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California Attorney General candidate Steve Cooley has publicly denounced marijuana legalization saying, “We’re going to send a message and make it resoundingly clear. that these sort of foolish and dangerous initiatives that endanger our society and diminish it are going to be rejected. The “legalizers” who are very well entrenched, sometimes very well funded who are behind this, George Soros and his ilk, must be sent a message: enough is enough. Keep your dangerous laws off of California’s law books. Stop endangering us.”

Steve Cooley is a medical terrorist and drug war criminal. Here is a man with no common sense and no compassion. He has been medically proven not to have a heart. If Mr. Cooley had his way, medical patients would be denied the right to their medicine and left suffering.

The problem is, here is a seemingly intelligent person who is ignorant, and therefore misstates the facts. He is not capable of real leadership because he doesn’t accept truth and reality. Californian’s should not vote for Cooley.

His next stop should be oblivion.



  1. War Veteran on

    That is why the civilian who does no military service is a dictator’s best friend: they fight for nothing good or nothing bad. That’s why it’s always the war vets who protest war. Loads of civilians supported the Nam war and fewer soldiers supported Americas screwed up war effort . . . we don’t protest the war –we protest the way civilians in office and in business run the war. Loads of civilians seen on film praising Hitler. The more who rush out to sign up to serve the Imperialistic Military –the more it will be influenced by outside ideas and beliefs to make a better country –the more ex-military and vets will be able to lead the nation in politics and business. Vets know the way towards peace because they don’t want a repeat of all the things that lead to the opposite to peace . . . who in their right mind wants war, but who in their right mind would save another human life from destruction at the hands of others: a warrior. Who goes out of their way and away from the comforts of home, family and empire to do something noble? If this current Empire is so wrong –why hasn’t there been a mass of people stopping it yesterday. We are not perfect because we are run by humans, but we are righteous in general. Does fear overwrite right? Then the fear is as bad as what causes it. If fear keeps civilians from doing the right thing, then the civilian is in the wrong. So, the vet or one who decides to fight for America in the Military must be right because our fear doesn’t get in the way of doing the right thing (like chasing after Saddam, Bin Laden, Hitler etc.) So, killing civilians in a very torturous way is what the Nam war protestors are into being that history will prove that the VC and North regulars under the guides of Ho Chi Minh did more acts of terror than what this American Imperial Army has ever done. And that means that the ideology of those who think Military Service is ignoble also can justify Kim Jong Il who used similar tactics that North Vietnam did, which caused the South to get our involvement. I’d rather be a soldier in Vietnam than a pro-terrorist protesting the wrong way –its not right to shout for joy at the actions of Hitler or Ho Chi Minh in the form of saying we soldiers are absolutely wrong in carrying a rifle for an Empire when there are more than a dozen reason why we go do it: we fight for oil, we fight for peace, we fight for money, we fight for freedom, we fight for the end of humans suffering, we fight for the freedom of a Muslim to worship their own way and not the State’s way, we fight for street markets that feed the community, we fight for education so civilians and future soldiers can have more than one option, we fight against war, we fight for expansion of the Empire, we fight for children needing their parents to be free. The civilian does more to cause torture and fear under the Empire’s name than the soldier fighting for it by simply not overflowing the ranks of the military to do a loud “No Sir” when it is appropriate. I fight for legal pot while some civilian stating that my post makes him or her sick allows one cop at a time to raid homes, robbing money in the form of bail and legal fees, breaking up families and using the drug war to take away freedom while I’m oversees securing it. Cops are civilians, most politicians are civilians and it’s the civilians like the one whom I disgust that keep up the ranks of their power hungry elite. Military makes all equal and equality leads to a sense of helping others by knowing first hand what it is like to be in the shoes of others and therefore making sound judgment and not inexperienced judgment as seen by this pro-prohibition civilian going against prop 19

  2. War Veteran on

    You are absolutely right: more Jews according to you should have been killed, whose freedom was a byproduct of our involvement in WWII (though not the top reason we went). We need more people like Saddam everywhere . . . its not enough to take away freedom via prison –we need law breakers (all laws) to die for the safety of the State agenda. That’s why if you are Caucasian (predominantly) that you will go back to Europe as a form of apologizing to the Indians and Blacks brought to this continent. That is why you deny all things bought with money and grow and make everything yourself like the Native Americans. That is why you live away from any road as a form of protest against America’s mobile Empire. That is why you don’t pay any taxes to any nation that has a military and opt for jail (if they ketch you –but you live away from any road) like Thoreau. That is why you will volunteer to Africa this very second and try to free all from any dictator. That is why you will sail across to Cambodia and free all Christian missionaries who actually tried to provide food and medicine (screw the ones only preaching and offering nothing). I’m proud of my service because I know that I went for myself . . . I went to end female genital torture. I went to stop women from getting stoned because of their ‘guilt’ for being a rape victim. I went so Iraqis can vote for a non-dictator: Screw the part of America that had bad motives for Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of us went knowing deep down that we hoped to end murder in the middle east. So, what is anyone who thinks the U.S. military is bad doing to stop it (it takes guns and bombs: not flowers)? Doing nothing but typing on the computer made from scratch right (not paid for –not made in any country that has a military)? I fought for my country so bad Imperialism can be crushed one proud soldier at a time. I dare anyone to go above and beyond me. Veterans are heroes. I fought for my old pipe. I fought for my weed buzz. I fought for your computer, since some are illegal to own because of this internet thing that exposes members of the State to non-State ideology. Military service is honorable or were there no Maries sent to Haiti giving food and medicine because Haiti had no earthquake . . . that explains why so many ‘civilians’ chose to opt out of their lives and jobs –taking their families with them to places where disaster strikes so they can do good and feel proud that they said ‘screw society, I’m going to take my family to some 3rd world country and help –I’ll build a raft and 3rd world nation or bust’. Bush Jr. never served in a war that is why he lacked wisdom. It takes a spoiled Imperialist to say that the military isn’t honorable because they had the leisure time to come up with such a thing. Only those with the right ideas serve because that means we can make a difference one soldier at a time against the evil empire

  3. Anonymous on

    another George ya-dummy-ya Bush. We used to follow these fatassed inbred scuzzes home after school, kikin their asses and knocking their books out of their hands, along the way. Dork head Harper’s another one.

  4. Anonymous on

    When I see people on this website praising war and acting like being a US military soldier is a good thing, it makes me sick.
    The US military for four decades has been a drug warrior tool, as well as a tool for invading and occupying small foreign countries where it uses torture, rape, murder, and other war crimes against innocent civilians.
    Anyone who VOLUNTEERS for the US military is volunteering to carry a gun for the most corrupt empire on earth. If you volunteer to carry a gun for the empire, and then you suffer bad consequences as a result, that’s karma.
    I feel sorry for USA citizens who were drafted into the Vietnam War. The ones who had a conscience and some sense…they went to Canada or became conscientious objectors.
    There is no honor in military service. The drug war is part of the overall stupidity of all wars.
    I feel sorry for veterans, but if they do not renounce their military careers and the US military in general, I feel sorry for them for that more than anything else.

  5. War Veteran on

    He didn’t even serve his country during Nam according to Wiki –some rich kid was he during the 60’s and son of an FBI agent. Where on Earth or Hell did he get his wisdom from: not war –the only place to gain pure wisdom? He’s the kind of republican that would say ‘too bad so sad’ to a war vet suffering from the emotions that war injuries and PTSD can cause. He’s in favor of destroying his own family by prohibiting the one thing that can annually clean the environment and get the economy stabilized with the plant’s industrial –non-drug/medicinal uses. Why do so many Americans eat their young via bad laws and ignoranc? He’s in violation of the Sherman-Anti Trust Act of 1890 which prohibits businesses from monopolizing a product and he is one of the wolves who aids the DEA in monopolizing against industrial hemp, which he gets paid for.

  6. Anonymous on

    Cooley is only going after MJ users because he is so soft on crime that this is his only hope for votes. He would rather be soft on sex offenders and ignore Jessica’s Law, illegally might I add, while gutting “Three Strikes”, then actually look at the issues. Because he has done such a foul job in the DAs office, he has to act tough on something. His corruption runs thick in his own office. He lies while under oath and has made a mockery out of the justice system. His ballot statement is a lie. It says he has personally prosecuted rapist and murders. We all know that isn’t true. Cooley has never been first prosecutor in any murder trial. He spent his time in fraud before he slid into after the OJ fiasco. Now he has his own fiascos…. Robert Blake and Polanski. He is a blatering idiot who can’t articulate a proper sentence if he tried. Cooley needs to first take some English classes and second stop drinking himself into shame. He is the “Butterface” of men. He looks at himself with his own beer googles so he can tolerate his apperence. This digusting human being should never be in charge of anything, let alone the DAs office or the Attorney Generals office.

  7. Jose Melendez on

    A. Is it true, or false* that cannabis has no safe, accepted medical use in the United States?

    B. In what venues may this precise issue be challenged?
    – – –
    Google Marc Emery. Free us all.

    * see: and

  8. Ed A Rosenthal on

    Sadly, I recently learned that Kamala Harris, San Francisco District Attorney and Steve Cooley’s Democratic opponent in the race for AG has written a ballot argument against Proposition 19.

    The Democratic Party has taken a neutral stance on Prop 19. They just can’t stand that pot is more popular than they are.

    -Ed Rosenthal

  9. Anonymous on

    hey Ed, will you by any chance be one of the those
    permitted in Oakland to grow massive amounts of pot
    under the new guidelines ? That would be sweet

  10. Anonymous on

    This Guy Cooley doesn’t know a thing about being COOL, looks like a bloated beaver ready to chomp wood! HOpefully he will die soon! From his heart attack or cholesterol overdose!!!!

  11. Bhonze on

    WHAT AN ASS!!! Over half of Cali want cannabis legalized; What the Hell is he talking about. Don’t vote for this Jackass! he looks Stoned.

  12. Samuel on

    Every one of these assclowns understands that it is their job and credibility on the line in November. They know their bogus War on Plant Users never had a moral leg to stand on; each is now desperately scrambling to maintain a status quo that allows them power and privilege.

    I firmly believe that the movement should just come ‘out of the closet’ and say it publicly; not only do we want to end the arrest, abuse and torture of cannabis users, we want those who have made careers out of imprisoning innocent people and ruining the lives of entire families to be the direct target of public humiliation.

    I don’t want these vicious idiots simply unemployed; I want them shamed and degraded in front of every American for the ruin they have created and the unjust laws they have exploited. Fuck you, Steve Cooley: I wouldn’t piss down your throat if your heart was on fire. You deserve much worse for all the evil you have sown.