Canada Trails in Legalizing Pot Debate

The federal government needs to look beyond just law enforcement as a means to combat gangs that plague Manitoba and increasingly many First Nation reserves.

Ottawa has announced it will be giving police and prosecutors enhanced powers to tackle activities such as prostitution, illegal gambling, and drug trafficking. The changes will expand the list of what is considered a serious crime in the Criminal Code. Keeping a common bawdy house (for hookers), keeping a gaming or betting house and exporting, importing and producing illegal drugs will all be added to the list of serious crimes.

Manitobans and Winnipeggers are familiar with the reality of growing organized criminal organizations. Indian Posse. Mad Kowz. All of these organizations are being fuelled by illicit activities. Throughout the 1990s, Winnipeg was known as the gang capital of Canada, on a per capita basis.

Unfortunately, the federal government is often on the wrong side of the drug prohibition debate that may help in taking the profit out of gang activities. It appears that even Mexican President Calderon, leader of that country’s conservative party, has said he is open to a debate about the legalization of marijuana and other drugs as a means to take the wind out of drug cartels that profit from illegal drugs and commit violence along the border with the United States. More than 28,000 people have been killed by Mexico’s drug cartels since 2006.

Calderon would be joining other Latin American leaders in calling for this debate. Three former Latin American leaders, Cesar Gaviria of Colombia, Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico and Fernando Cardoso of Brazil, have all called for a debate on the legalization of marijuana in order to undermine the income of the drug cartels. It was noted by authorities that about 70% of the income of these gangs comes from sales of illegal marijuana, which they turn around and use to purchase weapons to further their turf wars with competitors.

Law enforcement officials who support ending drug prohibition have also called upon President Barack Obama to engage in the debate about marijuana legalization.

The same goes for prostitution as current Canadian laws outlawing “common bawdy houses” prevents sex trade workers from accessing areas where they can be safe and under the law. Under existing laws, they are forced to solicit patrons in vehicles where they are unsafe.


It appears that we are behind on this debate and need to look to other jurisdictions for how they are responding to gang activities and prostitution. The instinctive response is to look to law enforcement for solutions.

Drugs, prostitution and illegal gambling are all activities that bring harm in many instances to individuals, families and communities and many feel they are immoral. But, one needs to look at the unintended consequences of prohibiting all these activities.

People will always want to do these things and criminals often reap the benefits because they can provide them at exorbitant prices and people will still pay.

By all means, discourage people from these activities and help them, but recognize that this requires sophisticated solutions, not just “get tough” measures.

– Article from Toronto Sun



  1. Anonymous on

    America has gone to war, celebrate with Legalization.

    Canada has gone to war, failed, came back with sorrow. Plus no tommorow, some those who no longer here with us. PLUS we don’t get pot legalization.
    If anything canadian judges crack down harder.
    While people facing judges want to crack judges heads open even harder.


    If everyone who ever got caught smoking marijuana, knew where cops houses were.

    I’ll TELL YOU

    There wouldn’t be any cops left.

    And every dumb citizen asking for war, and/or drug bust. Would be like pigs looking for food.

    You asked for war, but when people hunt you in CANADA.
    You wish none of this happened.
    By then everyones dead, and it’s way to late.
    To change anything, your fellow heathens failed to change years ago.
    Time and time again.

  2. Dave on

    By the time Harper and company are done with this country, the only thing that’ll remain legal will be going to and from some certified major security corporation to work!

  3. Anonymous on

    Just recently poker is being legalized online in Canada, which means online, world maybe??? , heard this on 102.1 a few days ago. SO gambling isn’t being rejected. This will cause all kindza scams and risks. Maybe for the better, because this is how you will have to live now, in a game of Poker???!! Legalize whores like Holland, clean HIV tested whores! ANd the drugs, legalize the weed and I say Thank Heavens. Harper needs to get raped. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’ go and play poker on the stock market if you need to defeat the others with your smart ass revolution.??? Good Luck..!!! Too Late for that, technology is too advanced, post human world of computer data!!!!! Internet crash, bye bye money!!!

  4. MOTFA on

    He may not be making enemies but he sure isn’t making friends either. His numbers are dropping because the asshole can’t make up his mind on anything.

    Some of his biggest contributors were big business (of course), so no legalization while he is in office that’s for sure.

    So what the fuck is left? Another idiot republican or another do nothing democrat? The decisions keep getting worse and worse and they will until the people get so fucking sick of the bullshit they start a revolution.

    How does this happen you might ask?

    Hell, it only takes one person with balls and a idea.

    Maybe it should be me!

  5. Anonymous on

    Obama will never make any kind of statement on the subject of Cannabis legalization. He knows how to play politics, simply avoid as many controversial subjects as possible and you don’t make enemies from either side. Everybody knows the guy is a churchgoing sheep, incapable of independent thought. He’ll just do whatever he thinks is best for him at the time, and legalizing Cannabis isn’t on the list. That would piss off his whole congregation of brain dead zombies. Couldn’t have that. Brain dead zombies are his biggest financial contributors. They have all that money laying around and it’s either give it to Obama or give it to the latest fraudster with an investment scheme for them that pays remarkably high interest, for a month or two. It’s a hard choice for them. They know they should go for that sure thing investment scheme, so Obama has to be very convincing to get them to change their minds and give their money to him instead. He should offer them very attractive interest rates. That never fails to get them. Don’t worry, Obama, none of them will ever bother to check your generous offer out first. That would require a functioning brain.

  6. Slave on

    City of London

    Owned Canada, New Zealand, Australia,…

    Grow up sheeple, Harper is just one of many signatories, before and following, designed to drag you down into tyranny, amazing how not one, not one person on cannabis forums gets it.

    Stop the weed, connect a few brain cells together and see with eyes wise open for the first time. Canada is a corporation ruled by a cable of banksters and corrupt psychopaths, how could Harper or anyone else (s)elected into government be anything else but a puppet to rope in the lemmings, into cities, into prisons…?

  7. Anonymous on

    O Canada, I’m getting sick of thee!