Fifteenth Anniversary of Hempology 101

CANNABIS CULTURE – Hundreds of cannabis-lovers will be marching the streets of Victoria, B.C. on Sept 1 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the International Hempology 101 Society.

Starting at Centennial Square at 7pm, costumed characters, lead by our mascot Herb, will take the group to the legislature for our annual postcard picture.

Throughout the years the International Hempology 101 Society has organized about 1,800 rallies, lectures, conventions, gameshows, press conferences, Team 420 games and parties, as well as meetings of the board of directors and various committees. Recently we turned our newsletter into a newspaper, the Cannabis Digest, giving us the ability to inform the public about various legal and medical issues while building a network of cannabis-friendly, small businesses.

Future plans include starting a UBC Hempology 101 Club this fall and hosting a convention there in Oct, finally publishing the Hempology 101 textbook, raising $80,000 to pay for the lawyers working on the bakery trial of the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada and helping the scientific community generate more peer-reviewed research.

On Sept 1 we will be giving away many prizes at the legislature. The winning team of the 6th Annual REACH FOR THE POT Tournament will receive their personal trophy bongs, the winners of the summer contests will receive their awards, some prizes will be given away to people who answer trivia questions and a raffle will be held to raise funds for the legal defence fund.

For more information see: or contact Ted Smith @ 250-381-4220 [email protected]