Police Kill Man at California Marijuana Farm

A man was shot and killed by Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputies after he pointed a rifle at them in a remote area where 20,000 marijuana plants were being grown, authorities said Thursday.

The man, whose name has not been released, was shot at about 10:25 a.m. Wednesday when he pointed a rifle at deputies who were on a “scouting mission” for marijuana, said Sgt. Rick Sung.

Three deputies shot the man, Sung said. Despite being shot, the man again reached for the rifle, prompting the deputies to fire another volley at him, Sung said.

Deputies initially believed another person fled the scene, but Sung said it was possible another group of deputies had seen the same suspect running before he was shot dead.

The incident happened near Mines Road in an unincorporated area of Santa Clara County south of Del Valle Reservoir. Alameda County sheriff’s deputies joined their counterparts from Santa Clara County in the anti-marijuana operation.

The 20,000 marijuana plants have a street value of between $60 million and $80 million, Sung said.

The deputies who shot the man were placed on paid administrative leave pending investigations by the sheriff and the Santa Clara County district attorney’s office.

– Article from San Francisco Chronicle.



  1. [email protected] on

    anonymous, what the fuck is your problem? do you have such problems in your life that lead you to childishly insult people on the internet and nitpick at spelling mistakes as a way of trying to ridicule someone?

    what the fuck crawled up your ass and died? people on here are trying to make valid points and statements and all you can make is juvenile remarks such as ”underwear skids”, everyone knows you are a dumb kid with nothing to do but get kicks from insulting people on the internet and are clearly NOT educated about marijuana in anyway whatsoever, leave the intelligent discussion to the grown-ups and go back to your kiddy forums for this is not a matter which involves you.

    and War Veteran, if you ever read this again I think you talk the most, educated sense out of anyone, what has this world come to where people die to protect their freedom which was taken away from them by the government. Corrupt assholes, glorified murderers.

  2. Anonymous on

    The officers were in grave danger of letting a potential pro-marijuana activist get away, so they had to shoot him in the back while he was running away. Then, when the officers approached the mortally wounded victim, he was still moving, so they had to pump him full of another ten or twenty rounds. Now we’re all “safer.”

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  4. Uncle Bob on

    They say that “Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” so you must be the master.
    Careful, did you know your hatred is showing? And oh, by the way…I still require and answer to my question you won’t answer. —> What’s your excuse?

  5. Anonymous on

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  6. Sparkky McPuff on

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  7. Anonymous on

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  9. War Veteran on

    Physics apply to more than just a set of rules in a science book –but equal and opposite reactions. Capone became more powerful than some small time hood or number’s runner because of prohibition. A writer’s mind to create Nino Brown out of physical law (which dictates Earth –and we live on Earth) used facts to generate how a New York city gangster made a million dollars a week selling crack (people wanted it and he sold it through violent means cause of prohibition). Cops know that people ‘kill’ for this stuff and have known this since prohibition and they know that the end of Alcohol prohibition kept bootleggers and moonshiners from shooting at each other, so physics dictates an equal and opposite reaction (one shouldn’t have to open up their science books for clear examples of the law of physics –simply watch nature or produce a bag of drugs in front of a bunch of cops and see what happens). 4 large airplanes fall from the sky because of thugs riding on them =’s a most likely troop movement. Drugs coming in from the Atlantic and the Indian for European consumption equals money for Darfur thugs and more revenue for Rwandan thugs committing genocide. Law enforcement knows that if they simply don’t do their jobs and ignore unsound prohibition law, that the violence and crime surrounding drugs would be lessened, yet most do their jobs. Do you remember your military deployments to the Middle East? Do you remember all the officers briefing you to ignore or disobey said orders that made one feel humanly uncomfortable . . . That’s in direct response to the war crimes committed by us in Nam and now they go out of there way to stop it, reduce it and punish it. You don’t remember that briefing do you? I do. Seems to us when we treat the civilians fairly, we get better results (physics). So this big bad gov’t that we are slaves to is too big for us to topple? That sounds physically impossible. It’s those who are afraid to explore all emotions who let bad things happen under their nose. You don’t remember your Iraqi patrols when the majority of the civilian populous like the fact that we were there because we forced out Saddam and forced peace (temporary or permanent) amongst the two ethnic groups warring for over a thousand years. Its people who let dictators in the form of cops and politicians have their way. No action is a praise to their efforts. Outlawing pot and putting on a drug war to mask conspiracy theories –remember your long stay in Europe when so many locals having watched Matt Damon movies and watching all the many JFK documentaries asked you what’s up with America and all of their conspiracies? We love conspiracies and invent them in our mind. Some exist, but most are fiction. How many times have you been asked to be searched or been placed in handcuffs for a plant? You tell me who’s radical: cops or me. To do nothing is enforcing evil. Is it really evil to commit evil against evil –war says that doesn’t exist. It sounds like someone was too stoned or on mushrooms when they visited the Anne Frank house –didn’t listen too well the sound of the wooden floorboards when people walked on it now didn’t cha’ . . . can you imagine what that must have sounded like to poor Anne when they found her? Anything I write is right because I fought for it and fought against someone like Anne or Ashjil to listen to boots on floors. It sounds like the civilians need help –not this vet who’s seen Ugandan child soldiers now grown and Iraqi’s learning to live in a society with less torture and prison. Just because there has always been a war against something and life’s not fare, doesn’t mean we have to accept it . . . my right to live on this planet made up of physical laws comes from my fighting in many ways against the evil that mankind does to life. Physical law dictates that many are made into criminals “like our supposed gun man in the woods” and are not born that way.

  10. MOTFA on

    well, if i knew what “emotional temperature” meant, i would be able to respond.

    i think my current temp is 98.6.


  11. Anonymous on

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  12. Anonymous on

    Yes, there will be a race to keep your own food sources, because if you don’t start growing your own food eventually you will be eating nothing but plastic fruits & veggies, programmed to be made into mass produced slop from a chemical reaction. Like the carcinogenic genetically modified food matter. YOU will be eating petri dishes of plant material, you will need your own farm but it will get confiscated and your food will too! Forced to contaminate your own body! Breath in that nice exhaust.

  13. Anonymous on

    The only delusional effects weed causes is to know what truth is, and you like many being brainwashed by the government to assume every pot smoker is delusional and an insane criminal is exactly what is wrong with prohibition. Guess What, if pot smokers are insane, they would be doing many bad things, but the’re not, THEY are relieved from their government induced Drug War psychosis attempt but anyone against it is a brainwashed puppet, if physics were the reason then wouldn’t sir Isaac Newton have been sitting under a pot plant when the bud fell off and hit him in the head… because its the forbidden fruit the government knows they can never own. MARIJUANA MASKS GOVERNMENT LIES, NOT INSANE THINKING, UNLESS IT IS SOMEONE ELSES PROGRAMMED INFORMATION PROJECTED TO YOU, NOT THEIR OWN. There some physics you scientist and economy slave that accepts all government regulations!!!! SLAVE!!!!!! IN FEAR!!!!!! LIVE IN FEAR, STRONGER BUZZ THAN ANY CHEMICAL!!!!!! CONSIDER IT A FREE RIDE YOU SOBER ALCOHOLIC SMOKER!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous on

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  15. Sparkky McPuff on

    Take an iq test that scores above the retard line maybe? Bud, you have no idea what you are talking about! Even if I was somehow unaware of my retardation, I would still be a lot smarter than you! You’re not perfect pal, and neither am I. Nobody is. You choose to drink a few beers after work, or shoot squirrels in your back yard, or fuck sluts, all of which could land you up dead! Proven fact that you should try reading a little, is that weed cannot kill you! Alcohol overdoses kill thousands a year. Same with accidental shootings. There’s also the small problem of AIDS. You are the retar my friend! But I will never judge you on that!

  16. Anonymous on

    The full facts are not known. were the police in uniform? was it dark? Did the guy with the rifle think the cops were plant rustlers? Did he really point the rifle?

  17. Anonymous on

    You’re 29 and you don’t even know you are retarded.. well maybe on your 30th Birthday you will receive a notice in the mail confirming that you are.
    And good luck convincing 6,000,000,000 other humans that you are not retarded,, we don;t really count your Mom & Dad who will probably just say anything just to shut you up

  18. Anonymous on

    >>>The cops are more than willing to let said ‘pirates’ kill little girls wandering in the woods to keep pot from being legal, thus causing the law of physics. <<< That was without a doubt the most stupid statement ever made on these forums, and pal.. you are up against a lot of severely stupid entries./ YOU are why prohibition came about-- the criminally insane using marijuana to mask dangerous delusional thinking.Get some help- its what a real vet would do

  19. Anonymous on

    Seems to me I’ve read several news stories that Uncle Bob makes stuff up
    and receives something like a dollar every time he gets stoned. I hear hes a millionare. Ya Uncle Bob, you’re probably wrong about a lot of things, but you would never know.

  20. J Mo on

    What if someone seriously grew legitimate gardens of vegetables and fruits in remote regions of national forest? Is that even a crime? Lets say they are environmentally aware and use organics and leave minimal trace of their “guerrilla farming”? They aren’t taking native plants, they are simply adding to the ecosystem in a controlled manner and removing a renewable resource. What criminal law are they breaking?…..certainly aren’t breaking any laws of basic humanity. OBVIOUSLY, this grower was not that type of person, regardless, the police were wasting MY money “scouting” specifically for this ridiculous FLOWER. I hope religion dies soon….. 🙁

  21. Sparkky McPuff on

    You my friend make the most sense! What do these prohibitionists think pot does to people? Why do they think it is so bad? Why does anybody need to die or go to jail over a plant that cannot kill you? Hairspray can kill you! Gasoline, even water can kill you if you breathe it in, but those are all legal! Not being beligerent but I’ve been blazing since I was 13 and I’m 29 now and I’m not retarded yet and all I have found with weed is it does nothing but benefit my life! I wish everyone could see it my way and it hurts me that people get hurt or lose priviliges for consuming cannabis. I am always sad because of that fact! If I had myway, it would be illegal to NOT use weed! Unless you don’t want to of course! Anyways! I have convinced at least two hard ore prohibitionists that weed is not harmful! Now, just 6 billion more to go! Wish me luck!

  22. War Veteran on

    He had a rifle . . . how many people go hunting with a rifle? He could have been innocent and stumbled across the field and at the wrong place at the wrong time. He could have found this field earlier and came back with a rifle to picks some for his own use or profiteering. If the pot was worth anything over 100grand, why doesn’t it say he had a pistol, or an automatic or an AK . . . it said rifle –not assault rifle like most organized crime members carry. We’ll never know he was as bad as someone who would have killed young girls. The cops used physics to induce such behavior and yet we don’t harp on them for all the blood shed they’ve caused via physics (opposite reaction). He might have been smart enough to realize that carrying a firearm in the woods is a smart idea and have thought in the middle of the brush that the cops were the mafia growers . . . we’ll never know. Occam’s Razor might be the most sound but the dead tell no tails. Innocent Germans had to die to stop Hitler’s world police . . . cops killed a little girl in Detroit. The cops are more than willing to let said ‘pirates’ kill little girls wandering in the woods to keep pot from being legal, thus causing the law of physics. So, to honor a bandit would be noble (like stoping the Nazi’s via war) since the cops are willing to implement the structure where said bandit(s) can occur. To praise the cops for enforcing prohibition would be praising a bandit (opposite reaction) who finds it a necessity for his operation to kill ‘little girls’ and other innocents trekking the woods. How many non-law enforcement officers were there to witness that said ‘pirate’ fired or threatened the police’s lives. He could have been growing it for a compassion club and needed the space or was denied his permit to grow and took it outside on public lands. Why do we use SWAT to kill dogs and bust people with a pipe load of pot? Why do the Texas Rangers go for a roach and misdemeanor charge? Could it not be as simple as the cops and the supposed grower were both pirates or was the Boston Tea party only about tea and nothing else. So according to the law of physics and Occam’s Razor: a bad guy killed a bad guy, but we’ll never know because a bad guy lived while . . .

  23. War Veteran on

    Legally speaking in accordance to German National Socialist (NAZI) laws: Anne Frank was in clear violation of God knows how many felonies and logically deserved to die due to her corrupting the law and evading legal German law. Marijuana legalization is as much about legal pot for ‘pothead’ as mustard is to dog fur: Prop 19 and the innocent gunned down victim is about freedom against oppression in all forms: freedom to home school, freedom to read, freedom to worship, freedom of speech, freedom to own guns, freedom to be safe in one’s own home, freedom to shop at whatever grocery store one wants, freedom to vote, freedom to be one of several political parties, freedom to choose one’s line of work, freedom to pick a home doctor with 30yrs under his/her belt as opposed to being told to have one with 30 months of experience, freedom to have a lawyer, freedom to choose one’s mate, freedom to ride a bike, freedom to buy a home etc. One’s actions either dictate they hate Anne Frank or cry and fight for Anne Frank’s memory.

  24. Uncle Bob on

    Seems to me I’ve read in several news stories that police agencies receive extra funding for every single plant they cut down…whether its ditchweed or not. They do get something like a dollar a plant. Plus the growers assets. Am I wrong?

  25. Anonymous on

    you are so stupid
    you are dangerous
    its cat box heads like you
    that makes prohibiton
    look like a good idea

  26. Anonymous on

    and forcing your prison planet inmates
    into working in a fantasy US hemp industry
    in the clouds
    is really really dumb

    Whatever math you apply here
    that grow was worth millions of dollars
    It as not for medical patients
    and not for personal use
    the pirates protected it with firearms
    & they were trespassing on public land
    Its disgusting how anybody can applaud this

    that sentry would have shot girl guides
    had they stumbled upon their little dope farm
    and would they have dialed 911?
    No they would have buried them
    harvested their crop
    and disappeared

    criminals are dangerous greed personified
    and you stoner idiots like this
    go slap yourself
    you satanic retards

  27. Anonymous on

    Too Bad he didn’t shoot first, at least one cop would drop before he died. SHOUT OUT TO THE FARMER… FULL RESPECT, FULL RESPECT To take the risk of defying prohibition and corruption! That was only worth 6 mil, but also worth millions of hours of anti-anxiety inducing herbal relief from the fear of the police in the social standards of the country we live in, only a plant can make people function naturally. If the government wants to control this potential billion dollar possible in future business, YOU ALL BETTER REALIZE the Government & FDA will make GMO’s of Cannabis that produce its own insecticide residue and try to own the genetic modified strains. Outdoor plants do not have pests or little and regular fertilizer does not kill the flora and fauna in the local areas, what chemicals are hazardous from an outdoor grow field..? Potential revival of the soil by rotting roots and leaves compost!!!!! After the crop? Rotate your crops is a farmers motto! What the fuck do they make toxic by growing plants, ABSORBING YOUR 15 SUV’s worth of vehicles pollution CO2 the cops used to drive out there. LYERS, COPS TAKE THE CROP AND SELL IT, IF You look at a cop wrong they will attack you, he could have died for waving hello as a distress signal!!!!! There are missing people lately, gangs, or prohibition, do you want weed or not? Either way, people die for it, legal or not, they will still die for it! They die for useless reasons, life goes on….. SMOKE THE HERB YOU’RE LUCKY TO HAVE THANKS TO THAT FARMER.

  28. Anonymous on

    The cops were defending their lives-
    they were on legitimate business of
    patrolling and protecting a national forest
    the potpatch gunman was defending millions
    of black market dollars

    the greed monster was in the heart of the pirates
    it was not in the heart of the cops
    the cops did not take over the vegative assets of the grow
    for themselves which would have indicted greed
    not like rippers and bandits the pot patch gunman was trying to neutralize

    Marijuana will never be legal as long as moral distortos like you
    are out there applauding the bad hearted people
    doing bad things
    in the name of greed

  29. Anonymous on

    To see what the government is really doing to us, The american Sheeple go to infowars.com also you could theamericasheepl.com site a visit. We all are fucked but I must add Most pain is self-inflicked, we brought it on ourselves(as a whole) I’m trying to flee the country before its too late…

  30. Anonymous on

    they were on a scouting mission,, i do not believe their intentions were to kill someone over a plant. the fool had a rifle and aimed it at someone,, was he about to kill someone over a plant.. looks like he was.

  31. Activetna on

    Sgt. Rick Sung.
    Don’t deceive and misinform the public with untruths and inflated street values beyond reason or fact. There’s no way the 20,000(doubtful?)marijuana plants would fetch $60 – $80 million on the street.
    At $70 million, each plant is worth $3,500; to $4,000 on $80m!
    At the highest street price I know of, $3,500 per plant at $500 per ounce, means each plant produces 7 ounces!!
    This is by far above the norm of 1 to 3 ounces per plant. One can get top bud anytime for $100-$160 per ounce,so: $150 x 2 ounces x 20,000 plants = $6 million!!
    You’re telling porkies! And added 0 to your figures to make a salient point and increased your numbers tenfold in the hope of making a stronger justification for the murder of this happy man, who wouldn’t be dead had the cops not be “scouting” for God’s miracle plant.
    Sgt. Rick Sung. Help stop the rot, end the war on drugs, legalize it and let the world enjoy the fruits of this marvellous plant and give freedom to all to grow their own with impunity. If all the thousands upon thousands of marijuana, political prisoners were realesed and given the job of growing hemp and cannabis(30%), a new industry worth billions of $$ would mushroom creating employment, happiness and worth. STOP incarceration and Prison Sentences for marijuana possession, and US of A, practice seriously the freedoms you so jealously cherish and shout about and give the people back their freedoms of choice to do whatever they desire without harming anyone.


  32. Anonymous on

    Bet money the police were plain clothed and didn’t announce themselves.

  33. Jersey Chuck on

    There are Hundreds of unsolved MURDERS in Oakland!

    They should try solving (at least) a few of them instead of looking for weed.

  34. Jersey Chuck on

    There are Hundreds of unsolved MURDERS in Oakland!

    They should try solving (at least) a few of them instead of looking weed.

  35. Blazemonkey on

    He should have fired first, he was protecting his crops. What are the police protecting? Greed.

  36. David on

    Yeah, and we have a similar problem here too, with people growing plants and using a shitload of chemicals on them. Damn these corn grower, they should grow hemp wich is environmentally a lot better to grow. Legalize and regulate is the only solution.

  37. Anonymous on

    Do you Brother Mofta care about those points?
    are you standing up for that stuff?
    I saw trash thinking and said so –
    does emotional temperature upset you ?
    seems like it

  38. MOTFA on

    Well anon, you WERE making sense, but then you dropped the ball with “who cares what crap you utter” so i must say something like “and i was just about to say the same thing about you”.


  39. MOTFA on

    Thanks for that War Veteran. Something to think about for sure.

  40. William on

    One of the many very good reasons that we’ll finally end criminal penalties for, and regulate a plant that is much safer than beer.

  41. Anonymous on

    1_ pot is not legal, you may have noticed
    2_ it won’t be legal either, but never mind= dream on
    3- even if pot was legal this is a huge pirate grow with guns
    4_ you are hostile irrational stoners stuck in another decade
    where even then you were morally bankrupt jerks
    5- have your say with freedom of speech, who cares what crap you utter

  42. Anonymous on

    I can just imagine; the guy brandished a weapon at three plainclothes murderers out on the hunt for some of the very stuff that will soon be legal in California, and they decided to chase him down and unload six clips into his back for good measure.

  43. Uncle Bob on

    Nice argument mr. anon. Insulting me and using filty language. Bet you were the captain of your debating team in school eh?

  44. War Veteran on

    Did this whole thing take place in Baghdad or Afghanistan –is America that big of a war zone that those paid to serve and protect really need to use guns: we have non-lethal ammo that we use during riots or that we used while in an Iraqi prison, which held children as young as 6, women and old men in their 80’s? Don’t these cops wear body armor like I did? Are roadside bombs really a big problem out in California that cops must resort to guns in all cases like we do in Iraq? Were they trying to find plants or planted bombs? I thought I was in America, but it turns out our plane at the end of our tour turned back to Iraq. Non-lethal rounds are cheaper and more effective than lethal rounds (that’s why our prison riots don’t last long) –pepper gas anyone? This sounds like murder in the first degree . . . could have the riffle been planted afterwards? Why can’t the dead man have his day in court like the children we arrest for making bombs in Baghdad do? Besides –doesn’t anyone realize that one dead cop means less money for the terrorists who rely one a living cop to do all it can do for prohibition. What’s truly sad if this cop was trying to protect himself was that the good guy grower didn’t have a reliable weapon to justify his being murdered. Cops are responsible for 25-35% of 9-11 since that’s the accurate percentage of drug money used to fulfill that sad September morning. They keep the costs high enough to keep the bad guys blowing up civilians, Indians, Spanish trains etc. The dead man is a hero to our nation who gave his life up for the pursuit of happiness, Liberty and Freedom regardless of why he was out there.

  45. Anonymous on

    Fucking NAZI PIGS!!!!

  46. Anonymous on

    We have a similar problem here in southern Oregon with large scale “gorilla grows”.The mostly illegal aliens that set these up and take care of them are armed to the teeth and have become extremely dangerous to miners and hikers etc,not to mention the environmental damage they do.Is it worth someones life? Hell no it isn’t,yet it happens with increasing regularity.

  47. undrgrndgirl on

    like this guy was growing on “open space” land…which, for starters, is becoming a HUGE environmental problem in california – these people leave trash, chemicals, grow equipment, etc…in *our* pristine forests…these grows poison and kill native flora and fauna and are something we in the movement should not tolerate or support in any way, shape or form…furthermore, much open space is FEDERAL land, and therefore he would not be protected by state law…IF (a big if) he was growing on his OWN property he still had 20,000 plants – far more than the state allows…even for a co-op that’s a helluvalota plants…AND he pulled a gun on officers…sorry, but, without more information i can’t support this guy, EXCEPT to say NO ONE deserves to die over a plant…

  48. capnjazz on

    It sure does, when but when the police roll up on you, regardless of what it’s for, you never pull a weapon out on them, am I right? You assume, they went there with the intention to kill the man, which in itself is beyond ridiculous.

    Furthermore, kind sir, they obviously do have accountability, as you can tell by them being forced to take a leave of absence. I’m in no way a fan of the police, so my opinion is not biased. But to pull a weapon on anyone in uniform, you should be prepared for the worst.

    To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction, (of course that applies to Newton’s laws of motion, but also suffices for this stupid argument).

  49. socco on

    “Deputies initially believed another person fled the scene, but Sung said it was possible another group of deputies had seen the same suspect running before he was shot dead.”

    Sounds like an admission to shooting this man as he was running away.

  50. Anonymous on

    anybody who grows 20,000 pot plants
    is begging for trouble
    the armed guard sort of suggests that
    anybody who approaches a pot farm
    is looking for someone
    who is looking for trouble

    Raise a rifle in defense of
    millions of dollars worth of weeds
    – expect to get shot at
    choose weed wealth over the safety of other humans
    – expect to die

    Uncle Bob, you are a shit hearted twisted old fuck

  51. Samson on

    How did the farmer have his rifle pointed at the officers….and yet, the cops were the FIRST and ONLY parties to open fire?? Seems odd to me that the police were able to get the jump on somebody who supposedly already had his gun trained on them……..

  52. Anonymous on

    Self defense works both ways doesn’t it?

    oh yeah, except when there is no accountability on one side.

    They should not have been there, looking to kill someone over a plant, in the first place.

  53. MOTFA on

    If you are stupid enough to aim a gun at a cop you deserve to get shot.
    If he had just ran away he probably wouldn’t have even been caught (unless it was his land).

    I bet the cops feel so fucking sorry for shooting the guy too. Taking their admin leave money and heading for the first bar a whorehouse. Boo hoo.

  54. capnjazz on

    It’s called self defense. If you were a police officer, and someone was aiming a weapon at you, would you allow him to shoot you? The fact that were even put on administrative leave for doing their job, is bullshit.

  55. Uncle Bob on

    This is the result of prohibition. Cops today dress like thugs and “rippers” on their search and destroy missions, so the farmer may have thought he was being robbed and was trying to protect himself.

  56. Anonymous on

    “placed on paid administrative leave pending investigations ”

    EG: They were congratulated and given a fully paid vacation.