‘KopBuster’ Barry Cooper Gets a Movie Deal, Sues Texas Authorities

When former Texas police officer Barry Cooper hatched his scheme to sell “KopBusters,” an anti-cop reality show, he had no idea what might come of it.

“I was just determined to make things right for what I had done in all my years as a cop, busting people for pot mostly,” he’s said. “But, you know, things kinda got complicated.”

Two years and several media stunts later, the family’s home has been invaded by officers with guns drawn, who would tell the Child Protection Services (CPS) that the Coopers were “unsuitable” parents and endangering their children — a possible felony offense. Officers claimed a gram of marijuana was found in the home, which was enough for Candi’s ex-husband to claim temporary custody of her youngest son, Zach. Then the Texas Rangers came swooping in, arresting Candi in front of her home and leaving Barry with little option but to turn himself in, which he did with a typical showman’s flare.

Now both are facing up to a year in jail on two separate charges of Making a False Report to a Peace Officer, a Class B misdemeanor offense, for what they insist was civil disobedience.

To an objective observer, this all may sound like a series of unfortunate events — but for Barry and Candi, finally feeling the heat from legal fees and the continuing costs of operating an online business, a big payday really is just around the corner.

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