65% of Americans Think the ‘War on Drugs’ Has Failed

CANNABIS CULTURE – Nearly two thirds (65%) of Americans think the US’s “War on Drugs” has been a failure, according to a new scientific poll by Angus Reid Public Opinion. Only 8% of respondents said they thought it had been a success, with 27% not sure.


Drug Abuse

The online survey, which has a +/- 3.1% margin of error, sampled 1,003 adults about their thoughts on America’s and drug problems. 64% of those polled said they thought “America has a serious drug abuse problem and it affects the whole country”.


52% of respondents strongly or moderately supported the legalization of marijuana. 10% or less supported the legalization for ecstacy, heroin, powder cocaine, methamphetamine or crack cocaine.


The poll also addressed Mexico’s growing drug production problem, and 49% believed Mexico “deserves most of the blame” for “allowing the drug cartels to grow and flourish”.




  1. Anonymous on

    If whites weren’t automatically considered racist then maybe there would be some better turning points in the laws history.

  2. Anonymous on

    Yes, the principles this country was founded upon were groundbreaking. Still, it relied upon landed, white men to guide the majority of us into moral nirvana. Today’s government has almost no resemblance to that governmental model. If this government paid any attention to those principles, we wouldn’t have this war on us through drugs. We wouldn’t be mired down in endless wars against liberty in other countries. We wouldn’t have multi-national corporations (yes, the founders addressed those as well). We wouldn’t have the FED. We wouldn’t have so much of what we have today in this prison state. And yes, I was born here, and I still live here. Love it or leave it? No, I am changing it by being a bad citizen.

  3. Towel Towel Bear on

    This poll furthers my suspicions that A lot of people reckognize that prohibition doesn’t work and that the Drug War is a failure, but only a tiny number of politicians are brave enough to rock the boat on the matter of legislation. Another huge problem is that people are largely misinformed about the health profile of the cannabis plant because of the DEA who just plain blatantly lie about them. I mean why the fuck do we even have an organization put in place to enforce laws that aren’t for the good of the people. I mean the point of a government is to create laws that protect the people, not to create laws based on racism and lies that criminalize the innocent! The misinformation is so insidious too!

    the root of the problem is in misinformation

  4. James on

    Please support the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 2012!


    Thank you for your time! Please share the news about OCTA 2012!

  5. Ozlanthos on

    Get over yourself dude. You may suck as an American, but the concepts that this country was founded on do not suck. Unfortunately we keep putting complete assholes in office. Everything that is most despised about America, has nothing to do with America or it’s founding documents. What does suck about this country has more to do with the ways we express our freedoms. When we do things like rely on patents to artificially maintain market dominance, or harvest natural resources to the point of virtual extinction, those are abuses of our system and cannot be blamed on the country, only the overt greed of a few of it’s citizens.


  6. Ozlanthos on

    You are right. However when it comes to drugs. Most Americans have to wait until they go to college in order to get any “fact-based” drug classes. I had a class called “Drugs Society and Behavior” in college. If I had know 50% of what I found out in that class while I was in high school, I’m sure I’d have made the same decisions, save I would have gone even further.


  7. Anonymous on

    american drug war-FAIL. You know what I think, america has a small penis complex, they have flex there muscles to everyone to keep them from looking down. america sucks and I apologize for being american, I’m working feverishly to change that status.

  8. Anonymous on

    american drug war-FAIL. You know what I think, america has a small penis complex, they have flex there muscles to everyone to keep them from looking down. america sucks and I apologize for being american, I’m working feverishly to change that status.

  9. Anonymous on




    From, ….someone who’s comments were removed from your blog articles of Cannabis Culture web-site… THIS IS ANOTHER POINT WHY THE GOVERNMENT WANT TO SILENCE MARC EMERY…. even the truth gets hidden from sources of anti-prohibition and pro-government regulation for legalization & medical health of cannabis!!!!! HEMP IS TAINTED!!!!!! FDA will modify for chemical use, just like tobacco!!!!!! CARCINOGENIC GMO’ssss NO MORE CONTROL OF ANY PLANTS!!!!!!!!!! SAVE THE TRUE GENETICS, NON-GMO’s (NOT referring to cross-breeding strains) trans-genetic injection!!!!! THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE PREPARING FOR, TO CORNER THE SEED MARKET. MARC IS THE GOVERNMENTS COMPETITION, THAT IS WHY HE IS A TARGET, CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL Co’s want the plant PATEND”!!!!!!! THEy WANT TO OWN THE PLANT OF LIFE…. NEVER LET THE GOVERNMENT CONTROL!!!!!!!! DRUG Co’s DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$…. EAT THAT GOVERNMENT REGULATED GMO BEEF CANCER COCOON HAMBURGER IN PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF YOUR GENETICS!!!!!!! MORE LIKE SUNDAY DRIVER!

  10. undrgrndgirl on

    is we in the u.s. could have federal elections over such things as continuing the war on drugs? rather than have our corporately chosen *representatives* do it for us?

  11. undrgrndgirl on

    americans need to be educated in just about EVERYTHING…sigh…

  12. Pastor Ray Christie THC Ministry on

    The White(very white)House and David Axelrod are polling junkies…so why do they have a “selective prosecution”against THC Minister Roger Christie..after he got a 53% VOTE versus 38% to leave cannabis alone on the Big Island in Hawai’i. Voters matter in a democracy,NOT White House personnel opinion.The President is in service to us the citizens,directed by majority voting rights. Why, where these forces of WH policy (CIA-DEA) attacking a peaceful pastor sharing a herb that the people voted to “don’t arrest” for this reason. The human rights abuses being perpetrated against Roger and the green_14,will go into USA legal history,as another travesty of justice. Sorry,Mr Make Sense.. as i’m not a regular person–I hide/live in Cambodia-paradise for me. Furthermore, clarity in prose is not (in my opinion)always the most important feature in writing comments,yet I refuse to attack CC family that disturb or flummox my comprehension.

  13. Anonymous on

    It is really hard to tell if there are any good ideas in your statements because they are so hard to read and understand. Why do you refuse to use the English language in a way that regular people can understand?

  14. MOTFA on

    All this poll shows me is that Americans need to be educated about harder drugs.

    They all should be legal to wipe out the criminal element.

  15. Pastor Ray Christl THC Ministry Asia on

    Harper and WarBama…The people gain wisdom in spite of constant media propaganda=prevarication that Cannabis/Hemp is bad/dangerous/wrong etc…It’s the ‘voters’ that matter in a constitutional government. The Obama DEA says that “he listens to only himself”,and as Beatnuck, so beautifully pointed out… The ‘vote’–DEA are you reading this–is the PEOPLE not the WHITE HOUSE,this house is still ALL white ,and biased against freedom–demographics-voters decisions, as the racist elitist deception of Obama-BUSH-CIA-Mafia continues sumptuary law slavery.