‘They Held Marc in Solitary for Three Weeks’: An Interview with Jodie Emery

The marijuana legalization activist describes what life in a U.S. prison has been like for her husband, Marc Emery, sentenced to five years on Sept. 10, 2010.


Cathryn Atkinson: You’re going down to visit Marc tomorrow [The interview took place on Sept. 16], yes?

Jodie Emery: My visits are on Saturday and Monday, but I fly down a day early.

C.A.: How often are you allowed to see him at the moment?

J.E.: It can be every weekend, on even numbered days. Sometimes it’s Friday/Sunday, and sometimes it’s Saturday/Monday. We get a two-hour visit each time, in person, and we get to give each other a hug and kiss hello. Then we have to sit across from each other at these little knee-high plastic tables. You’re allowed to hold hands, but we’re not allowed to kiss or touch during that time. Then you say goodbye, and you get another hug and kiss.
It’s two wonderful hours, twice a weekend. Four hours in total. The best part of our lives right now is being able to see each other.

C.A.: He’s been in custody since May.

J.E.: Yes. He was ordered extradited on May 10 and he spent ten days here in B.C. and was extradited on the 20th. So since then, he’s spent all that time in a Federal Detention Centre and three weeks of that was in solitary confinement for having me record a prison podcast over the phone.

C.A.: Heavy punishment.

J.E.: Yes. They said that having me record a message to be delivered to a different audience than myself is violating the third-party phone call rule. First they held him in solitary for three weeks, which is complete deprivation, absolutely horrendous to think of Marc Emery in those conditions, with no human contact. Cut off from fresh air and light.

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