Marc Emery’s US Federal Prison blog #9: Letter to Jodie

Dearest Jodie: A miracle occurred today! For dinner I received the most extraordinary meal, this great salad plate with five fresh green pepper slices, three cauliflower pieces, four broccoli pieces, lettuce, four real tomato wedges, dressings, medium cheddar cheese (grated, the real thing), and three hard boiled eggs. It was spectacular! The first real vegetarian meal I’ve had.

I don’t really know how or why it showed up; I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m super-grateful. I’m the only one who received that extensive a salad tray as I’m the only “no-flesh diet” in the whole unit, but it was amazing. And filling, with the eggs and cheese. Most of the other inmates received a variation of it with some meat, but I know there was no cauliflower or broccoli in theirs because I was snooping to see if any left theirs so I could eat it, even in the return trays.

So I cannot say any longer that there hasn’t been any fresh vegetables. If I could even get that vegetable once a week, that would be something. So today is a good day.

I’m alarmed by the announcements today by Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and yesterday by Stockwell Day increasing the number of serious crimes in the criminal code. My friend Paul McKeever, who blogs at and, has an outstanding piece about it called “Shedding Light on Day: ‘Unreported Crimes’ Code for ‘Cannabis Offences’“.

In it, McKeever, the leader of the iconoclastic libertarian Freedom Party of Ontario (which I co-founded in 1982), accurately surmises that this is all a prelude to a renewed persecution of the cannabis culture. Despite polls in Canada showing consistently that a majority of Canadians want marijuana legalized (52% in favour is the usual number), and that this November 1st, the 40-million-citizens state of California will be voting on Proposition 19 to legalize the possession, cultivation, sale, and taxation of marijuana, the Conservative government in Canada is determined to fill the prisons, build many more, fill them up, expend unprecedentedly huge amounts of taxpayer money (while running a staggering deficit for the rest of this decade) on this new pogrom of imprisoning Canadians.

This is Christian fundamentalism of the most Old Testament sort, and is one of the two policies the Tories in Ottawa really care about: making the sinners suffer & pay, and waging war! The Reform Party of 1993 has been buried in the dust, it cares not about transparency in government, nor deficit financing, nor pork barrel politics, nor the democratic deficit.

The Conservative government is obsessed with oppressing the cannabis culture through mass imprisonment and arrest, and the unbridled expansion of the military, and wish to spend many billions of dollars on these two wholly pointless programs. Both accomplish the opposite of their stated intentions. Prohibition manufactures crime where none existed, punishing those attracted to the big profits a legalized trade could not offer, and producing violence and gang turf wars where none would exist. The Canadian military hardly needs any airplanes to attack or bomb, can anyone really suggest that Canada has any targets worth a Russian or Chinese or American attack? What we need are rescue helicopters, rescue ships, and ice-breakers, more counseling for our traumatized soldiers who’ve served eight long years in Afghanistan in a futile war and occupation we should never have involved the nation’s soldiers in.

For all Harper’s soothing G20 talk about other nations curtailing their deficit financing, the Tories – as the Toronto Star so succinctly said on Tuesday – have shown not one shred of commitment to following through on the idea themselves. $14 billion on American fighter jets that we don’t need and can’t use. $9 billion (in the next 5 years) on just one “tough on crime” policy alone of filling the prisons. And more dangerous, ineffective and costly policies are proposed: ending accelerated parole for non-violent first time offenders, and American-style mandatory minimum prison sentencing laws (Bill S-10) are just the beginning.

The pointless G20 cost $1.2 billion and produced the most disgraceful 24-hour concentration camp of peaceful dissent this country has ever witnessed, while not one single policy came from the leaders who attended the event.

This Harper government is pure evil, taking their cues from the mean-spirited Old Testament and the New Testament Book of Revelations: punish the non-believing people, bankrupt them, lie & deceive them, that they might all be cast in the lake of fire that is reserved and waiting for the unbelievers. Too fantastic to believe? It’s documented, and extensively. Nicholson & Day are preeminent amongst the “End-Of-Times” Tories. Day and his supporters in part even take their cues from the Parliamentary Clock Tower’s divine signal! Oh, I’m not kidding – please read the book The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada by Marci McDonald for that whole story!

My best jail house Prison Potcast was done back in October of last year, its there on I-Tunes as well as in text at, called “Stephen Harper & The End Of Times (Of Canada As We Know It.)“, you can read it at

I dare say Conrad Black’s two incredibly sensitive & brilliant pieces on Bill S-10 and the horrific US prison system of which I am incarcerated in (as he was for 28 months) are his editorials “Canada’s Inhumane Prison Plan” and “My Prison Education“, which every conservative should read.

We need an election immediately. People need to empower the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc by urging them to vote no-confidence in this government. Canadians should write them or call them to ask for an ELECTION NOW. Then be sure to support the opposition party most able, in their riding, to defeat the Conservative candidate.

I’m already working on my 2010 CANADIAN VOTERS GUIDE TO DEFEATING THE CONSERVATIVES, ready in mid-September, just after I get sentenced on September 10th here in Seattle.

Your imprisoned civil rights activist husband,

Marc Emery

P.S. To buttress the intent of Justice Minister Nicholson’s claim that they are re-naming more offenses as “serious crimes”, note that the Toronto compassion club CALM (Cannabis As Living Medicine) was raided again today by Toronto Police, no doubt at the behest of the Justice Minister and Ontario’s Solicitor-General. Following on the heels of the raids in Quebec several weeks back of the compassion clubs there, the Conservatives in Ottawa are staking their reputation on the continued punishment and persecution of the cannabis culture. The Tories WANT an election called, and they want it to be around marijuana & prohibition. We should engage this desire of theirs.

Jodie’s advice:

First, you need to look up the election results from the last federal election (Google “Canada Federal Election Results”), available at

If your Member of Parliament is a Conservative, find out who almost beat them or came in second last time, and support and vote for that person whether they’re NDP or Liberal or Bloc, or the Greens.

If your MP is NOT a Conservative, but there is a Conservative who is close to beating them, support your MP – whatever their party – against the Conservative challenger.

If your MP is in a “secure seat”, where they won’t lose to anyone, then support and vote for the Greens because every vote equals $1.95 to the party, so that really helps the most progressive party in terms of drug policy in Canada (and which I am a candidate for in Vancouver South).

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. persecutedinalberni on

    Well actually it is or at least mostly religion that is the root cause of this after all that is what religion is all about is hate.greed and ignorance.

    All the people who keep it illegal are church going political leaders so how you can say religion is not the cause of this.

    My taxes should never pay for the taxes of churches,all churches should pay taxes like everyone else does.

    Only satan would tell me I have to cover the cost of churches,religion still has us controlled and it is time to take back our freedom from these sick religious controll mongers.

  2. Ty Palmer on

    For all of us who choose to enhance our lives with cannabis, or enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis, please write to Marc Emery in prison. Please continue to keep the story of the Prince of Pot on the tongues of the Kind people of the world. Marc Emery will emerge from prison as a hero. The United States government has made Marc more powerful in prison than he was in the free world. We are your voices, Marc, and we will continue to shout our demands for your freedom from political persecution and imprisonment. Today I demand the immediate release of Marc Emery, a Canadian citizen, from our prison system in the United States. Stand with me.

  3. Tim Gray on

    Mr. Emery has a very valid point regarding conservative Christians and the Harper/Bush governments. Let’s not forget that Adolph Hitler was also swept into power by a right wing conservative “Chrstian” movement.

  4. repectacles on

    Religion is not the cause of this .Hate ,greed and ignorance is the cause.

  5. Anonymous on

    Infallible like the Pope
    OK we have made a note of that

  6. Anonymous on

    You’re trying to say Mrs. Emery is “begging the question,” a logical fallacy, but you make no sense yourself. Mrs. Emery is not begging the question for her proposition requires no proof.

  7. persecutedinalberni on

    It could also be said that anyone who wishes violence on someone deserves neither freedom nor happiness,don’t get me wrong I too have talked like this but just the same it’s another observation.

  8. stoner on

    Bless the both of you. Seems odd that people who believe in peace, freedom,and everlasting life would cause so much war, pain,and suffering. Religion is the oldest government in the world and is the cause of witch burning war and all kinds of hurt all the while claiming to help.For this reason crusaders killed any one who disagreed with them. Any one who dared to speak a truth was jailed banished tortured or discredited. Jesus according to the King James Bible used cannabis as an ointment. If alive today he could be in prison much as you Mark. Most of the world was, and is controlled by different sects. The people who do the controlling use religion to make the people who do the real work fearful. Where are the writings of Jesus. As far as I am concerned the present control freaks would suppress them if found. Much of the oldest books of our true past humanity have been destroyed in war. Why? To hide the truth,the healer of Nations. Sadly a human has to go through suffering to know what bliss is. Mark you are a winner. The world is better because of you. I hope that gives you, and Jodie some comfort. I love my country, and citizens. My governments war mongering and lies raises my disrespect and disbelief. You, Jodie and the like give me hope.

    =respect stoner=r

  9. Anonymous on

    Your writing means nothing to me when you start off with how how you are “flesh free” but disregard the horror the chickens go through to give you eggs, and the misery dairy cows go through to give you cheese. I hope someone in there punches you in the face for being a selectively cruel bastard, and blog 9 goes unread by me. Anybody who purposely adds to the misery of the animal population deserves neither freedom nor happiness.

  10. Anonymous on

    check the contract of what makes up the mission statements
    of the vast majority of the nations on his planet
    They all acknowledge God as supreme
    you don;t have to like it to understand that
    the faith world tolerates atheists
    because we can afford to do so, very easily
    because they rarely get past proudly announcing their non belief
    and then just wander away once they have made that point
    That’s OK
    but it’s no way to run a species

    this forum is suddenly full of irrational fear and petty angers
    entire posts disappear overnight in censorship frenzies
    that’s not the sign of a healthy exchange of viewpoints
    That’s OK  
    but its no way to run a freedom movement

  11. Anonymous on

    Mrs. Emery
    what was wrong that you made right with your opinion?

  12. Mike on

    This movement to oust the Conservatives from power fails to see the bigger picture, that is, the very structure of Canadian politics is shaped in such a manner that an elite oligarchy/ruling class has dominated it since its inception. If we fail to ascertain the root causes of this government without bounds and restraints, we will continue to live in an oligarchic dictatorship, where a handful of millionaires squander billions of tax dollars while remaining above the law.
    The false right/left, conservative/democratic, conservative/liberal paradigm is there to give you the illusion of choice when you have none. The continuous penetration of round table groups into sovereign countries has done nothing more than catalyze this trend, to the extent that every Prime Minister is a paid actor representing the interests of the financial elite, not the interests of the Canadian people. Let us not forget that Stephen Harper frequently attends the Bildergberg Group meeting, whose founder was a wealthy SS Nazi.
    Thus, nearly all forms of centralized, undemocratic, elitist decision making need to be abolished before we will be able to make a legislative impact. Cannabis is illegal, billions of dollars have been spent to blow up children in Afghanistan and an insane, costly, backwards tough on crime policy is being implemented because a tiny handful of rich people have been given unlimited power, yet we call our country a democracy.
    As Emery has noted before, politicians do as they please after they gain power. Therefore, we need to stop this repetitive cycle of searching for an opposition party that will save the country. This country, as well as many others around the world, needs a revolution. We need to take the governmental process into our own hands and demand a decentralized, local, direct democracy be implemented before it is too late, rather than waste our time being conned by this sham political party reality show.

  13. persecutedinalberni on

    At one time when we did not live by the bible or went against the church we were beaten/tortured or killed because it was the church that was the ruler but not anymore.

    Now those same freaky religious freaks still exist only now they are not allowed to whip/torture us who do not go along so instead they must do it in a very cowardly hidden way.

    So if you are a christian and you know that there is someone who is a threat to your way of life but that someone is law abiding other than pot he smokes,has no criminal record,history of violence/no runnins with the law/volunteers for his community/has a job/beautiful wife/can solve the murders of little children and lead police to remains but will not untill pot is legal/goes to man on his death bed and tells man he will watch over his two boys to make sure no sick child molesting christian scum or anyone else gets thier hands on them then you have to destroy them by discrediting them so they seem insane to everyone.

    And that is what Adolph Harpers government did to me,that is why they persecuted me with the multistalkers/gangstalking/watchers.

    These people are sick in the head that did this to me and they know I wanna bust thier heads open but cannot untill you the people believe and support me.
    They know that when my wife and my family finaly believe that YES THE RCMP DID INFACT GO BEHIND MY BACK AND SPEAK TO THE MINISTRY FOR CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY SUSPECTED/ACCUSED(ALL LIES) ME OF SOMETHING I’m not gonna be that passive little fuck they saw when they came into a law abiding citizens home and take him away for two weeks because he exposed one of these multistalking/gangstalking child molesters.

    Long story I blog it all over the net,right now I been at conspiracy, Introductions,Canadian conspiracy by persecutedinalberni if you want to know more.

    But yes the fact is these christian borg conservatives should be voted out by anyone even if it means voting for people I wouldn’t normaly vote for,hate to say it but it’s true.

  14. freeballer on

    I can’t say everybody fits in the same mold, because people are all different.

    I’m an athiest so maybee my arguement is a bit tainted by that but there is alot of evidence to support christian/fundamentalist against marijuana. I think it also comes down to this. There are SOME christians/muslems/etc.. who just think they are better than anybody else because they found “jesus” (or insert your devinity here). They are not worried about redemption but punishment.. We need more atheists in parlement/office/government.. And remember, when someone says there aught to be a law, there probably shouldn’t. This just opens the door to some as–ole who wants to give government more power.

  15. Jodie on

    Marc hasn’t said that all Christians are fundamentalist Conservatives. But it’s absolutely true to say that a LOT of, or most, Conservatives are Christian fundamentalists — or more accurately, Christian Zionists. The facts and evidence compiled in “The Armageddon Factor” (and throughout the media over the years) prove it.

    We have Christian friends who use cannabis and do not support Conservatives, so please don’t think that we’re painting everyone with the same brush.

  16. Jodie on

    Your post style exposes you as the repetitive hater. I’ve corrected you about this before, but you continue to post lies.

    Marc’s Minister brother did NOT put up the bail for Marc. It was his other, non-minister brother.

    You’re such a troll.

  17. G on

    I’m a Christian and I smoke weed. Not ALL Christians are fundamentalists! Not all Christians vote conservative!

  18. Opus on

    Anyone But Conservatives… get your ass out there and vote people, the neocons need to learn that you cannot legislate morality. But then they don’t want to legislate anyone, they just want to punish us…

    Lets be sure to PUNISH THEM at the polls!

  19. Jason on

    From what I understand about the Canadian political landscape I think you should merge a few parties together like the conservatives did…The democrat party and libral party sounds redundant .Until there is a merge best option is vote for anyone who has best chance too beat them.Good luck all.

  20. Anonymous on

    That’s a little overblown to say Christians are out to
    destroy the 420 people..considering that a wide range
    of faith/ethnic groups in Canada are traditionally against
    recreational drug use- the social majority not in favour of decrim.
    Christians are not out to crush the Cannabis Culture

    Marc Emery’s bail was posted by a “fundimental Christian” –
    his own older brother, a Christian Church Minister
    and faith community leader who put up his family home
    so that his little brother Marc could walk free.

  21. Worldgovernment on

    People who have the power to make change you must be stopped.
    If you speak the truth you will be jailed.
    Population control can only be done with lies and scare tactics.
    This is where Canada is headed.
    We need to get Marc Home where he belongs.

  22. Warren on

    We don’t vote for those suckers here as a rule … they are looking to make gains though in the next election in the East.

    I fear the worst but hope for the best. I’m not optimistic. The Liberals really shot themselves and subsequently the whole country in the foot when they cut Dion’s throat.

    Arghhhh feels so hopeless.