CO. Gov. Says Med Pot Fees Helping Budget Deficit

The Associated Press is reporting that Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter says pot fees are helping the helping the state’s budget deficit.

Associated Press

DENVER — Gov. Bill Ritter is using $9 million from medical marijuana registrations to help the state meet a $60 million fiscal emergency.

The state anticipates ending the year with 150,000 applicants for medical marijuana cards, up from 41,000 in 2009. A marijuana card costs $90 per year.

Backers of medical marijuana legislation in a number of states and cities have touted revenue from possible taxes and other fees as a selling point at a time of tight fiscal funding.



  1. Anonymous Don on

    They don’t like us, but they SURE like our $money$!!!!

  2. Dave on

    RWAs and their followers are very vocal but fairly small group; probably about 20%+/-? They are the robber barons and they have deep pockets. We need to continue exposing their “false witnesses”!

  3. David762 on

    It has been my impression that in every State in which Medical Marijuana has been legalized, and especially via voter referendum, there has been a concerted effort at the municipal, county, and state level by LEOs, District Attorneys, and politicians of both primary political parties to roll back the liberalization of cannabis prohibition.

    These forces of Authoritarian Collectivism are doing everything within their power to strangle and crush under their jackboots any movement toward the repeal of Prohibition 2.0, including breaking the law, bearing false witness, and collusion or conspiracy to abrogate the civil rights, freedoms, and privacy of the very citizens they have sworn to serve and protect. They exhibit absolutely no shame in throwing law-abiding citizens in jail, seizing their assets, depriving them of much needed medical relief, or even having them murdered in their living rooms.

    Circumstances need to change faster, and for the better. Social justice demands it. Just say now!

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
    — John F. Kennedy

  4. Samuel on

    I would not get too worked up over this news: CO government officials are currently doing their damndest to override our state Constitution and the will of the voters by imposing ridiculous fees on businesses and destroying the privacy rights of each and every MMJ patient in the state. Worse, these asshats truly believe they can video monitor FROM THE WEB every plant “from seed to sale” (you have to wonder if these idiots have ever even heard of cloning). They want to record every MMJ sale for instant access on demand by Law Enforcement.

    Of course, all this does is widen the Underground. Authoritarian follower-types never seem to care that their actions contribute to the very problems they are so sphincter-clenchingly desperate to solve.