Marc punished again for an unwritten rule!

SeaTac FDC, Marc's current prisonSeaTac FDC, Marc’s current prisonToday Marc was punished with two months of no commissary (food, shampoo, soap, stamps, etc.) and his cellmate for one month because I gave his cellmate money! Apparently it’s against the rules even though it’s not in the rule book. Marc was staying healthy eating nuts, trail mix, and tuna and turkey packets from commissary, now he has to “survive” on meals like peanut butter, bread, and rice.

I’m so disappointed and angry. I have sent money and books to different inmates before, there’s no rule against it. Marc had two hearings with the Lieutenants of the prison and one was really mean, while the second was less so, but they decided that the appropriate punishment for Marc was two months of no commissary.

When Marc was first called to see the Lieutenant last week, the Lt. was being extremely rude, aggressive, and even threatening. He said that he reads all of Marc’s emails and letters and listens to all of his phone calls, and that he didn’t approve of the chapter Marc wrote about what it’s like going to prison (for Barry Cooper’s upcoming book) and that he thought it was “bullshit”. Marc didn’t even criticize the prison! He just objectively wrote about the process of it, and of course he said the food was dismal, but that’s the truth!

So the Lt. was pissed off about what Marc was writing, but that’s not against the rules. So he said that it was against the rules for me to send money into Marc’s cellmate’s account, even though that’s not in the rule book either! They decided to ensure that they both suffer because of my generosity, which I pass on from the people who give it to me.

I’m furious and concerned, because Marc was able to stay healthy eating the nuts and other food items from commissary, and get the soap and toothpaste and razors and stamps he needed… he’s lost weight in prison but up until now he still looks healthy, but I’m worried about what this deprivation will do to him. I don’t know how anyone can survive on the substandard, non-nutritious meals prisoners are forced to eat! Potatoes, bread and beans as a regular meal is so unhealthy. I really hope Marc is able to stay in good shape but he’s quite concerned too.

We really need to get Marc home. The application on the Canadian side is done; Marc’s forms were taken to the Canadian Consulate in Seattle after he was sentenced, and they confirmed that it was delivered to Ottawa, so Public Safety Minister Vic Toews can sign and approve it at any time. He’s been receiving emails, letters, and phone calls from thousands of people, and we need that pressure to continue. There is no reason to refuse Marc’s return to Canada; in fact, it’s required by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms (section 6: Mobility, guarantees Canadian citizens’ right to enter, leave, and remain in Canada) and the International Transfer of Offenders Act that Canada signed with the Untied States, which allows prisoners to be sent to their home country to serve their sentences.

Here is a letter that you can send to the Public Safety Minister, asking him to approve Marc’s transfer home. Please copy it and sign it, or download the PDF here, and mail it for free (if you’re Canadian). You should try to add your own words and thoughts to make it more personal, but hopefully having this available will encourage more people to contact the Public Safety Minister and the United States government asking for Marc’s transfer application to be approved!

To the Honourable Minister Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety
Parliament Hill
Suite 306, Justice Building
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON  
K1A 0A6

Marc Scott Emery is a Canadian citizen recently sentenced in the United States to five years for distribution of cannabis seeds (the official charge is ‘manufacture of marijuana’). Mr. Emery has requested his repatriation to the Canadian Corrections system through the International Transfer of Offenders Act.

In your position as Minister of Public Safety, it is your decision whether to allow Mr. Marc Emery to return home and serve out his sentence in Canada. The International Transfer of Offenders Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms require that you consider certain factors in coming to your decision.

As you know, the purpose of the Act is to “contribute to the administration of justice and the rehabilitation of offenders and their reintegration into the community” by enabling them to serve their sentences in the country of which they are citizens or nationals, and Section 6 of the Charter protects Canadian citizens’ ability to leave, enter, and remain in Canada.

Considering that Mr. Emery is not a threat to Canada’s security, that he has always abided by all bail conditions during the five years he was awaiting extradition, and that he has pledged to never re-offend or violate his conditions of parole once released from a correctional institution, it would be unreasonable and unjust to deny Mr. Emery a transfer to his home country of Canada.

I urge you to approve Mr. Emery’s transfer application as soon as possible so he can be repatriated and serve his time in the Canadian correctional system.

Signature: ___________________________
Name: ______________________________
Address: _____________________________
Date: ________________________________

We are also hiring a US based specialist who does the American portion of the treaty transfer applications, because it’s a more complicated process than the Canadian application. Marc can’t file his application until he arrives at his final facility (we’re praying it’s Lompoc FCI in California, and not somewhere in Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, or Ohio). That will likely happen in the next four to six weeks, or whenever they decide to move him. Once he arrives, he can submit his US application — but it needs to be filed by someone who knows what they’re doing. The application is then reviewed by the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and the State Department. It’s a process that we need professional assistance for, and the bill is $8,500.

My store can put money aside over time, but we don’t really have much to spare. Our friend is planning a one-day “money bomb” to fundraise for this important expense, and but many people offer to send donations to me for Marc’s commissary or for my travel, but instead we would appreciate it if you can send money to our legal fund! You can donate through the Cannabis Culture online store by clicking here.

All donation money goes to the lawyer to help bring Marc home! If you’d prefer to send contributions through the mail, please make it out to our corporate name “0883467 BC Ltd.” or “Jodie Emery” and I will ensure it gets to our lawyer. There’s nothing I want more than to get Marc back in my arms here at home!

Please contact the Public Safety Minister of Canada (no postage required in Canada!) and the US Justice Department, and ask them to let Marc serve his sentence in Canada!

The Hon. Vic Toews
Parliament Hill
Suite 306, House of Commons Justice Building
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
[email protected]
[email protected]

U.S. Department of Justice
Criminal Division, Office of Enforcement Operations
International Prisoner Transfer Program
JCK Building, 12th Floor
Washington, DC

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Rhys on

    I know why the lieutenant was horrible, he’s jealous of Marc because he has a beautiful wife, and so he attacks Marc to prove to her that he’s the most dominant male, its all very shallow. I just hope Mrs Emery refuses his attempts to mate with her.

  2. Beatnuck on

    They’re not mean to child molesters, rapists, or murderers, because these prisoners are not politicians. There is no Leader of the Rapists Party, there is no Leader of the Child Molesters Party, because rape and child molestation are not contentious political issues. Marc is treated like a political prisoner because he is a political prisoner. Had he murdered someone, he would be treated much differently. Surprise surprise.

  3. Jean Marlowe on

    The beans are cooked in extremely toxic water which contains numerous chemicals. We must warn him about the beans even though we know he needs the protein.

    Health Services in federal prison are a joke. There is no such thing and if you refuse their nerve pills and anti-depressants they put you on “refusal status” which means they won’t do anything for you.

    Whatever can be done to get him in Canada we must do for this valiant crusader of our sacramental plant.

  4. Rhys on

    I saw a documentary about an American prison,the officials where quite reasonable and Curtious, considering the people they had to deal with, nothing like the LTs mentioned above. Was I being brainwashed or even worst – being fed propaganda?

  5. Rhys on

    Cannabis is a threat to the government, not to the people.

  6. Tim Haight on

    It’s awful to see Marc unjustly punished for no reason. If Obama had any balls he never would have let Marc go to jail.

  7. The BallyHoo on

    Rehabilitation in prison. Certainly not by the guards! Most of them have , @ best a high school education and their only interest is getting off on power-tripping and control and intimidation due to the incredibly small size of their penises!


  8. Rhys on

    Marc is clearly being marginalized for being himself by the very people that are suppose to rehabilitate him.

  9. Emily on

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. First it’s solitary confinement and now THIS?! People go out and murder other people and STILL don’t get this harsh of a punishment! ARGH!!!

  10. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery is a victim of a timocracy, the foundation of timocracy is lies(evil), and democracy is the foundation of the truth(moral). Marc Emery was and is misguided by feminism, in democracy in a court of law Marc Emery would have gotten off his charges, but he plead guilty and he does have a 95% chance of Marc Emery not surviving his sentence even in ncanada, he has been marked for death, how can he not fight back, he would of gotten a slap on the wrist, never ever talk to the police, they twist things to favour Zionism and feminism, but I do hope he makes in back home soon and in Canada for his safety, there all spy man, all of them even after 35 years.

  11. Anonymous on

    As an American citizen and taxpayer I am beyond words about this. Just how much is it costing us in money and time to keep a non-criminal such as Marc, locked up for just one day?
    Yet at the same time, we do have criminals, roaming our streets, day and night, for they have no fear of the law, because they are the law!

    I hope you Canadians can clearly see what is going on down here and are prepared too prevent the same scenario in your beautiful land.

  12. Thomas Scotland on

    This is absolutely ridiculous that they’re treating Marc this way. And the LT. officer giving Marc shit because he complained about how prison was? Totally uncalled for. They’re trying to break him mentally and emotionally.

    I hope we can get him transfered to Canada as soon as possible.

  13. Anonymous on

    You just saved $370 a month of your hard earned headshop money with marc being cruely cut off special foods, stamps and shampoo. think of it as a way to save money to get him extradited back to Canada to serve his five years in prison here. better he spends five years with Canadian criminals than American criminals.Not that I.m racist but it would be better for everybody if he was with his own kind considering how much time is involved that hasn;t even officially started, Then four rough years of dog chain parole, Ouch! this all sucks so bad and here he goes and pleads guilty to his charges, Where is the justuce for a good hearted seller of Gods favorite seeds?

  14. Anonymous on

    True that pick your battles now or the pricks on the inside will make it rougher for him than it should be. Worry about getting him home now not about his trail mix. Men survive on rations all the time!!

  15. Anonymous on

    Talk to Tommy Chong and get some advise. There is no reason that Marc shouldn’t be home in fewer than 14 months if he plays the game right.

    If you want to keep pushing issues you know they will have him serving the whole sentence. They are scumbags, we know. But they have the power.

  16. Uncle Bob on

    It’s obvious what’s going on. Marc Emery is continuing to be punished, even after being sentenced for 5 years for something he wouldn’t get more than a small fine for in Canada. Filthy rotten American prison system.