Medical Marijuana Patient Faces Life in Prison for a Half Ounce in Texas

Chris Diaz is facing up to life in prison after being busted for 14 grams of weed and hash.Chris Diaz is facing up to life in prison after being busted for 14 grams of weed and hash.A Texas asthma sufferer who went to California for a medical marijuana recommendation and then got busted in June on a Texas highway with small amounts of marijuana and hashish is facing up to life in prison after being indicted by a Brown County grand jury.

He is charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, a first-degree felony in the Lone Star State.

Chris Diaz, 20, has been jailed on $40,000 bond since the June 27 arrest. He was busted with 14 grams of weed and hash.

Under Texas law, possession of less than two ounces of marijuana is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail, while possession of hashish is either a state jail felony punishable by up to two years for less than a gram, or a second-class felony punishable by up to 20 years if less than four grams, although probation is also possible. It is unclear exactly how much hash Diaz had.

Diaz was pulled over for an expired license tag while en route from California to Austin, and according to the DPS trooper’s report, could not produce a drivers’ license or proof of insurance. He was then arrested for failure to identify, and during a subsequent search, police found a small amount of hashish on his person. A search of the vehicle then turned up more hash and marijuana in pill bottle from a California medical marijuana provider.

The DPS report said the search also turned up a cell phone “containing text messages referring to drug sales” and a notebook with “drug and law writings.” Those are apparently the basis, legitimate or otherwise, for the drug distribution charge.

Texas does not have a medical marijuana law, and its authorities do not recognize having a recommendation from another state as a defense against prosecution.

Diaz has attracted supporters both inside Texas and nationally. The Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care and a group called I Am Sovereign are publicizing the case and pressuring Brown County officialdom. And the asthmatic Diaz sits in jail in Central Texas awaiting trial, without his medicine.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Exactly weed shouldn’t b Illegal it doesn’t make u go crazy like other drugs do like meth pcp extacy ect. Weed is a medicine that is used for multiple purposes. That’s like saying we need to band all medicine? Or is it the fact that the gov doesn’t make money off of it. It grows from the ground just like food and tobacco. And I agree to the person above. There r more deaths from alcohol then weed. Life is a long time just for something as little as weed. As 14 grams of weed!! U should b less concentrated on this n more on the other shit like war n how our economy sucks. How can u let this poor young man suffer his whole life in there. When he has a whole life ahead of him. Y not make him move to Texas n do 7 years probation n some drug classes n make him go to school. Help him get better n make something out of his life don’t ruien it

  2. Padilla on


  3. Anonymous on

    Pls do everything u can to get him out

  4. Anonymous on

    I love u Christopher!! I hope they let u go! I miss u

  5. Kay on

    Folks, ironically, some legal drugs can have dangerous effects on one’s behavior and physical health too, as well as can be very addictive. (I’m referring to psychiatric drugs such as amphetamines and Prozac.)

    I’ve tried Prozac myself, so I know what I’m talking about. Prozac is often referred to as “a weakened form of cocaine.”

    I don’t see how marijuana is any worse than these psychiatric drugs.

    America is considered a free country, but yet how can we be free if we do not have the freedom to live a life without physical suffering?

    Folks, U.S. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is on our side. He wants to legalize marijuana. (By the way, Ron Paul is a former medical doctor.) Atleast we know that one of our politicians has compassion for people who are suffering.

  6. Anonymous on

    Big businesses & big churches nourish public anti-intellectualism because the public can be & is scared into following various unjust causes for the financial gain of a wealthy few & to aid the on-going Christian Empire Crusade.

    It is the status quo in the US, particularly in TX & the Big Six corporate-owned US media, along with the Christian Church, want the public to be foolish & thus more easily controllable.

  7. Farmboy on

    Expired vehicle tag (got him pulled over). No drivers license, no proof of insurance. Driving thru Texas with weed, hash, and drug sales info on a cell phone. Now fellas we all here want MJ to be legalized but it isn’t. Sorry but this guy took stupid to a whole new level.


  8. M.Sebastian Patrick on

    Who’s we? I’m from the united States which is reefered to domestically as a “representative democracy”-and I’m a proud registered independent because I believe partisan politics weakens the resolve of the nation. I vote both ways-AND for third party candidates. My nation is a mere shadow of the greatness it once held; and drug policy is fueling its’ destruction.

  9. Guardian Knights on

    This Idiot as you call him, has never been in trouble before, he had no Police Record, No SSN, No D/L, the reg was valid at the time of the stop. The Kid is a is a Sovereign Citizen of the Republic. Let me tip you wise to a few things.
    1. The Court, Police Departments, State of Texas are all For-Profit Corporations. A Corporation is a Fiction. The ONLY way they can act upon you is if you cause a Harm or Injury. This is call the Standing Rule, now pay attention Lad.
    Standing for Texas
    1.) In most American jurisdictions, including Texas, the corpus delecti rules requires some corroboration of the first two elements-an injury or loss and a criminal agent…” Salazar v. State, 86 S.W.3d 640, 645.

    2.)“It is too elementary that injury must be plead and proved before a cause of action arises to require the citation of authorities.” Whitesboro Nat. Bank v. Wells, 182 S.W.2d 516, 518.

    Now Fella who did this kid harm or injury? The State? No! can’t harm a fiction. Is there a signed Affidavit made by a Real Man..bringing Charges NO!

    I’ll be coming to Brown County Texas, I will be holding Workshops. I will teach you Secrets they don’t want you knowing about. Sign up for the class, No charge! Nothing Nota Zip! and Trust me Mate Once you get though my Workshops and the Mock Courts I hold, You will Never Fear Court or that fellow in the Black Robe Again! That’s a promise.You folks Come see me you hear?

  10. reegz the reeferman on

    He has asthma. Thc is a powerful broncodialator (sp?) and cbd is an anti inflamatory agent. Which by vapor he can get directly 2 his lungs. These are the properties of most asthma meds. Like so many of us cannabis is probably the only thing keeping him alive during an attack from his ilness because nothing else works.

    fuck we are supposed to be the educated non ignorant ones. Think before you type.

    That being sad many of us do get busted for stupid un related stuff like failure to id your self. So make sure you have a drivers license if you are driving and shit like that.

  11. Frank trottier on

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you will be no priest to Me…for I desired mercy and not sacrifice. (Hosea 4:6, 6:6)

  12. Anonymous on

    thanks for that.. one of my most favorites!!!

  13. Anonymous on

    29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food: 30 and to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the heavens, and to everything that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for food: and it was so.
    Gen 1:29-30 (ASV)

  14. Anonymous on

    Amen Brother, Amen!

  15. Anonymous on

    Texas you will burn in hell I promise. This is horrible and he shoulda kept his ass in a State that recognized his script. Texas is the shittiest part of America. Run by Bush and Nazis. nothing but nonsense . it willcontinue until we are rioting in the streets for every soul that they try to destroy for cannabis. food, fuel, the future recognize fools

  16. Anonymous on

    thankyou why sell it in texas theres three states in between that would love good hash

  17. Anonymous on

    we are a republic u stupid liberal

  18. Dave on

    If you’re not Judge Judy then you shouldn’t use her moniker. Furthermore, “can’t do the time don’t do the crime” is a survival of the fittest slogan. It comes from a tv show called Baretta. You seem pretty good with dogma, try a quote from the Bible.

  19. Dave on

    And now UnderGroundGirl, you’re starting to sound like the establishment. Stretching the envelop might look stupid to some but without that stretch where would medical be. And besides it’s all medical. Maybe now you can finally fit in and call yourself AboveGroundGirl. “Our Own Laws”, come-on now!

  20. doctor_venkman on

    What % of the american population do we need in jail. Don’t disturb the herd or off to jail. Maybe G. Orwell had it right, if the government could just control all of the citizen think how soothly things would run. There is no doubt this kid is a dumbass, but life in jail. I get to pay for this kids health and welfare for the rest of his life? We need to reduce the number of jailable offenses and strictly enforce the FEW laws that actually make us safe.

  21. Anonymous on

    First I’m gonna say that nobody should ever be charged for pot, now the real deal… Driving around with expired tags and contraband? In the gun toting capital of regressive thinking? Right away he’s gonna get “transporting narcotics across state line’s” plus doing said crime “for the purpose of trafficking” on top the expired tags and whatever else the scum sucking pig’s wanna throw at the dumb-ass just to make the example “the great state of Texas will not tolerate this, homo-marriages, immigrants or anything else which we choose to ignore the stated facts of … They should give him leniency for STUPIDITY!!!

    As far as I’m concerned, pot has been legal my whole life.

  22. Moe on

    Well said!

  23. Moe on

    Well said!

  24. Moe on

    OMG! Are you serious? Cannabis is not a dangerous substance and to think that is absurd. It has been proven to be beneficial for numerous medical conditons and less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. Do you drink or smoke cancer sticks?

  25. Moe on

    I agree!

  26. Uncle Bob on

    I’m a medical cannabis patient. I know someone who medicates with Cannabis to treat his Asthma… for more than 12 years, and he’s doing just great. Do your research before making BS statements.

  27. Anonymous on

    So what if he’s an idiot? Does that mean that he should spend the rest of his life behind bars? Hey, why don’t we do that for all crimes? Caught shoplifting? Chop off his hands! Jaywalking? String ’em up! Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to claim any moral ascendancy over regimes like Iran or Saudi Arabia anymore, but at least we would cut down on activities of which you disapprove.

    What of his prior criminal record? According to the post right above yours, by the guy who is actually involved with the case, he has none.

    It is stoners like YOU who give the rest of us a bad name, for being so eager to crucify this kid to appease people who would just as soon do the same to you, no matter how smart you think you are.

  28. undrgrndgirl on

    sounds like a major moron…while i don’t disagree that cannabis is useful in the treatment of asthma nor do i think he should face life…as a texan he should have known he’d be in deep doo-doo if he got caught…furthermore, it sounds as if he broke california cannabis law and perhaps he should face some kind of punishment there; if a cannabis physician gave the ok to someone without proper id, then that provider should be put out of business…

    this guy either forged a california medical cannabis id card or obtained a california id under false pretenses in order to obtain a medical cannabis id card…he went on to illegally obtain cannabis – with a forged (or illegally obtained) medical card from a california dispensary which he intended to sell (also illegal in california) by doing so he also put providers at risk…
    why is anyone standing up for this dolt (other than arguing against an exorbitant sentence)?

    WE in the cannabis movement have written laws that have been passed and enacted in california and WE need to be certain those laws are enforced…to support this clown is to thumb our noses at our OWN laws…

  29. undrgrndgirl on

    cannabis turns up in lots of cannabis prescriptions and a few formerly legal medicines for asthma prior to 1937…sorry i don’t have my documentation handy or i’d provide some examples :/

  30. BC_Budman on

    Cannabis opens the alveoli in the lungs which is why it helps asthma sufferers.

  31. Anonymous on

    This isn’t about what this guy was doing wrong by not having any proof of insurance, expired tags, and no proof of drivers license. its the fact that he is facing life in prison for something that was not hurting anyone and that he is facing such a horrible sentence probably for intent to distribute a much less harmful drug that kills 0 people every year rather that legal and prescription drugs. The united states is losing its freedom piece by piece, persuading people with one of the most powerful weapons in the world, propaganda that has brainwashed people into thinking that having a drug in your possession is much more serious than beating someone obviously. I once knew someone who was drunk driving and crashed into a house and guess what he got a couple days in jail and probation????

  32. Anonymous on

    He’s certainly very beautiful.

  33. Jocko on

    So this guy is an idiot. Why would you even bother trying to defend him? How come your story makes no reference to his past criminal record? Do you think defending complete idiots is going to rally people to your cause?

    Marijuana helps asthma sufferers? What a fucking lying joke.

    Note to smokers: If you want to do it in Texas, make sure you are driving a car without expired license plates, have a valid drivers license and insurance AND maybe delete anything incriminating on your cell phone.

    It’s morons like this who give legitimate medical marijuana users a bad name.

  34. Anonymous on

    Show me the danger

  35. M.Sebastian Patrick on

    A free democracy is no place to prohibit plants…I forgot, none of us are truly “free” and this government hasn’t worked for the will of the common citizen in decades. If you believe people should be imprisoned over a plant-you should move to one of those communistic, or fascist states that kill all “drug traffickers.” Hnestly when your chilren are arrested for a flower-a flower remember, they will face unduly harsh penalties worse than rapists, child molesters, and theives. Oh wait, your famous; your children will face a polite “slap on the wrist” since you are affluent and connected while the rest of the American population wallows in unconstitutional gulag. Land of the free my ass.

  36. M.Sebastian Patrick on

    A free democracy is no place to prohibit plants…I forgot, none of us are truly “free” and this government hasn’t worked for the will of the common citizen in decades. If you believe people should be imprisoned over a plant-you should move to one of those communistic, or fascist states that kill all “drug traffickers.” Hnestly when your chilren are arrested for a flower-a flower remember, they will face unduly harsh penalties worse than rapists, child molesters, and theives. Oh wait, your famous; your children will face a polite “slap on the wrist” since you are affluent and connected while the rest of the American population wallows in unconstitutional gulag. Land of the free my ass.

  37. Guardian Knights on

    Chase is my name, I’m a 53 year old retired Tradeshow Magician and Owner of the Guardian Knights. I’m an Acting Private Attorney General and the Co-Author of Mr. Diaz’s Habeas Corpus.
    It seems Ms. Martin and Mr. Gunn are receiving some bad press from the area and I would like to set the record straight. First, this young man has never been in trouble with the law, not even a speeding ticket. Second, should he be convicted of this charge, he could receive a Life Sentence for less than ½ ounce of Marijuana. Talk about the Dark Ages!
    I’m also the Fellow that Co-Authored Mr. Diaz’s Motion for Jurisdiction and Standing, I also wrote this Young Man’s Habeas Corpus. Judge Ellis stated in Open Court that The Motion for Jurisdiction and Standing was without Merit and dismissed it out of hand. Now that is a Bad Judge Mates!
    I don’t take kindly to that, No Sir I surely don’t, let me tell you why. Everything in that Motion was based on Supreme Court Decisions, Rulings and based on the Texas Bill of Rights and Standing.
    I am Calling Out Judge Stephan Ellis! I am now speaking as One of the People..(His Boss) he will account to me and to the Honorable People of Texas also (His Boss) I am stating on the Public Record that he has Violated his Oath of Office and the Rules of Professional Conduct. He has practice Law from the bench in violation of Title 28 USC 454 which states that a Judge cannot practice law from the bench or he is guilty of a “high misdemeanor” He stands before the Good People of Texas in Dishonor.
    I am challenging The Honorable Stephan Ellis to Rebut Point-On-Point, under Oath anything in either the Habeas or Motion for Jurisdiction that was without Merit or Frivolous. Just Bring It Mister!!
    Just to make it Sporting if you win, I will accept (30) days of Jail time, for Contempt of Court. If I win you turn that young man loose. I suggest we use the Attorney General for the State of Texas for the Judge. It Will Be Heard In Open Court For The Press And The Good People Of Texas At High Noon.
    You, Stephan Ellis Called This Tune, Let’s See If You Can Dance! The Gauntlet is at your Feet the line drawn… Question Is “Do You Dare Pick it up? Joseph “Chase” Dattilo
    The Guardian Knights

  38. Anonymous on

    the only consequence for most is penalty. thats cause its safer than most things. the penalties outweigh the harm.
    there is no way this guy was harming himself or life like going to jail for a couple of years will.
    it will change him more than any pot ever would.

    first, we should make sure our penalty is not worse than what the person is doing to themselves.
    make an example of him so others wont? thats just sadistic and clearly by now we know it dos’nt even work.
    the biggest risk is getting caught. thats where all the harm is to a user and thats telling a lot.

  39. Judge Judy on

    Cannabis is a dangerous substance and as such there are consequences. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.

  40. trick james on

    This is just crazy…

    This sounds like something from Nazi Germany.

  41. Anonymous on

    how did he get the weed and hash to begin cali you have to have a ca id to get a this stoner came to cali and got someone to get meds for him.shame he had drive so far for so little.if your in a state that doesnt have mmj then you need to fight four your right.i moved 2700 miles so i could get my cali we have a chance to make it legal.dont toke on voting day until you vote.hell yes on prop 19.please let us win one more for the weed.

  42. MOTFA on

    Yep. I couldn’t agree more if i tried.

  43. Kim on

    When I read this, I see a dumb kid, with no license, no insurance and no serious medical need trying to “beat the system” and get some “real pot” from Cali. With that being said… how can anyone think that he deserves life or anything close to it for this?

  44. Anonymous on

    Texas has the mentality of a third world theocracy

  45. Jomila on

    How the fuck can this be justified! Rapist don’t even get that kind of time, where is the sense in this? Where are the victims and who is he hurting? Life for a victimless crime?

  46. Smee on

    What a train wreck. I feel bad that he’s yet another victim in the war on citizens but wow.