Barry Cooper Says More KopBusting in Store After Charges Dropped

CANNABIS CULTURE – After having a misdemeanor charge for his Kopbusting activities dropped by prosecutors in Texas, Ex-Narc turned pot activist Barry Cooper says he is just getting started going after corrupt cops.

The charges, filed by the Texas Rangers against Cooper, his wife Candi, and an associate after they set up a sting operation to bust crooked police officers, were dropped by Ector County prosecutors who say the charges did not reflect the facts of the case.

“The statute in Texas requires that the false report be made during an investigation, and there was no ongoing investigation,” County Attorney Cindy Weir-Nutter told the Odessa American. “You have to be able to prove all elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.”

“I knew the charges were bullshit because I used to be a cop,” Cooper told Cannabis Culture. “They never should’ve applied for the warrant in the first place and the judge should never have granted it. I knew their actions were done in retaliation but I still believed we would have to go through the system and prove that it was all bullshit and still might not win. This is great and fantastic news.”

The charges were filed after the Coopers set up a fake marijuana growing operation in a house in Odessa, Texas, using Christmas trees instead of pot plants. An anonymous letter was dropped off at a local church and eventually given to police. The cops responded as Cooper expected and less than 24 hours later the Odessa narcotics unit raided the house (without probable cause), finding only a Kopbusters attorney and spy cameras.

Texas Ranger Brian Burney later filed charges against the Coopers claiming it was “obvious that the information given to the Odessa Police Department was false and deceptive with the intent to cause a reaction from officers who were conducting the investigation.”

Cooper recently filed a $40 million dollar lawsuit against Texas law enforcement groups and officials but said he would drop the city of Odessa as a defendant in the case.

The Texas resident still faces a different misdemeanor charge in Williamson County for filing a false report in connection with another Kopbuster sting where Cooper’s team planted a ‘suspicious package’ full of cash in a public location that was apparently stolen by police. It is not yet evident if the ruling in the Ector County case will have any effect on Cooper’s charges in Williamson County.

New KopBusters Products

There may be future battles in store for the Coopers, but Barry says his KopBusting activities are far from over.

Cooper, an ex-police narcotics expert who is known for his NeverGetBusted series of DVDs told Cannabis Culture he is working on a new product line that includes “Barry Cams”: small cameras that can be installed in a vehicle and quickly activated to record nasty interactions with police officers during traffic stops.

“When the police pull them over they can hit the button and it records the traffic stop in color, with full audio, for 2 1/2 hours,” Cooper said. “That person will be able to upload their footage to my website for my personal analysis to advise if the police did anything wrong.”

Cooper said other products he will unveil include LED growing lights, plant chameleon – an all-natural dye that can be sprayed on plants to protect them from prying eyes in the sky, smell-proof bags that totally stop ALL permeation of scent, and a floating garden.

The third volume of his NeverGetBusted series is also due for release in coming months, and is titled NeverGetBusted Advanced Techniques: Examining the Mind of a Cop.

Cooper says he wants to launch the products as soon as possible “to help citizens and continue KopBusting with those cameras. Now everyone can do their own KopBusting.”

The products should be available from the NeverGetBusted website in the next few months.

Movie Deal

If this amazing story of a Narc turned Narc-hunter seems to you like something out of a Hollywood movie, you aren’t far off – actually, you are right on the money.

The story has been deemed so amazing that it will be the subject of a feature motion picture and Cooper has been working with Hollywood producers Franck Khalfoun and Brett Ratner, directors responsible for the Rush Hour movies, Prison Break TV show, and other films.

Barry said he has been talking to the directors on a weekly basis preparing the script for production.

“I spend a couple hours each week on the phone with them writing the script,” Barry said. “The movie is going to start when I was 12 years old and they took me from my momma, and it’s going to go all the way through till today.”

More Kopbusting

Cooper said he’s sure he will run in to more opposition from law enforcement, but that he will continue to bust corrupt cops.

“Once I get that product line up, I’m going to do another KopBusters sting. I’m not going to stop, because it would be selfish of me to stop. The charges got dropped on us here and they will probably be dropped in Williamson County, but there are just too many people in prison to stop. While we are sitting pretty we’re going to go out and stir this shit up again because it’s the right thing to do.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    We have not had a Justice system in this country for over 100 years! It’s now called a legal system because it serves no justice. There was no justice in this case, the perpetrators are still at large and wearing badges, while they continue to harass Gary and Candy. Because they keep going after him they way they do he has a legitimate case to sue for harassment, wrongful imprisonment, false arrest, slander, defamation of character, kidnapping, etc….. Where is the justice in that?

  2. PeyotePal on

    Okay, just two things …


    Firstly, congratulations.

    Secondly, how can I get a copy of your brass balls?

    like, wow.

  3. Cody M. on

    Texas is not that hard. I live in Ector County, Odessa to be more exact. The Texas rangers, ehhh yeah they can be pretty bad, with their irreproachable power over other forms of law enforcement. But Anything that Barry pulls in Odessa is not gonna receive any backlash from around here. Our judges, just out to make money, our prosecutors, sheep. The mere fact that an individual from this area can stick it to the law like that goes to show you that the criminal justice system is all smoke and mirrors. Get ’em Barry.

  4. Anonymous on

    Kops with nothing better to do.

    Who said that Barry was a PI?

    Barry – – I’m with you – –

    Good Work – Ever thought of moving to Canada & help us clean up the RCMP !!

  5. Jake on

    Your wrong, that’s not probable cause, its called hear say and you cant get a warrant based on hear say. the person giving the tip just gives the cops insight to do surveillance and gather EVIDENCE to get a warrant. And sometimes (sometimes) a cop can say he smells weed to search a car, but they have to see shit in your house to search it, and most time with a lawyer in certain states cops smelling weed isn’t grounds for a search. I think Washington state court just ruled in our favor over the smelling pot thing saying a police officer isn’t guaranteed to sniff out pot like a trained K9. Therefor not grounds for a warrant. Go Barry!

  6. Anonymous on

    Barry sent out a text at 445 this morning that he was taken down now for not having a PI license for his Kopbusters. He said the bail was $10,000. Any further news on this?

  7. Anonymous on

    I have heard the argument that we should allow our government to turn off our internet and now you won’t have the right to blog or post your opinions, all in the name of national security, they listen and store all our phone conversations, e-mails, what sites we frequent, bombard us with radiation at the airport take our naked images and our children and save the images for their own viewing pleasure, and are we supposed to like licking their boots and worship them???? I don’t get it. maybe some of us had too much flouride, or prozac, which the government admits they want to put in our water, some people are already getting lined up to get their brain eating vaccines to make them nice all the time and never get mad at the government.

  8. Anonymous on

    Would you give up all your rights and become a voluntary slave, just because the government promises to take care of your every need and tuck you into bed at night???? as long as you do what you are told????
    If you want security and freedom you can’t have both, do you really want to walk the road to complete security by big brother?? because that is where they are taking us, brother, you are my brother from an other mother, and many generations ago our forefathers also fought for freedom, why become voluntary slaves, they were just trying to ruin barry.

  9. Anonymous on

    They went into the house without first checking the veracity of the letter, if they had they would have known there were Christmas trees in the house, they have in prior cases, murdered the residents of the home and found no drugs or they had the wrong house, should that be ok????

  10. Dale allo on

    he’s treading water here (is that the right inuendo?) there are alot of folks up in high places that he’s pissed off and they really arent all that afraid to make him disappear if they want to. its really hard for stoners to feel for this guy though considering how many crooked busts he has made himself it takes a long time to really forgive him for that even if he is sorry and working against it now.

  11. Anonymous on

    People will know about it if this guy comes up missing. I’m surprised he’s still alive!! Good job for defeating the Texans. Inspiration for many.. Justice does sometimes prevail.

  12. David on

    “Yeah, there’s dirty cops out there, but if some law type agency gets a reasonable tip, they investigate”

    You are right. That’s what they should have done. But they HAVE NOT investigated, they just asked a judge to sign a warrant without enough proof.

  13. Pfarthing6 on

    I just wanted to know if anyone else knows if the so called “anonymous letter” was created by Cooper? That sort of defeats the purpose it would seem. While the rules may be what are stated herein, with the ongoing investigation and whatnot, still, if cops get a letter sayin, “Hey, there’s a grow house, I smell pot, here’s the address.” Then afaik, that’s grounds for some susspicion. If the letter said instead, “Hey, I saw these middle-east guys polishing up their AK47’s and working on these small clock thingy’s, here’s the address.” Should that be ignored?

    Yeah, there’s dirty cops out there, but if some law type agency gets a reasonable tip, they investigate, and if all the bits fit together, should we expect them to go through their copy-type motions? I mean, I’m pro-legalization and all that, but pot is still illegal.

    I for one wouldn’t mind seeing the letter, if in deed it exists. On the other hand, if the letter was fabricated evidence, then that needs to be repeated ad nauseum until nobody has any question about it. That is corruption and must be outed!

    Eh, my 2 cents….