Marc Emery’s US Federal Prison blog #14: Letter to Jodie

Dearest Jodie: I so loved our two visits this weekend. And what a momentous weekend it was! We got the sentencing done, and it went as we expected, and my application to be transferred back into the Canadian corrections system was delivered to the Canadian Consulate in Seattle. It will be on the Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews’ desk late next week. The Marc Emery Support Day comes at just the right time this Saturday, September 18.

We will be free together one day!We will be free together one day!Please emphasize to anyone that they don’t have to join a rally if there isn’t one nearby; it’s preferable that they simply make a few legible signs and hold them up at their nearest busy intersection, baseball or football stadium or well-frequented place for 2-3 hours after noon. “Google ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery – political prisoner – Return Him to Canada” for Americans, and “Repatriate Marc Emery Back to Canada, Vic Toews!” for Canadians. That will help me immensely.

(Other rally signs and suggestions are found here and here.)

You were amazing this week, my love, doing dozens of interviews in so much media, including CNN, CBC, Canadian Press, the Seattle area news, and so many Canadian radio, TV, and newspapers. The email copies I received were over 20 different reports, and you’ve told me there were over 350 news results on Google about it. I know you were nervous beforehand but, as always, you got so much done and said. It was great seeing you in court and then visiting with me afterward.

I’ve received emails from close friends assuming I’m sad or dejected but I am not! I’m excited to be moving on. We have huge support to have me transferred back to Canada! We have dozens of elected politicians signing a joint letter to Vic Toews urging my repatriation, including MPs, Mayors, Councillors, MLAs, and Senators. Toews has received over a thousand letters so far since August 1st and I know he will get several hundred more. We must urge everyone to send in a letter to him urging my immediate approval of my transfer under the treaty that obligates the Canadian government to bring me back. As you know, I qualify under the criteria established in the Treaty for the Transfer of International Offenders between Canada and the United States – I’m not part of organized crime, I’m not a threat to national security, no victims object to my return (as there are no victims), and I’m not going to reoffend.

The Judge recommended my transfer request be honoured, and though it is not legally binding, it is of moral suasion to both governments. The District Attorney said they would make no objection. The State Department is the only body remaining to make a decision from the US. My application for transfer will be submitted as soon as I get to my designated US prison, which I hope is Lompoc FCI just north of Santa Barbara, in California. I chose Lompoc because it has email, is relatively easy for you to get there to visit me, has good weather to be in the “yard” daily, and has 2-man cells, similar to what I am used to here at the FDC. I expect to pack-out of here sometime in late October, and be at my designated FCI by late November. Then my application gets done. It’s costly, but I hope you can raise the money to pay for our treaty transfer specialist that we hired to help get my US application approval. I know I already suck up nearly $1,000 a month for commissary, phone, email and newspaper subscriptions, and you spend much more than that visiting me, but you will need to find $4,000 to pay for the treaty transfer specialist that I want hired. We need someone knowledgeable with the US application process and this woman is reputed to be very good at assisting a successful application. Please ask around and get donations and see who can help.

Of course it’s possible I’ll get sent to TAFT Correctional Institution (CI) in California, or Dalby in Texas, or McRae in Georgia, or a CI in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, or New Mexico – private prisons that specialize in deportable and “criminal aliens”, as I am considered. The problem with places like these is that they are very much more difficult for you to access to visit and most don’t have email.

I won’t really even know where I’m going to end up until I actually get there, and there will be days or even weeks when you won’t hear from me while I am on the road and getting in-taken at FDC’s on the way to my final designation prison. It will be very difficult and trying for both of us, but we must get along in the process to reach my goal of being home in Canada on full parole by Christmas, 2011. That’s the point I’ll have served over 20 months of my sentence, and 20 months is 1/3 of the 60-month sentence; in Canada, for first time, non-violent offenders, that qualifies me for full parole. I have to get approval from the US and Canada for that to happen, but it is the hope that keeps me optimistic.

Marc and Jodie, roach paper mosaicMarc and Jodie, roach paper mosaicIn the meantime, I have been very prolific this past week. I wrote my latest piece for SKUNK Magazine, I finished my chapter on life in federal prison for Barry Cooper’s new book, I made many corrections for my auto-biographical stories that are soon to show up on my soon-to-be-made website, where my life story, my best work for Cannabis Culture, my best political writing, my best interviews, videos, and documentaries will be. I wrote up my speech to the Judge that I delivered in court, and made sure that the “Principle of Pot” documentary is going to be manufactured into DVDs in a few weeks so they will be available in October. I hope Cliff Maynard’s roach-paper art portrait of us will be available in quality prints in a few weeks (it’s not online yet, but you saw the original at Seattle Hempfest). I love that portrait. His art is so great, made with thousands of pieces of roach papers! He’s a genius, and I’m so pleased we were the first to give him coverage in our second-last issue of Cannabis Culture!

My friend Paul McKeever has a great blog post coming out that talks about my sentencing and quotes a fair bit of a conversation I had with him on email about this discussion going on about my letter to the judge where I said I won’t be engaging in civil disobedience any longer, and not advocating it. I hope the 28 arrests on behalf of the movement, and 22 jailings – including this very long one of at least 20 months and 40 more on parole in Canada and possibly 4 years to go here in the USA if my transfers are not approved – are sufficient in the eyes of my supporters to consider that I have “paid my dues”. My example of successful civil disobedience, from illegally opening my bookstore on Sundays and seeing that law overturned, to illegally selling marijuana books and magazines and seeing that law overturned too, still exists and people know that I have used civil disobedience before. I just don’t need to do it again.

I was sincere to Judge Martinez too. I would not write anything insincere, even if I consider my incarceration an injustice, which of course it is. The vast part of my speech to the judge, and much of my letter to him, I spoke with pride of my many achievements I had accomplished: US ballot initiatives funded, Supreme Court challenges funded, the Global Marijuana Marches, BC Marijuana Party campaigns, the Iboga Therapy House, the overturning of Canada’s censorship of marijuana magazines, books, literature; financing the court cases that established Canadian federal medical marijuana law; and much more. It’s a staggering catalog of success and activism and I never said I regretted any of it.

At the end of my letter to the judge, I said I would not longer be civilly disobedient, but this is a practical matter. Once back in Canada, if I am released at 20 months under current Canadian law, I’m on parole for 40 months more. If I break the law, any laws, I can get sent back to prison for all or part of that 40 months. There are no circumstances that I am willing to cross that legal threshold for.

Now, as a corollary to the statement I won’t break the law, I certainly won’t advocate to others what I won’t do myself. Secondly, in order to get my transfer to Canada into the Canadian Corrections system, and ultimately release on parole, I’m promising the Public Safety Minister Toews I won’t break the law, so I can’t go back on my word to him either. My word is always good, whether it’s to a prison official, a judge, the Minister, my customers, my wife, or my supporters.

In order to travel to the United States, there’s a period of 4 years of supervised release after the 60 months of prison/parole is completed. So if I’m in the United States anytime to the year 2019, I have to honour these sentencing mandates. It would appear after I’m deported back to Canada, upon my release on parole or afterward, I may be eligible for travel in the United States, which is excellent as I am dearly wanting to speak to my American supporters in speeches and appearances. But again, breaking the law in that period can result in my immediate imprisonment. So public bong hitting, smoking pot in public, and, because I can be urine tested anytime in that 9 years in the US (and for the 60 months in Canada), no smoking pot at all, all these previously common activities are not going to be available to me for some time, likely until pot becomes legal, which I hope is soon.

If my critics – and I understand, Jodie, that there are so-called supporters on Facebook and elsewhere anguishing over my statement to the judge that there will be no further law-breaking from me – and naysayers want to honour me, then it is incumbent on them to end prohibition where they live. Until then, they are free (until they are not) to use civil disobedience if they choose that path, but I am bound up by my promises, which are necessary, not to break the law or recommend that course of action. If this criticism comes from people who themselves are too timid to do what they expect me to do, I find this hypocritical. Others, like my good friend Chris Goodwin, do not travel to the US, because he already has a criminal record and has no hope of traveling to the US. Chris is a fine activist, but there may also come a time when, because he has two children and employees who depend on him, civil disobedience may be unavailable to him as a practical option. For people like you, Jodie, oh sweet wonderful wife, you cannot disobey laws for the simple matter you need to be able to travel to the US to visit me, and you must set an example for others that your method of working in the current political environment can influence and cause change towards a just society. Others simply cannot use civil disobedience if it jeopardizes their ability to travel to the US or their employment prospects.

I did admit I was arrogant to the judge. I admitted I regret breaking the law, but that is because I dislike jail and I greatly miss you, my dear, more than anything else in this world, and you and I know how heartbreaking our separation is. I never renounced any of the results of my action; I never said I regret selling seeds. I didn’t concede I harmed anyone. I said in my speech to the judge – which will soon be available when you receive the court transcript – that prohibition harms individuals, nations, and harms even respect for the rule of law by diminishing the integrity of our Constitutions. A criminal, when being contrite, may say “I regret harming you” or “I am sorry for the damage I did”. I did not do that. I was proud of the results, and I indicated so. I was regretful of my punishment and promised not to offend again, but these are practical admissions, and as it turned out, the last paragraph of my letter to the judge was what he said he needed to agree to the 5-year sentence and wish me well, rather than rejecting the sincerity of my plea and ordering me to trial, which was his alternative.

One comment I found interesting on the Facebook discussions, which are being relayed to me from my friends, was someone who said having to confess and apologize to the judge of a court where tyranny is being justified “is like a rapist demanding his victim say ‘I love you’ during the outrage”. I like the metaphor, I’m not sure it’s exactly accurate, but it makes one think.

Another point I’d like to make, Jodie, is that throughout my letter and speech to the judge, I never referred to my actions as criminal conduct. I always referred to them as civil disobedience. Can you imagine how a court would react if any other defendant went in and referred to their conduct as ‘civil disobedience’? Oh Nelly, that would make a judge explode! But Judge Martinez didn’t react adversely where I used that term. He clearly had some sympathy for my predicament, wished me well, admitted 5 years is a long, long time, conceded the drug war was gravely flawed, but said, in final, my conduct was “criminal” and a sentencing judgment was no place to determine the validity of prohibition.

DEA statement: all about legalization, not seedsDEA statement: all about legalization, not seedsMy lawyer brought up Karen Tandy’s statement about my politics being the true motivation for the DEA prosecution, and spoke of my original prosecutor John McKay’s recent admission in the Seattle Times that the cannabis prohibition is “dangerous” and “endangers the lives of his brave colleagues in policing” and is “futile”.

My judge understood my point of view, my intent, and that’s all I can ask for, along with his recommendation to the Low Security FCI Lompoc and my transfer to Canada as soon as possible. After all, I’ve already agreed to plead guilty to a criminal violation of US law, and my promise to him is I won’t break the law again, and since my actions that broke those laws were based on a philosophy (civil disobedience), I renounce that philosophy for my future conduct, and as a corollary of that, I won’t advocate anyone else emulate that philosophy. The judge accepted that promise as accepting responsibility and I think it serves both the purposes of maintaining my integrity and the integrity of the court to have this exact resolution. I didn’t renounce all other human action by me for the cause of liberty, and I didn’t condemn civil disobedience; I simply promised I wouldn’t do it or advocate it, for reasons that are obvious, rational and consistent. I will still be giving my greatest effort to the cause of ending prohibition, but these will be lawful methods, speaking, elections, writing, etc.

I want to be by your side, my great Mrs. Emery, and this is how I must do that. We have such a great future together, meeting our people and bringing our World Liberation Tour to our supporters in Canada, the United States, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, India, and elsewhere once I am out amongst them. We’ll have my book Overgrowing The World, My Life as Prince of Pot deluxe hardcover out upon my release and we’ll tour Canada to promote it and impart our knowledge and wisdom with our people as soon as we can. In the meantime, you and I are as busy as ever promoting the movement, our activity for the cause of human freedom has never been greater, and this week was a great example of our ability to bring the injustice of prohibition to millions. Let us hope our supporters feel that way too and reward us with their contribution to my liberation back to Canada this Saturday, September 18th.

I’m very proud and humbled to have such a loving, devoted, capable and intelligent wife who gives her all for me and our cause of freedom for the cannabis culture. You are an amazing woman and I am so honoured you call yourself Mrs. Marc Emery.

Your grateful husband,
Your bowed but hardly defeated Prince,

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Anonymous on

    Guys seriously, this is hardly a time to scrutinize marc’s statements to the specific individual with the power to significantly harm his life as well as Jodie’s life.

    He can say whatever he pleases at such a time. He can explain what he meant if anything when he is capable of speaking without being under duress.

    Whatever he says will be fine. If it was temporary insanity, ok, if he said he made it all up to get back to Canada, good for him on that too.

  2. Anonymous on

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    Spray your forearm and 15 minutes after smoke a cannabis joint! And let’s hear your answers!
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  4. Anonymous on

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  6. STONER on

    England who we declared war against and had to fight for our freedom from has a company called bp who can dump oil killing their own workers in the proses. Spray poison in the ocean making an untold number of citizens sick or dead in the process. Banking systems stealing the wealth of what was left of the middle class. Over lords of a supreme court taking rights away from the people unjustly giving those rights to companies. War mongers who commit war crimes against women and children, by using radioactive weapons,and illegal chemicals against protesters. Crimes of illegal wire tapping with out court approval. ———-So who is the U.S. government going after. A stand up guy who had a heart. Mark has got more people off drugs with Ibogain therapy and cannabis therapy. Helped sick people who because of their own governments lack of compassion could not get a medicine that has been used safely for thousands of years. What Mark got in trouble for is telling the truth about cannabis and its uses food [has best balanced nutrition of any food source], fuel [One acre of hemp can produce twenty barrels of oil], fiber [strongest plant fiber] medicine ,and selling live bird seeds. The United States people are way ahead of the government, but the jack booted thugs continue to rub free thinking citizens faces into the ground. MARK THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND UNDOUBTEDLY WILL DO FOR FREEDOM IN THE FUTURE. ==stoner==

  7. Simon on Salt Spring on

    I am humbled by you both. You’re love and passion for one another, for life, and for the cause, will get you through this. It was a sad day in Canada when they hauled you away Marc. Do what you need to get home, whatever it may be. Get home!!! We miss you! YOU ARE A NATIONAL HERO!!! We love you, we’re with you in spirit, and we will continue the fight regardless of America’s ‘War on Drugs’.

    “Free Marc Emery” signs were out in full force on Salt Spring Island on Sept 18th, 2010.

    When you get home, and after you’ve spent some good ‘quality private time’ with your GORGEOUS wife, can we have a ticker tape parade (rolling paper parade?) in your honour? Keep you’re chin up Marc!

    Thank-you, both of you, for all you’ve done, and thank-you especially to Jodie. This can’t be easy on a relationship and yet you are out there, day after day, in front of the media and the people, you are the new face of this cause and we can’t be luckier. Marc you have a special lady there, you are so very blessed!

    Love to you both, our thoughts, good-vibes, and well wishes are with you now as they have been before!
    See you soon!

  8. Anonymous on

    You are a hero to me! What you have done and will continue to do in your own way, has opened the door for millions to continue their own acts of civil disobedience in varying ways.

    I suffer from MS and Marijuana has literally saved my life and my psyche! I don’t think I could manage the daily pain and discomfort without my “Self-medicating” herb! I get so angry when I realize that I am a “Criminal” by law! My husband is a Dr. and prefers I not be politically active but recently, I have taken more chances and I am working hard to see that Tennessee passes a Medical Marijuana law, as a first step towards decriminalization. This is a tough area of the country to get anything accomplished as it’s very Bible Belt here. I have also been active in trying to get farmers to support Hemp production. Our state economy is in terrible shape and the farmers here are hurting and need a new cash crop. They all jumped on the “Corn-Ethanol” bandwagon and have been very disappointed in the results.
    All of this to say, Tennessee is in need of great change and since I’m kind of stuck here for now, I’ve decided to do what I can.

    People like you inspire me and make me realize how much more I CAN accomplish, even if tiny steps at a time.

    I usually let others know that I find it a violation of my Civil Rights not to be able to self medicate with my chosen medicine, also recommended by a Dr. in California, yes, I went to California last year for 6 months so that I could smoke legally and NOT feel like a criminal for awhile. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to support myself there and couldn’t find work so I will make a couple of trips a year now instead to visit friends and have a crime free vacation.

    Until then, I’m growing my own, 1 plant at a time, in part thanks to the site. By the way, the best site to get the best descriptions on any kind of hybrid on the market! Thanks!

    I caught the attention of the FBI and Secret Service last year due to some psychic/paranormal work I do (long story), I told them about my personal disobedience and made sure I let them know that it was a civil rights issue to me. They kind of laughed about it and brushed it off but it sure felt good confessing my civil disobedience it to “authorities” with pride.

    One person at a time, I believe our society is becoming Civilly Aware. The propaganda of old doesn’t work on us that know how to think and experience for ourselves and EVERYONE knows SOMEBODY that is a smoker.

    I really do feel that we’ll still see decriminalization happen in our lifetime. There will be some states that resist, but as they realize that MONEY can be made to improve their state, they’ll eventually give in.

    Anyway, I hope this inspires you to know you’re making a difference! For others that are reading this, I encourage you to ACT, write letters, join your state NORML chapter and get involved, grow your own and share the love!

    IndicaKim, Tennessee

  9. Anonymous on

    a motivated troll interrupting a cannabis site or any anti governent site can earn a lot of money sometimes $1500 or more for a few hours a week disrupting a target website. Often busted growers facing jailtime will join the gangstalkers, and report to a regional captain who may manage 50 or more GS especially when they work in tandum to load sophisticated malware into the target such as what happened here this week. They can then harvest addresses, monikers, fresh slang and any details posters may share that may be of value identifying where unsuspecting posters live or work. to create profiles on the activists who battle them online. This is a full time job and often teams of professional gangstalkers will completely overrun a target site and you never know who is friend or foe. Their goal is to prepare profiles for cops to bust later . This is the age of information and they have all the information on dedicated cannabis people society seeks to destroy. Anybody even remotely associated with Marc Emery is suspect now that he is in prison.

  10. Eve Lentz-Gramma's for Ganja on

    To those who criticize “Anonomously” about Marc’s expenses, maybe you can help him return to Canada, so the U.S. won’t have to pay anymore. We never should have arrested him and procecuted him, in the first place! Better yet, write letters to President Obama, asking for Marc’s release, period! And for those that speak about Marc’s statements to the Judge, specifically, that he will not use civil disobedience or encourage others to use it, yes, I cried while hearing him speak those words. I cried because it just showed me how far we sometimes have to go to appease the “drug warriors.” I would have done the same! I have seen many ways that Marc Emery has helped to free the Cannabis/hemp plant, and many wonderful people who use it, from the insane propaganda and horrible misinformation that we have been given, and I am proud of his efforts. No one can, or should, take these efforts as anything less than heroic. I believe it is only fitting though, that while Marc is incarcerated, on parole, etc., he needs to follow the “rules.” While he is doing that, we should continue our work to educate others and change unjust laws, so we don’t have to keep seeing the incarceration of our friends and families for using, or encouraging others to use, the beneficial Cannabis/hemp plant. We also need to “FREE MARC EMERY,NOW!”

  11. Anonymous on

    Because each of the four social systems is the opposite of each of the other three. That means that: As the truth is the lifeblood of democracy so falsehood is the necessarily the bloodlines timocracy. In practice that means: if a critical mass of people finds out the truth then the truth will set us free. And this means that timocarcy can’t survive when the truth gets out. That the truth is getting out is undeniable, and there is no way that your political masters don’t know that. In the long run, the truth will always win. What this means is that our present form of government can’t last much longer. There are only two ways to go from here, what are they? It is best, for all of you, if you figure out the answer yourself.

  12. Thomas Scotland on

    I dont know how the words I don’t got in my subject title but if someone coudl remove it that woudl be cool.

  13. Thomas Scotland on

    God bless you Marc. I don’t always agree with you sometimes but you will always have my undying support. I hope we can get you back in Canada as quickly as possible.

    Much love

  14. Anonymous on

    Marc has been withiout the peace4ful herb since May- four months
    thats more than enough time for any residue THC to have left his body
    and so it was a straight person that Marc thought out, wrote & submitted his promise not to be an activist law breaker.

    I can’t see the courts accepting a submission prepared by an intoxicated
    impared person, The courts asked Malmo if he was stoned,to which he answered ” yes! he had smoked hash a little before entereing court”
    and the opening comments of the transcription of Bennett VS the courts was the courts asking Chris if he was high. aka impaired

    Point is the courts see wiped out people all the time; impaired on something or other. Maybe that’s why the justice system takes great pains to dry the accused out before parading him / her before a judge. The courts will not accept anyone operating a vehicle impaired on a controlled substance, makes sense they won;t accept them in their courtrooms impaired either

  15. MK on

    Whats really sad is that in a few years down the road we will look back on marijuana restrictions and Marc’s imprisonment and wonder what our government was thinking. Wonder how they could go so long without acknowledging the logical truth. Wonder how they could prosecute people for harmless crimes. History will tell it much like the oppression of blacks or females. I hope everyone steps up and does something this Sept 18th so they can say they didn’t just stand by and watch it all go down. So they can say they were in the million man marijuana march to stand up for their freedoms and the freedoms of those who have done nothing.

  16. Jodie on

    Also take into consideration that Marc writes back to everyone who writes to him, and has written over 300 letters so far, so stamps are expensive (and you have to buy them as an inmate; stamps cannot be sent in the mail) as are all the envelopes and writing paper.

  17. Anonymous on

    Congratulations to Marc Emery on the success of his Cannabis legalization fund raising campaign. It was a bigger success than anyone could have predicted. I figured the DEA would have shut him down within a matter of a year or two but now we know that they are so slow that you can get away with sending Cannabis to the US openly for literally decades and make millions of dollars in the process. We also now know that the US won’t ever to try to extradite Canadian seed sellers again, unless they do stuff to get their names pushed up on the list like Marc did. If you simply conduct business in a normal manner and don’t make yourself an obvious target you can do it forever. It takes so long to get a person actually extradited that they won’t bother with it unless they really want to teach a person a lesson, as proven by the fact that they haven’t gone after even one other seed merchant since. No other seed merchants have shown up on 60 Minutes or at Drug Czar speeches since Marc so why would they care? Even if they extradited every Canadian seed merchant they would still have all the British ones and they can’t extradite Brits for seeds because there is no dual criminality, so using a lot of resources to prosecute Canadians would be pointless.

    As Marc and Jodie maintain, Marc’s extradition was politically motivated. Some US politicians and their appointees didn’t like Marc going around making it look like there was no enforcement of federal Cannabis importation laws. That makes them look bad. They don’t like to look bad, it’s not good for their careers, so they decided to actually enforce the law. The lesson here for others is that when you break the law you shouldn’t appear in public and show everybody that you’re still completely free and actively engaging in the crime. Sure, it may get a few more orders but is the down side really worth it? That’s why Billy Mays didn’t sell Cannabis seeds in infomercials. Not really appropriate. Maybe in Amsterdam, but probably not Canada and the US. I guess it’s fine if you don’t mind the prison time. In Marc’s case it doesn’t really seem to fit his diet preferences, which makes it a little odd that he chose the rampant advertising route, but who am I to question Marc Emery’s business choices? Maybe he thought that the extra funding of Cannabis causes was worth the added risk of virtually guaranteed hard US prison time. We need more self sacrificing charity funders like Marc. Thank goodness there was at least one person around who didn’t mind hard prison time in exchange for millions of dollars of funding. I think Jodie should emulate Marc and open her own seed company, Jodie Emery Direct. Why not? All that would happen is that she would get is community service after Canadian authorities charge her. Only she should package her own seeds. Hard to find loyal seed packers these days, apparently. She also probably shouldn’t sell any seeds in person to DEA agents. Doesn’t seem to work out very well.

  18. Jodie on

    From Marc:

    My commissary (food, toiletries, stamps, stationery) is $370 a month
    Email is 5 cents a minute, 4 hours a day = $360 a month
    Telephone is 35 cents a minute X 300 minutes = $105 a month
    newspapers subscriptions are $100 a month

    That’s $935 a month. It’s very reasonable considering how much time I spend writing my life story and letters to you (Jodie) and everyone else through Corrlinks email or regular postal mail.

  19. Avraam Jack Dectis on

    Canada has two progressive parties that together are larger than the conservatives.

    If those parties joined together, they would win elections and Marc would never have been extradited and he would also be assured of being back in twenty months.

    Also, did you see the quote from the prosecuting attorney?

    From the article: “Marc Emery decided that U.S. laws did not apply to him, but he was wrong,” said U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan in a statement Friday.”

    The federal attorney just lied her face off. US laws are very selectively prosecuted. For example, if you are in one of the gang stalker gangs, you are allowed by the US government to openly and notoriously stalk, harass, poison and irradiate people without the slightest fear of prosecution. Those crimes are a million times worse than anything Marc ever did, and yet not one arrest.

    Just do a web search on “gang stalking” for what little is allowed to be publicized. Bing is less censored.


  20. S Chendres on

    We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people. ~John F. Kennedy

    Free Marc Emery!

  21. AnnieOakley64 on

    I first met Marc a few years ago in Toronto at the Vapour Lounge after attending the Legalization Rally in May. It was just awesome to smoke weed in the centre of Toronto while the cops lined the streets, just watching, too many to arrest.

    Marc jumped out of his cab and walked over to me and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and a very friendly hug. We then all went upstairs to smoke the BIG VAPORIZER. It was about 20 feet long. I have pictures of Marc and I, and the vapourizer that had STOP PROHIBITION printed on it. He made sure I got the first hit off the vap.

    He IS genuinely a very sweet, kind, loving man, that is just trying to do a good thing for society. I admire him, I hope as many as possible will EMULATE him, and his past and future efforts to remove prohibition of this safe substance that helps so many on this earth in so many different ways.

  22. Barry on

    Thanks Marc, you’re a rare bread.

  23. Anonymous on

    $1000 per month for commissary, phone and emails?????? In federal prison??? Geez – get a cell phone line local to the prison and your phone costs will be $19.00 per month for the maximum 300 minutes. Get a grip on the commissary costs – the maximum he can spend is $290.00 per month (stamps not included). Stop sucking up the money inside there and your wife could afford to visit without a lot of donations. It costs less than $1000 to visit someone in Lompoc, even traveling there from 1000 miles away. I have a friend in federal prison – I send him $100.00 per month and that includes the phone calls. Visit every 3 months or so – traveling over 1,000 miles. I take the train. It’s one thing to be privileged in prison – it’s another thing to be privileged on someone else’s donations!

  24. KevStr on

    Austin, Texas is having a Sept 18th rally downtown at Wooldridge Square Park(details below). I plan to attend so I can show my support of you and to hear what Barry Cooper has to say regarding his recent arrest and his book. Thank you Marc for waking me up and giving me the strength to speak out against prohibition of this plant. Prop 19 will pass come 11/2 and 2011/12 will be huge for MMJ & full legalization efforts in Texas and across the US.

    Strength, Peace and Love to you and Jodi from Austin.

    Free Marc Emery Austin, TX
    Wooldridge Square Park
    900 Guadalupe Street
    Austin, TX
    Sat, 09/18/2010 – 2:00pm

  25. Anonymous on

    I’m not surprised in one bit to hear marc speak the way he does.
    It’s pretty damn common to hear stoners talk this way: calm, patient, not judging, not hating, not angered to the point of revenge.

  26. Alaine Rustin on

    Violence is what our oppressors want, do not submit to you inner fear and become cowardly in your philosophy as a result of forgotten promises. Marc has shown us how to fight fear and tyranny with full force, what have you done without violence. We must act with love, not hate. In the great war, you sometimes have to sacrifice your brothers in arms in order to see another day, it is a fact of life. The robin eats the worm, then their poop feeds the rest of the system. It is what happens, all must be loved. Free Marc!

  27. Padorp on

    For certain, the best games come in trying to penetrate the feminine mystery of life, the plant loves all. This is best done by saying over the lines to yourself again and again, till they pass from the stage of nonsense, and finally return to a full sense that had at first escaped notice for all. If you change your thinking, it is ok, because you can change it again and again. We are not required to be consistent humans, that state only happens when the plant takes your spirit to the hereafter. Free Marc Emery!

  28. The Jungle on

    We would love to feature your story or anything you would like to say in our prison blog. It features quotes and letters we have received from inmates across the USA. Each with their very own unique story.

    Please contact us if you are interested!

  29. Lori on

    Marc dont worry about how others feel,they may say u are selling out ect but they need to reflect and think what would they do to be with their family? u arent selling out just because U are going to do what u need to while on parole to stay out thats understandable I have done prison time on marijuana related charges almost 4 yrs on 3 misd. and until they are there they dont have a clue! everyday u want to hug ur family ur friends and behind them walls nobody cares,and are these so called “supporters” holding you down? flying to see you putting money on ur books probaly not hang in there Marc and Jodie!

  30. Topo on

    I love you both Marc and Jodie…..a match made in heaven. Many people i know here in Dallas Texas support what you do. I’ll be out there with my sign on the 18th. Keep your chin up Brother Marc and Sister Jodie.

    Love and light

  31. MOTFA on

    Why is it always the insanely negative people who have all the passion and energy to get a douche bag prime minister into office, while the positive people lay back and let it happen?

    C’mon people turn that smile upside down and get fucking angry.

    Have you looked around? We are loosing our freedoms like marc has but we are too fucking fat and happy to care.

    Time to get angry.
    Time to get passionate.

    Time to get fucking insane.

  32. Anonymous on

    Let’s all send our love.

  33. Ian g. P. on

    I had the pleasure of meeting Marc almost a full year ago when he came to St. John’s Newfoundland. It is one of the highlights of my life. You see I first met Marc at the first Cannabis Day Rally back in 1996 at the Art Gallery of Vancouver. His ideals back then inspired myself and a group of four other friends to throw a similar rally here. July 1 1997 we threw a Cannabis Day rally for the first time ever in Newfoundland and the Second one ever in all of Canada, Marc told this to me himself. Were we causing harm? No. Was it the right thing to do? YES Definitely. See if we dont stand up for our rights and if people in the past didn’t stand up for theirs then women, blacks and other ethnicity’s would have been snuffed out by the powers that be at the time, but people did stand up for rights and helped to change the world forever. Marc is a modern day hero. He stood up for the right to smoke a plant that helps millions of people world wide. It helps me daily to deal with the pain of scoliosis/club foot and has pretty much cured my asthma. I smoke weed and am damn proud to have been influenced by Marc. I will forever hold him in the highest regard.

    Come home soon Marc, Canada misses you!

  34. Dustin Blaine on

    Man do what you gotta do and say what you gotta say to get out of there. Ofcourse it is all about Marc, he is the one behind the wall. I smell someone who is a sad loser and wanted to be popular like Marc but didn’t have the testicles to get up, stand up if you know what I mean. And lets get real here all you pricks are talking a lot of shit and really angry about Marc not using civil disobedience anymore but can we get down to the real issue, Lets get one of our brothers out of jail. The fact of the matter is that too many people are going to jail for this plant and I dont give two shits who is in jail they should be out regardless of their personal philosophy and what they say in court to be able to come home and see their wife. Whoever the dickless moron who is bashing Marc is can come see me anytime to finish this spirited debate like a real westcoast man Face to Face. If Marc can’t have his own back We got it for him.

  35. Anonymous on

    All the negative posts are obviously trolls. They are paid to make it look like cannabis people are always infighting, so we can not come together.

  36. Jeremy on

    You have got to understand where this guy is coming from. He has everyone looking at him under a microscope. He knows his letters are being published on his website. He HAS to say that he won’t continue his activism the way he has in the past to get through this and get back out again. If he goes away for 30 years, who will know his name then? Once he is a truly free man (free from any random drug testing, travel restrictions, etc.) I don’t expect that he will ever sell seeds again but I do think his activism will come back to life, the way we are used to seeing it. Change sucks but it is necessary. Give him a break. You know you would do the same thing if you were in his shoes. Everyone wants to criticize when they aren’t the ones behind bars.

  37. Acadian on

    As you sit there behind your computer reading on the CANNABIS CULTURE website keep in mind that books such as cannabis culture, high times, werent allowed in canada and Marc brought that to national attention eventually getting the book banned removed. The Glass Pipe, The blunt wraps, the cute little baggies with the dice printed on them would get you JAIL TIME for posessing them.

    Why would anyone with common sense walked into a court room and be like “yup i wanna be transferred back to canada, So i can continue my business that got me locked up in the first place” Marc never ONCE admitted to anyone that he was a criminal. He never ONCE told us (his supporters) to do anything violent, or commit crimes….in fact there was a link posted on what u could and couldnt get away with in regards to protest.

    For those who want to talk smack about Marc now… Take your ball and go home. I will be attending a rally on september 18th… And I will put myself out there and if i get arrested, I get arrested. This Cause isn’t just Marc Emery… This is about personal Freedom. Marc is making a stink about losing his freedom so hopefully no other pot smoking, cookie munching, bong hitting CANADIAN CITIZEN has to be taken away from his family, friends and life.

    You can sit back and complain about Marc and then maybe one day you will be sitting in a prison serving an 18 month sentence for making hash brownies and maybe the “callous on his finger when it could be somewhere else” joke wont be so damn funny…And you know why you will be there? because you sat back and complained instead of going out and being heard.

    Screw em’ Marc and Jodie… I’m still standing behind you and so are thousands more.


  38. David Malmo-Levine on

    “A man has far more right to sacrifice everything to his own self-preservation than sovereigns have to do the same to preserve the state.” – Casanova, explaining the extremes one must go through to escape jail, “History of My Life” Vol. 4, p. 293

  39. highcrimes on

    I want to write Marc, but I have no idea what to write. I am also scared now I see how articulate he is, and I am just a dink…:( LOL.

    I haven’t stopping thinking about you guys, I am still there in spirit.

  40. Anonymous on

    people are full of hate, that will never end.. ignore works great

    we love you marc & jodie
    your the best marc emery & your words are TRUTH

  41. DAN on

    Marc is so sweet. What a guy!