Memoirs of an American Marijuana Grower (Part Two)

[This is PART TWO in a series. Click here to read PART ONE and PART THREE on Cannabis Culture]

In the first installment I walked you through my early growrooms and showed you Batgirl and California Orange up close. Here are the three rooms at max capacity. Small vegg wall-to-wall and budding. Large bloom area plants look like they’re dead but a few more days and things will be happy – lots and lots of trimming and hanging and drying taking place.

To keep the place cool I added a 10” duct that dumped straight down into the crop off a small 1-1/2 ton A/C. It was a great deal of work as this was all upstairs in an apartment and everything you see was carried by hand up and down the stairs by me.

The panels you see are wrapped with foylon and if you think they’re bright inside you should have seen them after the piggies tossed them into the sunlight. It made me a believer in the stuff – or a generic equivalent. The smell was controlled with Ozone cannons, something I do not recommend now as it’s not very good for you to breath Ozone. It worked though; after I was busted and before I was locked up I spoke to my neighbors who had no idea I was growing the weed they had been buying for years. I took an unofficial poll and I found out I was viewed as a good neighbor that took care of his place and caused no problems. They also liked the buds!

Main Vegetive rooms:

The pigs destroyed it all and stole anything they wanted from me. They held me down with a jack boot and a automatic weapon to my temple. I guess the Bob Marley shirt scared em. Computer games, music CDs and cash never made their inventory sheet and while they busted me they ordered Pizza and scarfed it down in front of me. Thieves with guns and badges! This event created in me a passion to resist and fight back for the rest of my life – or until cannabis is legal for adults. It was also the moment I became Subcool.

Lets look at Vic’s Killer Queen. Back then there was more than one pheno in my garden. I started 15 seeds and worked down to the best three females. Back then males didn’t mean anything, DOH!!! So The one we know now as KQ or Mango was actually KQ#3. KQ#2 was the G-13 dominant and KQ#3 just was good. These are pictures of her over that time period. I passed this one on to good friends back then so it was not lost and it is the same one smoked all over North America to this day.

My friend that saved Mango was blown away by the G-13 dominant pheno but he agreed the Mango was so close in potency and 10X the taste. The first time I dried some out and smoked it I went on a trip and sat in my back yard in the sun like some sun worshiping hippie. Oh yeah … I am. We used this mom to make Danny Boy and the Queen Annes Revenge.


When I first saw these pictures, sent recently to me by a friend who had them on his computer, I sat and looked at each photo over and over. It brought back many memories, good and bad. These were the days of sleeping lightly and trusting no one (I didn’t follow this rule well enough) but also some great times with good friends and the discovery of amazing genetics, each revelation better than the last.

This is the famed Genius. it is very similar to the Apollo-13, which makes sense because it is a parent along with P-75. Genius had less fruit taste and more of a sour funk, almost rotten or fermenting fruit. The main reason this strain didn’t get passed along is because, again, I didn’t know what I had – no one did. Back then you could talk to Soul, Vic, or Sly anytime until Trolls ran them underground or off. We just knew the A-13 yielded more and was a bit easier to grow, so I never gave a cutting to anyone before the door crashed in.

I still miss her and I am always on the lookout for this cutting!

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Subcool is an expert grower, breeder, seed producer, and author of Dank: The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana, published by Ed Rosenthal’s Quick Trading Company. He and is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture and other marijuana magazines. Read Subcool’s Blog.



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  2. Anonymous on

    I have tried pure strains of each medically as well as the pharmaceuticals and agree with your assessment.

  3. Anonymous on

    Ever hear of M-39 or Nurple in mid 80’s?

  4. 1019drummer on

    Very beautiful pics,whats your prefered growing medium? I have been using premier pro mix bx general purpose growing medium and amending as needed. I like the results alot. Anyway CC rules,thanks for sharing

  5. Anonymous on

    I really enjoyed the pictures and the story, they just can’t take the past away even though they want to curb the future.

    btw someone mentioned guru, it actually means “the one who points”. Jiddu Krishnamurti probably would be the best person to take that up with. Good material to read when consuming non toxic foods. Sorry I had to say that, after all some trolls on the site seem to mix toxins with non toxins. Need I say more? Lets hope not.

  6. Blueridge_Bandit on

    Bye. Don’t come back ya hear.

  7. Anonymous on

    I just noticed this is a secretly Christian site… it’s at the bottom. I’m not coming back: Christianity is bad & false.

  8. Anonymous on

    Minor troll: Indicas seem to sort of safely resemble CNS depressants, while Sativas seem to sort of safely resemble CNS stimulants, except in the case of sexual effects.
    Indicas seem to be the strains which increase sex interest, like dangerous CNS stiumlants do, & Sativas seem to be the strains which decrease sex interest, like dangerous CNS depressants do: it’s like the resemblence switches in that regard alone.

    Anyone with me on that anecdotal observation? I stupidly tried the hard drugs so I know about these comparisons… it’s pretty paramount to know about effects before using cannabis.

  9. mack on

    At the time the plant is pollinated is the same time it stops making THC which is what gets you high, making your claim hard to believe.

    Maybe most of these are immature. But, you don’t have to pollinate them to allow them to mature. Just takes time and wait for your orange hairs.

  10. jake on

    I would have to say your wrong. A female plant gets more sticky when it doesn’t get pollinated. It does this to hopefully get pollen to stick to the buds so it may reproduce. therefore creating more thc. Some guru correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. castklearr on


    Not everything that looks good is good. These pictures all include IMMATURE SENSAMILLIA LOOK!

    Only a seeded plat is mature. Think about it they only study seedless marijuana. BUT the best high ever was Columbian Seeded Gold or Alcopulco Seeded Gold. The reason the plant has been allowed to complete its journey….

    These strains look good but nothing is said about the “HIGH” or the “NO HIGH”.



  12. Anonymous on

    Off topic, -there’s a banner ad which misspelt ‘un-constitutional’ on this site.

  13. Anonymous on

    -a just mission, Subcool. You should get out of the city & actually use that star you so admire.

  14. Anonymous on

    Very nice.Thats one frosty whore!