Jack Herer Would Vote Yes on 19

Post courtesy of the Family of Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

Van Nuys, California
August, 2010

Dear Friends of Hemp and Cannabis,

Our father, Jack Herer, was a man of leadership, compassion and idealism. He worked relentlessly for decades to achieve his dream of legalizing Cannabis hemp in all its forms, personal, medical and industrial. He wanted Cannabis to be free and open, and to be given full respect for its enormous economic, environmental and cultural benefits.

As an idealist, Jack was adverse to half measures. He originally opposed Prop 215 because it stopped at medical use only. He initially opposed Senate Bill 420 because it set limited quantities as a safe harbor. Over time, however, he came to appreciate the freedoms they created, and took pride in the role he played in inspiring those changes. Jack’s great fear about Prop 215 and SB 420 was that people would accept those limits, become complacent and stop working for full legalization. He feared we would be stuck with medical use forever.

Likewise, Jack railed against Tax Cannabis 2010, now Proposition 19, and its plan for limited legalization and local authority to tax and regulate marijuana sales to adults 21 and above. It falls far short of what he wanted. Jack ‘wanted it all,’ and Prop 19 is just a part of that dream. Unfortunately, Jack passed away before Prop 19 made the 2010 ballot; so many people think he would still oppose it. We don’t believe that, and we ask that everyone stop saying he would cling to that position as we move toward the Nov. 2 vote.

As his family, we want the world to know that the last thing Jack Herer would want is for Californians to vote to keep Cannabis illegal. He was smart and had the political savvy to know that once a measure is on the ballot, the time for bickering has passed. That is why he campaigned for Prop 215 despite its shortcomings. That is why, were he able, he would now be telling voters to rally around and Vote Yes on Prop 19.

Does that mean he would want everyone to stop and be happy with the modest changes that Prop 19 affords? Absolutely not! What Jack would want us to do right now is to support Prop 19, and come Nov. 3 he would be right back again, telling you to renew your commitment to bring a comprehensive California Hemp and Health Initiative to the voters in 2012 or some future date. Jack Herer would ask — no, he would demand your yes vote on Prop 19, along with a pledge to continue fighting for the plant, the people and the planet.

It is true that Prop 19 does not fulfill our father’s dream; but it takes us much closer to achieving it than we are now, and for that reason we, his family, endorse Prop 19 today. Please vote yes on Prop 19 Nov 2, but do it with the dedication to keep working toward complete legalization in Jack’s honor.

Sincerely, Dan Herer et al.



  1. Anonymous on

    Moldy here is waiting for the 60’s to manifest ..
    and it will, but it will be the 2060’s
    which is actually closer than the ones he had in mind

  2. Anonymous on

    you guys are pathetic, playing cannabis like World of Warcraft, dress up dope druids waving sticks at the prohibition Demons from Planet Anslinger, and all you can come up with in your batcave of hemp hokum is drugged up up tanning lotion that doesn’t work, recipe taken from a book you reject 99.999 % of its other content.. catch you tards later at the Babylon Mystery Mall

  3. moldy on

    Sure, I know, you don’t want to lose money if Prop 19 passes so scare the fuck out of all these unsuspecting cannabis users with your prohibition “what if” lies. You’re no better than a fucking Anslinger. You know, you fucking morrons don’t even belong here so go peddle your scare tactics somewhere else because no one here is buying it. We all know it’s to protect YOUR interests not the movement as a whole. So whore on folks as we ain’t listening to your crap.

  4. moldy on

    First of all Jack’s family posted the letter. They know Jack better than you. You must earn “blood money” off the black market? Otherwise you have no reason not to support prop 19. Patients need cheaper meds and you are part of the problem. Walk on d-bag…

  5. Anonymous on

    keep up the good work.
    Live and let live.
    Peace my brother.

  6. Anonymous on

    Prop 19 is the wealthy pot people cutting deals with state government to race a bad idea into being’ Like Monsanto cutting deals with the government to allow them and them alone to seed the fields with crops they control.
    Prop 19 is too clumsy an approach to renovate= if you think it took a long time to get pot legalized via Prop 19, it will take many lifetimes to relax the squeeze of the taxman once they latch onto pot. If you vote yes on Prop 19, you will never see pot in a fit form for the rest of your life.
    If you cannot consider five generations ahead, or even one year ahead= do the math prop 19 is bad economic social ecology= note that these warnings are not from rival pot schemes but from ordinary people who see dead fish and are alerting you, the smell and flies are on their way.

    you will be sorry you fell for the hype of a quickie prop 19 grab. Think of the future of your nation, follow the money, think beyond your next joint.

    Say “NO” on prop 19, or be saying “OH NO!” for the rest of your life

    Billions of marijuana industry dollars- Billions of Marijuana industry dollars
    Billions of Marijuana Industry dollars- Billions of Marijuana Industry dollars

  7. Anonymous on

    censorship sweepers have been through here- again- quietly deleting any posts that speak of truths the marijuana establishment would prefer you don’t think about – so much for freedom of speech and honest debate

  8. Anonymous on

    I don’t trust Big Business because they prepare slick lies and drop them in patterns that suggest a truth that favors an outcome that suits their agenda.

    Pot is now big business, and has been for decades,, and here they are now, just like every other big business: preparing slick lies. dropping them in a pattern that suggests a truth that favors an outcome that suits their agenda.

    The fact that we all seem to still >> want to believe that the pot we know and love is still cheeky little Mom & Pop rebel hobby product — POT IS BIG BUSINESS- and has been for over 40 years– remember that Biggest cash crop in California is marijuana? Ya? How did Mom & Pop manage to squeeze 16 Billion dollars in that rusty old coffee can every harvest for 40 years? Thats a fucking huge mountain range of money — California Pot is a bigger business than a lot of other human commercial activities in this world in this century..
    California Pot is the evil two headed twin of Big Pharma + Big Alcohol
    and you know it, but are too stupid to admit it to yourself, so you let them convince ypu is a harmless rebel hobby-
    and its been lying to you all along, and you know it

    repeat: C A L I F O R N I A P O T = O B S C E N E P R O F I T S

    do not unleash these weasely assholes into the outside world as mirror image wealthy overnight industrialists to create political mischief with YOUR money in YOUR lifetime.. Pot barons have never been socially conscious.. thats tight, they have invested put one cent from their billions of obscene profits into anything but their own sailboats, vacations and luxury items– you know it
    They are the BP of marijuana , drilling another hole in the ocean floor
    ————————- W A K E U P ! —————————-

  9. Lygeia on

    We can’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

    After rich, powerful people have mucked everything up so extraordinarily, for us to expect that we can create perfection out of the utter chaos they have wrought is waiting for Utopia. It is just another quiver in the arrow that the rich and powerful fire at us once we realize we need to correct a wrong, they get us to clamor for perfection.

    It is perfect for cannabis to be made legal with no taxation or federal control. It is good for it to be legalized as Proposition 19 allows.

    We cannot wait until all the planets are aligned in some once-in-a-200-million-year phenomena to allow for change. To continue along on the present path where 21 grams of marijuana (the weight of the human soul in some belief systems) — less than ounce — gets you life in prison, your house confiscated, your vehicles taken away from you, your life savings stolen, your pets shot in a SWAT team attack on your home which terrorizes your children, your liberty deprived so that you can manufacture office furniture in a federal for-profit prison for 10 cents an hour, and if you ever do get paroled you cannot get a job in consensus reality, is to allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

    Vote yes for Proposition 19.

  10. Anonymous on

    When you are _your deathbed, counting your breaths- you will probably realize, howbeit too late, that you should have left your breathing process to your automatic unconscious, like every other living creature and used your brains, soul and time to have particpated in the life process..oh well, at least you just freed up another seat at Starbucks for somebody who _is fully alive and not so full of shit..

  11. Terry Winger on

    Chris is one of the finest men I know. He has given his life to the truth and proven it with his research. Only in his strenth which not many of us have, has he done everything he has. He can even handle being called a Jerk by some asshole who has no clue about this man. God bless this mans work. Few have the guts to try and return a sacrament and true herb of God, and with little or no profit.

    Terry Winger

  12. Anonymous on

    I seriously doubt that Mr. Herer would support a MJ law that capped possession at one ounce and prohibited private sales, 2 points rarely made in the (lack of) real media coverage.

    So as well as the Herer family claiming to speak for the dearly departed, we also have Chris Conrad doing the same thing. Appalling. Even more, Chris attacks the author of what seems to be the only serious analysis of the proposition for claiming to speak for Jack. Hypocrite.

    Read what Chris says after gazing into his ball:

    “Jack would never, ever walk into a voting booth and vote to keep prohibition as it is. He would have complained, he would demand that we pass CHI in 2012, but Jack would hold his nose and vote yes. The problem is that Jack Herer died before he came to support Prop 19, otherwise he would tell you so himself. So let’s do what Jack really would have ended up doing, and give Tax Cannabis unwavering support.” – Chris Conrad, court-qualified cannabis expert and consultant

    then he attacks:
    No one knows what he (Jack Herer) would be saying now, so it would be to stop speaking in his name. (sic)

    Thankfully the attackee wrote a detailed response here:

    A question needs to be asked of every supporter: Are you or have you accepted any money from anyone that would benefit from 19?

    After all, there are plenty of people questioning the motives of those of us that question this ridiculous piece of legislation.

    Hey, if it passes, enjoy your 5×5! Just keep your receipt from Marijuana.Inc® And don’t go anywhere with >29g.

  13. Anonymous on

    and rap is old school

  14. Anonymous on

    Keep practicing. Your misery wont leave you overnight.
    First off, try taking a few slow deep breaths. In and out, now relax.
    Try not to take control over other peoples lives. It is unattainable, and very stressful for you.
    Focus on your own short life.
    Someday, when you are on your deathbed, you will regret being so miserable towards other people.
    Goodbye misery.

  15. Wand de Justus on

    Inhale please,exhale.Easy on the negative.Having spent the summer of 92,last century,in Jacks glow,well the humor must not be in absents.For Mr.Jack did not like so many a folk in jail,in the method of pain and wail.So please,ease on the squez.

  16. Dale allo on

    i’ve been on here for years and noones ever banned me or deleted my post beause i said something that didnt agree with the moderator. i bet your post here wont be deleted either.

  17. Anonymous on

    Since Ed is so plugged in with the California pot people and pals with all the pot friendly legislators- and knows how to grow pot on a big scale ( he was busted with a big warehouse full of a huge pirate marijuana grow opp)-
    what will his part be in a pot friendly California of the future ?

    Will he be applying to be a wholesale provider of legal weed?
    That would make sense considering he has been lusting after Marc Emery’s pot seed wealth all along.. and has been Marc’s silent business partner for years but was smart enough to step back and watch Marc take the bullet

    So what is Eds business plan if pot in California is voted in California in November?A major pot guru not biting at the bit to stick it to the man after waiting for 25 years to cash in?? hard to believe hes not interested

    maybe it really is time to ” Ask Ed ”

  18. Adrian on

    If Herer’s son wants to say his father would vote for 19, I’m not going to argue it. But I would be surprised as Jack Herer was a man staunchly against government regulation which is pretty much exclusively what this bill is about. And that’s the difference. Props 215 and 420 weren’t about taxing, regulating, or controlling marijuana, they were about people in pain being able to have access without going to jail. THAT seems more like a Jack Herer sentiment. Jack Herer – supporter of taxes and government regulation… Hard to swallow.

  19. Anonymous on

    It would be religious persecution to call Chris Bennett a jerk. Now you don’t want to be a hater, do you? Good because we hate haters
    Even though everybody thinks that Chris Bennett is a jerk, and he often acts like a jerk, that’s not a good enough reason to say in public CHRIS BENNETT IS A JERK Chris . Chris Bennett is a holyman and even though so many other self assigned holymen are annoying jerks, Chris bennett is not one of those. He is different in ways we can’t see. Please, respect this marijuana holyman because nobody else does. Someday, somebody will understand what he’s on about and then the world will be a better place. I have somewhat toned down saying or thinking Chris Bennett is a jerk, and it was very hard, believe me !

  20. Anonymous on

    These two words should never be used in the same sentence, and only rarely used in the same paragraph… and it;s unwise to use these two words when two or more stoners get together to fix the world’s drug policy.

    Like Glaciers, the marijuana legalization movement thinks it’s cool, but is just slowly retreating backwards. If there is any heat, big drips are released who go downhill from there.

  21. Anonymous on

    ” Goodbye Misery ” is pretty much our reaction to you after you left./ except for maybe exchanging ” goodbye” with ” fuck off “

  22. Anonymous on

    By “jerk” I meant “one who likes to eat beef jerky” (I’m guessing). Not intended as a personal insult, because that would be wrong.

  23. Anonymous on

    CC is almost as bad. They have a forum but they will ban anyone who makes a post contrary to the moderator’s own opinions. How do I know, happened to me. Were it not for these blogs I would not be able to express my opinion on this site at all, and I obviously can’t start my own articles on this blog.

    See why the legalization movement is progressing so slowly? The first step would be to respect freedom of speech on their own forums. Fat chance in the CC forums, with jerks like Chris Bennett as moderators. How’s the cult thing working out anyway, Chris? Did the Supreme Court grant the cult the right to get high whenever they feel like it yet? Oh yeah, that’ll happen.

  24. Anonymous on

    You know how Norml is supposed to be the bastion of the US Cannabis legalization movement (I guess)? Well, what if the general public wants to express their opinions on a Norml forum or blog? Try to find one. Yeah, they have a “blog” on their website, only you can’t make an article on it. There is no public forum whatsoever, as there is on the CC website. What a useless organization. I think they have their heads up their own asses and couldn’t care less what anybody has to say. No wonder Cannabis is still illegal in the US, if Norml is the best they can do. Who gives a crap about a private Cannabis club? Why doesn’t Ed or somebody else start a real US Cannabis legalization organization, one that cares what the public has to say about the subject? Norml is a friggin joke. Probably why the average American doesn’t even know they exist, or care.

  25. Anonymous on

    Dont worry about it. Chill out. If you allow this story to bother you, then YOU have a problem.

    I read it, I made a comment to you, then I left.
    Goodbye misery

  26. Anonymous on

    you guys are seriously fucked if you are pretending how dead people would vote on something in the future. Is California stoner society so messed up they don’t know the difference between dead and alive? Sometimes I wonder and I am not the only one. Better consult a chrystal ball than pretend you actually know how dead pot heros would vote if they were still alive. Just sayin’ you are all polluting the memory of Jack Herer by turning him into your puppet