1. Rev Damuzi on

    I hope to write at least once a month for the website here, and am also planning to find time to write for other mags, although I must admit these projects are moving a little slower than I would like … Up and coming, I plan to review “Intoxication” an analysis of the effects of intoxication by an eminent american psychologist … I also have a few more reviews coming, all of which tie into a larger story I’m planning …

    Rev Damuzi

  2. J on

    Keep up the good writing Rev. Peace and good luck.

  3. Rev Damuzi on

    Hey, I appreciate the solidarity, Trav … I’m glad other “lightweights” have the courage to speak out about their love of the blessed sacrament, marijuana.

  4. Anonymous on

    I too am a lightweight, though I will have a smoke with close friends I have never been comfortable having a puff in public ( a reaction i believe that comes from growing up in the Reagan years). I also feel that there is nothing better than a puff in the woods or up a hillside connecting with a greater spirit. That said my goal for next year is to be in Van for canna day to at least see the courage that I wish I possessed. Heres to hoping that one day soon we can grow our own without fear. Trav