“Marijuana Minister” to Remain in Federal Custody Until Trial

Rev. Roger ChristieRev. Roger ChristieThe self-proclaimed “Marijuana Minister” will remain in federal custody until he stands trial on three counts of drug trafficking. Roger Christie was hoping to post bond.

Roger Christie headed The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry in Hilo until earlier this month when he was arrested by federal authorities. The 61-year-old claims to use the drug for religious purposes.

In court testimony, his attorney argued Christie was not a threat to society and should be given the chance to post bond while awaiting trial.

Federal authorities feel differently. U.S. Attorney Michael Kawahara told Judge Alan Kay, “Mr. Christie listens to no one but himself, that’s why he is a danger to the community.”

Kawahara went on to say Christie and other members of the THC Ministry had been raided by federal authorities in March, yet they still didn’t stop their illegal activities.

Christie and other members of the THC Ministry are accused of conspiring to manufacture, distribute and possess with the intent to distribute more than 100 marijuana plants.

In court testimony it was revealed the ministry had a price list for marijuana sales, or what it called a donation list. Feds conducted wire taps on the organization and in one instance an employee questions a fellow employee on what to do when customers ask what the price is. The fellow employee says “memorize it.”

In the end Judge Kay agreed with the prosecution saying that public safety could not be guaranteed if Christie were allowed to post bond.

That means he will remain in federal detention until his trial gets underway.

– Article from KHON2.com News

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  1. Anonymous on

    ” Never listening to anybody but himself”
    is probably why Marc Emery is in jail right now
    awaiting his massive prison sentence
    on top of all this serious pre trial incarceration
    wow! that really sucks when reality knocks
    The US Govt can use that reasoning on anybody else now
    who get caught with a lot of pot who has been noisy about prohibition
    all our pot heros are in prison,, that’s a lost war scenerio where i come from
    just sayin’

  2. Pastor Ray Christie THC Ministry on

    Roger Christie is my brother ! OK–and his protest against the Vietnam War is well known fact on his resume/CV. Read the complaint (Secret police-dea) on his website…it’s all pointed at him because they lose the war if he WINS last 10 years…giving cannabis to poor medical patients. Giving clones to grow your own medical/spiritual joy. I know people hate the THC Ministry message of ONELOVE. this is NOT a hippie/rasta site.

  3. Anonymous on

    The governments and corporations definitely dislike people who think for themselves. Jailing or killing people who refuse to be sheep is a long-standing tradition.
    As regards “Ray Christi,” please clarify your relationship to Roger Christi. You should recognize the utter stupidity of writing personal details about Roger’s life on the Internet, such as your claim that he was a “military intelligence officer.”
    Your constant posting is evidence that you do not have a life, and the way you write and think as seen in your posts is evidence of a behavior disorder,paranoid schizophrenia or meth abuse, or all three. You claim to be a pastor or reverend of some Rasta stuff; I encourage you to counsel yourself.

  4. Ray Christl THC Ministry Media Asia on

    Judge Alan Kay,a Reagan appointment in mid-80’s is a military intelligence officer,just like Roger Christie. The big difference is that Roger in the service to AmeriKKKa happened to read the “false flag” data on the Gulf of Tonkin incident. These “Facts” prompted him to assess the war in Vietnam was staged-corrupt-illegal-immoral-and unnecessary (profit driven). He resigned his commission pending a conscientious objector status hearing. These baby clones he had around the office,and gave to patients–along with fat pillow sacks Euro-style…free to the poor. This site now says the”poor” Roger Christie ? This the most balanced, thoughtful,caring and wealthy of positive spirit individuals on our sweet Earth. That is why he deserves a life in MAXprison. The message to use open love to resist evil,and that the revolution of love is the unpardonable “crime”. Same as Jesus-MLK-Marc Emery-Gandhi etc..These treasonous men who foist phony war for corporate profit will find their reward when they stand before the FORCE of GOD. This Obama govt.will put peaceful leaders of the “love solution to human suffering” in prison illegally. The trial will not be on Big Island where a conviction is doubtful,hopefully on Oahu also. I must file a Writ of Habeas Corpus with the UN- European Union etc..must be some students of Aristotle left alive.

  5. beatnuck on

    US Attorney Kawahara says Christie is dangerous because he listens to no-one but himself. So the solution to the terrible societal problem of individuals only listening to themselves is jail.

    Well, the prime problem with people like Kawahara is that they do not listen to the people. I predict within 10 years Kawahara will be in jail — with his own words used to justify the unjustifiable.

  6. Anonymous on

    yeah there is a lot of balancing that needs to take place, sacrifices will be needed, i’ve thought about dedicating my entire life to the liberation of hemp and ganja. like hardcore dedication. i am the unborn and also the form. the unborn part of myself will live on forever so i guess i can do what i really want in another state and help out as much as possible here.

  7. Anonymous on

    breaks my heart..

  8. Anonymous on

    Nothin’ like amerikan ‘freedom’…

    Everything the fed.s do is only for themselves. When the “justice system” is allowed to ignore the “constitution”, that all are equal, and have the RIGHT to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’… lets look at this, and every situation, with logic, and brain usage instead of ignorance, and child-like psychologic reasoning; a human grew plants that have never killed or permanently harmed another human. fact. those plants make ‘users’ happy, open minded, and sometimes hungry. fact. no one is FORCED to ‘use’ these plants. those who use, choose to do so- is that thier pursuit of happiness? yes. so if the guy who grew gives/sells/trades/ his plants to/with someone else who wants them, and this transaction harms no one now, or in the future (butterfly effect) how is that a crime?!
    (Child-like reasoning skills)= Because the “law books” state that something is a crime, children, and those of a child’s mindset, will not use context to sort individual events, of crimes or broken rules, from another. the law is the law and that is that. didnt hurt anyone? didnt really do anything “wrong”. they just need to follow the law because its written down. sorta’ like when it was written down that you cant drink booze. oh wait, then they un wrote that.
    However actual LOGIC can determine that, in FACT our entire government system is flawed, and breaks ts own laws and commits felonies DAILY.
    look at the monetary commerce system the amerikan government chooses to enslave its ‘people’. MONEY IS IMAGINARY. they fill your head with the glimer of hope that some day, you will have MORE and MORE money to buy more and more THINGS. some people go without and some have all. why does 1% of the population have 95% of the money??? that doesnt sound real equal. does it? is it logical? if those 1%ers do 95% of the spending and tax-paying, its logical. do they? no. FAIL. without “money” to slow, hinder, or prevent progress of things like cancer research and clean energy developement, we could eliminate cancers and illnesses… AIDS. with clean energy we could deliver supplies easier, faster, safer, more reliably to the places that need it most, the places that the people have NOTHING. BUT THE GOV’T WANTS YOU TO BE SICK. THE GOV’T WANTS YOU TO WANT EVERYTHING. YOU ARE THIER WORKER SLAVES. THEY WANT YOU TO LOCK UP THE FREE THINKERS. FREE THINKERS LEAD TO THE END OF THE MONETARY SYSTEM… THE END TO THIER CHARADE. ALL HUMANS ON EARTH DESERVE AN EQUAL SLICE OF WHAT EARTH HAS TO OFFER. LET TECHNOLOGY AND RESOURSES MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY TO DO AWAY WITH “JOBS” … “what will i do to support my family?! no job?!!” nearly every job a human does, technology can do. WE HAVE THE RESOURSES TO PROVIDE FOR ALL. WE’VE BEEN PROVIDING FOR ALL(who have money), BECAUSE THEY ARE A COG IN THE MACHINE!! THEY WORK, GIVING THE GOV’T UNLIMITED POWER.
    WHAT IS THIS MONEY THAT DRIVES THE WORLD?? PAPER REPRESENTING A “PRECIOUS” METAL. GOLD. SO PRECIOUS, WHY? USUEFULL? not really. in recent years electronics in our technologies use gold wiring. thats about the extent of the usefulness of this soft metal our “MONEY” represents. if all the bank notes and ficticious ‘bank money’ were to be cashed in for bars from Ft. Nox, would everyone be able to cash in? NO. so how does that work??!?? ITS IMAGINARY! THEY MAKE THE RULES AS THEY GO!
    test your skills and trace the source of many crimes back to the monetary system. theft, obviously is due to lack of equal slice of the “pie”. many homicides, hit and runs, trailer parks, etc…

    Monopoly money is money, too…

    freedom is not free. sacrifices will be needed. payment due in full.

    one love. earth.

  9. Ray Christl THC Ministry Asia on

    death bed patients.This Warbama-Bush=DEA prevarication on every issue with cannabis is illogical tyranny. This ethnophaulism–MARIJUANA–word our CC Family loves. It is a pejorative-fear word to use against our liberation. All great social philosophers i.e. T. Hobbes,J.J. Rousseau struggled with the problem of controlling government violence ,when it becomes a Leviathan-Fascist Dictator. Naturally, there are no simple solutions to his conundrum of dysfunctional “social contract”.We must unite ,and vote together–support each other in spite of credo differences.Today, Huff Post had a story on the BOOZE/CAFFEINE CRAZE sweeping the industrial world.This youthful use of speed/downer polydrug legality-OK,yet if you call hemp your sacrament– your incorrigible,and deserve a life term in federal gulag.We must call it MEDICINE… protect yourself..yet fight with noble love to slay the Monster.

  10. Ray Christl THC Ministry Asia on

    This horrible situation with the leaders being attacked,and jailed for possible life sentence ? This is the time for our CC Family to unite. We are all targets for this Orwellian Monster of lies/hate/death– to our culture and loved ones. I want to know who can help me get aid to Roger’s people in Hawai’i. We must get him out on BAIL. Free Marc and love to Eddy Lepp (we need a global index of all incarcerated cannabis family personnel) continue unabated. FREE MARC-EDDY etc is what we are all about. I know many of you dismiss spiritual/religious belief. Nonetheless,we are all family,and must work together to free all cannabis prisoners. ONELOVE…DESTINY

  11. MOTFA on

    I love it when they say he’s a danger b/c he basically doesn’t listen to or trust the gov’t or police.

    With that kind of logic, everyone on this website and millions of others should be in jail.

  12. undrgrndgirl on

    ANYONE, including children, can ingest as much caffeine as they want and NO ONE would call it a “drug problem”….even though at the same time cannabis was made illegal in 1937, there was talk of making caffeine illegal at the same time; also the 1997 institute of medicine study concluded in one section that cannabis is no more dangerous than caffeine (sorry i can’t cite the page at the moment, but i know it’s there)…

  13. Shawn on

    This is so unbelievable. What the hell is the US and Canadian governments coming to? LEGALIZE!

  14. Anonymous on

    Hello, this also happens here.

    Guys were released, bu the judge said something like: “It’s clear that user has a severe drug problem…”

    Smoke cannabis, a severe DRUG PROBLEM?


  15. Rev. Roger on

    >>”The 61-year-old claims to use the drug for religious purposes.”

    What DRUG?, I only read about cannabis plants.

    When did man get the authority to find fault with God?

  16. Anonymous on


    we had two recent stories of citizens who have been caught with about 10 to 20 cannabis plants on their residence.

    On both cases, they have been charge of drug trafficking.

    Fortunatelly after lawyers and popular pressure, both have been released from jail and will pay a fine, because are now beeing faced as drug-users.

    In Brazil, if you cultivate cannabis for personal use, you can’t go to jail (althought police always try to).

    We’re getting there! Hope this can happen in US too!

  17. Anonymous on

    is designed to enslave us.

  18. Anonymous on

    They LIKE to put people who use pot in prison. They make the best slave workers. It’s the murders, rapists and molesters they want to let out. They are MUCH harder to manage and not nearly as good for the bottom line. Better to let them out so WE have to deal with them. We can set up our sex offender databases that supposedly protects us but is actually used to put 14 year old kids on that send pictures of their naked girlfriends to their buddies (actual case). How about actually putting and KEEPING the DANGEROUS people in prison???

  19. Anonymous on

    Growing plants and doing what you want without harming others? What, does he think this is a free country?

  20. joe on

    bankrupt usa will not keep him behind bars for very long one year at the most.
    There will be a up rising in the usa and a dollar crash along with the market crash be fore the end of 2010
    see for your self see Gerald celente Trends Research.com


  21. ray christl THC Ministry Media Global on

    life and soul to God-Humanity. Millions more will carry-on the loving resistance to this CIA-Mafia tyranny. As i’ve traveled the planet in search of cannabis freedom,peace and love. I have never met a finer more loving person than Mr./Rev. Roger Christie. When CC family members at this site mocked him–I was shocked. He has a 30 years daily walk for Cannabis/Hemp relegalization. Now, since our belief makes us federal criminals the DEA has prejudged without “puppet” trial(bail is because your innocent before guilt ruling).If this was L.A. or N.Y. much more publicity in media. Rev.Carl Olsen a most famous sacrament believer hasn’t smoked in years for this nightmare reason.The CIA-Mafia tyranny has taken another drastic step. Prop 19 is even more important after this bail hearing ruling. CC family must help Roger Christie receive a trial that can expose the Leviathan tyranny of the American hegemony -global death & war empire.

  22. Anonymous on

    MY GOD!!! This just shows you how messed up our laws really are. If you rape, assault, steal, commit murder, drink and drive and cause someone else to be injured or killed you can get out on bail, but if you grow some plants in your backyard your a threat to the community and no such luck!!!