Pot Found on Bret Michaels’ Tour Buses

A K-9 search of Poison rocker Bret Michaels’ two tour buses allegedly turned up marijuana and other unspecified drugs Wednesday evening in Indiana, the Fort-Wayne News-Sentinel first reported.

Cops said they made the discovery after pulling over the buses just after 11:30 p.m. on a lighting violation.

Following a search of both buses by drug-sniffing dogs that turned up positive, authorities said they found the untold amounts of marijuana and other drugs.

No one from the tour was arrested but charges were forwarded to the DeKalb County Prosecutor’s Office, according to the News-Sentinel.

“Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights,” a rep for Michaels told EW.com in an email. “No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner.”

– Article from NBC News.



  1. The BallyHoo on

    It doesn’t say they were Bret’s drugs? So, i wouldn’t go ”assuming” that they were. There are plenty-o-people on tour busses, it could have belonged to anyone.

  2. Anonymous on

    How bout’ that fourth amendment, eh?

    How do you go from issuing a simple tailight ticket to an illegal search?

  3. undrgrndgirl on

    but didn’t two brain hemorrhages in less than a month teach him anything? the cannabis is most probably beneficial; but what about those “other drugs”?

  4. Anonymous on

    This was a blatant attack on their rights. No law enforcement official has the authority to search a vehicle for the lights being out on a trailer. This not an arrestable not a jailable offense. What kind of crap are they going to pull next, start arresting people for standing on the corner waiting for the light?

  5. p_light420 on

    Apparently in Indiana not having a light on your trailer license plate and being a rock star is probable cause to bring in the drug dogs.

  6. SAINT RICO (JPs) on

    Talk about a reminder of how Rich(mostly white..) entertainers & MovieStars get off easy….BUT! If that were you or me–we’d be arrested for a gram, or even a leftover roach in the ashtray. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t think Mr. Michaels should have been areested…..but neither should any one else for that matter. Too bad special-interest groups have BRIBED lady Justice to take off the blindfold….and then look the other way.

    S.O.S. in the U.S.