Mexican President Felipe Calderon Calls for Debate on Legalization of Drugs

“It is a fundamental debate,” he said.

“You have to analyse carefully the pros and cons and key arguments on both sides.”

However, Mr Calderon, who has waged a war on drugs since taking office in 2006, said he personally opposes the idea of legalisation.

His new attitude comes as official figures released this week put the number of drug war related murders at 28,000 in the past four years.

The figure represents an increase of about 3,000 on the previous estimates.

Most of the dead are thought to be victims of clashes between rival gangs.

The figures show that there have been 963 clashes between the security forces and drugs gangs since Mr Calderon took office, an average of almost one a day.

In the face of the growing death toll, Mr Calderon said that some people were urging him to leave the cartels alone.
“Really, they are telling me, ‘Mr president, don’t bother the criminals’,” he said.

Mr Calderon called that “simply an unacceptable option.”

Last year, three former presidents, Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico, Cesar Gaviria of Colombia, and Fernando Henrique Cardoso of Brazil, said the US-led war on drugs had failed and called for the legalisation of marijuana to be considered.

– Article from The Telegraph.

Mexico: 28,000 killed in drug violence since 2006

by The Associated Press

MEXICO CITY — President Felipe Calderon said he would consider a debate on legalizing drugs Tuesday as his government announced that more than 28,000 people have been killed in drug violence since he launched a crackdown against cartels in 2006.

Intelligence agency director Guillermo Valdes also said authorities have confiscated about 84,000 weapons and made total cash seizures of $411 million in U.S. currency and $26 million worth in pesos (330 million pesos).

Valdes released the statistics during a meeting with Calderon and representatives of business and civic groups, where attendees exploring ways to improve Mexico’s anti-drug strategy called on the government to open a debate on legalization.

Calderon said he has taken note of the idea of legally regulating drugs in the past.

“It’s a fundamental debate in which I think, first of all, you must allow a democratic plurality (of opinions),” he said. “You have to analyze carefully the pros and cons and the key arguments on both sides.”

Three former presidents — Cesar Gaviria of Colombia, Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico and Fernando Cardoso of Brazil — urged Latin American countries last year to consider legalizing marijuana to undermine a major source of income for cartels. And Mexico’s congress also has debated the issue.

But Calderon has long said he is opposed to the idea, and his office issued a statement hours after the meeting saying that while the president was open to debate on the issue, he remains “against the legalization of drugs.”

In proposing the debate Tuesday, analyst and writer Hector Aguilar Camin said, “I’m not talking just about marijuana … rather all drugs in general.”

The most recent official toll of the drug war dead came in mid-June, when the attorney general said 24,800 had died. Valdes did not specify a time frame for the new statistics.

The government does not regularly break down murder statistics, but leading newspapers who kept their own counts say last month was the deadliest yet under Calderon: According to national daily Milenio, 1,234 were killed in July.

The Mexican government says most victims were involved in the drug trade.

Some attendees criticized the government for lacking consistent statistics on the drug war and an effective way to communicate its successes. They also said the government needs to do more to combat the financial arm of organized crime.

“There’s no systematic policy for investigating or seizing the assets of organized crime,” said Jose Luis Pineyro of Mexico’s Autonomous Metropolitan University, “nor a system of locating the properties of organized crime.”

– Article from The Associated Press.



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  2. Anonymous on

    “… marijuana will be legalized in the USA within sixty years, probably in less time than that honestly…”

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  3. Bhonze on

    As I said you prove yourself to be an Idiot!!! You do not know anything more than what you have been told by law enforcement, politicians, and the media. If you would do a true study you would change your opinion. Thank God I live in America where we still have a choice and are not under your communistic ways of thinking. We will FREE THE WEED!!! You are just Rude and Ignorant by choice!

  4. Anonymous on

    Nice to see that there is finally a modern democracy on the American continent, Mexico. All the rest are dinosaurs still living in the 1930s. Not surprising that America is such an easy target for terrorists. The country is like that dumb old lady down the road who leaves her door unlocked because she knows that bad guys always knock first and that none of them ever travel from somewhere else to there. There are no such thing as drifters or Muslim immigrants.

    That’s how the US is. They left the cabin doors of passenger jets unlocked and let a bunch of Muslims on board with box cutters. Of course, everybody needs a boxcutter when traveling by plane so it didn’t raise any flags with them. My god, Americans are stupid. I know, not every single one of them, just most of them, usually the ones in positions of power or national security.

  5. Anonymous on

    To stop smoking Cannabis would be an overreaction. Let’s not get crazy here. Just stop buying Mexican shitweed, that’s all. Just say no to Mexican imports! Support local producers. If people want to support Mexicans, maybe they should move there and get their shitweed fresher.

  6. Anonymous on

    “Like why bother preaching to obtuse keyboard druggies who don’t listen to anybody” hah, why are you? Marijuana is not as harmful as you so passionately believe it to be. By reading Stoner Goof it seems to me that you are having trouble understanding that there are millions of people who enjoy smoking chronic. Among those millions are thousands of individuals much smarter than yourself. To assume because someone simply smokes trees that constitutes them as a “crankly druggie” is just absurd.

    What the hell are you talking about when you say our side is building prisons? What fucking sides are there? For you to say a stoner buying weed or growing weed is supporting the black market is straight up naive. Do you realize the only two organizations to profit from the War on Drugs? I’m going to guess not so I’ll inform your dumbass, the government and the major Drug Cartels. Why not open your mind to the thought of legalizing weed would eventually lead to a decrease in the power and influence of the crime organizations.

    In my opinion I wouldn’t be opposed to legalizing literally every drug. Tax the fuck out of each one gain from it. Make some laws so that if your driving under the influence of any controlled substance and are pulled over you get fucked over big time. If you kill someone while driving under the influence you go to jail and never get out. Think about this is beneficial for everyone. If people want to be a crack/meth/coke/heroin junkie let them from the comfort of their own home. If the choose to do that its their life, we can allow some dumb fucking people to OD on shit. They’re not contributing anything to society, what’s it if a bunch of junkies OD on hard drugs. Hah that might help against ever increasing population; which can not solely account to illegal immigrants hah.

    By legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes is not the end of the world. You shouldn’t be so close minded, marijuana will be legalized in the USA within sixty years, probably in less time than that honestly.

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  10. M.SebastianPatrick on

    A MORE radical idea. Do not buy marijuana from the illegal market: buy only domestically grown or better-grow it yourself. Then you can be assured that no money is being fed to these ruthless thugs who peddle plants for profits. Homegrown legalized cannabis kills this “death machine” cycle of violence and puts the United Stated back in control-NOT the cartels.

  11. Anonymous on

    Our position is healing the world.

    Look around, if you don’t believe the world is starting to accept marijuana more and more everyday.

    ” like why bother preaching to obtuse keyboard druggies who don’t listen to anybody else but disgraced bong prophets?” So you waste your time all day long?

    Most of your heroes are what you call “bong-prophets”

    Cannabis was meant to be in our bodies, hence our cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

    Go get drunk and post some more comments, which will go mostly ignored by the readers.

    It’s is truly amazing how ignorant you are.

  12. Anonymous on

    No cop would bother posting here, like why bother preaching to obtuse keyboard druggies who don’t listen to anybody else but disgraced bong prophets? Maybe you can’t accept that there are millions of civilian non cop people out here who are a little tired of bratty stoners and their complete lack of consideration for everybody else. There are millions more of us than there are of you and don’t forget it.

    This so called worldwide turning tide towards accepting marijuana is a cruel joke your own people are doing to you . The rest of us are just waiting til the bucket is full before dumping all you crankly druggies into the social policy compost heap.

    Our side is building prisons, your side is doing what..? Nothing except talking crap and supporting the black market.

  13. interested Observer on

    Sounds like he’s a cop to me.

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    Dont hate the players …… hate the game ………

    …..and i smoke cannabis, not because i need to, but because i choose to …..

    ” stop feeding the death machine of the black market”

    LOL … aim not supporting it, i grow my own ……

    Fun fact : you know drug cartels support cannabis prohibition …… mmmm i wonder why ????

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  17. Anonymous on

    You must work for Harper… If your so outspoken against pot, why do you even take an interest with this online magazine? Maybe you should find a hobby… like smoking pot, or maybe get laid… Just sayin’

  18. Anonymous on

    why is it, that people in power only start decrying the war on drugs AFTER they leave office…

  19. Anonymous on

    Newton’s law are for physical phenomena, not social policy.
    you can’t raise a child using Newtons laws
    you can’t grow tomatoes applying Newtons laws
    Newton did not add ” deadly reaction” as the final result
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    you want the government to accept its responsibly?
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    The bad guys created the black market
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  22. Anonymous on

    however we wouldn’t go into churches and tell people that they don’t need God?

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  25. Jordan on

    Asking people to change is not the best way to get things accomplished. If the world worked like that, where you could just ask people to go along with a wholly idiotic ideal, I would ask you to consider someone’s life beside your own. I may use cannabis, but I do it responsibly. Does this make me responsible for 28,000 deaths south of our border? Yes. Though I am not nearly as responsible as the law that says, “As a schedule 1 drug Marijuana is a dangerous drug with a high potential for abuse, and is subject to a $1000 dollar fine and up to a year in prison.”I accept my responsibility, and in return I would like my government to accept it’s responsibility as well. We are all responsible for the world we live in. We created the market by making a harmless drug illegal, and now Newton’s third law is taking an effect. For every action, no matter how noble it may seem, there is and always will be an equal, opposite, and deadly reaction.

  26. Anonymous on

    I little late for that idea, 28000+ deaths, rehab, acting like he’s ‘clueing in’ out of the blue to drug wars? SPICS!

  27. Mrs. Rat'sRectum on

    Some concepts are too difficult for prohibitionists to comprehend. Where are all the Stalins, Hitlers, Pol Pots, and assorted communist Chinese leaders of the day to order all the cannabis lovers to cease and desist or be executed. It’s one way to cull the Nietschean herd. It’s the best way to impose uniformity and get rid of creative people who think outside the box and invent things and give us improvements of the human condition. Only one of the herd would come up with such a simplistic solution to a complicated problems in a democratic society.

    I keep stressing that the cartel war south of the border will have a winner. The winner will have a bigger piece of the pie, and having access to weaponry and fighting the Mexican army can turn its full force firepower against the Mexican army. Calderon already said the cartels want to take over parts or all of the Mexican state. Cartels have a presence in 250 U.S. cities, and with access to the firepower to fight the Mexican army forces a U.S. city police force and S.W.A.T. won’t be much of a fright. Americans should be afraid of this kind of death and mayhem coming to a city near them and should just legalize cannabis.

  28. Anonymous on

    I don’t need to smoke pot anymore than you need to post a comment like that: What you said was an ego boost to make yourself feel better by expressing a personal view and choice and differs from the majority of a group. The same thing that we do, however we wouldn’t go into churches and tell people that they don’t need God? You don’t need to have an opinion on pot or potheads? You are unwelcome and are wasting your time here.

  29. Bhonze on


  30. Paul Goodman on

    I’d rather smoke than drink. Period. Let it grow. Legalize it!

  31. Bhonze on

    Shut up you DEA!!! I want it so i’m gona do it! More have died due to prohabition than the actual drugs themselvs. Only about 1% of Americans want to be a crack head the rest are responsable adults that can make responsable decisions on our own. Mexico has the right idea, just think of all the tourism dollars they will get if they legalize. So go drink your booze and pop your pharma pills and SHUT THE F*%K UP!!!

  32. Anonymous on

    marijuana is the safest most perfect plant on this planet,it protects all the organs in the body from age related illness. marijuana is a preventive medicine.
    it is impossible to OD on it. there is absolutely no way any one will stop smoking it because you said so. the only thing to do is legalize it. that will stop the war. what i am writing here makes no difference to you because…1. you will not research marijuana. 2. you are closed minded, and 3. you believe the lies you have been told by your family,and gov about marijuana. also telling people they don’t need the most perfect medicine God created for us is evil. The world is changing. pro marijuana is turning in to the majority, and you sir are lashing out. i feel sorry for you that you will undoubtedly go through life without experiencing the joy, love and healing that this perfect plant brings.

  33. Anonymous on

    here’s a radical concept that would stop the Cartel deathsquads
    and bring the war on drugs to a grinding halt:

    stop smoking pot
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    if pot is so un addictive,
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    While you still have a choice
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    of the black market
    even growing your own is not enough
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    just quit pot
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    and you never did