“Marijuana Minister” to Remain in Federal Custody Until Trial

Rev. Roger ChristieRev. Roger ChristieThe self-proclaimed “Marijuana Minister” will remain in federal custody until he stands trial on three counts of drug trafficking. Roger Christie was hoping to post bond.

Roger Christie headed The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry in Hilo until earlier this month when he was arrested by federal authorities. The 61-year-old claims to use the drug for religious purposes.

In court testimony, his attorney argued Christie was not a threat to society and should be given the chance to post bond while awaiting trial.

Federal authorities feel differently. U.S. Attorney Michael Kawahara told Judge Alan Kay, “Mr. Christie listens to no one but himself, that’s why he is a danger to the community.”

Kawahara went on to say Christie and other members of the THC Ministry had been raided by federal authorities in March, yet they still didn’t stop their illegal activities.

Christie and other members of the THC Ministry are accused of conspiring to manufacture, distribute and possess with the intent to distribute more than 100 marijuana plants.

In court testimony it was revealed the ministry had a price list for marijuana sales, or what it called a donation list. Feds conducted wire taps on the organization and in one instance an employee questions a fellow employee on what to do when customers ask what the price is. The fellow employee says “memorize it.”

In the end Judge Kay agreed with the prosecution saying that public safety could not be guaranteed if Christie were allowed to post bond.

That means he will remain in federal detention until his trial gets underway.

– Article from KHON2.com News

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