‘KopBuster’ Barry Cooper Gets a Movie Deal, Sues Texas Authorities

When former Texas police officer Barry Cooper hatched his scheme to sell “KopBusters,” an anti-cop reality show, he had no idea what might come of it.

“I was just determined to make things right for what I had done in all my years as a cop, busting people for pot mostly,” he’s said. “But, you know, things kinda got complicated.”

Two years and several media stunts later, the family’s home has been invaded by officers with guns drawn, who would tell the Child Protection Services (CPS) that the Coopers were “unsuitable” parents and endangering their children — a possible felony offense. Officers claimed a gram of marijuana was found in the home, which was enough for Candi’s ex-husband to claim temporary custody of her youngest son, Zach. Then the Texas Rangers came swooping in, arresting Candi in front of her home and leaving Barry with little option but to turn himself in, which he did with a typical showman’s flare.

Now both are facing up to a year in jail on two separate charges of Making a False Report to a Peace Officer, a Class B misdemeanor offense, for what they insist was civil disobedience.

To an objective observer, this all may sound like a series of unfortunate events — but for Barry and Candi, finally feeling the heat from legal fees and the continuing costs of operating an online business, a big payday really is just around the corner.

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  1. Native Trash on

    Nathan Fillion. from Serenity/Firefly and Castle,
    just because he’s awesome.

  2. Genghis Chow on

    This world seems to be filled with more hatred and lies every day. It’s probably because we are exposed to it ever since the radio and television were invented. We idolize artists and movies stars but the truth is they are all liars, fakers and manipulating masterminds.

    They give us what we want which is the idea of perfection but to do so they lie and cover up (in make-up, clothes, jewelery, etc.) We have become so obsessed with it that we have lost the value of what is real. Being imperfect is not necessarily a flaw but a good reminder that we need to be humble.

    The unreal is more powerful than what’s real. Rocks crumble, people die but ideas live on through generations. (from a quote but don’t remember the entire thing)

    Naruto (a popular manga/anime) seems to really relate to the situation of this world. Can people really truly understand one another and stop this vicious cycle of hate and deceit?

    Smoking pot doesn’t have to be right or wrong. But people should try (really try) to understand people who do smoke before they can truly say it is wrong or not.

    It is a fantasy to believe this world is good because in reality, it is evil. In order to live in it, we need that fantasy. That is reality. (My quote)

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Uncle Bob on

    Thanks for making me laugh…you made my day!

  4. Anonymous on

    I am sorry for my spouting I must of misread or misunderstood your comment no offense or anything meant by my above ranting. You guys taker e z.


    p.s. I’m a member of a few international fmj orums and I just get a lil sick of the overly regurgitated notion that we Americans don’t pay attention. But yes…Hollywood in general is ignorant of anyone’s plight unless it can garner a most certain politically correct oscar nomination. I completely concur with you there John Dillinger. 🙂

  5. staightwhitemale on

    Wanna see my life on film…?

    Take a fat, stupid look down an alcoholic step dad’s toilet.

    Thanx City of London.


  6. John Dillinger on

    My American comment is in regards to a movie being made about Barry Cooper but not Marc Emery. Emery’s life, it would appear to me (having followed his career since 1982) to be far more interesting that Cooper’s. Not that Cooper isn’t interesting too. The fact is, Emery is NOT an American, and the US film industry, and its audience, appear to have little interest in people outside the US. Most probably don’t even know where Vancouver or London are, two very relevant cities for Marc, nor would they care.

    I do hope one day someone with influence and the ability to get such a project off the ground will take up Marc’s story.

  7. Anonymous on

    I don’t think they will be allowed to make a movie on Marc, the government will shut it down, close it and make sure it never gets shown in theaters.. it will have to be an Independent film, it will not get a theater spot. I’d be too surprised for that.

  8. travis on

    if this goes in theaters this could get extremely political, it could be that break threw that seemed to be around corner for the pact few decades,hit it right in the center of the media,so much capitalism has gotten ahold of society the media seems like the only logical answer, i mean theres been news here and and there and some great documentaries supporting the cuase, but this could kick the media in the nuts, if you got this movie in theaters with a true plot with a true person the people can feel sympohthy for and at the same time exposes the truth to everybody, no matter the political stand point of the person, and except for showing weed and smoking weed with nothing bad happening instintly gets a R rating, but really nothing good happens to this man to this movie very well could get a pg13 rating; and that would be very politicle

  9. Jordan on

    I know this sounds ridiculous, but in my humble opinion the only way that we can make change is to organize. If you want to be heard, speak out. Get some friends to make some signs, and have them bring their friends. Then go to a place where you see fit and protest! Be it a jail, or a court house, a local police station, your college campus, or anywhere. People need information in order to right the wrongs of the past, and we are the only ones who can do something about it. If we all just sit on our asses and bitch we will never change anything, but if we get out and speak to people we can make change.

  10. EasternChez on

    Cmon now, we are all brothers and sisters for the same cause. Ignorance should not be allowed to separate us.

  11. Patruck on

    I hope that thespian comment is a joke.

  12. Mrs. Rat'sRectum on

    I hope it sends the message to the general public to legalize, and put corrupt cops on the trail of real crimes instead of non-crimes like pot offenses. Might as well also do a movie about Marc Emery, Dennis Peron and the California legalization movement, the legalization movement in general, too. I understand that the movie deal would have to wait until after he got out because otherwise the prison would confiscate any profits.

  13. Anonymous on

    Hey Canada your ignorance is showing.

    What gives you the right to lay blanketing statement as in “(Americans)don’t know the world outside their borders” Grow up and tuck it in because your ignorance is showing. OMFG the Internet OMFG 60 MINUTES OMFG every last stoner in America…where else have we heard it from…

    Marc is right down the road from me and you don’t really want to know my opinion (concerning WHY he got detained) but we know and we think how it transpired sucks. To the point exactly our DEA cominG IN and coercing the CANADIAN AUTHORITIES into helping perpetuate what I’d call and open act of aggression on a sovereignty (Canadian citizen being Marc). Yes completely ILLEGAL.

    Then again the first rule of Fight Club is….

    So yeah it sucks but don’t lay that foundless worthless hackneyed ignorance then projecting onto your american cousins cuz I aint gonna let it fly.

    Peace and Closed Mouths,


    p.s. I think Kevin Spacey would be riveting as Marc but he’s riveting in anything he does. 🙂

  14. old vet on

    how much the people of the us hate police.they have become the crimnals we pay them to protect us from .all because of a war on marijuana

  15. Dale allo on

    As far as I know he is completely straight. He’s even got a wife. I dont know where you get your information from sir.

  16. Uncle Bob on

    An unknown could be more suited to portray Marc. Although Woody is a fantastic actor, his popularity might detract from the story and the message… No doubt there must be a number of great undiscovered thespians waiting for a meaty role.

  17. Anonymous on

    every one who smokes marijuana in America knows who Marc is. im in Mississippi

  18. jones on

    Woody Harrelson would be the best choice imo. that would be an awesome movie.

  19. John Dillinger on

    Its only a matter of time before someone does a movie on Marc, or it ought to be (but knowing American’s they don’t even know there’s a world outside of their borders other than to invade or arrest…sorry yanks someone had to tell you).

    Anyway, who would you think would be best in the role of Marc Emery?