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California Attorney General candidate Steve Cooley has publicly denounced marijuana legalization saying, “We’re going to send a message and make it resoundingly clear. that these sort of foolish and dangerous initiatives that endanger our society and diminish it are going to be rejected. The “legalizers” who are very well entrenched, sometimes very well funded who are behind this, George Soros and his ilk, must be sent a message: enough is enough. Keep your dangerous laws off of California’s law books. Stop endangering us.”

Steve Cooley is a medical terrorist and drug war criminal. Here is a man with no common sense and no compassion. He has been medically proven not to have a heart. If Mr. Cooley had his way, medical patients would be denied the right to their medicine and left suffering.

The problem is, here is a seemingly intelligent person who is ignorant, and therefore misstates the facts. He is not capable of real leadership because he doesn’t accept truth and reality. Californian’s should not vote for Cooley.

His next stop should be oblivion.