Charges in Texas Ranger KopBuster Case Dropped

The charges the Texas Rangers filed on Candi, my detective and me have been dropped.

They illegally arrested us for busting krooked kops. The CBS news video to the breaking story is on the front page of NeverGetBusted. The extensive report can be found here. The Odessa American Newspaper coverage can be found here. Be sure to vote in the poll located in the Odessa American Article. The poll is regarding our arrests and eventual vindication.

Thanks for helping us during our time of need.

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  1. UncleBob100 on

    The Kops were supposed to be our shepherds…but it turns out they’re more like wolves. Go ask a cop in NY city for help/directons…and you’ll get an angry reply “do I look like an information booth”? – this from Alex Jones

  2. Cody M. from Odessa on

    As an citizen of Odessa, Texas, I can say Barry Cooper did a damn good job. We need more people like Barry in this area, and less Kops like the ones we have. People are constantly getting their civil rights trampled on, and the majority of the time, no one does anything. I wouldn’t say that it’s because people are scared though. There’s just a lack of public knowledge in this area of what the Kops can and cannot do, and people just constantly let them get away with it. Too many sheep and not enough shepards.