We need to get $8,500 for the US transfer specialist lawyer Sylvia Royce to ensure Marc’s transfer application is done right. We’re fundraising all the time in the store and online, but hopefully with lots of promotion we can get a big day of support from many different people! More info about that moneybomb coming soon…

  8. Jodie on

    …is that the BOP gets to weigh in on whether Marc is approved for transfer to Canada or not. So we don’t want them pissed off. Sigh…

  9. Printz of Buds on

    The BOP staff will continue to abuse their powers until you may make them work. How do you do that? BP-9 appeal to warden. When that appeal is denied then an inmate files a BP-10 to the regional office. They hate the fact that they must answer in 30 days or less and if the inmate is still not satisfied with the response-like when ones first amendment rights are being violated or one is being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment (like the BOP is doing to Marc as a political prisoner) well then the inmate can file a BP-11 to Washington DC. All this must be done prior to filing against the BOP in Federal Court. I have found that once you start pushing the paper and winning on the regional level or central office the local bop HACKS (Headless Assholes Carrying Keys)back off and they will not make up non-existent rules and violate their own program statements. Also remember the BOP rules are Program Statements not “Policy” Statements as the BOP does not even have the power to set policy! More help available just email or call me!

  10. R W on

    Hi Jodie,

    I’ll be starting a new job very very shortly, and am MORE than willing to help out with Marc’s legal fees.

    What a sorry, sad situation. My goodness.

    I hope to goodness you’re holding up okay as well.

    —R W, Pennsylvania, USA

  11. Jodie on

    In lieu of donations to Marc’s commissary account, please consider donating to his legal fees! We are fundraising to get $8,500 to pay for the US transfer specialist, lawyer Sylvia Royce, to ensure that Marc’s US application is properly filed and the process properly followed. The donations made at in the “FREE MARC” section are strictly earmarked for the US lawyer’s fees. Thank you for any contributions you can make!

  12. Jud Felts on

    I’m glad I read your blog, I was just going to send Marc some commissary money, the least I can do to help. I’ll mark my calendar for two months out and check back to see where he is. I’m ashamed to have him locked up in my home town, it’s disgraceful.