An Activism Story

On Tuesday, May 18, 2010 I was quoted in the media: “We intend to hound the Conservative government and piss on their corn flakes”.

Since that time I have regularly been putting up posters on my member of parliaments office when they are closed as well as putting them up on telephone poles around town. (200 at a time).

My MP, James (Jimbo) Lunney, has a main office is in Nanaimo but he also has a small ‘satellite’ office (beside the downtown post office) here in Port Alberni that’s only open two days a week; Tuesdays and Thursdays.
A poster put up Thursday night would sometimes stay up until Tuesday morning. Over the last two weeks tho’ I have noticed posters sometimes only stay up 24-48 hours.

This morning I was driving down to mail a letter as well as exercise and enjoy my right to free speech. I got out of my car, walked up the steps and dropped my letter in the big red box and as I turned back to my car to get my posters and sidewalk chalk, there was Jimbo himself pulling up. He didn’t get out of his car and I pretended not to notice him and got back in my vehicle. As I was backing out he did the same and left – so I just went around the block, and proceeded to poster his office and chalk up the sidewalk. This is on a Sunday folks!!

What this really tells me is constant and continued postering of conservative MP’s office windows & sidewalk chalk pro marijuana messages after hours and on weekends is really starting to, well…….taste like piss perhaps?

Activism can be fun…

Cultivate your Freedom!



  1. Anonymous on

    I guess you don;t know what a threat really is
    your offer to piss on someone else’s cornflakes
    is a wedding invitation ?

    when you do it you call it activism
    when someone else does it
    you sissy skip to an imaginary lawyer

  2. Uncle Bob on

    Oh and one more thing… if you “use chalk” the conservatives will say “Jesus hates you”.

  3. Uncle Bob on

    You bet Serge…. I wouldn’t doubt that some enterprising folks would be building secret underground “craft labs” It would be a cottage industry, and black market prices would be astronomical. Some teachers driving expensive rides and living lavishly would become under suspicion from their neighbours.
    I can see the kops making swat style raids on these craft-labs….and when arresting suspects on location…they’d hit you down with a yardstick instead of a nightclub. So go ahead and try it at home…long as you don’t mind extended stays in foreign CIA prisons, and you like lots of water..
    Thanks for indulging me…

  4. serge on

    can i try this at home lol

  5. UncleBob100 on

    Oh man…next the feds will be saying “If you buy chalk, you’re supporting Terrorists!” The only ones allowed to carry chalk will be teachers and some professors. People will stand outside stationary stores hoping for somebody to front for them. I foresee citizens being sent to court ordered therapy for their chalk abuse. A cop stops you and asks…what’s that white powder in your pockets boy? This damn well better be coke and not chalk or you’re done for boy!

  6. Dave on

    Wow, Creative-Pot-Heads with chalk! Think of the reach during major events like sidewalk performances and other events that take people to the streets! We should be careful; Harper supported by like minded people might just prohibit chalk.

  7. Anonymous on


  8. Anonymous on

    What are you going to do, send us a cease and desist in chalk ?

    your legal team doesn;t even wake up till noon,,

  9. Opus on

    “If you become too annoying
    we pull your med MJ card”

    Submitted by Anonymous () on Tue, 07/13/2010 – 09:03.

    That sounds like a threat Bobo, typical of neocon thinking…in fact their are a few things here we can look into-

    Yo, editor, flag this cowardly sack of shit and lets get his IP address. I want to have my legal team advise me if we should take action against this dick.

  10. Samson on

    ….You mean censorship—-like the kind of censorship that only allows negative people to post under “Anonymous”, instead of freely using their own name…..yea, I know….but hey, at least we(stoners) are not trying to throw you in prison for YOUR views—i’ve always been under the mistaken impression that’s how democracy worked.?

  11. jeremiah on

    I deleted the comment (but saved a copy, of course) because it included insulting and offensive language. This crap has no place on CC or anywhere else.

    It was also written by the same TROLL who writes a negative comment on every story, usually only a few minutes after the story is posted. I have no qualms about erasing the garbage this guy writes.

    I don’t like censoring people and rarely do it, but comments that personally insult our authors with hateful language and no substance get erased, period. Anymore like it will be deleted as well, if I notice them.

  12. Anonymous on

    Suit yourself stoner boy/men
    chalk is cheap and it rains frequently

    you mistake ” telling on” with sharing
    a string of severely dumbass comments
    We do it to get a laugh –

    funny thing is you pay for it with your taxes!

    its not as if your
    local el Federale
    doesn’t know its you
    behind all this grade six guerrilla stuff
    he knows what your one message is/was
    but he has better things to do
    My hope was he will forward this string to
    his golfing pal the Justice Minister
    with a note

    ” Hey Rob, look at this! the usual suspects
    its going down faster than we planned
    the BC activist file is headed to the shreader
    slip a red flag on each of them
    as they approach pension age..”

    as you are inspired to be a stoner activist
    your local police budget moves up a notch
    & If you become too annoying
    we pull your med MJ card

  13. Opus on

    1) grow some balls and post with a user name 2) why do you keep refering to us as ‘stoner men’? Have you never heard of activists? Not everyone who supports ‘smart on crime’ or marijuana legalization smokes pot, many people out there can see the error’s of this and other governments and want change… and not everyone smokes weed. 3) Only pussys hide behind anonymous postings and say they are going to tell on you.

    Please do email Jimbo and let him know what he’s ‘up against’ …He should know that we’re just getting started and will not stop till the conservatives are out of office. While your at it inform the newspapers too…I enjoy the free exposure and perhaps more people will start doing it as well, keep it up, you inspire me to do more…

    boy do I enjoy my work! 🙂

  14. six on

    Sidewalk chalk is a great idea. gonna half to use that idea here in the states.

  15. Opus on

    Thanx persecutedinalberni- I would hope others would be inspired by my actions to take action of their own… sidewalkchalk is CHEAP at the dollar store, lots of cement around to work with…and yes, I did chalk a MARC EMERY-POLITICAL PRISONER up at Shoppers… and I’m just getting started 😉

  16. MOTFA on

    There may or may not be anything we can do about emery now, but i see no harm in reminding assholes who supported his extradition in the first place or even the gov’t in general about their massive stupid mistake on a almost daily basis.
    The public has a right to be pissed off about this, and maybe we didn’t do enough to keep him here, or haven’t done enough to legalize, but that doesn’t change the fact that i DO NOT belive it is game over for the movement.

    The gangs will become more brave, kill much more people in this drug war, hopefully high profile people too. Then with one stroke of a pen because the cowards in office that don’t want to die will finally legalize.

    However, i do not believe this whole legalization thing will happen with stoners who write with chalk. But I look on the bright side. At least the guy is pissing someone off.

  17. Anonymous on

    You basically missed everything
    reposting as an >offer, not a threat- read and see
    please don;t put me in the same hole as you when you go too far
    with your own cranky writings,
    I am not as stupid as you, nobody is
    so you would prefer everyone revise their opinions to suit you
    as a step better than deleting them..
    wow dave you have a lot to learn about freedom-
    but that’s salt in your self inflicted wounds right?
    OI had no intention of reposting and said so

    I will just send this whole thread to the MPP in question
    so he can see
    what hes up against– grown stoner men with joke political demand flyers
    and sidewalk chalk– as if anybody in canada actually can do
    anything about Marc Emery now- sheesh
    you pot goons had five years to do something
    and you didn;t do anything
    except lame joke protest long after the fact
    that Emery plead guilty and is chained up in his enemys’prison
    its pretty much game over–
    10,000,000 posters won’t make any difference now

  18. persecutedinalberni on

    Well done Mik,nice sidewalk chalk,I hear there was some of it up by shoppers drugmart area aswell.
    Why would anyone care about the city having to clean it all up,it is just chalk not paint and it is political statements.
    It is not like they say “EAT ME” or other slang so leave it till it rains is how I see it.
    And if my city wants to spend money on removing peaceful protesting signs made of chalk then I say every person in Port Alberni should grab a piece of chalk and start writing what Mr Mann did all over this friggin town.
    It might even effect next years budget, lol I like it.

  19. Brian Kerr on

    Your taking all my fun away by removing trolls posts.

    I would love to see the trolls reasoned argument.

    “We intend to hound the Conservative government and piss on their corn flakes”.

    Keep up the good work.

    Side walk chalk is a great idea.

  20. Dave on

    Doesn’t matter where you comment; if you’re rubbing salt in wounds and insulting people you’ll get deleted. When I write to prohibitionist publication and insult their Heros they’ll edit out what they don’t like or disagree with. At first I’m somewhat insulted but critically re-reading and re-thinking my comment helps me realize, I might have gone too far.

    Instead of blaming others and threatening to repost and or bring down this site, why don’t you edit out the insults and submit what most reasonable people would consider fair comment. Is that possible for you?

    A hint, fair comment is not made from the shadows!

  21. War Veteran on

    Does deleting it make it wrong . . . wouldn’t it have been better for the folks of late 20’s and early 30’s Germany and Europe to have deleted Hitler’s comments? What’s next: eradicating a religion or political belief or school of philosophy using the precedents of the drug laws and the willingness of law enforcement, judges and DA’s to enforce and punish via the bureaucratic machine and guidelines. Sometimes doing something that doesn’t feel right in a war is the right thing to do and all must accept that or lose the war. Why not totally prohibit drugs via routine and random searches of every house, person and property (sometimes the ‘bad guy’ isn’t a suspect) and throw out all privacy because as we learned in WWII and 9-11: privacy can kill or are all freedoms essential when properly spearheaded by logic, history, and science? The trash collector or cleanup guy who has to remove said posters from the small town might be influenced and pass it along to her or his friends. But then again: violence is the sure way to end any threat or opposition when logic doesn’t have its way. There is only right and wrong in this world and right must be guarded via any means –even if that means chalking up sidewalks or posting flyers. Once one takes away all the shades of gray and whatever colors there are, only black and white: light and darkness remain. Sometimes it’s best to throw out hate speech when it is of no logical value like said deleted troll: history never lies.

  22. Anonymous on

    ,, But i would never dream of forcing your hand by reposting
    it knowing contrary views so greatly upset the Stoner Elete
    at the CC offices
    I know what I meant
    and wrote what I believed
    I am sorry if that makes you feel insecure
    well that’s show bizz kids,
    its a moral sickness
    when all you can bare to consider’
    is praise..

    maybe that’s why the pot movement has lost so much steam
    -it believes its own press releases and fears everything else
    to the point where hitting the delete button saves having to think
    History is fulkl of movements that failed because of irrational fear
    and hasty, clumsy cover-ups

    Now we know for certain the author of the blog didn;t delete it’
    it was done by someone at the CC offices

    Once they state why they deleted fair comment
    and can point out what laws were broken
    I will consider reposting
    I don;t believe for one moment CC staffers saved a copy
    they just lean on the delete button and it all goes away

    I can wait a few days
    and if CC hasn;t made their move
    then i forward a copy of my letter to the MPP
    who will then have a big laugh
    when I fill him on on the details of the delete-a-thon

    You see CC superstars, its not about you
    its about ideas
    and when you paint over ideas’
    we get very suspicious about
    what else you paint over

  23. Anonymous on

    I’m actually more disturbed by the censorship here than any of the “troll” posts I have read. Is Harper running CC now, or what? Let the negative minded people have their say, for godsake. Otherwise maybe we should start putting chalk messages outside the CC office about their reluctance to respect freedom of speech and freedom of expression. So who exactly was it who removed that post, or do you just want the whole CC staff tarred with the same brush because of your totalitarian forum moderating practices? Unless you identify yourself, we have no choice but to believe that Jodie Emery herself authorized it. Is that what you want, for Jodie to be labeled an anti-libertarian? That’s pretty low, unless it’s true of course. Probably Chris Bennet.

  24. Opus on

    I would have liked to have seen the comment myself since I wrote the article, it seems the writer is pissed at city workers having to clean up some posters and if that’s so why does’nt the writer go around town removing all the ‘garage sale’ signs that stay up weeks after the sales are over??

    and what ‘facts’ does anonymous have that we don’t?? the fact that prohibition is a failure? the war on drugs is a joke?


  25. Anonymous on

    …when fair comment is pegged as TROLL which is an undefined term you jump on when someone with a logica;, well presented contrary point of view,,
    yet you leave on the responses to that fair comment
    which are just big mouth stoner rants

    When you find fact based opinions
    threatening to your very existence
    I guess you _know you are in trouble

    It doesn;t matter much to us
    that you would rather hit the delete button’
    than face up to the facts
    we knew that all along

    This is just more evidence
    The legalization movement
    is where it is today
    because of people like you

  26. Anonymous on

    City workers get 20 to 30 bucks a hour to clean that up if James doesn’t do it so why don’t you get your troll ass of the couch and go clean it for them. Maybe after you’re done there you can go roll yourself in honey and go pet the bears on the way to Ucluelet! Keep up the good work Mik, way to show the world that Port Alberni has “got real lots”!!!

  27. G.D. on

    So, what I get from your message is you shitting on someone that is doing something. You didn’t list what you are doing to help to stop the war on drugs! Did you go to the USA to help Marc? CC thought that Mr. Mann blog was good enough to put on the website, so that has to count for something.
    I know that I am one not to speak, because I sit on the fence. What I don’t do is shit some one that is doing something. If you are one of the people on the front line, then good for you. You are doing more then I am.

  28. War Veteran on

    Get off of my planet right now -I didn’t fight in some winning or failed war for your opinion. You are a waste of space -and if you are a Vet -then I apologize due to the fact that your war experience led you to your opinion which your war experience gave you the right to have. But if you did not fight for anything then get out of this life and decompose for the soil ASAP because you don’t need the oxygen that these prohibited and eradicated plants give, nor do you need water that these plants clean up or the food from the soil that these plants nourish and clean up. I do not like when non-vets give their false and illogical opinions -you haven’t the right and you wasted the electrical energy it took to type -such a waste of human life you are and will only be of any value to the worms and soil. Hurry up and do your duty of being no more in life. If you are a vet: forgive me and ignore.

  29. Anonymous on

    The man is doing his part because Canadian freedoms are going to shit, and you are just pissing every where! I suspect your the same individual that had the first post on the other story. Which I also corrected but I can’t help but think. Maybe you should join the police, there always looking for dumb people that can’t think and are willing to take orders without question. Or is it that you are apart of that already, I bet if you posted a picture of your ass it’s got a tattoo of 1984 on it. lol – but don’t do it, no one wants to see that ok.

    Either way have a nice day and leave man alone…

  30. Anonymous on

    ^ Stephen Harper… Is that you???

  31. Anonymous on

    [Comment deleted by editor – TROLL Removal]

    I deleted the comment (but saved a copy, of course) because it included insulting and offensive language. This crap has no place on CC or anywhere else.

    It was also written by the same TROLL who writes a negative comment on every story, usually only a few minutes after the story is posted. I have no qualms about erasing the garbage this guy writes. I have sent the author the offensive comment privately.

    I don’t like censoring people and rarely do it, but comments that personally insult our authors with hateful language and no substance get erased, period. Anymore like it will be deleted as well, if I notice them.

    Jeremiah Vandermeer