Seattle Hempfest 2010 in Photos

CANNABIS CULTURE – Seattle Hempfest 2010 was a beautiful sight to see: hundreds of thousands gathered together on the Seattle waterfront to celebrate cannabis and call for an end to the drug war. Take a peek at these CC photo galleries.

Marijuana smokers, activists, vendors and musicians gathered for the the 19th annual Seattle Hempfest, the worlds largest pot “protestival”.


Seattle Hempfest 2010 – Day 1

Day 1 was filled with excellent speeches and tons of live music as large crowds gathered around several large stages spread across the waterfront parks. Hundreds of vendors sold pipes, t-shirts, jewelry and every flavor of food imaginable. Activists handed out information at booths and in the crowd.
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Seattle Hempfest 2010 – Day 2

Day 2 of our Seattle Hempfest trip was even better than the first. We had a fantastic time playing in the crowded park and hanging with the greats of the cannabis community. Jodie Emery kicked off the 4:20 celebration from the Seeley Stage and we all lit up for a huge smoke session. Thanks for the high time Seattle!
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  1. Bema Self on

    Great photos Jeremiah Vandermeer and Carina Gonzalez!

    Can’t wait to see next years pics!

  2. renney b. on

    it is a beautiful thing to see the masses celebrate the freedom of this great herb; in words, pictures and works of art… so sad that the our rejection comes from a narrow minded few that are trying to rule the world… jah beautiful gift of life and liberty and happiness is evident for everyone to see that we are in harmony with nature; jah creation… we will overcome one day let us make that day today; as the bible says, ‘ today if you hear his voice harden not your heart…’ again as bob marley says,’ herb is not only for us who use it; it is also for the people who fight against it!!!’ the truth is here for us all to accept or reject ,that is the dilemma … peace and love , from renney b.

  3. Anonymous on

    I dont know if its because of the Jack Herer of 5 minutes ago,but why is it that I find myself ,like I am there now, at the Seattle Hempfest just looking at your above slideshow.