Seattle Hempfest 2010 in Photos

CANNABIS CULTURE – Seattle Hempfest 2010 was a beautiful sight to see: hundreds of thousands gathered together on the Seattle waterfront to celebrate cannabis and call for an end to the drug war. Take a peek at these CC photo galleries.

Marijuana smokers, activists, vendors and musicians gathered for the the 19th annual Seattle Hempfest, the worlds largest pot “protestival”.


Seattle Hempfest 2010 – Day 1

Day 1 was filled with excellent speeches and tons of live music as large crowds gathered around several large stages spread across the waterfront parks. Hundreds of vendors sold pipes, t-shirts, jewelry and every flavor of food imaginable. Activists handed out information at booths and in the crowd.
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Seattle Hempfest 2010 – Day 2

Day 2 of our Seattle Hempfest trip was even better than the first. We had a fantastic time playing in the crowded park and hanging with the greats of the cannabis community. Jodie Emery kicked off the 4:20 celebration from the Seeley Stage and we all lit up for a huge smoke session. Thanks for the high time Seattle!
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