11 Reasons to End Cannabis Prohibition In Canada

With California heading to a decision on marijuana legalization later this year, the debate is gaining some well deserved exposure in Canada. A reversal of archaic thinking should prevail on reversing prohibition, and Canada should lead down this path.

Here are 11 powerful reasons to end prohibition of cannabis:

1. Legalization would eliminate the estimated $10 billion collected each year in B.C. alone, by gangs ranging from the H.A. to U.N.

2. Gangs exchange marijuana for harder drugs such as cocaine from South of the border, which come into Canada in large quantities, and feed the drug distribution “pushing” system.

3. Shipments of marijuana into the U.S. also get exchanged for American made guns.

4. The price of marijuana will overnight crash to 10% or less of current levels.

5. Legalization would bring much needed tax revenues.

6. Legalization would dramatically reduce whatever effect marijuana might have as a gateway drug – when you eliminate the financial benefit on the street, you eliminate the exposure to the “pusher.” When you eliminate contact with the pusher you eliminate much of the exposure to hard drugs.

7. Allowing Canadians to grow a maximum of 5 plants for personal use, for example, would eliminate the thousands of dangerous, energy sucking, destructive grow ops that the police claim exist in surprising numbers.
Apparently 1 in 4 homes in large swaths of Surrey, B.C. are grow ops.

8. Canada would save billions of dollars currently spent on the whole process of catching, charging, “trialing,” and incarcerating users. The enormous bureaucracy burdening the taxpayers, would shrink dramatically. The vocal voices currently against legalization, beside the pushers, include those who financially benefit from existing laws.

9. Overnight you will find that unsafe, spiked marijuana will disappear.

10. Test labs would bring conformity, awareness and a certain degree of safety to consumption. There are 500 cannabinoids in cannabis which can have different effects depending on their degree of presence in the samples. Along with cannabinoid analysis, laboratories could test for fungal, bacterial, e.coli and pesticide screening. “Certification,” would bring a degree of safety and standardization of protocols to what is now a very often dangerous product.

11. Medicinal cannabis use has broad support and cannabis has been proven effective in dealing with pain. Safe cannabis should be made available to sufferers through certified dispensaries.

The spread of hard drugs is disintegrating large portions of Canadian society. The power and reach of the networks that push the hard drugs has been made powerful and ubiquitous by billions made from marijuana. It’s time to end the insanity that has fuelled this festering sore that impacts every neighborhood.

Additions to this list through comments are welcome. [Go here to read comments from the originally printed story from Digital Journal].

– Article from Digital Journal on July 20, 2010.



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  2. Anonymous on

    this subject is so gruesome, that the thought of the truth puts many in denial. lets wake up and do the right thing, expose the truth, change out dated laws to protect the innocent children. the underground crime to children is hideous, being hid because most are paralyzed when these thoughts are revealed. stop turning heads to our children being victims because of our no backbone ways. it is disgusting to think we are in this position,and worse not to change laws. help the innocent, get our minds in order, legalize hemp and marijuana and change the corruption into good.

  3. Anonymous on

    JWH-018 rather.

  4. Anonymous on

    What happens when the Mexicans figure out that they can either buy JWH-118 cheaply from China or simply produce it themselves and then spray it onto Mexican scwagweed, making it more potent than anything produced by any US grower? Thank goodness Mexican drug cartels ain’t that bright.

  5. Anonymous on

    I wouldn’t go around telling the police, and everybody else, that you know where the remains of missing children are. They might start to wonder how it is that you are the only person who knows where the bodies are. Only the killer would know that. So where’d you put the bodies? You wouldn’t mind if the police dig around in your yard and your crawlspace a little, would you? Seeing how mentally stable your posts make you appear, I’d say you’re the prime suspect. Why’d you kill them anyway? You’ll feel a lot better after you tell us all about it, trust me.

  6. Anonymous on

    spiked weed is common here in the U.S. Also common is cheap schwag thats been rolled in glass shards to make it look like it has thc crystals on it. I’d prefer neither.

  7. Anonymous on

    Can somebody please respond to the above question. I would like some insight on this as well.

  8. Anonymous on

    ““Certification,” would bring a degree of safety and standardization of protocols to what is now a very often dangerous product.”

    …..Marijuana is often a very dangerous product ? I’ve never once in my life seen marijuana that is dangerous or come across marijuana that was spiked. This statement is total garbage…..maybe the stuff this guy is smoking has fried his brain cause I’ve never seen dangerous marijuana.

  9. Anonymous on

    Because it tastes good, better than alcohol, coffee & nicotine, ALL potential physically addictive and possible overdose and health problem substances.

  10. MOTFA on

    More and more people would abandon fear and prejudice for logic and rational thought.

  11. Anonymous on

    Because Canadians all across the country would like me to be happy

  12. Interested Observer on

    I believe it would be wise to re-consider some of the reasons on this list.

    The gangs which are responsible for Reasons #2 & #3 will still be able to make a large profit selling to the US. They can still buy hard drugs and guns with those profits, or barter for them, so that particular problem won’t go away. Gang financing will only be affected if the US also legalizes at the same time.

    I also believe that Reason #8 needs the additional caveat of households being allowed to grow up to 5 FEMALE plants at any time. Everyone knows that only fully-mature female plants are used for consumption so, any other plants are quite irrelevant. This modification would allow growers to have any number of undifferentiated(unsexed) plants and males in their “garden” and that would allow home growers to be able to meet all their own needs quite easily.

    The rest of the list makes a lot of sense but, as others have pointed out, there are also many other good reasons for legalizing cannabis.

  13. Anonymous on

    Its still an insult… 5 plants for personal is not enough. Unless you got 5 super huge 2-3′ high plants douched with fertilizer!!!! UNLIMITED AMOUNT!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous on

    Its still an insult… 5 plants for personal is not enough. Unless you got 5 super huge 2-3′ high plants douched with fertilizer!!!! UNLIMITED AMOUNT!!!!!!

  15. War Veteran on

    The best buy add could make stronger clothes from the hemp fiber while providing countless jobs in the non-drug industrial side of hemp.

  16. persecutedinalberni on

    And then I can finaly show RCMP how to recover the remains of missing children perhaps sometimes solve the murders.
    I could finally do the right thing and bring what I have retreaved to the police so they can do what the should be doing right now but cannot because they are having more fun discrediting me instead of solving murders.
    Instead the police harass me because they know I can solve the murders of little children but will not untill weed is legal and this is why they have persecuted me.
    I did not spend my years wasted on searching for the remains of children so I could turn around and simply destroy it all only because I cannot find anyone of authorities that I can trust.
    I tried but they screwed me over instead and it is sickening to know our country is that corrupt.
    Infact folks I have pondered this question for many years,if it suddenly became legal how many other people like me will come forword and say ” here police have this this is the remains/murder/device/thing/subject you have all been looking for for many years and now that I am no longer called a criminal I can do the right thing.
    After all If I am such a criminal for the weed I smoke then as a criminal why the fuck would I help you or the law or anyone else solve murders.
    I was taught many years ago by a well known RCMP narc Brian Garvey that this country does not give a shit about missing/tortured /molested/murdered children it only cares about the dope.

    When weed is legal maybe we can all take our heads out of our asses and start caring about things like child slavery and child abductions.
    Maybe we can spend more money on stopping child abductions/molestations/murder/abuse/devilworshipping with education and awarness,yes awareness like being aware that when a child goes missing in this country it is a very high percentage of a chance it will be for devilworshipping.

    The law and government is hidding alot of the facts about devilworshiping/elite/secret societies because they do not want you to know it is more common than you think.

    So in reality there are alot of good reasons to legalize but you can bet its gonna effect the dowjones lol rofl,I’ll even lay money on it.

  17. Anonymous on

    it’s a plant

  18. Anonymous on

    Because we are suppose to be free individuals, and what we put into our body should be our choice, not the governments.

  19. Brad on

    12. Large scale farmers could add a hemp field into their crop rotation allowing for excellent soil conditioning without the need for pesticides or herbicides.