Marc Emery’s US Federal Prison blog #10: Letter to Jodie

Today I was told I would get less time on the computer to send and read emails because there was griping by some of the inmates about my use. Admittedly, it is about 3 hours a day, but I line up like everyone else and there are others that use it even more frequently and for longer times than I. It seems I have aroused some to complain. So my use will be in the early morning, in the afternoon around 4:30 pm, and at night, for less time in total.

I will have a hard time finding the time to type & email out the chapters of the proposed book I’m writing, so I may have to just send you my notes in long hand, which is how I do my first draft anyway. I’ll just edit it and rewrite the second draft more neatly and forward it along to you by mail rather than using up valuable computer time. The chapters are much longer than my editor specified, but there’s so much to tell that I thought I’d put it down and leave it for you and him to edit. It’s better to have too much information as opposed to too little.

The first chapter deals with my first album purchase when I was 14 (up to then I bought 45 rpm single songs), which was Cheech & Chong’s BIG BAMBU album. I memorized that album, finding their voices mocking, exaggerated and subversive. I really thought marijuana smoking was a comedic form of social rebellion. I was a teenager who found my obsession with Marvel Comic books as gratifying a mind changer as I could imagine, along with my comic book business called “Marc’s Comic Room” (named so because I sold the comics originally from my bedroom in my parents house from 1971 to 1975, when I was aged 12 to 16) and my budding love of science-fiction, I had no concept of the need for “drugs” or marijuana.

Then I jump to 1979 whereupon I discover Ayn Rand and the tremendous life-changing effect on my life, and how that happened. Then to December 21, 1980 when I meet Sandra, and I discover the joy of a cannabis high while falling in love with her that night. Then we jump to 1991 when I sponsor a spoken word performer (and former front man for the punk band Dead Kennedys) to perform his new CD “I Blow Minds For A living” at Centennial Hall in London, Ontario.

I had found out about Jello Biafra while doing my radio show on CHRW called “Radio Free Speech: Revolution Through Rock & Rap”, and got together $5,000 to pay him his fee (of $3,000) and to rent the Hall for a night ($2,000 with sound equipment). We sold 420 tickets at $10 each, so I only lost about $1,000. In that performance of his then-current CD, there was a 15-minute segment called “Grow More Pot” about this book, by a guy named Jack Herer, called the Emperor Wears No Clothes. Biafra spoke about this conspiracy to suppress the history of the hemp plant and its incredible history in the world, and particularly Canada and the USA; that George Washington was America’s biggest cannabis farmer ever; that the Declaration of Independence was written on cannabis hemp paper, and it was mandatory to be grown in the early colonies, and in World War 2, the US Department of Agriculture urged farmers to GROW HEMP FOR VICTORY.

After his performance, I found out the book was banned in Canada, and all magazines and books about marijuana and drugs were, in fact, banned and had been banned for 4 years, since 1987. So I vowed to break the ban by selling these books and magazines over the next 10 months. I don’t get charged (unlike when I opened my store illegally on Sundays), even though I took out ads announcing my plans and sold copies in front of the police station, but I do end up bringing Jack Herer, Steve Hager, Ed Rosenthal & Paul Mavrides to London to autograph and speak about their work.

I got frustrated with everything after so many campaigns and so little change, so in July 1992 I moved to Asia with my partner Deb, and her two kids Jordon & Jeremy. While in Asia I saw in a government-banned newspaper an article about the Conservative leadership convention between Jean Charest & Kim Campbell. It came up that they both had smoked pot. This is the only article about Canada I saw in Asia in two years, and it’s all about how pot is very common in this place called the “lower mainland of British Columbia”. Piquing my interest, I joked, “If we ever go broke here, we’ll have to go to BC and set up some kind of hemp revolution business.” I laughed at the thought of going broke, as if it would never happen, but the idea keeps evolving in my head anyway.

8 months later, I really was nearly broke after foolishly spending $30,000 building a dream chalet on the side of this magnificent lake, Lake Maninjau, in West Sumatra, Indonesia. I got completely defrauded of my money, the house was built – a spectacular place, but I never spent a day inside it after completion, as the property owners rented it out to wealthy tourists and I was bollocksed. Crying in despair one day when my money situation got critical, I announced, pulling my head up out of my tear-strewn hands, that we are going to Vancouver to begin this hemp revolution business.

Once I arrived, I quickly got to work in this unfamiliar new city of Vancouver that I did not know. I sold “High Times” magazines and the book “Grow yer own Stone” door-to-door on the street to raise money, beginning April 11, 1994, and by July 7, 1994, I opened “HEMP BC: the Marijuana & Hemp Center for Greater Vancouver”, as my first storefront sign read.

That’s the summary of the first chapter. So I’ll finish the first draft tonight, and then try to re-write it as neatly as possible by hand and mail it to you. Hopefully these issues of time use on the computer can be dealt with. If I do need more time, there are very few people wanting to use it at 8 am in the morning, when most inmates (including me) are still sleeping, but I may have to rearrange my schedule and perhaps type up my chapters in that period when there is little pressure to use the email.

I am in good health, my sweetheart, and I am working on my letters, books, and currently reading “god Is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens, back to back with Robert Crumb’s illustrated Book of Genesis, from the Bible. The Bible is total fairy tale nonsense, albeit nicely illustrated by Crumb, but that any sentient human can find value in such a story is beyond belief – or rather it IS belief. Religion is strange stuff indeed.

I am gratified by all your great work on my behalf, and thank you for all the time you spend on my FREE MARC campaign. Without you, I would surely be so demoralized, as this is a hard place to be. I look forward to calling you tonight and especially your visit this Saturday, the highlight of my difficult existence here.

I love you immensely and long for the time when I am back at your side, as I ought to be and deserve to be. Hopefully people are writing the Minister of Public Safety and urging friends and relatives of theirs to do so also. I need thousands of letters on my behalf to flood the Minister: “Please repatriate Marc Emery at your earliest opportunity.”

I am very gratified that the opinion writers and editorialists of every stripe are condemning the escalating Conservative attempts to fill the prisons and expand the prisons. We need an election immediately and I hope you are doing your best to urge one in your writings and comments. It is essential we change governments. The country is being dragged, by the Tories, into a dark place of punishment and intolerance and irrationality because theocratic fundamentalist Christians have the government in its grip. People should read “The Armageddon Factor”, “Harper’s Team” and “Sheeple” to find out how bad it’s gotten.

I Love You so much, and goodbye for now,
Your devoted and grateful husband,

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Jedite83 on

    Long live Jello!
    Freedom to the Prince of Pot!

  2. Howard on

    I was writing Marc. I just got an awesome letter from him today. He’s a great person. I really like him and value his sacrifice. Kudos to his lovely wife too. this must be sooo hard on them both.

  3. GitcheGumee on

    And you know what the irony is here? People try to be offensive to Christians … and then wonder why there is none around? Plus use strange ways to detect who is and who isn’t a Christian?

    The real Christians are known for there love. The real children of God are the peace makers.

  4. Bob from Organic Matters on

    Oh. Silly me! I thought the point of this website was to OVERGROW, LEGALIZE, and currently most of all to FREE MARC!! That’s spelled M-A-R-C. Peace out.

  5. Anonymous on

    you are an annoying little prick dave
    mouth off all you want
    but know that normal people just wait for you to finish
    while thinking what a whiney little dick you are..

    now i see you are an expert on religion and perception
    add that to the annoying pile

    I don;t want to hurt you, you’d probably love a thrashing
    I just want you to stop your passive aggressive weiner waving
    if you aren’t too majestically humble to notice

  6. Dave on

    And you know what the irony is here? I called Jesus a Prophet but no one came forward to say that Jesus isn’t a Prophet; He is the Living Son of God! This tells me there aren’t any real Christian commenting here just as the other poster from Port Alberni said, “Sheeple”! So who is taking offense here?

  7. Dave on

    But that’s the point we’re trying to make here. As far as I can see, Mark didn’t blurt out any anti-Christian hate. He simply said, ‘the Bible is fairy tale nonsense’. The only thing in that paragraph that could sound like Christian is Christopher Hitchens.

    It’s like saying, ‘the pot you’re smoking is laden with chemicals that interfere with the peace and mind expanding properties of cannabis’. Because pot is a major part of my life, I could take it offense but I know your talking about pot and not me. Why can’t others differentiate?

  8. Bob from Organic Matters on

    I am appalled at how everybody is behaving. Yes it sucks that Marc is in jail for doing what is right. And I lived in several Christian foster homes while growing up. That sucked too. But this is exactly how wars start. “My beliefs are better than yours.” I know Christians that support cannabis use, and I know Christians that would call the cops for smelling it in a heartbeat. I also know atheists on both sides of the fence. Can’t we all come together, and discuss Marc in a peaceful manner. Or is the pot you`re smoking laden with chemicals that interfere with the peace and mind expanding properties of cannabis. Perhaps try a new supply of organic cannabis, and try discussing the injustices of Marc`s extradition then, cause I am growing tired of religious warfare on a cannabis website that I read daily. I`m sure there are religious websites you can take your battles to. And perhaps it is in Marc`s best interest as well. Unfortunately, Marc doesn`t have cannabis in jail, so we should take that into consideration as well before bashing any anti-Christian comments he may blurt out while venting to his wife. Try prison on for size, people. Somehow I doubt Marc hates any people, he just doesn`t have any medicine to help keep his feelings in check. I`ve been to jail too, and it made me angry too. We`re all in the same boat, so let`s consume MORE medicine, and OVERGROW. Best wishes Marc and Jodie!! p.s. I consume 2 ounces a day of the finest organic cannabis, and I believe in a higher power(that I don`t know the name of), and I know quibbling over who believes what will get us all nowhere fast.

  9. Dave on

    I’m a little thick in the head! So tell me is “watch your ass” a threat? I hope not because I’m not a very big person. I’m so insignificant the wind blows right through me! As a matter of fact most people don’t even notice me but you have! Why’s that? You don’t really want to hurt me, right?

  10. dirty dirty on

    as an american i am truly sorry for what you are going through. my heart goes out to you and yours and all his followers, such as myself. i know marc was put in jail for job incentives and promotions, and Canada just pussed out and dropped the ball on this one. what a joke. So sorry MARC! god dammit this shit pisses me off!!

  11. Anonymous on

    what a waste of opinion you are dave
    watch your ass from where the next piece of wisdom will em merge

  12. Dave on

    Watch you mouth, you’re insulting our heros. Unlike you, at least he’s not a sheet-face wearing a bed sheet over his head. As an anonymous responder you wear the bed sheet well!

  13. Dave on

    A few years ago I took some intro courses to economics. You know they build these models that are supposed to be a slice of life. “All things being equal” kind of stuff. I had a lot of trouble with that because i know the model is affected by more than what they will let me consider, but I’m supposed to ignore everything else to make the model work like they say it should. A difficult task for those with open minds!

    In other words, once you consider all the variables you realize that this is not a real life model but a fabricated one. The model is too narrow to be real. Well, this is how I see religion; it’s too narrow to be real! So in that context, I’m answering my own question. I suppose now i can say all religions are real to someone. Does that make sense?

    A while back i mentioned a conversation i had with a Christian. When I mentioned if Jesus did exist and he existed today he would be a pot smoking rebel. Well hell, you should have heard the rant and seen the hate in this persons voice and eyes. She went on to say that Jesus wasn’t a sinner and on and on like she was building some kind of trance. Then I mentioned the problem with you religious people is you don’t question things. She said, ‘oh Christian question everything’.

    I went on to say, maybe she was right but one thing they never question is their God. You should have seen the look on her face when she said, “Oh no God is perfect, there is no need to question him”. Therein lies the problem we have with religions.

  14. GitcheGumee on

    I don’t hide my bible, i don’t hide my pot smoking … actually i don’t have anything to hide. Humility is not cowardice.

    I read a good bit of your posts on site … plus i’ve made some comments in the past on your “What is a genius” thread on the forum on this site. From the stuff that you posted … it makes me sad to say but … it seems like you have delusional disorder. I even googled it for more info and found this web page that breaks it down into types. I’m guessing that you realize some of this is happening to you and that even you could figure out what type of delusional disorder you have … unless you are even more delusional that i’m thinking you are.

    I hope that when you turn yourself into Canadian police / mental health in september that they along with your family and friends can get you the help that you need. I wish you the best of luck with that.

    As for Atheism and Christopher Hitchens … i might be more inclined to read his book “God Is Not Great” had he titled it “Atheism is Awesome”. To me it seems that most of the atheistic literature is nothing more than anti-religious hate propaganda. I was starting to wonder if that was all there is so i decided to google “Atheism is Awesome” and found some enlightening interesting stuff 😉 I probably won’t reply to any more comments on this blog because …. well, the indenting of each post gets a bit ridiculous after a while. However, i plan to post a new thread called “Atheism is Awesome” in the Cannabis Spirituality & Philosophy forum on this web site that will be somewhat of a continuation of my thoughts here. It probably won’t be today as i’m probably not going to have time … but i hope to get it done this week.

    Again, i’m sorry to see and sadden by the problems and mental issues that you are having …. i truly do hope you get the help you need and wish you the best!!

  15. Anonymous on

    I nearly replied till i realized this post was made by the mixed up goof who stands on the highway with the Free mark Bedsheet.. the same one with mental problems and now sunstroke. Good luck with fixing your life , your going to need it

  16. Anonymous on

    Uh.. buddy, the last supper is commemorated via communion.” Remember me when you eat and drink”The supper came first, there was no communion bread in existance yet.what you are suggesting is like Justine Beiber performing his 50 years in show biz concert last night and he still has 49 years to go . Jesus came to fulfill the law, not break the law like a criminal.What other rusty recollections don;t you remember?
    Stoners really should do their homework rather than cough out some broken memory that makes the entire movement look like clueless delusional retards

  17. persecutedinalberni on

    Do you ever have to hide away your bible or beliefs? pot smokers do have to hide away like cowards to do what they believe in and this is what I mean by saying they understand hate more than church goers.

    I am glad christian cannabis sites will be popping up all over the net, nice to see must be a result of education not hate that did it.

    This should make you laugh but yesterday I walked into a bookstore and ordered Hitch-22 by Christopher Hitchens lol just waiting for it to arrive.

    I could tell you had religous background I hope it works for you but it doesn’t for everyone and sometimes people will slam you for it especially on the net.

    Like I allways say god wanted us to be free,remember allways man is free but not if he doesn’t believe it.

    oh and by the way I have been persecuted by religous people and so it is only obvious I would speak this way, I just explained it alittle more at conspiracy by persecutedinalberni.

  18. GitcheGume on

    When a KKK member voices his opinion about niggers … isn’t that hate? When a Black Panther member voices his opinion about crackers … isn’t that hate? When is hate based on fact and not opinion?

    “I think your average potsmoker will know and understand HATE better than your average religous church goer understands it.”

    I think that statement is based more on an arrogant opinion rather than fact. If you had a deep understand hate you wouldn’t be asking me “what hate ?” … you would be able to easily recognize it …. and i wouldn’t need to explain it to you. Also, I think that average religous church goer is more humble than the average pot smoker on this web site. You might perceive this as weakness but i don’t.

    I’m really not going to let this bother me and i’m probably not as offended as you like to think. If i was that easily offended i would have been done with this web site years ago. The reason that i’m pointing this out is so that you and others will understand why religious people are not protesting and what it will take to get them protesting. This isn’t about me. Yesterday i gave you 2 different scenarios A and B that could potentially lead to religious people protesting. After thinking about it more last night i come up with a third one … at least one that could play out in the USA:

    C) If there is about 3 more Jonathan Ayers incidents and a couple more Bowers incidents … give or take a couple of incidents. My prediction is that you will see religious people protesting the drug war in droves. The drug war will be over quicker than you think. Christian cannabis sites will be popping up all over the internet … even more than they are now. For the most part people will forget about Marc Emery and the only people that will go to the cannabis culture web site is handful of atheists.

    “Has the word gotten out about this site amungst the religous that this site spews hate”

    Here is what happens when religious people come on this site and try to talk about there views: and with the really classy line from Chris Bennett “Woe, Robin, you seriously need medication” and then i think it pretty much ended with

    I know that Marc Emery likes to be compared to Martin Luther King … I also know that some people think that’s a joke. I think that if Marc were to align his religious views to be more like MLK rather than Christopher Hitchens … people might actually take this comparison more seriously.

    Martin Luther King, Jr. – “I am many things to many people; Civil Rights leader, agitator, trouble-maker and orator, but in the quiet recesses of my heart, I am fundamentally a clergyman, a Baptist preacher. This is my being and my heritage for I am also the son of a Baptist preacher, the grandson of a Baptist preacher and the great-grandson of a Baptist preacher. The Church is my life and I have given my life to the Church…”

  19. persecutedinalberni on

    Well first off it sounds like you take offence because you have religous back ground because again there is that hate again just because I say something you don’t like.

    I honestly do believe religous are weak and easier to controll than people like me and if I am correct I do believe this has been proven time and time again lol.
    Sorry if it bothers you that you think it is wrong for me to think I can be free enough to speak my opinion and mind.
    Sheeple yes sheeple,people who can be lead around like sheep and not be free thinkers is what I am saying.
    They think like the borg,they are all programmed to think and believe in a certain way and they will let nothing change those views/beliefs.
    Don’t get me wrong they are not all bad,remember 7 of 9, boy oh boy only of we could reprogramm one of them and send them back to the collective with a message,GOD SAID LEGALIZE MARIJUANA lol.
    Do you see what I am saying I mean the borg are pretty distructive but I don’t think we should kill them all ,just get them to think differently.

    So again sorry if you think because I voice my opinion about what I believe but yet it ok for the religous to spew thier own beliefs on the world.
    Please don’t let it bother you to much but thanks for pointing out how you think I am spewing hate.
    Hate has kept me pegged as a criminal in the eyes of my government and the law
    because of the pot I use so I think your average potsmoker will know and understand HATE better than your average religous church goer understands it.
    Currently my beliefs are not allowed,you see my religion is to grow and use cannabis in every way we can because “MY GOD” not only said I could use it but he “TOLD” me to use it.
    But you see in this tyrannt country my religion is a joke and punishable by years behind bars like a common criminal.
    Has the word gotten out about this site amungst the religous that this site spews hate or a site that lets people simple voice thier opinions and views??.

    It is like me coming here and listening to people jodie allowed to voice thier opinion on what they think of me because I smoke weed.
    People who are against cannabis come here and voice thier opinion aswell and sorry to say but the second they open thier mouths to say something bad about cannabis they spread hatred against my religion like it or not DEA.
    So when I see the religous people who run this country allow me to have my religion without fear of persecution then perhaps we can all start dealing with what truly is hatred and make this planet a better place.

    And sorry to say but ther cannabis culture is completly aware of who the people are that are part of the hatred set against us and sorry to say whether you like it or not yes they are “RELIGOUS”hate to point out any faiths or anything.
    Any smart person would know it is not just the church goers who made this happen greedy little devils played a part too.
    We are aware that the religous did play a big part in our persecutions that are against us now.
    This site allows others to voice thier opinion and sometimes I take it as hate but I have to suck it up like everyone else just like you do when I say things you take as hate but are just my opinions.
    I think Jodie does ok at monitoring things, there is a difference between hate and people simply just voicing opinions.
    There is only so much I want to tolerate at this site as well,soooo if someone comes to this site whether they are church goers or not and say because I smoke pot I am weak and can be lead around easily like sheeple wellthen so be it.

    I would not be offended if Jodie did not remove it, WHY? because we as pot smokers are used to the hate for one thing but yes you are right there is a limit as to what someones opinions become hatred to someone else.

    So sorry if you think I was spewing hatred I thought I was just spewing my opinions.

  20. GitcheGumee on

    I have no problem with people voicing “i don’t like ….” and wanting to educate people. If that is the case then put together a plan educate and try to remedy the problem.

    Spewing hate is making claims like: Religious people, cannabis users, race i don’t like or other group of people i don’t like are weak and easy to brain wash … sheeple that know nothing of freedom … Get real ok. If they are really that week and easy to brain wash then you should have no problem ‘educating’ them the way you want them to be educated … right?? The truth is that they aren’t as weak and easy to brain wash as you like to think they are. So out of frustration and anger you make statements intended to be hurtful rather than educational. That is what i consider to be “spewing hate”. However, if you don’t like that term i’m wiling to use “fear mongering” instead?

    I live in the US so I don’t know much about politics of Canada … but i’m guessing that your politicians are elected by the people and no one is forcing you to go to church or participate in the religion of the state.

    I am NOT pro-religious or anti-religious … I am pro-truth and anti-hypocrisy. I am not against hate … i believe in hating hypocrisy the act.

    You might want to try turning off your boob tube to go out and actually meet some religious people to educate them. If i got ALL my information about cannabis from the news media … i’d probably think that cannabis was evil myself.

    Some people abuse alcohol. Some people abuse cannabis. Some people abuse other drugs. And some people abuse religion. Just because something can be abused … does that make it evil?

    The bottom line is … what’s more important: Is it your anti-religious fear mongering or hate spewing or whatever you want to call it. Or is it getting religious people to protest the drug war?

    The point I making is that the drug war goes against the christian religion itself. The only thing you have to do is to get christians to realize that they are going against there own religion and the book that they claim to believe in. It’s really that simple. So … why the HELL is the majority of the cannabis culture community making it so difficult? Fear, anger and hate.

  21. persecutedinalberni on

    well first of explain spewing what hate? I don’t give a rats ass about what your religion or anyone elses like I say as long as it does not interfear with my life go ahead and believe what you want.

    or is is because you think I should have to pay for the property taxes of churches and not have the right to complain about it because you think the church should still have rule over my life ??? is that what it is?

    The point I making is anyone who thinks marijuana is bad and should be banned is a stupid uneducated tit because we all know the “FACTS” are in and it is obvious GOD created cannabis for his children to use in all it various forms and uses.

    The fact is just like I explained with war all the people involved to keep it illegal are all politicians who will all sweer by thier church and religion and they are all the people who set in stone that I am criminal because I use something they think is bad and will publicly anounce it.

    So you defenders of religion can spew your own crap to defend your side all you want you cannot say that what I just said is wrong.
    Maybe you should open up your friggin ears to it like I have for the last thirty years watching the news and these hate spewing good church going politicians and other forms of authority tell the world what criminals we are no matter how hard we choose to work for the “MAN” because we use cannabis.

    Incase you havent noticed the good little christians that now run this country like to spread more hatred and lies as they come up with my laws to throw us non church going “POTHEADS” in jail.

    So if anyone is spreading hate it is not I it is the religious that run this country and all the other good christians who thought they were doing the right thing when they voted for thier good fellow church going nazi Adolph Harper into power who loves to crush people like Marc and I and alot of others because god loves us more than people like mr Harper.

    Do you have to be a native to defend what evil happened to them?? I am a white boy and wasnt abused not by no priest just the RCMP and Harpers government abused me or should I say persecuted by religious people who use this HATE you speak of.

    I am against hate which means I am against religon thats all I am saying so I agree that there may be hate towards religoun here and many other sites.

    But one thing as I have said I also notice alot of religous people think that when someone else says anything negative about their wonderful religoun they like to think it is automatice hate as a way to defend themselves and thier beliefs.

    Religous people wish they could do what they did in the past to anyone who spoke out against the bible and whip torture them all but now here on the internet all they can say is “HEEEEY STOP SPEWING HATRED”LOL.

    So please make sure you understand hatred from just reading thing that “YOU DON”T LIKE” because it conflicts with your own beliefs.

  22. GitcheGumee on

    “They need to put down the bibles and pick up another book called “The Emporer wears no clothes” and stop allowing thier religion to fool them into believing things that are not true.”

    They don’t even need to put down there bibles … there is plenty of scripture in the bible that supports the legalization of cannabis and ending the drug war. You can try the first 20 versus of Matthew 15 … it has worked pretty good for me. You’ll do better at getting them to follow the book they already claim to follow then trying to get them to read something else.

    Lucifer and satan are wimps. There is a pic of me taking on satan in Hell on the CC forum at The only people that make lucifer there god is people that have trouble controlling there fear. Hopefully one of these days your fear will be perfected and you wil be able to move onto a more powerful god.

  23. GitcheGumee on

    I would agree that it is about education but spewing a message of hate is not education.

    My parents go to church several times a week, they actually live on church camp ground. My dad retired from federal prison work and then worked for pfizer for a few years and now does odd jobs on the church camp ground where he now lives. He has parkinson’s now but is getting along ok. I did manage to get him to wear one of my med grow cannabis college t-shirts around but he told me that he felt really uncomfortable wearing it. I got my sister a med grow t-shirt as well and she suggested that we get one for everyone in the family and we all where them in the 4th of July parade that they have on the church camp ground every year. It didn’t happen but i think i’m closer to getting them protesting than you REALize.

    I do not feel comfortable sending people of faith to the cannabis culture web site for education because of all the hate that is constantly spewed on this site. If you want me to REALly get them protesting then 1 of 2 things is going to have to happen. Either:

    A) You or someone else goes to a church and gets them protesting. Then you come back here and tell everyone how you managed to pull it off so that myself and others have a plan that has the potential to work.


    B) The cannabis culture community stops stereotyping and spewing it’s message of hate toward people of faith.

    Not every person of faith is a pedophile priest … very few are. I’m sorry you were abused and feel that you never got a proper apology but taking your hate out on other people of faith REALly won’t make you feel any better. Lots of people have been hurt by drugs and yes cannabis to but that doesn’t mean it should be band. The rationalization for hating people of faith comes from the same source that the rationalization for baning drugs comes from … mainly fear, anger and hate.

  24. persecutedinalberni on

    lol thats funny oh yeah it was just the other day the pope and a few of his favorite cardinals called me up and asked me how to make up good FREE MARC EMERY and LEGALIZE WEED NOW signs LMFAO.

    Get real ok.when I see ratzy out there next to Marc telling America we smoke/grow/sell despite what you say then I will believe your bullshit.

    You are right a few are not against it and yes some even use but the vast majority of them are still are pretty primative with thier beliefs.

    We can’t even get a proper apology out of the vatican for the evil it has done to the natives of this land and you think the pope is gonna openly admitt the war on drugs has all been a big lie,I don’t think so.

    but yes I understand what you are saying ,I too have talked to pot smoken “CHURCHIES” but they too understand they are far and few between amungst them, again it’s about education.

  25. persecutedinalberni on

    Exterminating all the christians is like exterminating all the pot smokers it is impossible so give up and don’t even bother.
    Instead let just let all the religious know we are not going to take any form of religous controll and we will grow and smoke our weed regardless of all the sick religous leaders who have corrupted this country.

    Anyone fighting for the right to grow and smoke weed does not deserve the right when they spread hatred.
    We need to let the religous know that just because they believe god only loves them for being so darn special that just because they think this it is not a reason why my taxes should go to pay for the taxes of a building that they think they don’t have to pay just because religous people in our past wrote it in so I do have to pay.
    This is very wrong and again the work of lucifer my god would say no I must pay fairly like everyone else is expected to pay.

    I do not think we should exterminate people because of thier beliefs thats what religious people do instead we need to educate these poor brainwashed souls.

    They need to put down the bibles and pick up another book called “The Emporer wears no clothes” and stop allowing thier religion to fool them into believing things that are not true.
    I believe we all have a right to have our own beliefs but when your beliefs tell me I am a bad person and a criminal and you set out to persecute me because of “YOUR BELIEFS” then yes I do believe you should be exterminated sorry to say but again it all falls under what I call an invastion of my freedoms.
    So if your religion tells you you should hate/persecute and take away my freedom then you have no right to tell me not to hate is how I see it.

    So hate to say it but I can’t make enemies with the religous because I allready am an enemy I have been since I proudly started smoking pot and allways avoiding church.

    So yes I agree touch thier hearts with education not hate and perhaps they will realize they can walk talk and be proud and put thier bibles down and we can all stop warring and perhaps start helping heal the planet and legalize cannabis.

  26. GitcheGumee on

    “In the minds of alot not all but most religious people cannabis should be banned and outlawed and to anyone who doubts that then maybe you should round up all your fellow church goers and make up some free Marc Emery signs and go stand along a highway near you like I do to prove you know what freedom is.”

    Most of the religious people that i talk to don’t think that cannabis should be banned and outlawed. Mainly they think that the current drug laws really don’t have much effect on them, they don’t want there kids doing drugs and they don’t want to get involved in the drug war. As long as Marc Emery, Chris Bennett and the rest of the Cannabis culture community continue to shit on, bash and spew hate at anyone who goes to church and prays … then you should not expect any support from people of faith. Who are you tell church goers what they should do?

    Does cannabis really cause people to be peaceful, loving and tolerant … or does cannabis cause people to become God hating atheists? I challenge you to forget everything you know about cannabis and reread this web page asking yourself that question.

    There is a number of churches that openly support medical marijuana and you can find a list at

    Most religious people came out of the dark ages a long time ago but it seems like most of the cannabis culture community was to stoned to even notice.

  27. Kell on

    A lifeless book is not evil…Its how it is used .If it is used to make people follow blindly
    than that is evil .When it is used to force there beliefs on other people then that is bad.

    What are you going to do exterminate Christians ?Move out of the dark age brother.Why make an enemy ?Touch there heart with your truth not your hate and
    you will make a friend not an enemy.

  28. Kell on

    Jesus broke many laws .Laws that were made by man.Its been awhile so my examples are rusty … He took communion bread to feed his disciples .there are many examples .You should reread it you sound very rusty yourself.

  29. persecutedinalberni on

    Religion is the root cause of all evil,god wanted us all to be free of religious controll,he did not want us to live like sheeple and follow a book.

    Religious people are weak and easy to brain wash since it is brain washing that makes them live life by a book in the first place so because of this they are used to keep marijuana illegal.

    The religious are brained washed into believing the marijuana and it’s users are bad(because they know it gets us closer to god than thier praying ever gets them) and that they must all vote for other sick sick religious hate mongers who all then vote for people like Adolph Harper.
    This is how religious hate mongers like Harper come to power amd this is why we must ask ourselves why should your taxes pay for the property taxes of churches when they are filled with the filth and scum god would warn us about.

    Only lucifer would tell me that others will pay for his way including the ones who do not believe in lucifer they too will pay for his evil way and to pay for the buildings in your communities where molestations of little boys and girls are a common thing and seen in the news often.

    Religious sheeple know nothing of freedom and this is why they have no problem talking ours away from us, they feel because they are brain washed they think they can brainwash other weak ones that marijuana is bad when in reality it was god who gave us the plant to use.

    Clearly it was a plant given to us by our creator so that we would not have to destroy the plant by using false fuels such as fossil fuels.
    Our creator knew the plant was the worlds #1 renewable resource and this is why it gave it to us and to throw it back in its face is only asking for trouble.
    The way I see it we must make it clear to the world that all those who fight to keep it illegal are sick and evil and we must all stop them.

    The religious are so blind as to see who and what god is they cannot see that god sends people like Marc Emery and Jack Harer to us for a reason,clearly it is a sign god loves cannabis.

    So anyone who goes to church and prays to god should be ashamed of themselves and their religion if they think cannabis is evil because god loves all those who do not go to church and smoke use cannabis, yes them too.

    In the minds of alot not all but most religious people cannabis should be banned and outlawed and to anyone who doubts that then maybe you should round up all your fellow church goers and make up some free Marc Emery signs and go stand along a highway near you like I do to prove you know what freedom is.

    Today is saturday and I just finished sitting with my big signs and banners supporting the return of Marc Emery,I sat there for two hours with my counter(1180motorists)counting vehicles.

    When I was done I bet I felt better than any church goer does when they leave the church to go home.
    I know in just the two hours I sat there I know god was with me too and god knew I did more for him and humanity that any church goes does on a church day and the best part is I never made anyone feel they had to give up some of thier money for some lame exuse of a reason.
    Most church goers will tell you god will only love you if you come to church but this is wrong he loves us all even those who do not go to church.

    People have to understand it is controll and this is why we see people who fight against the marijuana laws are also up against the religious,in this country it is currently christians that have corrupted this government.

    So now you can see that because I speak my mind it is easy to understand why this sick Harper government persecuted and discredited me lol LMFAO.

    People should get off Marc’s back about his religious comments and understand who the generals he is up against in this war.
    It is like saying the war in afganistan is not caused by the religious well I am sorry to say but round up all the politicians and good litttle generals in this war and you will see they are all good little church going religious individuals all proud to show and say they are good church goers(mostly christians/catholics).
    So no I am sorry but it is a known fact religious people like to go to church and those who go to church go to war,again a known fact.

    It is all about hate, and religion is about keeping us all devided and hating one another and the hate for marijuana is another way to keep us all devided and against one another fighting for things like “OIL” instead.
    I often wonder if you got someone to walk into every church across the country when it was full of all it’s followers and yelled out “PLEASE RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU THINK GOD WANTED US TO USE AND SMOKE CANNABIS AND WANTS IT TO BE LEGAL”

    No realy folks think about it,what would the results be? I think we would all know for sure whether or not if it is religious people who are the sick haters.

    Yeah sure I can just see the headlines now ” ANGRY MOB KILL MAN IN CHURCH TODAY FOR ASKING WRONG QUESTION” LOL

    So where does anyone get off saying religion is not behind the banning of marijuana becuase sorry but it sure does play a big part of it.

    The fact of the matter is folks the church and religious learned along time ago that people who smoke/use cannabis are smarter and freer thinkers and freer thinkers are harder to controll and brainwash and this is why they to wish to see it banned.

    Remember that god loves athiests and the agnostics too because we live life the way god wanted us to live life,completly free of religous controll that is.

  30. Anonymous on

    Jesus did not hate the money changers
    as you suggest
    maybe read the Bible you fear so much
    & check this out
    Jesus was very upset
    that the Temple had been made into
    a souless commercial area
    where money changers and sellers
    of sacrifice animals had set up shop..
    the ” den of thieves”
    he was obeying the law
    fulfilling the law
    enforcing the law
    _ not breaking the law

  31. GitchGumee on

    There are many … dare i say the majority of religious / people of faith want to see the drug war ended. God’s children are the peace makers.

    There are also some religious people that believe that cannabis turns people into God hating atheists.

    Why does Marc (and pretty much the rest of the Cannabis Culture community) choose to alienate people of faith that support his cause? Why does Marc continue to be an example and add to the ‘proof’ that cannabis turns people into God hating atheists? I’m thinking that Marc likes being a martyr locked up in prison.

    Hey Marc you wants some mail … how about a nicely illustrated postcard from Hell?

    Religion maybe strange stuff to you but to claim “total fairy tale nonsense” tells me that you either don’t get it or that you have lost it … in which case this is for you

  32. Kell on

    O.k this is what he wrote
    “The Bible is total fairy tale nonsense, albeit nicely illustrated by Crumb, but that any sentient human can find value in such a story is beyond belief ”

    here is my response to you.
    you are making presumptions .I am not part of any religion or any belief .
    I am a very liberal person .I like what Marc is doing and has done .You don’t understand what I am saying .. What I was trying to say is Why fight something he doesn’t have to fight.Why make an enemy that isn’t there .Religion and belief is not the enemy .

    His foe Is a political organization that is using religion to further there cause.

    I am not your enemy

  33. Dave on

    Hope they realize their compassionate-side and release him. I do believe in prosecuting the prosecutors but don’t think I’d be as evil on them as they are on us! Can’t make it but could send you a few pennies to help with expenses. And I’m sure some of the other folks who can’t make it can also contribute?

  34. Dave on

    I read it again and still don’t see the expression of hate! Since you have a more critical eye please point out this perceived hate. Don’t think Marc is anybody’s sacrificial-lamb! To those living a fantasy world truth might sound like hate. And besides, if Marc is our Prophet, didn’t your Prophet Jesus hate the money changers?

  35. kell on

    I love what you are doing for marijuana reform but, I was taken back at the hate
    you expressed toward people who believe in something you don’t. I thought you were a
    peaceful warrior .You are expressing the same type of hate the people from the opposite
    side are expressing toward you and your cause…. Its hurtful and sad.If you searched for
    the root cause
    of the problem you would realize ignorance and hate was it… the same type you are expressing
    toward people who believe
    in something you don’t.Your better than this , don’t perpetuate hate.

  36. Jodie on

    Marc will be sentenced on September 10th, and we believe it will be for the 5 years he agreed to in his plea deal. Supporters are urged to come to the Seattle Federal Court in downtown Seattle (on Stewart Street) for the September 10th sentencing, wearing FREE MARC shirts and holding up GOOGLE MARC EMERY signs.

  37. MOTFA on

    I know this because you just typed that message on a pc or laptop through a internet connection.

    If you knew anything about the bible, it teaches you that Jesus and ONLY Jesus is all you need.

    So get off the internet you sinner!

  38. stoner on

    I look forward to yours and Jodies blogs. I myself havent found any news updates except High Times, and It seems as if you were put out of the way so that harsher laws could be imposed in Canada. Why? Because the only thing that can stop them is the truth. It is all illusion. You of course know a lot. Knowledge is powerful. Governments and religion need their slaves to do their dirty work. If done right they dont even know they are slaves and loudly proclaim their freedom. The enemy is the other whoever the target may be heathen,infantile,heratic,your neighbor,someone who doesnt believe in you personal belief in God or gods. Most people believe what they are told. Most people don`t know the true history of their religion. Cristian,consider this. A statement in the new testament credited to Christ usually known as the good sumariton tells of a rich man who passes a badly beaten man along the side of the road he sticks his nose in the air and pretends not to see. A good man from the former city of summer, [Which by the way lived in peace for a thousand years] anyway this man helped the man. Of this Jesus said this man would more likely go to heaven than the rich man go through the eye of a needle. So who is really doing the work of God. The government [no],Builderburgers[Left over from the Nazi`s][no],the trilateral comity[world wars][no]The Mason`s and other secret religions [no] Mark, Jodie,and the rest of us [huh] respect ======stoner=====

  39. Dave on

    Then tell us! I suppose there are real Christians and fake Christians so let me ask you, “can other religions be real also”?

  40. Anonymous on

    Marc, you don’t know what a real Christian is.

  41. Dave on

    Have you been sentenced yet? If not is there any chance they will have second thoughts and send you home?

  42. Anonymous on

    Please keep Marc’s and Jodie’s blogs sticky. Most of the other blogs that are on the website are not interesting and some are just people trying to get their names into the internet. The only thing I am interested in is what Marc and Jodie are posting although Ed Roserthal’s stuff is good too. Thanx.

  43. Aiden on

    I’m looking forward to reading the book. In the mean time, we really do need to have an election and SOON! It’s getting ridiculous with Harper and his evangelical Christian conservative goons! They are making pot laws much harsher and plan on filling up more prison space! Enough is enough!!

    fuck Harper